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My First Time With A Guy

I remember my first time with a guy like it was yesterday.

It was during a class trip my senior year (we were both 18). We had to be two to a one bed room in a pretty cheap hotel outside of D.C. The person i was paired with, Matthew, i had never really gotten along with well. I thought this whole trip was going to be hell. When we came into the room it was pretty bland. A bed, a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower; a tv and a chair. We weren't allowed to leave the room after 8:00 so we just watched tv until around 10:00 when we had to turn the lights off. We argued for a bit about who was going to sl**p where until we both just maned up and slept on the bed. A couple of hours past and i could tell i was going to get any sl**p. I turned towards Matthew to see that he was turned towards me.

"Can't sl**p" I asked.

"Yeah, feels like an all niter" he replied

"Well, you wanna talk"


We talked about various things for a while and then started to fool around. It was too dark to see anything so he got a bottle and pretended it was his dick. We kept fooling around like that for a bit. Then i felt his shirtless chest and couldn't take my hands off. I kept feeling up to his neck and down to his belly. He was in pretty good shape and his chest felt like gold. I thought he was going to freak out but instead he returned the favor. I was (and still am) and i was completely surprised e kept feeling me.

I decided to get a little more and reached around back and started to feel his thigh and ass. I kept my hand on his ass for a while ( he had boxer briefs on, as did I) and with my other hand felt his chest again. Then, Matthew did the unthinkable and felt my dick through my briefs. It was hard as a rock and pre cum ran down my dick like a waterfall. He grabbed my dick and just held it in his hand. It felt like nothing i had ever experienced before. I put my hand that was on hiss ass right on his dick and did the same. We then leaned in and stated kissing. As we kissed i took his arm and threw him on top of me. We kept kissing until i pulled his briefs off. I sat up with him still on my lap and kissed his neck and went downwards. I sucked his nipples for a while then laid him down and made my way down to his dick. I jerked him off for a bit then put my mouth on his cock and began to suck. I sucked his dick until he came like a volcano in my mouth. I swallowed every single bit. He got back up and went straight to my dick and without hesitation sucked me dry. I had never had head so good before and came like a monster and it even started to drip out of his mouth. He swallowed all he could.

I thought we were going to call it quits but he told me he wanted it up the ass. I had him lean over and i started to eat his ass up. I then slid my index finger up there and got his hole ready for my dick. I shoved my cock up there and began to fuck his brains out. I fucked him so hard the bed started to shake and hit the wall. I fucked his ass for a good ten minutes before cumming all over his tight chest and feeding it to him.

All that fucking made my ass cock hungry and I told him to let me ride him. He laid down and i opened up my cheeks onto his face and let him lube my hole with his tongue for a bit. I slid his cock up my pooper that i felt it in my stomach. I rode him for what felt like days before he came inside me. I made him eat up all the cum out of my ass and spit in my mouth. We called it quits there and slept like babies. We stayed at the hotel for two more nights and fucked equally so.

Me and Matthew will never forget that night, every time we fuck we talk about it afterwords. It was the best night of my life.

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