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Nadine and Jo's Blowjob Swap- Part 4-Jo'

I certainly was jealous watching JoAnne drive away in the car with three Johns. She was working as a street prostitute tonight, a fun idea that my girlfriend and local weather girl had come with. Nadine herself was about to climb into another car. But the way Jo had been so eager and compliant earlier that night at Jake’s parking lot barbecue made me think… Man! Jo was quite a girl!

Let’s review. She’d come out to do tricks tonight dressed in tight white hot pants, a tight red halter top and 2 ½ inch spike heels. She looked so much like a whore there was no doubt what she was up to. Once we got her to ‘the pick-up corner’, she got picked up by the very first car that passed by. She was gone for about ten minutes to give a blowjob in a nearby parking lot. Then she was picked up within three seconds of getting out of that car to give another blowjob. Then back again to be picked up within five seconds of getting out of the second car by a limo. Then taken to a different parking lot where there’s a big party being through by a big black d**g dealer for all his big black friends. There are some black prostitutes too by these horny guys want white meat. So Jo kneels and blows EVERYBODY. She takes everything into her mouth… over fifty big black cocks, a cum soaked slice of pizza, a bladder full of piss and a cock that’s been up her own ass just seconds before. And after all of this… SHE WANTS MORE???

And so now it is one thirty on a Saturday morning and we’re at a corner that Nadine had discovered that’s even busier than the first corner. And again Jo can’t even get out of our car before she’s being whisked off to blow three more white college guys. I watch her as she’s driven off and the fun on her face is so apparent. She LOVES all of this.

God! What a sweetheart. So now I’m just going to have to wait here uintil she gets back. Three blowjobs should take her fifteen to twenty minutes. Maybe she’ll have time to quickly tell me about it before she’s whisked off again. But not likely. More likely I’m going to have to wait until I drive her home in about four or five hours. She’s just that busy.

Well… Jo certainly was that busy. Nadene was busy too, but Nadene at least got a couple of breaks. Not Jo. Her mouth was like one of those fast food places… only in reverse. Instead of customers driving up to get food and drive off, it’s like customers drive up and feed Jo. In fact, that would be a fun idea. Just find a drive up window for Jo to lean out of. Guys could drive by with their dicks out and she’d suck them. I can see the sign:

“Jo’s Blowjobs… over 9 million served”

And she’d love it too.

So anyway… this is the rest of the story of what actually happened to Jo that fun night.

About twenty minutes later when Jo returned from her trick with the three guys, she was still laughing and chatting gaily with them, so she MUST have had a good time. But word of her must have spread because, as soon as she stepped out of the car, a horn beeped from the car behind it. I was standing on the sidewalk. Jo just stood there watching as the car with three guys pulled out to be immediately replaced by another car driven by an older gentleman. His driver-side window already was open.

“Are you available?” he asked hopefully.

Jo glanced over at me, Mike and Jeff (the cameraman and soundman I’d brought with me to help do a news piece on prostitution)… then she just shrugged and quickly hurried around the front of the older man’s car to get to the front passenger door. She waved at us just before climbing into the car. And then she was off again.

And that’s how the evening went for her. Literally, she’d step out of one car, it would pull away and she’d climb into the next. And all the time she was smiling and laughing and waving at us and shrugging her shoulders. She told me she’d never believed working the street would be this busy… and this much fun.

Not that all the girls were busy. In fact, girls on both sides of the street watched in amazement as Jo rushed happily from one trick to the next. Some of them only got one or two calls at most. And then almost all of them were gone by three-thirty, leaving just Jo and Nadine to take care of almost everyone.

Not that the traffic had slowed much by three thirty. It’s just that most girls could see how guys were just coming by and parking and waiting until Jo or Nadene was free. For some reason, they REALLY wanted Jo if they could get her, possibly because she was younger. A few times, amazing to me, Nadene was turned down when she approached a car, because the occupant was waiting for Jo. This wasn’t generally a problem because she’d just slide down to the next car, and someone virtually always wanted her within a car or two. Nadene is, after all, quite gorgeous.

But there was something about JoAnne.

Every guy wanted a blowjob which, of course, is Jo’s specialty so she was very happy. In fact, she never once got out of a John’s car when she wasn’t clearly smiling and looking forward to the next trick. And the more guys were in a car, the happier she seemed to be. We didn’t have any more stretch limos like Jake’s fleet of cars, but Jo did climb into a minivan with six guys once. She looked over at me, held up five fingers and a thumb, and then flashed a big thumbs up sign.

“You’d do this for free, wouldn’t you?” I chided her later.

She just looked at me, shrugged and said: “Of course.”

