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The Cats Seductions - Tony

The Cat’s Seductions - Tony

My friend and lover, The Cat, fresh from her introduction of her son to her lifestyle was emboldened to re-visit one of her favourite activities which she had not indulged in for some time. We got so much enjoyment out of seducing the most unsuspecting and generally ordinary people since we believe that most people have innermost sensual desires that rarely get the opportunity to be released due to their ‘normal’ lifestyle and general living pressures but primarily due to the social stigma attached to any free-wheeling sexual activity. The more difficult the target the more enjoyment derived from succeeding in the seduction. Bars were easy pickings and very rarely visited. The Cat liked to pluck targets from ordinary everyday activities – at work, at play, shopping (A favourite) etc.

Some weeks after her first encounter with her son her boys were holding one of their LAN parties at their home. These were monthly affairs at someone’s home and it was their turn this month. Nothing unusual about this. The boys all arrived (about a dozen of them) during the Saturday afternoon and set up their computers all around the house and then spent the night gaming, eating and occasionally sl**ping. When it was The Cats turn to host she would shut herself in her end of the house from where she could come and go unseen and undisturbed. She’d not usually bring home a lover as her orgasms were too likely to arouse the boys’ attention. In fact on this night she was staying in having had a session with Robbie early in the afternoon before his friends arrived and was well satisfied with that outcome. An hour of hers son’s beautiful cock and multiple orgasms and ejaculations were enough for any lady for one night.

Some time late in the afternoon Robbie came to her room and told her that his mate Tony was really frustrated. He’d never had a girlfriend yet lusted after plenty (he was a 16 year old boy after all!) and didn’t know where to start seducing a girl. Rob quite openly asked if she could show him a few tricks.
“Just pretend to seduce him Mum -I don’t think you need to fuck him though” he suggested to his Mum.
“Leave him to me darling – bring him in after I get home from dinner about 10” she instructed “ and not a word about us –OK!”

On her return from dinner (alone) The Cat showered, slipped on her high heels and threw a light robe on which tied at the front. Nothing else - as she always slept nude and never wore underwear so this was normal dress for her for an evening. She wanted the high heels because she knew the effect they had on men and loved to show off her body wearing them as they accentuated her fantastic muscled legs and tightened her arse. She assumed she would have a very appreciative audience tonight.

As arranged, there was a knock on her door then in walked Robbie with Tony in tow. They didn’t need introductions as The Cat had met Tony briefly before after his f****y arrived in town a few months ago. He attended school with Robbie. He had a younger s****r of f******n and his dad was a GP who had bought a practice locally and did locums as well. Tony was a gorgeous young man beautifully built and almost embarrassingly good classic looks but he was painfully shy. The Cat asked Robbie to leave and then asked Tony why he wanted to speak with her. He stammered a bit and said “Rob just wanted me to meet you properly and have a chat while I’m having a rest from the gaming”. The Cat smiled thinking of the very diplomatic way her son had got them together – no expectations but just let nature take its course – good boy she thought.

The Cat proceeded to ask Tony all sorts of questions about his schooling and his f****y , getting him relaxed and open to talking. Then she started to very gently ask about his love life to which he replied that he didn’t have one – not like Rob who seemed to be able to get any girl he wanted. The Cat relaxed him and told him she knew all about Robs love life and he was lucky because he had been seduced by a much older woman who showed him all the tricks of sex and how girls liked to be treated. Tony was intrigued “ he never told me about that” he stated and The Cat replied “ he’s a very trustworthy boy and wouldn’t reveal anyone’s secrets especially an older lady in the community who he loves having sex with. I know her well and she’s the best thing that happened to him as he is now a confident young man, a super lover and will make a great husband for some lucky girl “

