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To Be Kneaded Like This Was GREAT!!

I am a 61 year old man living in Florida who has always been healthy and rarely ever sees a doctor. However, about 6 months ago I had an auto accident that caused an injury to my neck. After my surgery, part of my recovery included physical therapy and massage therapy. I found a good physical ther****t and worked out diligently 3 times per week. After a week of working out and feeling a bit tight I remembered the massage script and checked the phone book and one ad caught my eye. There was a ther****t not even 5 miles from my home so I called and made my first massage appointment. However, the ther****t was too deep in her technique and after a few sessions I looked for another. Luckily I found one just 2-3 blocks away from the first one. At first the ther****t who worked on me was a big gal and was also a little too deep for my likings so I asked if another ther****t could work on me.

During the last ten months I've had the same female ther****t, who just happens to be the owner of the shop. She's a 40-43 year old gal with slightly above average looks, short in stature but very well built. She had really great looking tits and a nice round firm ass. When she massaged me she often wore a short skirt that looked like a mini-skirt but it was hard to tell if she actually wore any panties underneath. She always wore a loose low cut blouse with thin straps. It was plain to see she was proud of her ample tits. From what I could see there were no stretch marks and they were nice and firm looking and I never saw her wearing a bra to hold them up.

During the first few visits she gave me a very nice soft Swedish massage, which included the towel dr****g, little or no conversation and definitely no funny stuff. But, being a neophyte when it came to any kind of massages I enjoyed them for what they were and I felt great when I left. Of course an occasional brush of her tits across my face as she bent over my face to massage my chest also kept me coming back. Her massages were so good that it was common for me to tip her an extra $25.

After several months of really nice and what seemed normal massages, she became a bit more "liberal or suggestive" in her actions. She would come in to start on me while face down and when she got to my lower back she would move the towel off my ass and lower it so half my ass was showing telling me it was a hindrance to her hands. I didn't know any better so I just let her do her thing. But after awhile when she totally removed the towel from my ass I felt I began to feel a bit awkward, almost embarrassed because I could feel my balls and pecker stirring a bit. I wondered what would she think when I turned over for the rest of the massage and then saw my cock standing up. But, to my surprise and somewhat dismay, my cock never did get an erection. In fact, if anything, it was completely the opposite. When I turned over and the cool air in the room hit my groin my balls and pecker they'd shrink up fast. My damn pecker looked more like a turtle with its head barely ticking out of its shell then a manly cock. As a few more visits I became more comfortable with my exposure I began to feel more relaxed and so did my balls and pecker. We sometimes chatted during the sessions and these everyday conversations kept me from thinking about anything erotic that might cause any embarrassment for me.

As more time went on an incident occurred that was probably responsible for our conversations to take a more personal turn. I mentioned on one of her daily intake sheets that I had been to an urologist for an enlarged prostate. In the privacy of the session room she asked me about it and what effects it was having on me physically. I told her I was having trouble urinating sometimes as well as maintaining an erection. She told me that she noticed when I turned over that I was always flaccid unlike most male clients and thought maybe there was a problem and that was the reason. She also mentioned that there was a massage technique for an enlarged prostate and I should talk to my doctor about it. If I got a script for it she could do it for me. I had no idea what a prostate massage entailed but I figured, what the hell, I had come to like massages so much I'll take ANY kind of a massage. I told her I would not be able to see the doctor again for at least a month or so because he was backed up quite a bit but I would look into getting the script as soon as possible.

While at home one day I searched on the internet and read about prostate massages found it all quite interesting and even a little erotic. After the changes in our ther****t/client relationship became even more intimate in conversations I began to be a bit more self-centered as well as bold and thought why not test her limits of practice. When the massage started one time I kept totally quiet. This was her suggestion as a way for me to tell her that I wanted to "zone out" and neither one of us was to talk. As usual I started out laying face down but this time, before she came in, I gave my cock a few tugs and stretched it and got it half hard and then placed it between my legs facing as straight down as possible. This way I thought she just might see it and take the initiative and do something like "accidentally" bump into things. I was right and sure enough when she got to that point in the massage she bumped into my jewels several times during that first test. Naturally this had a nice effect on my shaft and once again I could feel my cock growing a little each time. With each new session the bumping became more frequent and obvious. Now, instead of bumping, it felt more like a soft and slow intentional glide over things and each pass lasted longer and longer each time. But, for a few sessions afterwards ... that was all that happened. As much as I wanted it to happen I never got enough attention to get a full erection.

