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Wet Edit

Melody sighed as she unlocked the door of her apartment. Thank God it’s the weekend she thought to herself. In her hands she juggled her briefcase, a shopping bag of groceries and a bottle of wine.

It had been six months since her relationship had ended. She marveled at how far she had come in establishing her independence. She now had her own place, her own things and her much needed freedom. Life as she knew it was good. She sang her favourite line from her favourite Jann Arden song: I am not lonely swear to God I’m just alone.

Melody kicked the door shut and placed her briefcase on the floor. Maddy, her cat, greeted her by rubbing her ankles and purring. She walked into the kitchen and set her bags down on the counter.

“Your water dish is empty Avalon. Let Mommy get you a drink.” Melody reached down for the water dish and noticed a large puddle of water on the floor. “What in bl**dy hell is THAT?”

Opening the cupboard under the sink she realized there was a leak. Crap she thought, what the hell will I do with that. Reaching for the phone she dialed the land lady. Mrs. LeBlanc answered on the second ring, “Allo?”

“Hi, Mrs. LeBlanc, it’s Melody in 409. Listen I have a huge leak in the pipe under the sink. Is there someone I can call?”

“Ah ben la,” Mrs. LeBlanc replied in her heavy Acadian accent, “I’ll ‘ave someone d’ere in fifteen twenty minutes. Worry pas.”

“Thanks so much Mrs. LeBlanc.” Melody smiled. Mrs. LeBlanc was a sweet lady, and apparently very efficient.

Melody hoped that she wouldn’t have to wait long. She wanted nothing more than to strip off and take a long hot bath. She put that thought on hold and went to find the mop. She was fairly certain whoever was coming to fix the sink; they wouldn’t want to kneel in a puddle of water.

Just as she finished cleaning up the mess, the doorbell rang. Less than fifteen minutes wait, she thought, now that is service. She went to the door and checked the peep hole just to make sure. She reached down and picked up Maddy so she wouldn’t take off. Unlocking the door, Melody greeted the plumber.

“Hi,” Melody smiled. Then she looked at him, really looked at him. He was gorgeous. He was tall; his frame was solid, muscular and well developed. His shoulders were broad and strong looking. Her eyes quickly traveled back up and she found him smiling at her. Melody’s stomach did a little flip. Where in God’s name did he get those ice blue eyes, she mused.

“My name’s Nick. You need a plumber? Mrs. LeBlanc called.” Nick continued to smile.

“Oh ...uh yes of course come in” Melody blushed at being caught staring. “The kitchen is right this way.” Melody closed the door behind them and showed him to the kitchen.

Nick studied her walk as she led him down the hall. She walked with the confidence of a woman who knew she turned heads. She was built like a real woman with ample breasts round hips and very nice derriere. He admired the way she walked with confidence. Nick was glad he was on call on Friday night for once.

Melody led him into the tiny galley kitchen. “I’m not sure what happened,” Melody said’ “It sprung a leak sometime today between nine and five. I would have looked at it myself but I really don’t know plumbing. So …yeah why don’t I just let you do what you have to do?” Melody made to leave the kitchen, but, with the cat in one arm, her chest brushed his arm as she did so. Nick continued to smile. He could smell the perfume she wore. Crisp clean and yet slightly exotic. As she sidestepped past him, she realized her apartment was really built for one.

“So you never told me your name,” Nick said reaching down to open the cupboard.
“It’s Melody. I just moved here not long ago. Well here to this building. I’ve lived in the city a long time.” Melody realized she was babbling. She watched as he shone his flashlight under the sink. Thank God she thought there wasn’t a bunch of stuff under there. Melody leaned on the wall as she watched him work. He really was quite good looking, in that very masculine way. She never knew guys like him actually existed.

“Ok. It’s nothing complicated,” Nick explained as he backed out from under the sink, “just a seal that needs to be replaced. I have some in the truck. Gimmie two minutes, I’ll get one.” He flashed another sexy smile.

True to his word he was back at her door in less than two minutes. She let him in again and closed the door behind him. This time it was his turn to walk down the hall first and Melody knew no shame in admiring his well defined rear view.

They chatted about inane things while he worked, the weather, local music scene, where to go for the best coffee. All too quickly he had finished the job, and he was putting away his tools. “So I see you like wine,” he mentioned casually. Melody looked up in surprise. “That was the only thing you had under your sink, a few empty wine bottles” He grinned.

Melody smiled back. “Yeah My best friend is Italian. He got me into wine.” Melody held up the bottle of Shiraz she had purchased earlier. Suddenly inspired Melody asked “I was going to have a glass. Would you care to join me?” She paused and began again. ”No wait, you are working. I wasn’t thinking.”