Tony was quite bemused and somewhat confused but could only say “how lucky Rob is” and that it is probably every young boys dream to be “seduced by an older woman especially if she is as hot as you say she is”. The Cat now had her prey and led him in gently. “Do you find me hot “ she asked having watched his erection grow in his pants for the last 30 minutes. Tony was stuck he couldn’t say no even if he wanted to but he didn’t want to. “Oh Mrs S, you are fabulous. I don’t know how old you are but you have a figure as nice as most girls I know. You’re just like my mum who I guess is pretty hot but I can’t say that because she is my mum.” He blurted out as he went red.
“That’s ok Tony, lots of young boys lust after their mums and certainly after older women”. She stood and went over to his chair where she bent to kiss him vey briefly on the lips. She knew he could see right down the front of her very loose robe so she deliberately lingered. “You’re a wonderful and honest young man for saying that and obviously its true as I can see I have an effect on you” she said as she brushed her finger tips across the obvious bulge in his trousers.” Tony sat bolt upright and apologised suggesting he had better leave but The Cat had other ideas. “have you ever seen a woman naked Tony” she asked. Again he stammered his reply “only mum occasionally and my young s****r but they don’t walk around naked so I only get glimpses through doors but I try not to perve on my f****y”.
“That’s pretty normal Tony but I want to show you how a real hot woman looks and feels - what do you say to that”.
“But what about Rob - he may come in and catch us and then he’d be real pissed off at me”
“Well he won’t come in – trust me I know he won’t and I can promise you he wouldn’t be pissed off – I just know that for all sorts of reasons. I’ll lock the door to make you feel more comfortable.”
“Thank you” was all he could manage as The Cat loosened the tie at her waist and let the robe fall open. She turned and walked away from him letting the robe fall to the floor. She knew her strut in high heels would drive him crazy and it did.
“Geez Mrs S you are beautiful and very hot – I can’t believe you are doing this”
“Darling boy, there’s a whole lot more I’ll be doing tonight which you won’t be able to believe so just relax and enjoy the show. There’s not much you won’t know about a woman after tonight.” She turned and walked slowly towards him until she stood at arms length from him. “So what’s the first thing you notice “

His shyness had left him as she knew it would when confronted by her nudity but he was still hesitant. “ You’ve not got any hair on you anywhere”
“You mean here on my pubes” she asked as she put her hand to her crotch and ran a finger between her fanny lips “ that’s a Brazilian – haven’t you heard the girls talk of that at school” she asked. “Its so much sexier and sensitive when you are having sex and especially nice for anyone who is having oral sex with me”
“Yes I’ve heard of that but wasn’t sure what it meant and mum and my s****r don’t have it” he explained.
“Perhaps they should” she thought out loud. “Now my lovely young man” I’m going to show you all there is to see but first I want that gorgeous body of yours naked so I can see what wonderful effect I’m having on you. I love watching a hard penis especially on a young man and I know yours will react nicely as I teach you. Stand up” she demanded. Reaching forward she undid the button on his polo shirt and pulled it over his head without any protest from Tony. She then reached his shorts and slid the elastic sided garment down his legs. Kneeling on the floor now as she removed his shorts, she reached up and without a word just pulled his boxer shorts down and told him to step out. The act of stepping brought his now rock hard cock to kissing distance. She took hold of it gently and just placed a short kiss on the tip of his perfect circumcised cock. Sticking out her tongue she licked a tiny drop of pre-cum from the eye.
“More of that later” she explained as she stood and taking his head in her hands she kissed him full on the lips, forcing his mouth open to insert her tongue. Tony responded accordingly and they stayed locked in a passionate kissing embrace as they felt the contours of each others body between them. He could feel the hardness of her nipples and she could feel the exciting hard young cock stretching almost to her belly button. No Rob she thought, I am going to fuck your mate tonight.

She had time on her side so had no intention of rushing into a quick fuck especially when she knew that he would be capable of maintaining that erection all night if necessary. Breaking the embrace she released him and sat back on the bed. “Now my beautiful young man, you are going to be given a lesson in the anatomical details of a woman like no other you have ever had” she cooed.
“Dad has already given me a very detailed description and a book to read” he responded.
“But he didn’t have a live model did he” she queried. She adjusted her position on the bed to sitting against the bed head propped on pillows and drawing her knees up to her chest. “Now sit here at my feet Tony where you can reach out and touch me as I instruct you. I won’t be using the proper medical terms to describe myself, just the everyday words used by your mates”she explained.