Sadly, after one session I had to tell her that my insurance was soon going to stop paying because I met my maximum payout. I told her I might not be able to come back again if I could not afford the service. After all, I was not yet working again and finances were tight. She said she was sorry to hear that but assured me she would be there for me if I ever needed her services. After reviewing my insurance payouts I realized I only had one more session left that they would pay for so I called for and made an appointment.

During the last massage I had with her everything went as usual. However, this time as was I getting undressed she walked in. Thankfully my cock was nice and warm and hanging low. She took a quick glance at it then looked back up at me and told me to "hop on the table" when I was ready. She said she'd be right back and went back out of the room for a second. As I got on the table I didn't bother putting a towel on at all. She came back in and went right to work working all the tight spots in my back and neck as usual and then moved down to my butt and thighs. Only this time as her hands rubbed between my legs they seem to glide right over my balls and cock immediately. She spent very little time on my thighs and spent most of it centered on the erogenous zones around my ass and cock. She slowly and deliberately spread my butt cheeks apart letting her fingers slide over my butt hole a few times. The cool air around my asshole felt good. I was thankful that I had taken a really good long hot shower just before coming in and had a good clean freshness about me. When she parted my cheeks she took two fingers and rubbed around my hole as close as she could get without actually penetrating me. While she did this I asked her if that was something she usually did. She told me she felt that since I might not be back again because the insurance stopped paying after this session that she wasn't going to wait for me to get a script from the urologist and was going to do a prostate massage now so I wouldn't have to pay for it. I put my head back down and began to enjoy this new feeling.

As she continued I could feel my muscles in my ass and thighs begin pushing up against her fingers a little seemingly desiring for her to penetrate me. Nothing had ever gone in my ass before. After all, it is an "outtie hole" not an "innie hole"!! As the fingers of her left hand rotated around my ass she used a finger of her other hand to approach my hole. She began to circle the opening and each circle around it got tighter and tighter. I could feel her well lubricated finger pausing at the entrance to my ass. Grabbing my hips with her left hand and tugging up she told me to raise my ass in the air and keep my head down on the table and so I did. She continued to push her finger against my asshole with her finger. As my ass gently rose to meet her touch the added pressure of my pushing made her finger begin to penetrate me. She told me to take a breath and relax. Once her finger penetrated me all the way it went right to my prostate and began to massage it. Her other hand reached around my thigh and grabbed my cock and stroked it slowly but firmly. It took a minute or two for me to totally relax but once I did it felt great. Despite her stroking my cock it remained only semi-hard. Then, after about 10 minutes of her stroking of my prostate and me noticing that my cock was still semi-hard, all of a sudden without any notice or warnings you would expect to feel I had a really explosive orgasm. It caught me way off guard and I didn't know what to do or think. The tremors ran thru my body and I shook like never before. I was not only thrilled but also a little shocked. I didn't think it was possible to cum with a semi-hard dick. She continued to stroke my cock as my body jerked with each shot. As the pulsing in my cock stopped, she retracted her finger from my ass then she grabbed a wet towel and wiped up the cum on the sheets. She grabbed my limp dick and squeezed the last drop out of me and told me to relax and lay flat again. After a few sighs and laying back down she moved on to her normal routine which was fine for me. I needed to relax now! Her hands moved quickly up and down the length of my legs. As they approached my groin they slowed down and slid back over my cock and balls again. In no time I felt an erection coming on again only this time it went all the way to full mast. When it was time to flip over I wasn't sure what to do. Luckily, she said she was going to take a quick potty break and said would be right back so go ahead and take my time and turn over. While she was gone I flipped over and sadly watched my cock start to lie down against my belly from lack of attention. Selfishly I grabbed it and jerked on it in the hopes of maintaining a nice large erection for her to see. After a minute or two of jerking on it and getting it back up I heard the bathroom door close and as I looked under the door way I could see her shadow coming towards the door. So I let my cock go and quickly lay back down, closed my eyes and played “Mr. Innocent”.