By five o’clock, Jo and Nadene were the only girls still on the street, but still there was a line-up of cars waiting, at least fifteen cars stretching over two blocks. Nadene definitely was slowing down and in fact eventually climbed into my car and took a nap. Jo, however, just kept working. She even quickly ran down the line of cars to apologize to every driver for the wait. None of them minded. And none of them were going anywhere until Jo (or Nadene if she woke up) was free.

Jo thanked them all for their patience and for sticking around, and then ran back to the first car in line, apologized to him for the wait and climbed into his car.

To save time, she eventually started telling drivers just to drive around the corner and park. I discovered this entirely by accident when I went looking for a place to buy cigarettes. I turned the corner and there she was, kneeling on the sidewalk on an old rolled up sweater she had been carrying in her purse.

The John recognized me from the sidewalk and we just started chatting. Jo looked up from her blowjob and said:

“Hmm hmm.”

Cars were passing by on the street, but it was not quite six and still fairly dark. But the sun would be up in about forty-five minutes and Jo still had about eleven more cars to go. I mentioned all this to the John Jo was blowing but he just shrugged.

“No one generally stops along this stretch except Johns looking for girls. She should be alright.”

I looked up to watch the cars that were passing. True enough, cars slowed down, windows were rolled down to get a better look… but no one bothered Jo and her John. And Jo didn’t mind people seeing her. She was still excited about the movie she’d made that night and wondering when it would hit the internet.

“I’ll have Bob in marketing take care of it,” I told her. “He’ll have you all over the net in days.”

This made Jo very happy.

So being seen certainly was not a problem for Jo.

“Every girl looks better with a cock in her mouth,” Jo once told me. And, you know… it’s true.

I stood there talking with Jo’s John, who called himself ‘Mark’ while Jo dutifully blew him. Even though I have watched Jo blow hundreds of guys, I still couldn’t resist watching her. God! She is beautiful, especially when she’s on her knees, nicely dressed and pleasing some man with her mouth.

After a few minutes, ‘Mark’ started to grunt and jerk, and I knew that Jo was being ‘paid’. Sure enough, in a moment she was smiling up at us both with her mouth full of cum. She even opened up her mouth to show us and it was such a HUGE load that I told her to hold it while I ran around the corner to get my digital camera. I briefly stopped to tell Mike and Jeff about Jo’s new spot, and then we all started kibitzing about setting up cameras, and before you know it several minutes had passed. I suddenly remembered Jo, grabbed my camera and ran around the corner.

What a sweetheart! Jo was standing up now, but she still held all Mark’ cum in her mouth.

“Sorry, Jo,” I apologized.

“Hmm hmm,” she said, not wanting to leak.

I had her kneel again and then open her mouth. And then I sort of recreated the blowjob in reverse, taking about twenty rapid fire pictures of her kneeling on the sidewalk. Luckily, cars were passing by as well as a bicycle and even a pedestrian on our sidewalk. I timed my pictures to get as many of these other people in Jo’s pictures. They’d be a cute reminder for Jo of her impromptu curbside ‘office’.

Then Jo was off again. She waved, climbed into Marks car and raced around the block to get her next John.

She’d asked him if it was okay me being there with a camera and he’d said no. So Jo gave me a little hand signal before getting in his car to tell me I was welcome to watch.

When I rounded the corner, Jo was apologizing to him for having to rush a bit.

“There are still ten cars and my girlfriend is asl**p,” she explained.

He smiled and said he understood.

Jo saw me as she was dropping to her knees and waved.

“Hi,” she said. “Bill… this is Charlie,” she said, introducing me.

Jo smiled up at us two men as she reached up with her hands to undo Bill’s belt and zipper. Here on the sidewalk, she wouldn’t pull his pants down. She’d just suck him through his open fly.

This guy was about my age and he really liked small talk. He wanted to know where I worked and how long Jo had been a prostitute. We wanted to include Jo in the conversation so, despite her mouthful of cock, I let her answer for herself.

Jo was very pleased by his comment.

Mike and Jeff showed up with camcorders so we were able to capture a bit of the action that way. Once again Jo earned herself a big mouthful of cum and once again she swallowed it down.

Then she was off again.

It was pretty light by the time there were five cars to go, but the streets were still relatively quiet so Jo just stayed put. Pedestrians out for early morning walks or to buy cigarettes were the most likely to stop and several did. Many made idle conversation, but their real intention was to watch Jo. For about the last five cars we had a little discussion group going, talking about hockey and baseball and the weather. But all eyes were on Jo and she knew it.

She had her own little audience here and she was playing to them shamelessly. She’d have a big cock in her mouth and then look at someone with her big, brown, beautiful eyes… and that just melted them.