She pushed her legs out each side of him having the effect of spreading them while starting to stroke her tits. “I am very proud of my boobs Tony – they are still firm and the product of lots of hard work at the gym and you can explore them and arouse me by touching them please.” He reached out with both hands pinching a nipple each between his fingers, feeling and observing their hardening. “Like your cock darling, they get very hard at being touched and I start to get very aroused. Please lean over here and nibble one at a time with your teeth and lips”. The Cats breathing started to shorten and she gasped little crudities between gasps, telling Tony to keep doing what he was and to “bite my tits lover” even asking him to “make them bleed” at one point. Tony was a little concerned at that statement but continued to chew at one then the other while squeezing the opposite nipple hard. Neither of them had any idea of time but soon the breathing shortened and the gasps louder – her hand had crept to her crutch and with a final long loud “Oh fuck YEEEEEESSSSSS” she orgasmed telling Tony what a beautiful successful great lover he was – Tony did wonder what he had done but obviously it was the right thing and it certainly had aroused him. The hard nipples and all the sucking of them had made his cock harder than he had ever experienced.

The Cat noticed this saying” you poor darling, I really have got you so excited. I was going to teach you so much before you needed relief but I can see you are in need of immediate relief. Just lay back on the bed where you are. I’m going to give you a blow job that you will never forget even if there are lots more.” She proceeded to kneel over him taking just the head of his cock in her mouth and savouring the delicious taste of his pre-cum. Then removing her mouth, she took hold with her hand squeezing the base to prevent any premature squirts and commenced to lick the full length and running her tongue through the slit to enjoy the droplets of seminal fluid at each passing. Then lifting his balls with her hand she took them both into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the almost hairless meat filling her mouth. She knew this would tip him over the edge even though she gripped the base of his cock firmly. Tony indicated he could hold no longer and started thrusting his cock forward in her grip until she covered him with her mouth until the head of his cock reached the back of her throat. Then releasing her grip on him he just called a loud “OOOHHH” and she felt his delicious warm semen pulsing right into her throat. She swallowed quickly at every pulse – he seemed he would never stop but was probably only cumming for about 15 secs but long enough to give her the most erotic sensations running straight to her crotch and a small silent orgasm swept through her.

His cock did not subside to any great extent and after a couple of minutes It took all her resolve to lift her mouth of him and then crawl up his body and plant a very wet, salty semen flavoured kiss on him – he shared the pleasure and their tongues danced in each others mouths for so long that they ached eventually. She broke the kiss and rested her head on his shoulder, reaching down to stroke his still hard cock and telling him ” what a sweet tasting man you are - I want so much more of your spunk. But right now we have a lesson to finish” Tony was now relieved and so willing to continue his lesson. The Cat returned to her position at the head of the bed spreading her legs wide as Tony positioned himself between them and kneeling facing her. “ Darling boy” she said as she spread her pussy lips with her fingers, “this is my cunt, my fanny, my pussy or whatever else you like to call it. These are my outer labia or lips “ as she stroked the full length of her cunt and picking out the labia “ while these pinker smaller lips and the inner lips or labia. Many ladies especially older ones who have had babies have very prominent inner lips that show outside the outer lips even when not aroused. Mine don’t do that but after I have been fucked hard they often stretch outside for a short while. Please touch them and stroke them as you will become very friendly with them in future”
Tony reached forward and hesitatingly started to stroke the full length saying as he did so “ I think Mums are outside as she has a lot of wrinkly skin there so I guess that’s from having k**s”
Or lots of sex” The Cat added as Tony just went red. She let him stroke and feel fro a few minutes before continuing “ this is my clitoris” holding her lips wide apart and rubbing the pea sized lump at the very top of her slit “ this is the centre of all my arousal where all the nerves end so it is extremely sensitive. You can make a woman cum just by stroking or licking this” She told him to touch and feel it but only briefly as she didn’t want to cum again until she had showed him everything. “ Now put your two fingers right inside here and feel up behind my clit. There is an area there where the flesh feels different – a bit harder than the other soft wet flesh inside my cunt”. Tony indicted he could feel that.
“that’s my G spot” and that’s very sensitive too. It’s nice to rub my clit with your thumb and my squeeze my g-spot between finger and thumb. Its very nice when getting fucked if the cock rubs against it too. That happens when fucking doggy which I will show you soon.” Tony squeezed the g-spot and clit together between thumb and forefinger but she soon stopped him. “You’ll have me exhausted before we finish our lesson darling” but she allowed him to continue to feel her cunt inside and encouraged him to go as deep as possible. Since she was quite relaxed, he was able to get four fingers into her and reach in as far as her cervix. The hard tubular entrance to her womb was immediately obvious to Tony who asked her what it was and she explained it’s purpose, going on to say how she ‘loves a man to put his cock right against it and cum right into her womb”

