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Dave's younger b*****r and my wife

When We had parties, we did a lot of checking out for partners for my wife. One night at a party, Her young friend Dave, (18) was one of the last guys to stay. There were 5 people left at the party. There was my wife, Peggy, Myself, Dave (one of her current fuck-buddies), and another young couple. They were mainly using our place as a spot to make-out. They sat at the bon-fire and swapped tongue all evening and he never got to third base. I was wondering if they were ever going to leave, when a car pulled up. It was Dave's younger b*****r ken. He walked into the yard and up to Dave and he was whispering to him and said out loud. Come on Dave, I was going to give you a ride home. Dave Said he didn't plan on going home. Ken started talking about how Peggy was a whore. I got up and walked him to the front yard and Then the young couple (don't know who they were) got up and walked out. Ken was acting pissed off. I said please don't talk like that on my property and don't ever say that about my wife. If he wanted to he could have kicked my ass, Cause as I later found out he was into weightlifting and could bench 200 easy. Anyway, Ken got real serious with me and he said I know my b*****r is having sexual relations with your wife. I stood my ground and asked him how he knew that. he said his b*****r's best friend told him so. I told him he didn't have any proof of that. he said no, but why else would he stay the night all the time. I said we enjoyed playing cards. he said I want to play cards. I told him no, you're too young. he said for what. I didn't know how to answer, and stammered a bit. he said I want to have some fun too. I told him he would have to wait til he was 18. he said how can you allow him and my wife to be doing that. I said they aren't doing anything. he said oh yes they are. He pointed to the window. you could see the fire in the yard and Dave and Peggy were swapping spit and all over each other. He said how can you let them do that she is your wife. I finally gave in and said you may understand when you're older. He left and I figured that would be the end of that. I walked back into the yard and saw they weren't breaking up, so I went in and fell asl**p on the daybed in the spare room. I heard Dave and Peggy moaning and groaning in the f****y room and decided to check them out. Dave didn't know I was aware of his relationship with my wife. I snuck into the f****y room and as I glanced around the corner, I saw both sets of legs were together with Dave's on top. I leaned in a little more and saw his cock inside her. I began stroking my cock and watching them as he slid in and out. I could see that his cock was much thicker than mine and from what i saw sliding out I knew he was much bigger but not sure how much bigger. I was enjoying it immensely and looked at Peggy's face to see the pleasure she was getting from him. I heard her moan and she dug her heels into his ass-cheeks. Dave was driving deep now and as he slid back a bit he pushed hard forward and drove in deep. he kept this up a few more times and then he slid in and drove in real deep. I could hear her moaning more and more as Dave began to plunge it home deep within her pussy. he was really groaning and saying things like yeah give me a good fuck. Wrap them legs around me and pull me deep cause I'm gonna dump a big fucking load in you. Then she just pulled tight around him and she was hanging from him as he lifted up one last time and lunged forward unloading a huge load of cum into her. I glanced to my left and saw ken watching from the open door. he was in the yard and he saw his b*****r fucking my wife. he was jacking off and when he shot his load on the screen door, I saw his cock. it looked like it was bigger than Dave's but since I didn't see his, I couldn't tell. I was in the dark and figured he didn't see me. As they collapsed, Ken walked to the front door and knocked and hollered for Dave to come out. Dave got dressed and kissed Peggy and went to the front door. He closed the door and I could hear them talking. Dave was pissed and ken was telling him he saw everything. Dave said OK lets go home. Ken wanted to go in but Dave said no. I watched them leave and went int to the yard and put out the fire. Then i closed the door and the Blinds and laid down next to Peggy. We kissed and I felt her pussy. She said Damn he is big. I was feeling inside and wanted to eat her so I leaned over and started to suck his cum from her. I ate her for a few minutes and then she began to cum again. I then got on top and began screwing her. I came quickly and she did too. She said lets go to bed. I carried her to the bed and then We began discussing all the events of the night. She was so happy that Dave was able to stay long enough to make her happy. She said Dave told her that he was supposed to go up north with his basketball team and his mom didn't want him to stay out late. She said he would be gone for the next week, and she was glad he could fuck her so she would have that much to remember him by. she said his b*****r was going to stay home with his dad and his mom was driving. then It hit me Ken would be home alone til his dad got home from work. I told Peggy about Ken and how big he is, and said maybe she should play dumb and go to pick up Dave tomorrow and see what happens with her and Kenny. She was geek-ed and said OK. what about the k**s. I told her I would take them to the movies and then come home later but she should call me and let me know if I should stay out or not. I took the k**s to the movies after she was gone for a while and she called me as we were pulling in to the movie parking lot. She said he was with his buddies playing basketball in the street and when she pulled up, she asked where Dave was. he said he was gone for the week. She said she put on her best puppy-dog face and pouted ohhh,
