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Makin' An Asian

I could barely believe my luck...

You see, I was bored one day, and tired of watching the crap on TV, so I had gone on the Omnibus Meetup website just to see what was out there. I put in my Adult Friendface ID to log in, and I started looking around.

Within a few minutes, I suddenly got a message about a girl I probably would like to meet. She had gotten on recently, and apparently she wanted to meet a slightly older white guy (like myself) for some strings-free sex. And here's the kicker: she wanted to get pregnant!

Hastily, before anyone else could grab her, I sent her a message and answered her call. Spread my seed around? Get laid by a schoolgirl? Fuck, all I needed to do was shell out the money for a hotel room for a weekend, apparently, and I would be swimming in pussy.

She agreed, since we lived in the same town, and sent a picture of herself for reference when she told me where and when we should meet. I was in luck: she was fucking hot. An Asian girl, looked to be about 5'2, with nice, round breasts and good baby-having hips. Her hair was mostly black and hung to her shoulders, except for the front, which was dyed pink. The picture had her smiling with that cute little Asian smile, and I couldn't wait to see her without her clothes on--this picture had her in a flattering shirt and jeans.

So that's how I found myself sitting outside of a public high school on a Friday afternoon, my car among all the other parents waiting to pick up their k**s--except I wasn't a parent yet, and I wasn't picking up my k**. I hadn't whacked off for several days, just to make sure it was all saved up for her.

I recognized her as soon as she walked out, wearing jeans and a blue sweater. She was yammering on her cell phone, but hung up as she got near the cars. It took her a moment to figure out it was mine, and she walked over. I rolled down that window, and she stuck her head in, her hair still dyed pink. "You the man with the batter?" she asked.

"Only if you're the woman with the oven," I replied; she'd told me to use that to recognize each other.

"Nice to meet you," she said, opening the door and getting in. "I'm Kiyoko."

"Jacob," I said while pulling out of the lot. "I've got a room reserved at the Holiday Inn."

"Sounds good to me. My parents think I'm going out of town with some friends, so I won't be missed." She twirled her hair with her fingers, interlacing pink and black.

"So how big're your tits?" I asked after a few moments.


"Your tits. How big are they?"

She laughed. "You get to the subject awful quick. Thirty-B."


"Not that you ain't gonna see them soon anyways."

"Yeah, but I still like to know."


"So if I may ask, why ya wanna get knocked up?" I had her in the car already, might as well ask.

"Don't wanna go to Japan," she said.


"My parents...they said that they wanna move back to Japan after I graduate high school."


"I don't wanna go. I graduate in a few months, and they're already making plans. They wanna find me a husband there and make me a housewife."

"And you don't wanna do that."

"'Course not. Things're better here anyways. So I figure I get knocked up, I'm all fucking ruined, so they won't ship me to Japan, and I can stay here. Plus, I can get a nice big check from the government."

"Whatta ya mean?"

"Single mom goin' to school, especially a minority? Fuck if that's not a bunch of money. I don't care if my parents kick me out; I'll be fine with the check from Uncle Sam. Besides, it'll be kinda kinky graduating with a baby in my belly."

"So then how old are you, anyway?"

"Eighteen as of September first. I have my liscense if you wanna make sure."

"Nah, I believe you. Besides, old enough to bleed, old enough to breed."

She laughed. "I hear that...I'm glad this weekend is right at my fertile time. I'm already fucking horny."

"You have no idea," I said. "I assume you've fucked before?"

"If your askin' if I have my cherry, that was lost long ago to a hairbrush. I've seen plenty of porn and stuck tons of things in my cunt, but I've never actually had a real cock in me."


"Yeah. You get to fuck a virgin. That never happens these days." She gave me a grin: she might have been lying, but I didn't really care.

"So why a random stranger on the Internet? Why not a classmate?"