Pulling her legs up now and leaning back she reached under her legs to spread her arse cheeks. “This may surprise you Tony but most girls have sensitive arseholes too as there are lots of nerve endings there as well . Sensitive bum cheeks lead to a very sensitive anus and its nice to be stroked and licked so I always keep that area very cleaned and shaved as well” Tony, feeling somewhat emboldened didn’t need to be invited now to explore and reached over with his still sticky fingers and proceeded to stroke The Cats bum and little puckered anus. “It’s ok darling boy – you can stick your finger inside – I enjoy a nice cock in there from time to time and I know my lovers really enjoy it. I’ll let you fuck me there sometime “ Tony slipped one finger in up this second knuckle and could feel the difference – not so slippery but quite hot.

The Cat was aroused again now with all this probing and touching by this gorgeous young man kneeling between her legs and his erection had hardly subsided. Reaching forward and taking hold of his cock she said, “ enough lessons for one day Tony, I want you to stick this beautiful piece of manhood right up my cunt and rut me to exhaustion. You can cum as many times as you like in me but I tell you when you can stop. Its just missionary style tonight - you on top of me - which Tony understood very well. Letting go his now rock hard prick, The Cat slid down from her sitting position and spreading her legs wide she pulled Tony by his cock straight into her cunt. No preliminaries -just “get that cock into me boy and now fuck me hard”

Tony needed no encouragement. His first pussy and it felt unbelievably good. The soft velvety wetness tight around his cock made his in /out movements come very naturally to him. He didn’t have time to stop and savour his cock soaking in her vaginal depths – she was demanding he fuck her and hard. She had a tight grip on his arse cheeks and he could feel her finger nails digging into his flesh. This both aroused him and spurred him to greater efforts. Not only did he move in and out but tried little sideways circular movements that she seemed to like.
She spoke to him constantly telling him to “fuck me harder” or what a great fuck he was and all the time her breathing shortened as he now could detect the telltale signs of an approaching orgasm. Not that he wasn’t coming close to spurting again either. Slowly at first then suddenly it was upon him. He hardly had time to say “I’m cumming” when he felt release – he pushed hard and felt the nub of her cervix and this pushed The Cat over the edge. The white thick man cream filled her as she felt it pour over and into her cervix – how wonderful she felt for this first time young man who she knew had not only received the ultimate pleasure but she had thoroughly enjoyed it herself and it wasn’t over yet. She was sure he would not lose his hard-on – maybe soften a bit but she could keep him inside her and she’d love another orgasm.

“Stay with me lover” she pleaded but Tony was already ay ahead of her and he had started to grind slowly into her again as his erection hardly weakened. They kept this up for what seemed like hours but was probably in reality only 30 – 40 minutes before Tony announced another ejaculation. The Cat had been enjoying a series of small orgasms throughout and just gripped him tightly and moaned “fill me and enjoy sweetness”. After this one Tony withdrew his cock and snugged in close to his new lover. The Cat sensing his complete satisfaction uts said “the door is locked and Rob knows where you are so you are staying here with me tonight”. He was about to protest but she silenced him by pushing her tongue down his throat and throwing a strong warm leg across him and he drifted off to a blissful sl**p. During the night he woke a couple of times and on each occasion he slid his hard prick up The Cat’s wet and willing cunt from behind while in the spoon position – the second time he didn’t cum but just drifted off to sl**p while still inserted and that’s how they both woke with the sun cascading through the broad open doors to the deck.

