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The apartment is so quiet when my Master is at work. Today was a good day because Master let me be unchained until I received a text from Him letting me know that it was time for me to chain myself up to the bed again. I had chores to do around the apartment and I had to prepare my body to receive whatever my Master wishes upon His return home from His day.
After I finished washing the breakfast dishes and vacuuming the apartment, I ran myself a bath and took care preparing myself. As soon as I am out of the tub and drying off my phone goes off and I know that it is my Master letting me know that I have been unchained long enough. I quickly finish and put my ankle cuff back on. I slip the lock through the chain and the cuff and snap it shut. I am then required to text Master back and let Him know His pig is once again chained to His bed.
Master texted me back and said for me to put the inflatable butt plug in my ass and to inflate it as far as it will go. I am to do this for 30 minutes and then deflate it for 10 minutes. I am to do this until my Master returns home.
Beside the bed in the nightstand is my assortment of butt plugs. I retrieve the inflatable and lube it up. I push it into my puckered hole and pump it up as far as I can get it. It fills me up and my pig pussy starts to ooze juices. I want to rub my clit but Master has forbidden me to touch myself except where He specifically says to.
Over and over for the next 3 hours I inflate and deflate the plug in my ass. My pig pussy is so very wet and my clit throbs with every beat of my heart. My nipples are so hard they hurt but I obey my Master and do not touch myself. I am like a crazed a****l though, the heat and the need inside me has risen to a fever pitch.
Master text me again and tells me that I need to put the ball gag in my mouth and the blindfold on my eyes. He says He will be home in 20 minutes and He expects me to be in the proper position with the plug inflated all the way when He arrives. I answer yes Sir and quickly do as He commands.
Kneeling there in the position with my face in the bed, listening intently for my Master to come through the door my heart is racing and my mind is no longer there. I am “pig” nothing else, ready and willing to do whatever Master has in store, craving every dark twisted desire of His heart.
My pig heart lurches and my belly flips over when I hear Master come through the door. I have to grip the sheets on the bed to keep from leaping up to meet Him. My hunger is so strong and I tremble all over with anticipation.
When I feel Master’s hand stroke my hair I am instantly calmed. His touch soothes me for the moment. He praises me for the things I have done for Him while He was out. He tells me “now turn around pig and let me see that plugged ass hole.”I turn my body around so that He can see that my hole is plugged as He commanded.
As soon as He touches my wet pussy I lose control and cum gushes out. “Bad pig” Master says. “I did not say you could cum.” He slaps my pussy hard but this only causes me to cum harder. I hear the evil laugh of the b**st as He slaps my pussy again and again with one hand and pushes the plug in my ass hole with the other.
Reach back and spread those ass cheeks pig, He tells me and I do as commanded. He grabs the inflated plug that’s buried in my puckered hole and starts pulling it out slowly. It is all I can do not to cum once again. He gets it almost all the way out but then shoves it back in. I lose control again and cum gushes from my pig pussy. The b**st slaps my ass hard over and over causing the burn to rise and turning me on more and more.
He grabs the plug and pulls it from my gaping hole. He says awww pig that hole is really gaping now and empty would you like me to fill it with something. I say yes through ball gag in my mouth. I feel the lube as He squirts it on my ass hole. He pushes 3 fingers into my hole. I groan against the gag. He tells me to hold those ass cheeks apart as He fucks those 3 fingers in and out of my hole. He pushes another finger in never missing a stroke, building the orgasm I feel coming larger and larger.
Master pushes His thumb in with His fingers and I am grunting and rutting back against His hand like the crazed pig that I am. More I say through the gag as He fists my ass hole. Cum is gushing from my pig pussy and Master shoves His fist into me harder and deeper. My body shakes and I am growling uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm racks my body.
When I think that I am going to pass out Master pulls His fist from my ass hole. I fall forward my whole body shaking uncontrollably from the orgasms. Master asks if I am okay and all I can do is shake my head yes. He moves to the side of the bed were He can reach my gag and blindfold. He removes them for me and looks into my eyes as He strokes my hair. Now pig I want you to crawl into the bathroom and get in the tub. I will be in shortly behind you. He then unlocks my chain and I ease my still shaking body down on the floor and crawl into the bathroom.