Watching her limitless zeal, one guy commented: “She REALLY loves to suck dick, doesn’t she?”

Where had I heard that one before?

Of course it was true.

And Jo was so proud that he’d said it.

“Hmm hmmmm (thank you),” she said to him.

“Hmm hmm?” she asked him, pointing at his crotch.
“Oh… no. I’d love it, but I have to leave to catch a bus in five minutes.”

“Hmm hmm hmm,” she pleaded.

“Okaaaay,” he said dubiously. “But I don’t have any money on me.”

“Hmm hmmm,” she answered, still waving him over. His was a freebee.

The guy in her mouth shot in a minute and then Jo went to work on her new friend. Instead of the slow up and down she usually did, this time she bobbed her head quickly. But only after taking a minute to find the guy’s sweet spot with her tongue. Then she tilted her head slightly to really work that spot with her tongue. Well… she found it all right. He was spewing out gushers of cum into her mouth within three minutes.

“Thanks so much,” he said as he raced to catch his bus.

“Nooooo problem,” Jo said.

And then Jo herself was rushing off, climbing into this John’s car to go meet her last John.

Jo thanked him profusely for waiting so long. He’d been there since four thirty. But he told Jo she was worth the wait.

“Hmmm hmmmm (thank youuuuu),” she said.

Since this was her last John, and since he’d waited so long, she gave him freebee too. And then she blew me and Mike and Jeff and another couple of guys who were standing around.

A couple of very nice-looking young ladies in nice skirts, blouses and heels passed by, likely on their way to work at some office.

“Are you a prostitute?” the pretty brunette asked her.

“Hmm hmmm,” she nodded proudly.

They wanted to know all about how it was.

“Do you enjoy it?” asked the blonde.

Jo almost burst out laughing. But she composed herself and then she nodded very clearly and sincerely.

“Hmm hmmmmm.” You bet she did.
The girls both wanted to know if Jo had a business card. They were thinking about doing a little e****ting but only if it was fun.

“Hmmm hmmmmmm,” Jo nodded emphatically. “Hmm hmmmm hmm hmmmmm.”

The girls looked puzzled.

“She says that it’s lots of fun,” I translated. “But I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t have a card.”

Then one of the girls pulled a pen and paper out of her purse and wrote her name down on a scrap piece of paper to give to Jo. I accepted it from her and told her I wouldn’t forget to give it to Jo when she was done.

The girls smiled and left.

“Have fun,” one of them called out. Again… how often have I said THAT to Jo?

It was almost seven thirty when Jo swallowed her last load… mine. Weary but very satisfied, she got up from her knees and I led her back to the car. Nadene was still sl**ping in front. It took me about half an hour to drop Mike, then Jeff and finally Jo off home. Jo excitedly told us all about the tricks we’d missed. Nadene listened with her eyes closed, but smiled every time Jo got to a fun part.

“All the guys were REALLY nice,” Jo told us.

She told us about the three guys who picked her up first.

“They were SO funny,” she said. “They were still in HIGH school.” She shook her head. Two of them had never been blown before and were very nervous. One was so excited he shot his load as soon as Jo had him in her mouth.

“Oh shit!” he said.

But Jo just said “Hmm hmm,” and kept on sucking him, without even swallowing, popping her mouth between the three of them.

“It was a little messy,” Jo giggled when she told us. But she wanted the guy to feel like the first cum didn’t really count so he wouldn’t feel bad. “The other two just thought it was spit… but it sure didn’t TASTE like spit.”

“What does cum taste like?” I asked her.

“I LIKE cum,” Jo said.

Then I remembered the cum-coated pizza she’d eaten at Jake’s barbecue and asked her about that.

“That was fun,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Would you order it again… cum pizza?” I asked her.

“Of course,” she said playfully.

And I immediately remembered the restaurant Nadene and her friend, Jackie, at the station had first taken me to… and later where Jo had first truly met Nadene to talk and plan about this entire week. I can’t remember now, but I think Jo had a couple of waiters and a bus boy for dessert. I wondered if they’d make cum pizza just for Jo if I called enough in advance. I figured I’d give them a call and surprise Jo when the week was over and she was less busy. She’d be SO pleased!

“Anyway,” Jo continued. “Two of those guys were really nervous, and the other guy kept giving me instructions, like… wiggle your tongue a bit and… can you sing a song when you’re blowing me? It feels neat.”

“What song did you pick?” I asked her.

She laughed. ‘Blowin’ in the Wind,” she answered gaily. “One old guy at the seniors home always sings it to me when I’m blowing him, so it just popped into my head. It was funny.”

