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Adventures in Babysitting

When I was 14, me and my BFF, Ashley, started our very own babysitting service. She made an announcement during church and we immediately started getting phone calls.

One day, Ashley said, "Come here...U gotta check this out." And she pulled out a handful of 20's. "Damn, where'd you get that?" I asked. "Babysitting," she said with a smile. I counted it...just a little over $200. "How'd you get $200 babysitting," I asked. Now, Ashley was the neighborhood nymphette and I was the neighborhood crossdresser and I soon found that babysitting services weren't the only thing that men in the neighborhood were willing to pay for ;-) The next night, she took me with her.

A man picked us up at 6 in the evening. He was extremely handsome...probably 6 foot 2...220 lbs...built like a football player. Found out later that he was 44. Which made the fact that me and Ash were only 14 even hotter ;-) As soon as she got in the car, she reached her soft little hand over to his lap, undid his pants and began stroking his hard cock as we drove down the street! I couldn't believe it when she put her head in his lap and starting sucking him :-)

We pulled into a driveway and we all walked inside. In the living room, there were 3 other men...all in their 30's and 40's. Ashley and I went into the bathroom, got in the shower and we began shaving each other's bodies. It was so hot...gently pulling the razor across her soft skin...making sure that her legs, pussy and ass were as smooth as they could possibly be. She made sure that I was just as smooth as she was too ;-)

We were both naked in the bathroom as we started putting on our makeup. While I was painting my face up like a whore, Ashley kneeled behind me and began gently tonguing my pink hairless asshole. It felt absolutely exhilarating! I returned the favor as she did her makeup...gently pulling her soft little buttcheeks apart...and sinking my entire face into the crack of her soft, firm, 14 year old tushy!

The gentleman that had picked us up, let's call him Mr. X, took us to his bedroom, where he had laid out several pairs of stockings, garter belts and high heels. He left us alone and Ashley and I picked out what we wanted to wear. We pulled our stockings up our smooth legs, and fastened them to our garter belts, put on our high heels and met Mr. X in the hallway outside. He led us downstairs, wearing nothing but stockings, garters, high heels, and LOTS of makeup, and I was excited to see that the three men from earlier had been joined by what looked like at least a dozen more men...and all of them were naked :-)

My heart raced as Ash and I went to our knees. We were immediately swarmed by hard I had never seen in my life...waving their stiff members around in our faces! I had two in my mouth, one in each hand...Had guys rubbing their cocks on my silky smooth stockings. I looked over at Ashley. She had two cocks in her mouth, one in each hand, a guy sucking each titty and a guy laying down on the floor that was licking her sweet little pussy :-)

I layed on my back and spread my legs. Two guys got on their knees above my head and began fucking my mouth. There were two other cocks within arms reach and I put one in each hand. A guy had gotten down on his knees and began licking my pink asshole, while another guy licked my balls and still another licked and sucked up and down on my boyclitty. When one of the guys took off my heels and began kissing my feet and sucking on my toes...rubbing his hard cock on heart almost skipped a beat. When the second guy took off my other heel and started kissing and sucking on my other foot, I lifted my head up and said, "Somebody take my pulse...I think I died and just went to heaven!" Everyone burst out laughing.

Ashley let out a loud moan and I looked over to see one of the guys sliding his cock into her dripping pussy. She was on her hands and knees, was being fucked from behind by one guy, and 4 guys were on their knees in front of her, waving their penises in front of her waiting, eager mouth. I noticed that most of the men with Ashley had on wedding rings. Then I noticed that most of the men I was with had wedding rings on too ;-)

I was so busy watching Ash work over cocks that I had barely noticed the fingers stretching out my asshole. But as soon as I felt the big, mushroom head of a cock against my asshole, I knew what to do, I relaxed and he slid in effortlessly. We were on our sides and he pulled me close to his body, four guys were still taking turns fucking my mouth, two guys were still sucking and licking on my cock and balls, and two guys were still licking and sucking on my feet and toes...ALL AT THE SAME TIME ;-)

The guy in my ass said my three favorite words, "I'm gonna cum," and he pulled out, jumped to my face and I immediately put his hard cock in my mouth, savoring the taste of my ass and closed my eyes as I felt the hot semen begin splashing into my mouth. One of the guys that I was sucking started making orgasm sounds and he pointed his cock toward my face and started stroking. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth just in time to get my face covered in goo!

I think the sight and sounds of the men cumming on me started working the guys Ashley was with into a frenzy. Soon, guys were spraying cum everywhere and all me and Ash could do was close our eyes and open our mouths and spread our legs ;-)

The guys left as soon as they'd blown their loads and soon, Ashley and I were alone and covered in cum. We began licking up every single drop from each other's 14 year old bodies. We were drenched in cum and some of the guys had left creampies in Ashley's pussy and ass. I greedily devoured the hot cum from her pink, tender holes.

Ashley, Mr. X and I got into the shower and had a hot, steamy shower between the three of us and when we got out, he got a phone call from his wife. She said that she and her friends were having such a good time that they were going out for drinks. Mr. X asked us what we were doing and if we'd be interested in staying for another hour.

We both called our parents...and told them we'd be one more hour ;-)

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