“Actually,” Nick said, as he locked the tool box, “I was done as of seven o’clock. You were my last house call of the day. Let me go down to my place grab a shower and I’ll join you for a glass of wine”

Melody was surprised. “You live in this building?” Why hadn’t she seen him before?

“Yup apartment 105… incase you need plumbing assistance again.” Nick grinned at her. “See you in a few.”

Melody decided to take the opportunity of his absence to freshen up and change into something a little less business. She walked into the bedroom took off her shirt and blouse and put them in the dry cleaning pile. Opening her lingerie drawer, she selected a lace push up bra and matching panties in lavender. She chose her favorite jeans and a deep purple satin cami. The colour set of her pale skin nicely and made her blue eyes bluer. She brushed her long red hair out letting it fall in waves over her shoulders. She touched up her makeup and glossed her lips. Melody looked critically at herself in the mirror and then laughed out loud. All this trouble for a lousy glass of wine.

The door bell rang twenty minutes later. True to his word, he had showered and changed. If he looked good before in his work clothes he now looked amazing in a pair of jeans and dress shirt. Melody swallowed her mouth suddenly dry. She caught his masculine scent mixed with the sexy cologne he was wearing. The effect was intoxicating. Something she hadn’t felt in a very long time was stirring inside her and she was shocked she had even gone this far. It wasn’t just that she had gotten out of a relationship that spring; Melody hadn’t been with a man in ten years. Her last four lovers had all been women.

She led him back inside. The sun had gone down and the last streaks of light coloured the sky outside her window. It was starting to get dark inside but she didn’t want to ruin the mood with harsh over head lights. Ah well, Melody thought if lighting candles was going to be obvious then so be it. He was here wasn’t he? Melody picked up a box of wooden matches and lit several of the pillar candles around her living room.

Nick watched as she walked around with the matches. She was so pretty, bending slightly, striking the box, letting the match flare before she touched it to the wick and the flame lit up her eyes. He cleared his throat and said “I brought a CD of some music I downloaded, just a bunch of mixed stuff, nice for a night in.”

“Go ahead, the stereo is there. I’ll get us that wine.” Melody went into her tiny kitchen and took down two wine glasses from the cupboard. It had taken her forever but she could now expertly remove the cork from a wine bottle without breaking it in half. She poured the deep burgundy liquid and watched as it swirled around the sides of the glass. She returned to the living room to find Nick sitting on her couch, music drifting out of the speakers. She handed him a glass and sat down herself.

As they chatted, Melody sipped her wine. It warmed her insides, and made her feel bold. She looked directly at Nick. “So why did you come up here tonight?”

He laughed. “Because you asked me too and because I like wine. Did I need an ulterior motive?”

“And if I have an ulterior motive?” Melody shot him a look.

“Do you?”

Without answering Melody placed her glass on the coffee table and leaned over and kissed Nick tentatively. Placing both of her hands on his arms she braced herself and deepened the kiss. He responded by placing his hand on the back of her neck and drawing her closer. Her lips parted and she snaked her tongue into his mouth. She could taste lingering traces of wine and she moaned involuntarily arching her body towards his. Nick leaned back into the sofa and pulled Melody down on top of him without breaking the kiss. He ran his hands over her back rubbing and caressing in turn enjoying the feel of his hands on the satin. Her perfume caught him again and he groaned. He slid his hands under her cami and ran the length of her back, as he continued to kiss her.

Melody broke the kiss and looked into Nick’s eyes. “Would you like to move somewhere more comfortable?”

“Yes, but I want you to know, I didn’t come here expecting this.” Nick was completely sincere.

“That’s ok,” Melody said in a half whisper, “This was completely unexpected for me too. You don’t even know.”

She stood up taking his hand and led him into her bedroom. He pulled her back into his arms and nuzzled her neck. “God you smell so good,” Nick whispered hoarsely. He nipped her neck with his teeth. Shivers ran over Melody’s body. ”Harder,” she sighed. It wasn’t a request but a command. Nick obliged her and bit harder. She dug her nails into his back and groaned. He pushed his hands back under her cami and pushed it up over her head. He continued kissing her neck and slowly made his way down her chest. One step at a time he pushed her towards the bed, and laid her down on her back. He lay down next to her and kissed her full red lips again, gently nibbling her bottom lip. She pulled him as close as possible, the passion in her rising.

Nick let his hands run the length of Melody’s torso as he kissed her, lightly skimming the lace of her bra. Her nipples hardened and her breathing changed, becoming shallower. He slipped one hand behind her back unfastened her bra and pulled it away letting it fall on the floor. He cupped one breast and leaned down to flick the hardened nipple with his tongue. Melody moaned and arched her back. Nick wrapped his lips around the pert nipple and began to suck, occasionally grazing it with his teeth. Melody sucked in more air through her teeth. Oh my God, she thought, this is right torture.

