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I bet he won't do this again

lilbigal 2 minutes ago.


She is a 22 years old single, bisexual female

I was at this club the other night and I noticed this guy staring at me. He was very cute but with another girl. Everytime she wasn't looking at him he would look over at me and give me the lets fuck look. I was sitting at a table where he could see me spreading and then closing my legs wide for him. I love teasing guys and girls. When his gf got up to go do something he looked over and I spread my legs and ran my middle finger up and down a few times on my blue jeaned slit, and then licked my finger with my eyes closed for about 10 seconds. I could so tell he was turned on. I quit watching him and turned away my sexy antics to my friends at the table. About an hour later I had forgot all about this guy. I went walking around the club to talk to my other friends and get my drink on. Well anyway I was at the end of the bar where the bathrooms were. Small rooms and dimly lit. Well when I least expected it this guy came up behind me and told me how turned on he was from my flirting earlier. I giggled like a little school girl because I know how guys like me to act that way. I asked him how turned on he was. He said his dick got so hard he couldn't hold it back. I giggled some more. The club was thinned out by now and I asked where his gf was. He lied and said it wasn't his gf. I knew it was but I played along like a dumb blonde. I told him to show me his dick, right there in the club. He didn't know what to do or say. I knew he wasn't going to pull it out right there, so I told him to go stand by the mens room door and I would follow him. So we did. I was at the ladies door and he was about 10 feet from me. I asked no I told him to pull it out. He said he wasn't hard. I said go into the stall and jack off until his cock was really hard, then come show me. He went into the mens room and I walked to where I was standing and told my friends about him. They wanted to see, so we all 3 went into the tiny hallway and waited. When he came out I said "soooo... how did it go?" He was embarrassed because he knew I told my friends. We all giggled and begged him to show all of us his so called big rock hard cock. So he stammered and fidgeted some and tried to get out of it. I told him that I'd go tell his gf what he was doing in front of us if he didn't Ha ha blackmail! He agreed so we formed a small circle around him so no one else could see him whip it out. We were in the corner part of the ladies room as he pulled it out. We all gasped and giggled more but in a I want this cock kind of way. It was huge! And we all told him he was the biggest man any of us had seen. He felt more relieved and stroked it for us all. I got in closer and held it for him and jerked him some and told him how much I wanted to suck him right there and right then. Well all the other girls had to hold him too. We all took turns as a few other girls came by on the way into the ladies room and watched him also. After about 5 minutes a friend told him to cum for us. The timing was just about right before he was caught doing his thing by security. Well he got to jacking it so hard and fast his head was tilted back with his eyes closed and his pants down to the floor. His gf came up about that time to see what was going on with this circle of girls urging him on. I watched her watching him and her eyes were so bugged out I kind of backed off. I either knew there were going to be loud words or a kick to his balls. She yelled out his name about the time he was unloading his big jetstream of cum shots over and over against the wall. It was damn well impressive too. I got out of the hallway before the fight started between them two. I took off and was headed back to the table when all kinds of hell broke loose. The guy was trying to pull up his pants as she was kicking and hitting and screaming like a mad woman and there was a big pile of people and security at that point. I laughed and went to the table to tell my story.

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