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Nadine and Jo's Blowjob Swap- Part 6

It took Jo so long to get back from her first trick that I actually started to worry about her. Maybe the panties and the make-up HAD been over the top. Maybe she was at the police station having to blow fifteen policemen to get out. (She’d actually enjoy that!) Or maybe something worse. I was concerned.

Nadene was on her sixth call, Heather on her fourth and Connie on her third when Jo finally showed up.

Nadene, of course was having fun. The guys loved her new look as well… her red hot pants, white t-shirt, white knee high socks and black wide-heeled shoes combined with flaming red lipstick gave her the naughty school girl look. And she was very proud of it. She was really looking forward to starring in the porn movie the rich black d**g dealer named Jake had planned for her later that evening.

“”Do you think he’ll like how I look?” she’d asked in the car when we first had pulled up. She’d be VERY disappointed if he didn’t and cancelled the movie. But I assured Nadene that no man would turn her away from porn movie stardom dressed as she was. Nadene felt much better after that and now was working hard and really having fun in anticipation of even more fun.

Dressed more conservatively their first night out, Heather in black pleated dress pants, Connie in light blue Guess jeans and both in a sweater and black heels, nonetheless the two newcomers were kept busy. They were a bit slower giving blowjobs. Nadene had returned from her fourth trick and was well into her fifth when Heather arrived back on the sidewalk after her third. She was tired and wanted a quick break. She ignored the honking horn behind her and walked over to talk to me for a minute.

She was breathless but smiling.

“Have you seen Connie?” she asked.

I told her Connie was still doing her third trick but seemed to be having fun.

“Are YOU having fun?” I asked her.

“Oh YES,” the pretty blonde replied. Then she laughed. “I’m gagging a lot though.”

I assured her that she’d get used to things with practice.

“Oh… it’s so much fun I really don’t mind,” she said.

“You’re doing great,” I told her.

And she WAS. Prior to tonight, she’d never blown more than three guys in a day before, and that was when she was eighteen, ten years ago.

“I was on a date with this guy and his two buddies caught me on my knees blowing him in the bushes,” she explained.

“So you blew them too?” I asked.

“Uh huh,” she said calmly. “But that was a LONG time ago and I REALLY need some endurance work.”

“Like tonight?” I asked.

“Like tonight,” she smiled. Then she rolled her eyes at the still honking car horn and said… “Well… Gotta go!”

And she was off. Again I noted her really cute bum as she hurried over to the honking car. There were two guys in this car, so she climbed into the back and waved to me happily as the car pulled away.

I was really quite proud of Heather and Connie. Especially Heather, who had told Jo over the phone that she hadn’t really been giving many blowjobs since she’d broken up with a long time boyfriend about six months ago. And, even then, he hadn’t been the sort of guy who wanted many blowjobs. A couple of times, Heather had tried to blow him spontaneously in a public place like a deserted park, but he had refused. Strange guy! But Heather did tell Jo that he had let her blow him in the park once and they’d been discovered by an old retired minister and his wife who had been walking their dog. I guess the boyfriend got gun shy. Too bad.

But what was important was that pretty Heather was having fun now. She probably was already starting her fourth AND fifth blowjobs of the evening, breaking her old record of three. I wondered how long she could stick with it; I hoped maybe she’d make ten or so before she’d had enough. Boy! Did she prove me wrong!!!

Connie also was doing well. She also looked very nice in her light blue Guess jeans. She was a very cute brunette who seemed to like fun too. And tonight she was having it.

Nadene was back from her fifth trick soon, and there was still no sign of Jo. Of course, Nadene was scooped right up. This guy had her face down in his lap before he even drove away. He must have already had his cock out. As he drove away I could see the back of Nadene’s head bobbing up and down and I knew she already was feeding. Good for her!

I breathed a sigh of relief when a car stopped in the street a few minutes later and Jo got out. Her hair was messed up and her lipstick very smeared, but I could tell right away that she was very, VERY happy. Her eyes just beamed and all her perfectly white teeth were visible as she smiled ear to ear. She waved emphatically to me and the other two guys.