When she came back in my cock was still erect and bouncing around a little from my quick movements but she didn't do or say a thing and just started massaging my head and neck as usual. I figured the prostate massage was enough fun for now and she wasn't going to do anymore so I relaxed for the rest of the massage, and so did my cock. After working on my neck and shoulders her massage moved down to my stomach and groin area. My cock, which was still a little hard, lay there shrinking and dropping lower to my nut sack. She took her left hand and in a circular motion and began rotating her hand on my lower stomach to stimulate my colon. Now my cock started to feel energized again. The rotating motion of her hands on my stomach caused my dick to start to fling around and slap up and down against my stomach and thighs. Needless to say after few seconds of this action I had an erection that I could be proud of... the full length of my manhood was there for her private viewing. As she continued this playful action I opened one eye slightly and saw she was grinning and that her eyes were trained on my moving cock. Her free hand was down near her own groin and moving about but hidden a bit from my view. I thought for sure she was probably masturbating while teasing my cock. I wasn't sure if she was going to do anything more than that so I took a big chance and reached down to my groin and grabbed my cock and with a slight moan stroked it a couple of times and then gently placed it on top of her rotating hand. While still peeking at her thru one eye I could see her head tilt back and her eyes close as she momentarily took hold of it, squeezed and stroked it a couple of times. When she did that her right hand came up and I heard what sounded like something hitting the floor as her hand quickly moved up to her right breast and grabbed her own nipple squeezing it hard. She held her tit for about 10-15 seconds and then let go of my rock hard cock. Quickly I closed my eyes again and made like nothing had happened. I didn't want to say anything and even acknowledge what had just happened so I just lay there with my eyes shut while my thoughts played hell with me. All the time my cock is now standing straight up with its very red head gleaming at her.

As she moved down to my thighs she oiled up her hands considerably and after rubbing for several minutes on my thighs her hands slid right over my balls and across the length of my shaft onto my stomach and repeated this several times. At one point she lingered a bit on the tip of my shaft and rotated the end of it a couple of times and then with one hand milked it while the other pulled on my balls. Right then I knew I was going to cum. Acting as if she had never touched me at all she moved onto my lower legs leaving my cock standing straight up pulsing a bit with a small drop of pre-cum glistening at the end. I know what my cock feels like just before an orgasm so I know one more little stroke or any contact would have caused me to blow another load. Who knows, maybe she knew this too.

Telling me she was sorry but she had another appointment to go. with that she left the room and went off to her next client as I lay there. As I went to get up I saw what I thought I heard hitting the floor earlier. It was a large dildo about 8" long and VERY thick. I reached down and picked it up and curiously brought it to my nose and took a whiff. I could smell her pussy all over it. I wish I had known she was fucking herself with it. I would gladly have helped. Thinking about that and the fact that my cock was still hard I figured what the hell and grabbed it and jerked off like there was no tomorrow. When I came I shot my load all over the dildo. Believe me; I never came so hard in my life. She had left a clean towel laying there so I used it to clean up. I wrapped the dildo in the cum soaked towel and put a $100 bill on top of it for her to see and left it on her little stool that she sits on.

After dressing I went out to pay the receptionist for my session. I had never seen this gal before. She was a really young gal about 20-22 years old. As I approached her desk I still had a slight tent in my pants. Looking down I also noticed I had a small wet spot at the tip of the tent. As I looked back up towards her I saw her eyes were fixed on the tent and wet cum spot on my shorts. She looked up at me and saw that I had caught her looking. With a little grin she said, "I guess you my Mom gave you a really good massage?" As I stood at the desk handing paying her I caught site of a small video monitor hidden under a small shelve that she could plainly see. I saw a picture on it and realized it was a stop action frame of me while I was jerking off with the dildo in my hand. She saw see me looking at the monitor and quickly turned it off. I was thrilled that she liked what she was watching and thought I would rather have had her in the room when I did it.

As she was writing my receipt I answered her question about my massage and told her yes it was great and that I was looking forward to my next one. I then asked her if she also did massage like her mother. She said she was beginning next week. At that point all I could think of was having that young sweet ass jerking me off like her mother did. I told her I was looking forward to having her give me the same massage as her mother had. She blushed again and grinned while saying, "I'm sure I can do as good, if not better, with some training from my mom!" I said I was looking forward to it and told her to keep me in mind that I would be glad to be her first appointment. As I took my receipt I could see her puffy nipples were now standing erect. I thanked her and walked out. I could hear her soft voice nervously giggling as I went out the door.

I can't wait to go back or my first massage with the daughter.

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