Ken said you want to have a soda? she said OK. She went in and she said where is everybody. ken said they are all gone and explained. She said do you want to go swimming at my house. he said he didn't have his trunks. she said that's OK. ken's eyes lit up and said OK. She walked to the car and Ken leaned over to his buddies and whispered a minute or two and then he ran to the car and jumped in and drove off. She said ken was walking to the store for some coke while she called me to make sure where i if to make sure I didn't know about them. She said she felt his crotch on the way home and he is much bigger than Dave. I told her to enjoy herself and i would be home around 4:30. She said I love you and we hung up. I walked in to the movies and wondered how I was going to be able to concentrate. I arrived at my moms at about 4:00 pm and dropped off the k**s. I rushed home and her car wasn't there. I assumed she was driving him home. I checked the bed and found a huge wet spot in the bed. I leaned over and sniffed it and sure enough it was cum. I then felt it and it was so much i thought maybe his buddies joined them. I licked it and it was so yummy. I decided to lick it all up and then change the sheets. I finished the sheets and she pulled in. I looked at her and she said Douglas he is sooo big. He had to be at least 11 1/2 inches long and as big as a soda can. She said he made her cum more than anyone before him has. I looked at her eyes and it said it all. Kenny was going to be a regular. I reached under her skirt and found no underwear and she said he was fingering her all the way to his house as he drove. she came more from his fingers than anyone else too. She said lets fuck, I said I want to eat you first. She said there is probably very little left cause he wanted a shower before he left and he fucked her in the shower and fingered her a lot after that. She said eat me but you probably wont find anything. I laid her down and ate her out and then i fucked her. she came several times before me and she said oh my Gawd he is so big....I love you so much. I came and then we lay there relaxing for a while before both of us passed out. We woke up around 9:30 pm and she said Kenny was going to be at a house party at one of Dave's friends and did I want to go? I said hell yes. She said what are you going to say to him. I told her nothing. she said what if he wants to leave with her. I said go for it. Tell her you are always by yourself at a party and we usually call each other when we want to leave. I told her that was cool. We arrived and she found Kenny by the Keg and said hey little boy you are too young to drink. He said I thought you realized I wasn't little. She blushed and kissed him. a few girls were getting jealous and making cracks about who she was, his mother? Ken ignored them and said he had his b*****r's car and did she want to go for a ride. She said yes but she had to use the potty first. She called me fro the bathroom and told me they were going to our house. I asked how long should I stay out. She said come home whenever and act d***k and go to bed in the spare room. I said OK and she hung up. I made a few new friends and some potential partners for her. I got some numbers and most of the guys seemed to know something was going on cause they gave me their numbers real quick for future parties. I left and went home at about 2:00am. I walked in and didn't have to act d***k. They were both passed out on the sofabed in the f****y room naked and she was covered in cum. her hair and face and pussy were all covered in dry cum. I could see them from the doorway in the dark and left them as is. I lay down in the spare room in case they wanted to go to the bedroom. I slept sound and woke up at around 10:00 am. I figured they had gone to the bedroom but they were still there in the same position I left them in. I shut the door and made a big breakfast. Peggy woke up and put a sheet on ken. she came into the kitchen and said I am starved. She was still naked and was kissing me still covered in dry cum. when Ken walked in with a sheet wrapped around him. he said man I don't know how you can be so cool with this. He shook my hand and Peggy said oh well I guess we don't have to sneak around anymore. then she went down on ken right in front to me. he said oh my gawd this is so freaky. I laughed and said enjoy it, Cause I am, and I started to jack off. she got him hard and sat on his cock and said see, I told you he was gimoungous. I said yeah I can see. I also saw it last night as you two slept. Len said I hope you're OK with this then and he grunted and shot another load into her pussy. I said I sure am and then she got off and I laid her on the counter and ate her right in front of him. We have had lots of different experiences with him since then

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