“Hi Mike! Hi Jeff!” she sang joyfully.

“Where were you?” I called out.

She apologized to the next car in line and came over quickly to see me.

“It was SO much fun!” she exclaimed. She was breathless from being so excited. “I had the guy just go around the block to that convenience store so I could blow him there in the parking lot. And traffic stopped and several guys just got out their cars to come see me. Soon I was blowing twenty guys.”

“You blew twenty in an hour?” I asked in amazement.

“My panties had guys so horny some shot in my mouth before I could do anything. I only had to blow fifteen.”

“You blew fifteen in an hour?” I asked again.

“Some went really fast. I would still be there except I really DID stop traffic and a policeman came and told me to wait until after dark and the work traffic dies down a bit to use that lot.”

“That’s all he said?”

“Well… I blew him too.”

“You blew fifteen guys and a policeman in sixty-two minutes,” I said in disbelief.

“Uh huh,” she said proudly. “But I gotta go.”

And then she ran to the waiting car and jumped in. It was cute seeing her trying to run in those spike heels, especially in those panties.

Man! She was excited tonight!

About an hour and five calls later, Jo tried the convenience store parking lot again… with the same results. She just hadn’t waited long enough. After she hadn’t returned in half an hour, I clued in and walked around the block to check if that was, in fact, what had happened. Jeff and Mike already had left with Nadene to make her movie and I felt that I wanted Jo around in case Heather and Connie ran out of gas. I knew that Jo never would.

From half a block away we could see a policeman directing traffic at the corner. And, sure enough, we found poor Jo around the side of the convenience store, on her knees amid a flock of men.

“Hey Jo!” I said, pushing my way through. A couple of guys thought I was trying to jump line and looked angrily at me. “It’s okay,” I said. “I’m just your friendly neighborhood pimp checking on his favorite girl.”

Jo’s eyes brightened when she heard that. She looked at me feeling very proud of herself.

“Hmm hmmm,” she said. “Hmm hmm hmm hmm.”

“I know you’re here again, Jo. Are you having fun?”

“Hmm hmmmmm,” she nodded excitedly.

“Are you just going to set this up as your corner for the night?” I asked her.

“Hmm hmm,” she shrugged. In a later three second break after swallowing one mouthful and waiting for the next John to step forward, she told me that she actually missed the fun of climbing into cars and being whisked away by total strangers.

I nodded in understanding. I then walked over to the policeman directing traffic and explained to him the situation. He got on his radio and soon about five police cars showed up. Soon Jo was surrounded by eight policemen and the rest of the crowd was dispersing.

“We’re taking her back to her corner after this,” one policeman explained to the crowd while all his comrades were getting sucked.

In this way they avoided a major scene transporting Jo back to her corner. She actually got into a squad car to be driven there.

When Jo stepped out of the squad car on the other side of the block where the other three girls had been working, it was like a celebrity had arrived. Johns honked their horns gleefully. Jo was in the front seat, so that no one would think she’d been arrested. I mean… who could arrest a girl like Jo?

But then she came around to the driver side window and leaned in to speak briefly with the cop one last time, giving everyone on the sidewalk another nice long glance at her amazingly cute little bum in those panties. Then she waved to the cop and trotted over to the car behind him. Once there, she quickly peered in and then climbed into the back seat, because, as lucky Jo was delighted to see, the car already had three guys in it.

Everyone was pleased to see Jo back. Certainly I was and Mike and Jeff were. All the Johns were, many who had come out tonight specifically because they’d seen Jo before or had heard about her. Certainly any John who saw her tonight in her cute little panty costume loved seeing her back. And the girls were glad to have her back too.