"Because boys my age have no fucking endurance. Anyways, it's less awkward, and it's easier to lie and say I was k**napped and ****d or some shit. My parents would never think of contacting the authorities, so you've got nothin' to worry about. And a white guy would make it extra tragic, since then I went and got rid of the purity of the bl**d or whatever shit my parents talk about."

"Not a black guy?"

"Nah, that's next. Gonna make me a little gallery, I think: whitanese, blackanese, latinanese..."

I laughed. "You're the chick with a plan."

She grinned at me. "I just hope you're up to the task."

"Hell yeah," I said; we'd arrived at the hotel. "Hold on a minute."

"Sure," she said, and I went inside, getting the keys while she waited in the car. A few minutes later, we were in our room: a small one-bed affai. But all we needed was a bed.

As we walked in, she grabbed her little bag and said, "Gimme a moment while I freshen up," and ducked into the bathroom--thankfully, I had taken care of that before returning to the car with the keys.

After a few minutes, she emerged wearing a white blouse and a blue skirt: totally a Japanese schoolgirl outfit, down to the silly sailor knot. "Holy shit," I said, awed at how sexy she looked.

"You like it?"

"Hell yeah."

"I figured it'd be a good idea. Your Omnibus profile said you liked the schoolgirl outfit, and my parents got it for me when they thought they were gonna transfer me to Japan a year or two ago. I figure it'll be fun to spite them if I get knocked up in it--and besides, it's fucking sexy."

"Damn straight, but after a while, it'll probably be on the floor."

"Along with my back, I hope," she giggled back.

"Of course. Now get over here and suck my cock."

She giggled again, then walked over and kneeled before me. "I bet you're all excited you get your own personal Japanese slut for a weekend."

"A little Japanese whore who's gonna get seeded good and proper," I replied, opening my pants. "But first, suck it."

Her eyes popped open as my cock came into view--she sure acted like a virgin, as I'm not that big, but I guess I'm big enough. She reached forward with a hand and took it, and after a few seconds, licked it.

"Like that," I encouraged.

She looked up at me as she slowly slid the head in her mouth--exquisite! I was in heaven! A little Asian schoolgirl sucking my cock...the only thing better would be sticking it up her tight little cunt. But I would get to that.

She continued to suck my hardness, and I put my hands on the back of her head, pushing her mouth down a little, giving her rhythm. Either she had sucked cock before, or she was a damned fast learner, because she was soon getting most of it in her mouth like the little expert slut that she was. Pretty soon I felt the cum start to rise in my balls.

"Alright, that's enough," I said, pulling her head away. "It's reserved for somewhere else."

She giggled. "Of course."

"Now take off your panties and get on the bed...I'm gonna return the favor."

"Huh?" she asked even as she complied. I laid out on the bed and adjusted her to straddle me.

"I don't eat outta pussies that're filled with cum," I said. "So if I'm gonna taste your sweet Asian cunt, it's gotta be now."

"Oh, alright," she said, lowering herself onto my face. Her pussyhair was nicely trimmed in a small patch above her cuntlips. As she brought herself down, my tongue found her clit and began to lick it gently, getting an instant reaction from her.

"Oh fuck that feels good," she replied. It was weird to eat her out with her skirt still over my face, but it was also kinda sexy, since I couldn't see anything but the cunt in my face, and she couldn't see what I was doing. My tongue slid into her hole, and I began to lap at the sweet, sweet honey that flowed. She was already really wet, but seemed to get wetter as she moaned, grinding into my mouth.

I ate her pussy with passion, swallowing all her Asian nectar I could as she bucked against me. "Fuck yeah...lick my pussy...lick it..." she moaned. I complied, and she moaned louder, her voice pushing into the upper octaves. I loved hearing Asian girls, with their almost-squeaky voice as they got fucked.

It was as my mouth found her clit again that she began to moan louder, and I bit down lightly. She couldn't take it anymore and pushed against me, her voice a high-pitched squeal as she came, flooding my face with her juices. I lapped them up hungrily. Virgin Japanese pussy. But not for long--the virgin part, at least.

