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This happened a good few years ago but it is all true.
It starts one day in my house after a night out couple we were very freindly with on the way back home in the taxi i was in the back with my Mrs on one side and my mate wife on the other we all had a bit to drink and i had my arms round my mates wifes waist, we were all having a good time and i was rubbing her side when i touched the underside of her tit she never did anything so i left my hand there and with the movement of the taxi it kept touching her so i move it slightly up so i was rubbing more then i should have still she never move my hand away so i opened the palm of my hand and cupped her tit, all the while we were all chatting and is was having a good feel of her tit this finnished when we dropped them off.
Move forward a few days i was driving my truck through were she stayed and spotted her so i stopped to have a chat with her i approached the subject of the night out and our ride home and said about touching her and she replied that it was fine and didnt mind i said well if i had knowing that i would have went a bit further.
Next step, weeks later my Mrs asked me what i thought about K (nameprotection)and did i fance fucking her of course i said no but she wanted a straight answer so i said that yes she was very sexy but i was happy with her, this went on to a invite to them to come over to our house that sat/night and my mrs & k had set up a surprise for me and Ks hubby that we both didnt know about,aftera good few drinks we were told to sit back and relax then to both our surprise K and my mrs started kissing and feeling each other up in the middle of the floor not sure about Ks hubby but my cock was very hard this went on till both of them were naked on the floor kissing and licking eack others tits and fannys, we were told to strip off and keep watching so both of us sat with cocks in hand as they gave us a great show.
Then it was our turn K sat next to me and wanked my hard cock as her hubby started to explore my wife till he was fucking her a few feet from where i was sitting then it was K and me who had to perform in front of her hubby and my wife.
To this day it is still a great turn-on remembering this as watching your wife getting someone elses cock in her is a must do for anyone.
We continued to have regular sat nights swapping / sucking & fucking for over a year till Ks hubby got caught playing away but happy times as she had one of those arses that stuck out and loved it doggy style and loved to suck i even fucked her with a cucumber one night, i remember feeling her as her hubby was fucking her i think that was the first time i felt another mans cock it was very hard a wet with her jucies but very thin maybe thats why she enjoyed me fucking her as i was a little bit longer (not much) but a good bit thicker.
Hope you enjoyed this and as i said very true.

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