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Chocolate & Sunscreen

With her bare back facing the sun in the backyard of her property, Millie had a dilemma. She hated getting sunburn, but she had no one to put sunscreen on her back. She shrugged, and turned over instead to sun her front, undid her fuchsia-coloured skimpy bikini top and dropped it on the round table by the side of the day bed. The table was laden with ice cold traditional lemonade, a stack of magazines, and a bottle of sunscreen.

Millie was 150 cm tall, athletic build, sparkling green eyes, with luxurious and glossy shoulder length dark brown wavy hair. She grabbed the bottle of sunscreen from the table and rubbed the lotion all over her body: her B-cup breasts, tipped with dusky pink areolas, then her taunt stomach. She slid her fuchsia bikini bottom off and also dropped it onto the table, her hairless pussy mound smooth and soft as she applied the lotion to the area, and then all the way down her slim legs.

Millie took it for granted that with the high fence separating her property from the neighbours, she would have enough privacy for a nude sun session. With small sun glassed to help with the sun glare, Millie closed her eyes and relaxed on the white canvas covered mattress rested on wicker day bed.

The backyard of her house was well manicured, and landscaped. Lush green grass covered the back garden; tall evergreen trees lined the back fence, with flowering shrubs along both sides of the fence. The perfume of climbing jasmine and honeysuckle wafted around in the hot summer sun.

Ten minutes passed, and a small bell dinged on Millie’s phone. She opened her eyes lazily, and sighed. She thought to herself, I really need someone to put on the sunscreen on my back. She got up from the daybed, took off her sunglasses, and was about to walk to the garage to grab a beach umbrella, when someone over the fence said a loud hello.

‘Do you need some help with the sunscreen?’ the voice ask.

Millie looked around, trying to pinpoint where the deep voice was coming from.

‘Here,’ a hand popped up over the tall fence, followed by the owner’s head.

Completely forgetting she was still nude Millie walked over to the fence, and realise it was the son of her neighbours on the right of the house. He was tall, she guessed around the 190 cm mark, strong broad shoulders, with short cropped black hair, and his light chocolate-coloured skin so lickable. Millie did not know how old he was, nor did she care. Ever since she saw him visiting his parents several months ago, she has had the hots for him, but never really got to talk to him much, only the occasional waves since to him and his parents on his first visit.

The fence was slightly over 2 metres high, so Millie guessed he must have been standing on a step or a stool to be able to see over the fence properly.

‘Hi, Phil?’ Millie hesitantly asked ‘You’re Carol’s and Alan’s son,’ she looked up at him.

Silence for a few seconds. ‘Ah, yes,’ Phil cleared his throat. ‘I’m Phil, just visiting for a week or so,’

‘Welcome back to the neighbourhood,’ Millie smiled.

‘Thanks, uh Millie, right?’ Phil asked, and Millie nodded.

‘It’s good to be back.’

Awkward silence ensued. Phil cleared his throat again. Then like a lightening bolt, Millie realised she was completely naked. Her eyes opened wide, bl00d rushed to her face, her neck and shoulders flushed a deep red.

‘OH MY GOD!’ Millie screamed, and belatedly covered her assets by using her arm and hands to cover her womanly bits.

‘Oh my God,’ Millie wailed again. ‘What must you think of me?!’ her eyes closed in embarrassment.

‘If I may be so bold,’ Phil said gruffly. ‘I was, ahem, enjoying the sight, and was wondering when you will need help with your back.’

Her colour still high on her cheeks, Millie looked at Phil, and narrowed her eyes at him.

‘How long have you been at the fence?’ she asked him suspiciously, her green eyes twinkled with merriment, betraying her serious tone of voice.

‘I’d rather not answer that question, on the ground that it might incriminate me,’ Phil replied, all serious, but with just a hint of a chuckle.

Millie laughed at that answer. Phil was quite charming and disarming. Looking into his rich brown eyes, she felt some thing stirred inside her body. Well, she did mentally ask for someone to come and help with the sunscreen. And here is the answer to her prayer: a sizzling chocolate specimen of a man. She sighed inwardly with lust, and considered his offer only for a split second.

‘Would you like to come over and help me with my sunscreen then?’

‘With pleasure,’ Phil replied.

‘Come through this way,’ Millie indicated, and pointed to the back corner of their mutual fence. ‘There’s a hidden gate here.’

‘Hey, that’s handy,’ Phil exclaimed.

Millie excused herself, walked quickly to grab the large terry robe from the daybed, and wrapped it around her nude body. Phil’s eyes followed her naked butt and regrettably, her body was soon hidden from him. She walked back to the fence, and walked towards the back corner.

‘Yes, it is handy. These two houses used to belong to my f****y, we had the gate put in between our properties,’ she told Phil the brief history as she walked along the fence line, ‘for easy access.’

Millie ducked under the low branches of the evergreen, unlocked the gate, and opened it to admit Phil. He being so tall, Phil had to almost crawl on all four to get through the low branches of the evergreen trees. Once out from under the trees, Phil looked around the manicured garden, with the neat shrubs, and the fragrance of jasmine and honeysuckle in the air. He seemed to be under some kind of spell. Millie led the way to the day bed, positioned just out of the shade of the roof veranda. The white canvas of the foam reflected the sunlight brilliantly, and both of them squinted against the glare.

Millie reached for the bikini bottom, and was about to slip it back on, when Phil’s hand reached out to stop her, he made eye contact and their gazes locked. He pulled the ties at her waist lose and reveal her slim body to his hungry brown eyes once more as he took the robe off Millie’s body, and left it in a crumpled pile at her feet. He guided his nude nymph to the daybed. Millie lay down on her stomach without a protest.