It’s not that the girls hadn’t been having fun without her. In fact, all three were doing their best to keep up with the ever increasing work load. But Nadene had been picked up by Alphonse in his limo to go star in her movie at about 9:30, and that had left just Heather and Connie. Connie had set boundaries and wouldn’t do more than three tricks in a row without a cigarette break. But Heather, dear sweet Heather had really impressed me. She popped from one car to another just like Jo and, to a slightly lesser extent, Nadene. Although not quite as efficient as the two other girls, still, she had easily surpassed the ten blowjobs I’d thought she’d peter out at; now, at not quite 10:30, about 3 1/2 hours after she’d started, she was already returning from blowjob number eighteen. And she still had a huge smile on her face. She’d been helped out because five blowjobs had happened on one trick, three on another and two together twice. But here she was returning from her tenth trick and she didn’t pause other than to wave and smile at me before climbing into another car.

Good Girl, Heather!!!

As it turns out, Heather was just getting back from her trick when Jo was climbing into the car with the three new guys. I’d told Heather a bit about Jo’s outfit, but seeing it was something different. Heather covered her mouth in surprise. But then she started nodding her extreme approval. I think she was about to call out to Jo, but some impatient guy from the next car had climbed out and gently took her arm, leading her back to his car. She looked over her shoulder and waved at me as he pulled her away. She joined him in the front seat and had her head bobbing up and down in his lap even before he drove away.

I’m not sure that Jo actually saw Heather, because she was too excited about getting back to actual tricks again. As much fun as kneeling to blow a crowd of men was, she really was enjoying this new experience of doing tricks… getting in a stranger’s car and driving away to blow them elsewhere. Even on just her second night doing street tricks, Jo had decided that she would make this a regular part of her weekly routine.

Elsewhere, Nadene had started her movie. Given her red hot pants and school girl look, Mike came up with the idea of filming her coming out of a library and standing on the sidewalk innocently waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up when Alphonse and the boy’s drive up.

“Hey, Baby!” Alphonse called out from the back seat of his limo. “Are you a working girl?”

Nadene pretends not to understand him. “I’m just waiting for someone to pick me up,” she says innocently.

“You wanna be picked up?” the black man says with a big smile, showing his big white teeth.

“Well… yeah,” Nadene says casually.

“So you ARE a working girl,” Alphonse says.

“What?” Nadene says.

“A fuckin’ PRO-STI-TUTE.” Alphonse explains.

“Well no,” Nadene says. But then a sly smile comes across her face. “But…” and then she peers into the limo. “How many of you guys are in there?” she asks playfully.

“Just six of us, Baby,” Alphonse says.

“Six?” Nadene asks thoughtfully. Then she asks: “Is it fun to be a prostitute?”

“You bet it’s fun, Baby,” Alphonse tells her. “You get to blow all these cocks and make all this money.”

“Blow ALL of you?” she asks.

“You bet, Baby,” he says.

Then Nadene stands up straight with her hands on her hips and looks around. There’s no sign of her boyfriend.

“You’re sure I’ll have fun?” she asks again.

“Oh Yes, Baby. Loads of fun.”

“Okay,” she says brightly after thinking a moment. And then the door opens and she crawls over Alphonse to kneel in the middle of the second row.

“Hi Guys!” she says happily, greeting the guys in the front and third row seats.

And then a far hand comes up and gently directs her head down into the far crotch. Just before Alphonse closes his door, Mike captures Nadene bobbing her head up and down into Marcus’ crotch and her lovely little bum in cute red hot pants rising up to meet the camera. The car pulls away.

A few minutes later, with Nadene now blowing Alphonse, the car pulls up into Jake’s famous parking lot where another party is going on.

“C’mon, Baby,” Alphonse tells Nadene. “Let’s get out and meet some people.”

And then Nadene pops her mouth off Alphonse and steps out of the car to a crowd of at least fifty men.

“You want me to blow all THESE men?” she asks in amazement.

“I told you you’d be having fun,” he nods.

Nadene laughs. “This WILL be fun,” she agrees. “Where do I start?”

“Well, Baby. Why don’t you kneel right here and finish me and Marcus’ off and then go from there?”