I hear my Master removing His clothing and my pig mind is thinking that He intends to shower with me, but that is not what He has in store for me. When He comes into the bathroom He moves close to the tub and gets over into His shower seat. He tells me to get in the tub between His legs facing Him. He grabs my hair as soon as I am seated. He holds my head back and lets loose with a warm stream of piss. A loud moan escapes my lips as the warm liquid cascades down my body. I say yes Daddy cover me with Your piss and the a****l in me is awakened once again. When He is finished He shoves my head down onto His cock and I suck it till He fills my throat with His sweet cum.
Master gets out of the tub and tells me to rinse myself off. It is time for me to prepare His meal. I quickly rinse myself off and go to the kitchen. While I prepare the meal Master showers and goes to the living room and watches TV. I serve His meal to Him and sit at His feet till He tells me that I may fill my bowl with something to eat. I fill my pig bowl and sit at His feet and eat. When we are finished and I am at the sink washing the dishes, Master comes up behind me and shoves 3 fingers in my wet pussy. It is hard for me not to drop the glass that I am washing as He works those fingers in and out of my pussy. He does this for a few minutes and withdraws his fingers. He slaps my ass cheeks hard and tells me that when I finish I need to go to the bedroom and lay spread eagle face up on the bed.
When He gets to the bedroom He tethers me to the bed and gets the leather paddle. He whips my pig pussy till it is raw, red and I am screaming for mercy. He then untethers me and tells me to get on my hands and knees with my ass at the edge of the bed. He takes the large double headed dildo and lubes it up. He shoves one head into my wet pussy and the other head into my ass hole. He pounds away ay my holes and I am again a crazed a****l rutting and grunting as orgasm after orgasm racks my body.
Master pulls the dildo from my holes and shoves His big black fist inside my pussy. OH YES is all I can say. He pounds my pussy with His fist and I try desperately to get more inside me. I push back with my body to meet His thrust and His fist goes deeper. Soon my body trembles uncontrollably and I fall forward. His fist withdraws from my beat up pussy and I feel Him slip the cuff and chain back onto my ankle.
Pig you rest for a bit, I have not finished with you yet tonight. He leaves the room and I lay there trying to catch my breath
I must have fallen asl**p because my Master yanks on my chain and says pig get on your knees. I get on the floor and on my knees in front of Him. He takes 2 straps and binds each of my breasts tightly. He takes the riding crop and strikes each breast 10 times. It is hard for me to stay still as the pain/pleasure causes me to get crazed once again.
Master hands me the wand and tells me to hold it to my throbbing clit and turn it on. When I do, He begins to strike each breast till they are bright red. I am shaking again and cumming all over the place as the mixture of pain/pleasure pushes me to a different plane.
Master stops whipping my breast and takes nipple clamps and attaches them to my raw nipples. This drives me crazy and I am groaning and pleading with my Master for mercy. He pulls the clamps from my raw nipples and I scream with orgasm, my body jerking. Master tells me to turn off the wand. He then removes the straps binding my breast and massages them gently as the bl**d rushes in them.
Master says to me to come to bed after I have cleaned myself. My chain reaches into the bathroom and I wash off. Master is in the bed when I return. He is kneeling waiting on me. I quickly get behind Him. I spread His ass cheeks and drill my tongue deep into His ass hole. He groans with pleasure and I eat His ass like I am starving. Over and over I plunge my tongue as far in His puckered hole as I can get it. I reach and grab His throbbing hard cock and squeeze it with my hand, hungry to taste the sweet cum I know is building inside it.
Master tells me to stop. He rolls over and grabs me by the hair. He shoves my head down on His hard black cock and I greedily suck it till cum gushes from it down my piggy throat. He holds my head down as I gasp for air. I hungrily get every drop and when I am finished Master says to wrap myself around Him it is time for sl**p now.
As I wrap myself around my Master I wonder what tomorrow will bring. It is the weekend and He is off work. I hope that Master has all sorts of torment planned for His pig.

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