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The ride home.

About ten minutes earlier my girlfriend abruptly stepped out of the bar in a fuss, if you know what I mean. Apparently in my now loosened lips, after a few beers, I was a little to critical about how she is only interested in fucking me after she has had something to drink or two or three.

Honestly I didn't mind that much that she was like that, because sex with her was pretty much hum drum. The same positions over and over added to the fact that when she was d***k she rarely came. Sex with her when we first met was very much different than nowadays, but something changed which I can't quite put my finger on right now, nor do I have the time here to really analyze it.

Anyway, the, my girlfriend had abruptly stepped out of the bar. I sat there looking at the labels on the liquor bottles that sat across from me behind the bartender. I wasn't sure if it was the beer or the lighting that made it difficult to make them out, but I was slightly annoyed that I couldn't read them. Sipping my beer in my glass I leaned back to get a gander at what was going on around me.

Typical situation, loud music, no smoke(stupid laws), tables packed with groups of twenty somethings swigging beers and waiting to throw darts. I got up from between the two guys sitting next to me and made my way to the door so I could smoke out front. Scanning the room, noone familiar was in sight so I popped out the front door with the ring of the bell and out to the smokers curb.

After lighting up and smoking for a minute or two a group of women came out of the bar, looking as if they were probably done for night. I watched them give eachother their hugs and say their goodbyes as they began to part ways. The last remaining one bee lined right to me and asked if I had a light with a smile, and I obliged.

I could tell she was in her mid thirties by age lines on her face, but she was still what I consider relatively pretty. Her eyes were wide and open, with a little bl**dshot, and she had a slim face with a cute smirky smile. Typically I am attracted to thicker girls, like my girlfriend, but this one was pretty slim, with nice legs that were exposed nicely by her skirt. From the looks of her tank top, I saw no straps of a bra, so it was obvious her pretty little tits were still holding their own in perkiness. She had that shoulder length brown hair I love, and was almost as tall as myself in her pumps.

We found silly conversation to keep us busy while we smoked a few cigarettes. She talked about her daughter and some of the BS she gets from her and I talked about my ex-wife's drama and the antics of my current girlfriend. She had never been married, just had a k** with some guy she dated for quite some time, but that went south at some point, because he was a jerk or spent too much time with his buddies scenario.

I didn't think too much of what was happening, because honestly this chick seemed a bit out of my league, even at her age. A middle aged man like myself with a belly and a divorce is not really a hot number, and I considered myself lucky for having a girlfriend at this point anyway. It took me off guard actually when she asked if I needed a ride home.

She had noticed earlier that I had come in with another girl and that she had left upset. I was actually in the mode to find some sort of ride or taxi when I went out to smoke, but got caught up talking to this woman. I took her up on her offer. We found her car in the lot across the street and we headed out.

I starting telling her how to get to my apartment, and she followed the path I gave her. About half way home, and fifteen minutes into our conversation, she pulled of the road into a driveway of a house I wasn't familar with. I told her this wasn't it, but she assured me it was. I laughed at her and was going to correct her again, when she informed me this was her house and that I should come on in.

Into the house I followed her right into the front living room where she kicked off her shoes and walked right over to the couch and flopped down. I was a bit hesitant, but she motioned me to sit next to her, while she told me the house rule of no shoes on the carpet. Kicking of my shoes, I walked over and sat right next to her on the couch.

She pushed on my chest to lay back and she immediately started to undo my belt buckle and unzip my pants. Just the fact that this was happening was enough to make my dick rock hard, and it showed as she exposed my boxers the head popped right out of the front. She slid those down and grabbed my dick, and put the tip of her tongue on the head.

I squeezed the couch cushion with my right hand as stroked my dick and started to suck on the head and tickled it with her tongue. Up and down she pumped my cock, never stopping the tongue bath she was prodding me with. I began to hump my hips with her strokes and I think I began to moan a bit from the pleasure she was giving me. She crawled back and up to get on her hands and knees on the couch, and she started to compeletly engulf my cock in her mouth. She fucked my dick with her face and it became too much to bare.

I blew my load in her mouth, filling up her throat, but she was a champ and swallowed it all completely down. She continued to suck my dick for another minute finishing up all the rest of the come that trickled out and I started to lose my hardness. The sensations of her sucking the head after my orgasm were intense, which made me squirm on the couch.

I didn't even wait for her to get her clothes off as I pushed her back and slid her skirt up to her waist. Her panties were sopping wet and I went right for her pussy with my lips. I sucked on her clit, which was just the right size and easy to find through the panties and licked at her lips. Like a good girl, she had that pussy nice and clean shaven, so it was easy to pleasure her through her undies. After a few minutes of licking her through her panties, I pushed them to the side and dove my tongue right into her pussy, which at this point was sopping wet and bathed my tongue in her juices.

I fucked that pussy with my tongue until I started to feel the pain on my jaw, then I pulled out and clasped my lips around her clit. The whole time she moaned and cried out for me, as I drove her closer and closer to orgasm. Her hand was on my head, combing through my hair. The closer she got to orgasm the tighter she held my face to her pussy. I didn't give in, I suck and licked that pussy until she was cumming all down my chin and in my mouth. I spread those pussy lips wide and lapped the fresh wave of cum inside her.

I continued to lick up her mess until she told me she couldn't take it anymore because it was too sensitive and made me stop. I sat back on the couch and told her give me that pussy to fuck. Without hesitation she climbed right on my dick, her undies pulled all the way to the side and her skirt still pulled up to her hips. That wet pussy slid right down on my newly rock hard cock, her juices sucking me right on in. It was so warm and wet in her pussy, and my dick was throbbing.

She pulled her tank top off and exposed those pretty little tits with rock solid nipples. I layed back with my arms on the couch and watched them bounce as she fucked my dick. Every few moments or so she would lean in and suck on my lips as she rode me, bouncing that ass up and down, stroking my dick off with her pussy. I couldn't help it and I put my hands right down on those ass cheeks, squeezing them as she fucked me.

Up and down she rode, exposing most of my dick as it slid in and out. I could feel her pussy just gushing wetness down my dick and onto my balls. She never held back on her sounds, as she grunted and moaned while on my dick. Her pace quickened as she neared orgasm for the second time, and she gushed cum down my dick and balls. I just held on for the ride as she straddled me tightly and fucked harder.

I tried to hold on, but I couldn't. I told her I was about to come, and she reached back while she straddled me and slid my cock out of her with one hand and stroked it from behind her back. The shaft and head of my cock slid up and down the crack of her ass as she rubbed the bottom until I was about to blow my load. Come shot straight up her ass crack and out onto to the carpet in what seemed like endless streams. I came for about thirty seconds straight, the whole time she begged me for more, looking right into my eyes as she stroked me off in her ass crack. I came so much, my asshole puckered up painfully, until the final shots hit the floor.

She leaned over and french kissed me for a long time, pulled back and looked me in the eyes again.

"You still need that ride home?"

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