“Sounds fun,” she says. And then she kneels on a coat that Marcus puts down for her…. “Thanks, Marcus,” she says appreciatively… smiles up at Alphonse and Marcus, and leans into Alphonse to take him back into her mouth.

Nadene realized right away why Jo had had fun being in a movie. Playing for the cameras was REALLY fun, especially knowing that whatever she did would be up and running on the internet, broadcast worldwide probably within days. Guys everywhere would learn what a good little cocksucker she was… and this pleased her. Yes… Nadene the school girl was supposed to be having fun… and it would take no acting at all for Nadene the weather girl to pull that off. As the crowd of big, black men gathered around her, Nadene felt happier and happier. Her mouth popped from one cock to another like she was at a company banquet sampling h’ordeurvres.

“You having fun, Baby?” Alphonse smiled down and asked her as her busy mouth popped now between three big, black cocks.

“Hmm hmmmm,” she affirmed.

And that’s how Nadene the pretty blonde weather girl in a business suit made that fun transition to oral gang-bang porn star kneeling in tight red hot pants.

And, as her mouth filled up with its first load of black man’s cum, with fifty or so loads pending, she wondered how much fun Jo, Heather and Connie were having.

Answer: Lots.

It’s true that Connie was slowing down. By midnight, the cute brunette secretary had blown about twenty men and was ready to head home; she had a trip planned the next morning with her boyfriend. But Jo, of course, was not. And neither was Heather. The blonde secretary was trying to match the experienced Jo blow for blow. Of course, she couldn’t really keep up. Jo was a World champion cocksucker. But Heather was keeping at about one blowjob for every two Jo did, and now was returning from her twenty-fifth.

Like Jo, she basically went straight from one car to the next, not wanting to miss ANY opportunities or keep any men waiting. She was rewarded with a steady stream of cocks to suck.

Jo had now returned to taking her Johns at her convenience store parking lot on the next block, and this was working out great. She liked being able to do her tricks that much closer so that she could get back that much quicker to pick up new Johns. Seeing now how eager Heather was to keep up a good pace too, she told the blonde secretary about her secret spot, and so now it wasn’t unusual for the two girls to be kneeling almost side by side as they sucked. Jo enjoyed watching Heather improving her technique with each blowjob. And Heather loved watching Jo to learn from the experienced e****t.

A wonderful surprise came for Heather at about midnight when Alfonse appeared in his limo and asked Heather if she wanted to be in the movie Nadene was making.

“Just a cameo appearance,” he said. “We’ll make a full movie of you when you get a bit more experienced.”

Heather was SO happy and Jo, who happened to have come back from a trick at about the same time, was VERY pleased for her.

“We’ll want you too, Baby,” Alphonse told Jo. “You and your little panties. But we’ll come back for you when this rookie is finished.”

Jo nodded and then wished Heather luck before Jo herself climbed into another car for another trick.

Heather couldn’t believe all the wonderful things that were happening tonight. All the blowjobs! Being able to kneel next to Jo and watch her! And now getting to be in a porn movie!

“It’s your lucky night, Baby,” Alphonse told her.

It certainly was.

And so it was that Heather got to give a few blowjobs for the movie before returning to do tricks while Jo left for a little while with Nadene. Jo returned about an hour later and the three girls worked together for the rest of the night. Nadene didn’t peter out this time. And Heather was far to excited to stop, as tired and as mouth-sore as she was.

At nine o’clock, we all came over to my place for breakfast. Heather blew me while I stood at the stove and cooked the eggs; Jo blew Mike and Nadene blew Jeff. At breakfast, Heather asked Jo what it would take for HER to become an e****t full time.

“It’s lots more fun than being some doctor’s secretary,” she said.

Jo promised Heather she’d introduce her to Sabrina and Heather thanked her over and over.

Mike and Jeff went home after breakfast, but the three girls and I just conked out in my apartment. I woke up about four in the afternoon with three gorgeous blondes feeding on my dick.

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