As Nick continued to worship her breasts, his hand found the way to the button and zipper of her jeans. His hand caressed the mound of flesh hidden just below where the zipper ended, and still he didn’t push her farther than she was ready to go.

“Please,” Melody begged, “touch me Nick… please.” Melody started to grind her pelvis into Nick’s hand. He unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down. Shifting his body he inched her jeans down kissing her thighs as he went. He pulled them away and let them drop to the floor next to her already discarded bra. He picked up her left leg and began kissing, starting at the ankle and working his way slowly up. Melody was shaking. Looking up at her, Nick kissed the centre of her desire through the lace of her panties. It was almost more then she could bear. She slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties and pushed them down. Nick finished pulling them down for her. He positioned himself between her legs and ran his tongue over the inside of both her thighs. She sighed and parted her legs. Nick inhaled her distinct feminine scent, as he used his index finger to tease her outer labia apart. “My God Melody you are so wet,” Nick groaned as he felt his erection throb almost painfully. Nick slowly dragged his tongue over her inner labia and tasted both tart and sweet at once. She arched her back and placed her hand on the back of his head urging him on, pleading for him not to stop. He held her labia open with his fingers and focused his attention where she needed it most, circling and flicking his tongue over her swollen clitoris. Melody writhed beneath him, moaning and crying out his name, begging him to keep going. Inspired by Melody’s impassioned pleas, Nick thrust two fingers inside her. He felt the muscle inside her clench and release and clench again locking down on his fingers.

“Oh God Nick… don’t stop… I’m so close… so close.” Melody whimpered. Her whole body clenched and convulsed as the orgasm plowed through her leaving her trembling.

Nick slid up beside Melody and kissed her hard. She could taste her own juices on his lips and her tongue traced the outline of his mouth. In her mad desire she didn’t realize that Nick was still fully clothed. She continued to kiss him, and began unbuttoning his shirt. Fumbling quickly she ended up ripping two of the buttons, but it didn’t matter. She had to feel the heat of his skin on hers. She wanted to taste him and have him taste his own essence on her lips. Sliding off the bed she grabbed his hand and pulled him up with her. On her knees in front of him, she kissed his stomach while her fingers undid his belt. She slid her hands inside the waist band of his jeans and pushed them down. His cock strained against his tight briefs and she kissed it through the fabric. Nick moaned and grabbed a fistful of her hair, drawing her closer. Melody tugged at the briefs and pulled those away allowing his magnificent cock freedom. She held him steady with one hand as she bathed his cock in warm saliva. Her lips encircled his cock as her tongue danced over the head licking the pre-cum and savouring it. Melody stood up and kissed Nick, allowing him to taste his own fluid. He groaned low in his throat, as she raked his back with her nails. Pushing him onto the bed she lay down beside him.

“Now I want you to fuck me,” Melody demanded. Nick grinned at her. “How baby? Tell me how you want me to fuck you?”

“Don’t you think I’m a bad girl? Don’t you think I deserve to be punished for starting all this?” Melody bit her lip and looked up at him, with a glimmer of mischievousness in her eyes.

Nick grabbed her f***efully by the hips and turned her over. Reaching down he grabbed his belt and secured her wrists behind her back. This was a little new to him but he was following her lead. He ran his hand over her firm round ass and spanked her lightly. Melody moaned slightly and Nick took this as a sign to go on. He spanked her again, this time harder. The bl**d underneath her very white skin rose to the surface and made her ass a deep rosy hue. Again he slapped her and she cried out “HARDER!” Finally, Nick could hold back no longer. He aimed his cock and drove it deep inside her. His hands tightened around her waist as he pumped in and out of her tight wet pussy. Nick’s breaths came is short grunts and his mind felt like he was spiraling out of control. “God yes Nick, yes FUCK ME,” Melody panted. He continued to fuck her with long deep strokes his balls slapping against her ass. He was holding back as much as he could, willing her to cum with him.

“Yes ooooooh YES Nick, now now, I wanna cum NOW.” Melody’s keigal muscle clenched, and her body tensed. Nick buried his cock up to his balls and finally exploded deep inside her, filing her completely with his hot sticky cum.

They both collapsed side by side. Nick undid the belt and released her wrists, rubbing them while kissing her neck. “I really hope I didn’t hurt you. I kind of lost it at the end,” Nick whispered in Melody’s ear. With her eyes closed, she smiled. “Give me five minutes, and then I want you in the shower for round two.”

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