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Old street walker and young student

I hope you like this story. It's one of the kinkiest things I think I've ever done.

I was a student and it was a rainy day in edinburgh and i was walking around feeling horny and looking at the dirty mags in the bookshops when i saw this old woman begging near greyfriars church. she was kind of attractive - you could see she must have been good looking in her day, but she must have been about sixty and she looked like an alcoholic, but there was something sluttish about her expression that suggested that she might be interested in sex and not just the cash. She had blonde hair, going silver in a kind of bob. She was very busty and there was actually something sexy about her whole persona, so i stopped and gave her some money. I asked how she was and what she was doing and then, feeling incredibly nervous, I asked if she'd like to play with my cock....

She looked at me and said, aye son. That'd be nice. I like a hard young cock. Go into the churchyard and I'll follow you.

So i walked ahead of her into the churchyard and walked through the graves till i came to an old mausoleum that was open - it was kind of like a building with a domed roof, but the door had long been removed, so it was open and i thought this would be private enough. there was nobody else around so i went in and i unzipped my jeans and got my cock out, and waited, my heart pumping.

I heard her footsteps outside as she followed me in and stood in front of me.

She opened up her coat and pulled her tits out of a grey, dirty old bra and came over to me, reaching out for my crotch and wanking me. She had huge nipples and i sucked them hard as she wanked my cock. She seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was, because she knelt down and took me into her mouth and wanked me as she sucked me off, moaning and reaching down to play with her cunt.

I made her stand up and reached down to play with it. her cunt was very smelly - dirty and horny and definitely unwashed - but i knelt down and stuck my face into it and sucked on her clit and felt her lips over my face.

i was so turned on... i made her stand up again and slid my cock into her from behind. Her cunt was wide and sloppy and it felt so depraved and that made me even more excited. i heard her grunting as my cock filled her up and i could feel that i was going to cum.

I got her to kneel in front of me again and then she wanked and sucked me into her mouth until i came.

I was young and full of spunk in those days and she took it all, with some of it dribbling over her chin.

when i had come, she pushed the last of my cum into her mouth and then she stood up, put her hands behind me head and pressed me into her as she kissed me, and i tasted my cum off her lips as her tongue reached deep into my mouth.

I felt really embarrassed and horny and confused and said "thank you, that was amazing", and she said "aye son. you;ve got a lovely big cock and you'll break a lot of hearts, but you'll no forget me".

We went in our different directions, but she was right. I never did.

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