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An Awesome sl**pover (Part 1..:)

I could not wait for this sl**pover. I'm hours away of meeting and getting to know real hot celebritties like me, Vannessa Hudgens. I'm gonna meet & get to know Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, and my idol Paris Hilton!They are all very pretty and well known, I just hope they like me..
As I streighten my hair, I hear a knock at the door. I look at my clock and completely lost track of time. I told them they could come whenever after 6 and it's about 6:30. So I open the door and it's Lindsay Lohan. "Hiiii!!!" Lindsay says.
"Oh my gosh, I have been waiting so long to meat you!" I say."Come in."
"Hun, you're not just gonna meat me, i'm gonna let you get to know me." Lindsay says.

"Before we do that, i need a seat." Lindsay sits down and i kinda notice she ain't wearing panties under that mini skirt and, well it's kinda turnin' me on. That's wierd because i'm streight.
"So, what's been goin' on in-" Lindsay pauses, "Why isn't there any body here, besides you?"
"Oh, well Megan and Paris shoud be here soon I guess.If that's what you ment." As Lindsay touched my thigh i got more & more aroused. And she said,"Oh, okay. Well as everybody knows i'm the life of the party so, do you got any clubs or strip clubs we could go to tonight?"
"Um, yeah my aunt owns a strip club somewhere near here."
I was so totally out of this world aroused, she was amazing at touching and carressing my thigh, I never felt like this before. I glanced at her waxed pussy. Which got me so wet. She got closer & closer to my pussy. We stared into each others eyes, and almost kissing I heard a knock at the door... (See pt.2 for the rest!:] )

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