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"The death of me on the sunset strip"

The death of me on the sunset strip a short story by pelnarsarah

coming in from the hot dusty weather, Jamie lifted the canteen over her head water poured over her long black loosely curled hair making it cling to her rock hard body underneath her army green wife beater and gun belt hanging from her shoulder. Zombie brains washed down to the floor and floated down the stream on the concrete. What's for dinner bitch? she jokingly says to Lucy, Lucy had stayed home to cook a dead dog they found on the street on a scavenger hunting mission they did earlier, Jamie had brought back a box of baby wipes and pine sol. not really a large find but it was what was left in a collaspt doller tree up the hill and down the street. Dead dog....yummy. As she pulled a piece of the carcass on a piece of rebar and bricks holding it up. They ate the dog and later they laid down by the fire they made, Jamie rubbed her belly, that’s some damn good cookin mamma, Lucy looked up at her from where she lay on Jamie’s breast. I can do a lot more than cook Lucy says and she turned to face Jamie, looking into her eyes, she put her hands on the sides of Jamie’s pants, pulling as Jamie raised her body, they kissed passionately, by the fire, Lucy was going down on Jamie and Jamie had her hand in Lucy’s hair the fire and heat made the two girls glow and the cold desert air outside creeping in made their nipples rock hard. to keep warm they kept there rabbit fur boots on, rolling around on old mattress and dirty bedding they seemed to not notice the chaos and bizarreness of the situation and for that moment forgot themselves completely their minds were on each other as Jamie’s hands went between Lucy’s legs and three fingers plunged in and out of her, Lucy whimpering in pleaser and Jamie pumped and pumped and pumped, sweat beaded down Jamie’s back as the fire crackled at her back. then lucy made a loud orgasmic scream that broke the semi silence of the night, all around the tin shed they could hear scratching and moaning in all directions, they had been spotted by zombies, fuck! jamie said. lucy stood up and they stressed to get up and get there gear, do you have to be that loud everytime i make your muffin wet? lucy picked up a gun that was bigger that she was, fuck yeah, I do! lets kill some dead fuckers! "your really eager tonight whats gotin into you?" jamie asked. Zombie killin makes me horny you know that. Your horny again mamma? haha, wasnt i enough for you? Nothings enough for this pussy, honey. lets go get em. jamie pressed a button the left of her when the reached the main garage door, it rumbled and sqeeked until it was about half way up, jamie and lucy held hands and ducked under the garge door and ran out. shooting screaming, going out in style.

the death of me on the sunset strip a short story by pelnarsarah

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