She panted as she came down from her orgasm, and I waited until she had recovered. "Oh fuck wow...that's so much better than a hairbrush..." she gasped.

"Just wait until you've got my cock in there," I replied, and she climbed off of me. "Now lay on the bed, slut, and spread your legs. It's time to put some batter into your oven."

"About damn time," she replied, falling onto her back. She spread her legs and hiked the skirt up a little, and began to rub her clit. "Gonna make a whitanese baby."

"I've never made an Asian before," I admitted, lining up my cock. "But there's always a good time to start."

"Ohh, stick it in me," she said as I teased her, rubbing against her pussy lips, my cockhead gently touching her clit.

"Ask me again," I said, still teasing.

"Fuck your little Japanese slut," she said. "Take my virginity, and put a baby in me. Please put your cock in my cunt..."

"Can't deny a girl who asks nicely," I said, pushing in. Damn was she tight! For a chick who claimed to have stuffed all sorts of things in her cunt, she was squeezing me like there was no tomorrow. I was glad I got in before a baby stretched it out.

She moaned in that cute Asian way as I pushed myself in, and soon enough, I was all the way in her, her pussy muscles trying to milk me already. She wrapped her legs around my back, and pulled me close . "Kiss me," she said, my cock already oozing precum onto her cervix, her pink hair s**ttered over the pillow. I brought my face down and stuck my tongue into her mouth as I began to rut into her.

"Oh...oh...oh," she squeaked in time with my thrusts. "Fuck your little Japanese slut."

"Nice tight little Asian cunt," I growled. "Gonna be filled with my seed."

"Make the schoolgirl graduate with a pregnant belly. I'm an innocent high school student...oh fuck me..."

"Took your virginity little Japanese slut, and I'm gonna put a baby in you. Gonna make an Asian k** on you...gonna make you a teenaged mommy."

"Yes...fill my cunt with your cum...make it ooze out. Oh...oh...oh...fuck me silly...fuck this little Japanese girl silly...."

I began slamming into her with vigour. "Gonna cum in your pussy soon...gonna give your eggs a nice sperm bath..."

"Oh fuck yes...knock me up...oh fuck...oh fuck...oh...oh...oh god!" Her voice began to squeak as her legs tightened around my body and her arms pulled me close. She was cumming, her already-tight pussy squeezing my cock for all it was worth.

I couldn't take it any more; with the way her cunt was clamping on me, it would have sucked the sperm out of a statue. "Here comes your baby!" I grunted, pushing as deep into her as possible, and began to dump my load of DNA into her waiting womb. I grunted with each spurt as it rippled from my balls and up my shaft before being deposited right into her fertile Asian twat, her spasming pussy walls milking it deep into her.

As we both came down from our highs, I knew in some odd way that I had already succeeded. This little Japanese schoolgirl lying under me in bed was now good and pregnant with my c***d, one of my swimmers having found its target. But we had the room reserved for the weekend, and I intending on keeping her little pussy overflowing with seed.

We kissed again, lightly, and I smiled at her. "How was that for a first fuck."

"Oh god..." she groaned. "I can never go back to hairbrushes ever again."

"Good," I replied, my cock already starting to re-inflate in her. The idea of knocking up this sexy Japanese schoolgirl--of knowing the cupfuls of sperm I would send into her womb would be finding their way to an egg, if they hadn't already breached one and given her a k**--was one of the sexiest things I had ever known. All I did was imagine her belly swelling, stretching out the school uniform, and how she would look, pregnant, in her high school graduation robes, and I was hard again, my cock ready to fill her up even more.

I grabbed her and pulled her around, so that I was laying on the bed, and she was straddling me, my cock still in her pussy, our fluids starting to leak out, and still she wore her skirt and blouse. "Because we have all weekend--and right now, it's time for round TWO!" I thrust up, pushing deep into her with the last word.

She began to squeak in pleasure as I grabbed her ass and she began to move her hips. I was gonna make an Asian over this weekend: I was sure of it.

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