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The Mirror. Part 2

The Mirror Part 2,

The next day school seemed to go on forever. Finally it was over. I hurried home and up to my room to sit at my desk, without any real concentration at the jumble of maths in front of me, started to do my homework. A few minutes later she appeared and sat down and took out her books but never looked across at me. I was confused.
I didn’t understand. How could she set up such a show one minute and pretend it didn’t happen the next???
The afternoon dragged on into dinnertime and finally time for bed.
I looked hopefully across the alleyway but there was no light in her room. I left my blind half open and lay down. Half an hour passed before her light flicked on and I bounded out of bed. I could see her moving around beneath the almost closed blind and then the main light went off leaving only the bed light to cast shadows across the room. I looked at the mirror. Taped to the mirror was a piece of paper. On it was a cell phone number in large enough numerals to read from this distance. I copied it down and scrambled around in the dark for my phone.
She picked up on the first ring. Before I could say hello she spoke. Her soft voice had a beautiful melodic sound to it. “Don’t say anything” she said. A silence of several seconds followed as we listened to each other’s heavy breathing. Then she spoke:
That delivery truck that comes very morning at 5 15 am would be high enough and wide enough for you to climb out your window and cross the lane way. He stays for 30 minutes. I paced it out this morning, The laneway is 18 feet, trucks are 8 feet wide . That means there is about a 5 feet gap either side. Can you do it?
Y-y-yes I stammer….. Yes easy.
Good she said. See you in the morning then and hung up.
In the mirror, I watched her undress. Facing way from my view she unlaced her shoes. I had a beautiful full view of her backside and then she slipped off her panties, bending over again so that I could see her arsehole and cunt perfectly framed in the mirror.
Bending her legs as she turned around, her fingers went into her cunt. I watched as she lent back on the bed to give me a full view of it by spreading the small lips apart. It was SOOOO pink, I could see the wetness glistening in the lamp light.. My God she was Beautiful. My cock throbbed.
I stood up and started to wank my cock so she could see it. She watched for a minute, smiled, blew me a kiss, then light went out. I was left with a pulsating hard cock in my hand, staring out into the darkness of an empty window.
I didn’t finish. Flopping down on my bed, I couldn’t sl**p. Laying awake for hours I gave in and took my cock in my hand, stroking it gently and thinking of the view I has etched in my of that beautiful tight little brown arsehole and pink cunt just below it.
5.15 was still 7 hours away when I shot my load, wiped my cock dry with a tissue and curled up to get some sl**p.


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