Phil grabbed the sunscreen bottle, squirted some into his hand and applied it liberally on to Millie’s back. His hand rubbed and massaged her upper and lower back, occasionally he would deliberately grazed the side of her tits with his fingers to see her reaction. Soft sighs would issue from the prone body under the big strong hands. He squirted more lotion out of the bottle, moved his hands lower to her ass cheeks, and applied it to her tight buns.

Millie furtively parted her legs, but it did not go unnoticed by Phil. He grinned, and with lecherous thoughts whirling in his head, his right middle finger made a first pass at her moist slit. No reaction from her. Embolden, Phil moved her thighs further apart, and worked the lotion down her creamy thighs, and then back up to her ass. He looked at the pink centre of Millie, now spread apart to reveal the delectable flower between her legs.

Phil’s mouth salivated and he licked his lips. His fingers cautiously glided along her slit, and felt her wetness. He thought he heard Millie moaned, but her face was buried between her folded arms at the other end of the daybed. His fingers touched Millie’s throbbing clit, her moisture oozed over his fingers, as he circled her bud over and over.

‘Mmmmmm,’ Millie moaned, this time Phil heard her clearly.

He slowly inserted his middle finger into her tight tunnel, crooked his finger, and found her G-spot instantly. Soon she was buckling under his fingers, her hips rode his fingers as he moved his fingers in and out, then he pushed his forefinger in to join the first digit, and finger fucked her pussy until Millie climaxed.

‘Ohhhhhhh,’ Millie panted as her orgasm radiated from her cunt to the tips of her being. Her pussy spasm around his expert fingers, her pussy muscles contracted and her juice coated his hand. She whined in ecstasy, and pushed her pussy on his two fingers.

His thumb pressed and stirred her clit, and nursed her orgasm. He was dying to get into her pussy with his mouth, not to mention, his throbbing cock which by this time was trying to escape his cargo pants. With is free hand, he unbuttoned the waist, pulled down the zipper and let the pants dropped to his ankle before kicking it, his boxers and his shoes off.

Phil dragged her legs to the edge of the daybed, and gently placed her feet on the ground. Millie craned her neck and looked at Phil with lust, her ass pushed up suggestively. Phil’s hands spread her buttocks wide, exposed her brown star as he looked down. His cock twitched at the enticing sight, and with one long thrust his cock found the one place that was made for him. Once he buried himself completely into her, he grunted with satisfaction, and shoved his hips roughly against her soft body. Millie’s hands reached back, her nails dug into his hips as she panted from the power of the thrust.

‘More,’ she demanded hoarsely. ‘Gimme, gimme, gimme…’ she faded away her panting breath replaced her words.

Phil could only groan as he pumped his cock faster and faster into the receptive body under his. He leaned down, rested his chest on her hot sweaty back pressed her body into the foam mattress, his ass tightened as he quickened his pace. His thick black mushroom head massaged her love tunnel, in and out. Her honeyed nectar squelched with every lunge of his hard shaft, the soft sound of slapping bodies music to the copulating couple on the daybed.
‘MMMMMMM,’ Millie ground her ass against Phil’s groin.

He slid his arms under her stomach and tits to pull her torso upright. Both his hands palmed her breasts, pinched her stiff nipples and rolled them between his finger and thumb. Millie’s nails still dug into his buttocks as she rested her head against his chest, when Phil dipped his head to bite her exposed neck lightly, his tongue tasted her skin, their heavy breathing loud in her ear.

Phil turned around to sit on the edge of the daybed, his legs stretched straight out, and pulled Millie’s legs apart, his cock still buried deep within her burrow.

‘Ride me, Millie,’ Phil ordered thickly, his climax was near. ‘Squeeze my dick.’

Without further ado, Millie rode his cock. Her hands gripped his knees between her legs as she leaned forward slightly. His cock was massaging her inside quite nicely, as her vagina wall contracted and milked his throbbing rod. Phil reached forward with his right hand and played with her engorged clit with his fingers.

‘Ahhhhh,’ she whimpered, and moved her hips faster and faster, her orgasm was going to erupt any seconds. The wicker daybed creaked in protest from the movement.

Phil held on to his climax for as long as he could, but with one more muscle contraction of Millie’s pussy, he lost control and instinctively pushed himself up from the daybed. He turned Millie around to assume her old position, her hands rested on the daybed, her ass jiggled as he pumped his cock in and out of her. Millie’s body shuddered, and low keening noise could be heard from her.

‘Oh God, oh God,’ she murmured.

‘I’m coming, coming, coming,’ she reached her left hand between her legs to play with his swinging scrotum.

Her orgasm popped from her G-spot, and lights exploded behind her closed eyelids. Her pussy spasm and constrict around him tightly. Phil sucked air through gritted teeth at the sensation, and abruptly he shouted out, ‘FUCK!’ pulled his cock out of her sopping pussy, and with his right hand he milked his cum onto Millie’s back: one, two, three large spurts of his white hot semen splashed onto Millie’s gleaming back.

Both bodies were spent, their chest heaved as they tried to regain their breaths, hearts pumped crazily in their chest from the exertion. Millie tiredly crawled up onto the daybed on her stomach. Phil made to followed, but before he did, he rubbed his hot seed all over her back as a bona fide sunscreen, then joined her on the daybed with his arm resting around her waist. Both sighed with contentment, as the summer sun beat down on their hot sweaty skin.

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