Tony was all ready to start fucking again but The Cat had other ideas. She extricated herself, got out of bed and threw on a robe just saying “I’ll be back with tea”. She was so excited that she had found a new young inexhaustible lover like her son and wondered when she should reveal each to each other as she prepared her favourite morning brew. The house was a mess and there were boys sl**ping all over the lounge but she didn’t care – all could be cleaned after the day was over. Her problem of revelation soon resolved itself. Rob appeared as tea was made and simply said after giving his Mum a full tongue thrashing kiss “ So you fucked him eh! Mum. I couldn’t help but hear your performance and now I can taste his spunk all over your lips. Was he good?”
“He’s just gorgeous darling –you aren’t jealous are you” she queried
“ Mum I know you only too well to be jealous – you fuck more men than I can count and Tony is another of them and its never meant you reduce my quota. It’s nice that I can discuss you with Tony now and tell him who the real mature woman is that I’m fucking.
There is one thing I’d like to try now though and you may be able to help” he enquired.
“What’s that darling?” she questioned.
“Well I now Tonys’ mum and she is real hot – I’d love to fuck her – what do you think Mum?”
The Cat was a little taken aback but not surprised. Rob was an adventurous boy and would enjoy the challenge of seducing Tony’s Mum but it sowed the seed of a thought in her. “Darling, go ahead and try and I’ll help but please be careful and keep me posted because you could ruin a great friendship between you and Tony and even worse if she doesn’t respond. Let me think of a plot. Now carry this tea down to the bedroom and come join me and Tony in bed.”

Tony was concerned when Rob walked in with his mum but soon settled when Rob asked “ She’s a great fuck isn’t she mate – meet the mature woman who taught me everything I know”
“That’s bl**dy cool mate” Tony exclaimed “ fucking your own mother and you let me fuck her too – bl**dy fantastic”.
“That’s what friends are for mate “ Rob explained “ and I’d love to do the same to your mum because she’s a hottie too”
Tony smiled and replied “ I know Rob she’s pretty cool and enjoys it as I hear her and dad getting it on but not so much lately with dad away lots. Think it will be pretty hard though mate”
The Cat stepped in then and said “just calm down boys and let me think of something – I’ll try to make both your dreams come true because I know how to approach a woman on matters like this. Now Tony lay back on the bed and let me climb on top of you and your magnificent cock”
Tony did as told and lay back while The Cat kneeled astride him and impaled herself on his beautiful morning glory. “Rob darling, here’s a new treat for us both – a doubler baby. Now push your hard young cock up my arse after you lick it because I want you both together this morning”
Robbie bent and pushed his face between his mum’s bum cheeks as she bent forward over Tony’s body. Tony was already kneading her tits as she felt Robs tongue licking here anus. Rob wet her as best he could then suddenly stood and knelt in front of his mum with his balls dangling on Tony’s face instructing his mum to suck his cock to lubricate it. The Cat went to work so willingly covering his lovely young penis with loads of saliva. “Time to fuck now sweetheart” she soon demanded. So Rob returned to her arse quickly and without hesitation just slowly slid his cock up his mum’s now very familiar arsehole. He could feel Tony’s cock through the membrane separating anal passage and vaginal passage and told them both how sensational that felt.

The Cat now took control and told them both to lay still while she started the rhythm. Using her knees and elbows to great effect she rocked back and forth causing both cocks to seesaw in and out of her holes. The boys couldn’t believe it as it was the most erotic experience ether could dream of and not to be forgotten in a lifetime. Because both cunt and arse were stuffed with cock , both orifices felt extremely tight but The Cat’s natural ability to lubricate – even in her arse to a certain extent – just made the whole scene sensational. Because Rob hadn’t fucked for 24 hours he was ready to explode fairly soon after entering mums arse and told her so. “ just let go darling and enjoy” she responded. So within a few minutes of starting this double penetration Rob fired a shot of cum into his mums bowels. Of course being a young man he didn’t soften especially in this new circumstance and with the cum now lubricating her anal passage even more he just continued to enjoy the ride. “Tony explained how he felt Rob’s cock pulsing its cum into his mum.

With The Cat controlling the pace she maintained her two lovers cocks n her for a specially long time before finally upping the pace and telling Tony how she now wanted him to “cum up my cunt while Robbie’s prick is still in me”. Tony responded obediently and blew what must have been a fifth load of cum in 12 hours into The Cat.

After they separated they discussed their adventures and what they liked about it and where they would go now. Tony could come and fuck her as he pleased but had to maintain total discretion. The boys left the bedroom totally sated and returned to their gaming activities for the remainder of the day. Before Tony returned home that afternoon he visited The Cat again who gave him a long slow blowjob savouring the taste of his delicious sperm once again. He insisted that she meet his Mum when she picked him up so after the introductions The Cat could see the interesting possibilities of what had been discussed earlier that day.

Thus it was that The Cat issued an invitation to Alice (Tony’s mum) to come over and visit on the next weekend she found herself alone. Her plan had started.

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