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The Storm

Your eyes; I love your eyes; so unique and yet so basic. Nothing too alarming about them. Until you look at me. With their slight slant and small size I sometimes miss the hint of seduction in them. Call me naïve if you may, but it always surprises me……and I love surprises. Your smell; I love your smell. It’s earthy, sweet, and briny; a mix of scents that fill up my nose when you approach me, and linger even after you’re gone. Your hair, oh how I love your hair. Soft and healthy, I love how it falls over your brow and I sweep it to see into your eyes. I love how it feels between my fingers when my hand grasps unexpectedly at the back of your neck because I want you to kiss me harder, and I didn’t know that I wanted that. I wanted to be meek and sweet, respectful, a lady, as my parents would say. But your lips, God I love those lips. So soft and so cool and wet. Pressed against mine a knot in my throat forms and I struggle to swallow for just a half second, but long enough for you to notice and pull back and smile at me. I flutter my eyelashes and catch your stare and I blush, then you continue to push your lips on mine. As always, I’m over thinking everything by now, but you take my hand in yours and my thoughts wash away. That’s when I really noticed our dripping wet ice cold bodies. The rain storm that caused this was still tapping on the window of your room, and the thunder rumbled the walls. You slid your hand down and explored by body. Every curve, every bend, every inch; your cold hand ran across my body and I shivered. You let your hand fall between my legs and I instantly felt the differences in temperature. Your hand, draw to the heat, slipped one finger out and touched my wetness. You slipped a second one in as my heart beat faster. You rose up and lowered yourself to go deeper inside me. Your frozen breasts and hard nipples still wet, I lapped up the rain. I nibbled your neck and ears and I heard your breathing getting harder. You rose up and this time brought me with you, so that we were sitting facing each other, our breasts pressed against one another’s, while you remained inside me. My breathing rhythmically began following yours and our panting was but whispers in the storm. We rocked back and forth and my hips rolled in pleasure as your palm massaged my clit. As if on cue, you bent down and warmed my clit with your tongue. Left and right, up and down, left and right, up and down, left and right, up and down. I grabbed your hair to brace myself. Circling, flicking, tipping, I couldn’t bare it, my clit swelled. You rose back up, I kissed you passionately, tasting myself. Your fingers entered again and the massaging continued. Every part around your fingers was throbbing. Faster and faster my heart kept beating, my breathing was labored, and I moaned your name. You pressed the spot repeatedly until I released my grasp on your fingers. Panting, you held me, and laid me down gently on the bed. You laid next to me, and I watched your breasts rise and fall. Slower and slower our breathing became more regular. I turned and saw you smiling at me, and I couldn’t help but smile back. That was the best storm I’ve ever been through.

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