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The first time i fucked my wife

She had recently split with her boyfriend at the time, we had dated before, but not much more than that, I saw her alot with her boyfriend and knew I wanted her, especially as that I had previously dated her before they met.
She lived not far from me and we started chatting here and there and she kept giving me signals and suggesting that things wasn't right in there relationship.
Until eventually she asked me if I would like to go for a drink, I agreed, during the drink I asked if she was still seeing this guy, she said yes, but that she was ending it the next day and that she wanted me!
After a few drinks we headed back, she was living with her parents at that time, as we pulled outside the house she asked if I wanted to come in, I had been in the house before but felt especially excited about going in.
As she lead me in she said that we would have to be quiet as her parents were asl**p upstairs.
We went into the living room and sat on the sofa, she sat beside me and instantly started kissing me, this passionate meeting of the lips felt so good, she stood from the sofa and moved back into the centre of the living room and sat on the floor, gazing seductively at me to take her there.
I moved down with her as she lead back onto the floor, on her back infront the fireplace.
She slowly slid her jeans down over her thighs revealing a small red thong upon her small mound.
As I slowly lowered the thong down over her lips she looked at me nervously,'I have only ever had sex with my boyfriend and he is very small' 'go slow and soft' she said as I lowered my pants revealing my hard cock to her.
She had a perfect little bald mound and a beautiful pussy, tight and extremely neat, I removed her top and bra to reveal her small but delightful breasts, her nipples were very small but I liked them and kissed them seductively, she pulled me closer as I put my penis slowly up this young girls pussy, the girl who in years to come becomes my wife!
I could see mix of pleasure and pain as her clean shaven pussy gripped my shaft so tightly!! I pumped her slowly eventually getting deeper but remaining a slow rhythm, until I cummed deep inside her little pussy.
When we eventually parted our bodies she climbed to her feet and i caught the first site of her fantastic bum, with a little mark on her cheek, her ass was so firm and tight, an ass that later that week I had in front of me as I fucked her little tight pussy doggy style, pulling those little cheeks apart revealing her trembling light brown/ pink bumhole.
The bum hole it took me years later to fuck for the first time!

Over the years I have seen my wifes sexy holes loosen and the tight body loosen, but in return the sex has got wilder, dirtier and a hole lot more adventurous !!!

A body, now in her late 20s that I would love to share and watch get fucked by other men, for our enjoyment, watching her now large breasts bouncing as her big round ass shakes as her lose pussy gets filled!

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