I laughed and then pretended to be an American or Canadian Idol M.C. or something. In a deep announcer’s voice, I said: “It looks like Jo’s standing a little too close to the microphone… she’s trying to swallow it.”

Jo really was laughing now.

“Anyway,” Jo continued. “That was fun. Then there was that older guy. He was a big business exec who says he’d like to hire me to work a big convention next month. There’ll be hundreds of guys there from around the world.”

“Did you say yes?” I asked.

“Of course,” Jo answered indignantly. Then she laughed sweetly again and continued. “Oh… do you remember the guy with the convertible?”

I nodded.

“I was blowing him right in the front seat and he drove right up to a fast food window and ordered a burger. I didn’t REALLY catch on until he asked me if I wanted anything and I looked up.” Jo laughed. “There I was with his cock in my mouth looking right into the face of this startled girl at the serving window.”

“Did you order cum pizza?” I k**ded her.

“I WISH,” Jo answered. “I just said my usual: “Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm” and he ordered me a cheeseburger. Maybe one of the guys there opened the burger up came over it, because it did taste a little bit different.”

‘Now THERE’s an idea,” I said. “We could open up a fast food place of our own where all the girls could order ‘cum with that’.”

Even Nadene laughed at that idea.

And there were these two black guys who brought me to a different parking lot right next to the freeway. They had me kneel so that on-coming cars shone their lights right in my face. And I was only about twenty feet from the road so EVERYBODY HAD to see me.” Then she nodded and gave a goofy smile: “A lot of cars slowed down.”

“I BET they did,” I commented. “It’s not often you get to see the most beautiful girl in the world…” Then I remembered Nadene. “… or should I say, one of the TWO most beautiful women in the world giving blowjobs by the freeway”

“Thank youuuuu,” Jo said VERY appreciatively. I glanced into my rear-view mirror, and the smile Jo was giving me was VERY loving. Man! My heart melted!

“Hmm hmm,” she said.

“Five years,” I translated. Jo had started e****ting right after she’d turned eighteen, when a girlfriend of hers said it was fun and a good way to make money. She hadn’t really been full time until about two years ago, and then the first year of that she’d worked with a few different agencies and wasn’t that busy. But that OBVIOUSLY had changed. Now she was busy on her knees all the time… AND LOVING IT!!!

“I can see why,” Bill said, already starting to breath heavy from the AMAZING sensation Jo was bringing to his dick.

“Oh!” Jo suddenly remembered. “Do you remember the van with the six guys?”

I nodded.

“I KNEW them all from high school.” Her voice was excited. “I didn’t really recognize them at first, but one of them suddenly asked: “Is that YOU, JoAnne?” and I nodded and said “Hmm hmm” and he then told all the others and then they remembered me and then I remembered all of them. They were a couple of years younger than me, but I’d seen them around a lot.” Jo smiled ear to ear. “It was GREAT seeing them again!”

“Had they seen you on T.V.?” I asked her.

Jo nodded. “A couple watched the Cum Marathon, but didn’t really know it was me until there I was… blowing them. It was REALLY nice.”

And so it was that Jo told me all about all the fun she’d had doing tricks.

And then, without missing a beat, she started telling me all about her plans for tonight. I could hardly believe her energy and enthusiasm on no sl**p.
“You can’t wait to get back there, can you?”

“Of course,” Jo answered brightly. “Nadene gets to make her movie. And I’m going to have even MORE fun working the streets.”

We decided to get an even earlier start. The girls would sl**p until mid afternoon. I’d pick Jo up at four and drive her out to see Bucky. After that, she and I would pick up Nadene at six, have a quick something to eat on the way and the girls could be standing on their corner, ready for business, by seven at the latest. Jo told me how she planned to do even MORE tricks by giving blowjobs closer to the corner to save some travel time.

“There’s a parking lot just outside a 24 hour convenience store that I could use that’s on the same block the next street over. I saw it when we were driving around the block all those times at the end. One John I was with knows the owner and said he’d talk to him for me. It’d save me two or three blocks travel each way.” Then she added: “And I’m going to bring a cute little cushion to kneel on so I don’t have to use my sweater.”

“That’s great, Jo!” I said, so impressed by all her astute planning.

When we got to her apartment, she was STILL planning excitedly for that evening. She said she wondered if one of those two pretty girls who showed up at the end would call her and maybe come out and join the fun.

“Maybe,” I said.

“I hope so,” she said sincerely. “They were both VERY nice and they’d have so much fun!”

And with Jo as their mentor, I was sure they would. The I told her that she should go get some sl**p. She agreed, but after getting out of the car she came over to my driver side window. (Geez! I thought playfully, how many dozens of cars did Jo do that to this past night?)

“Do you mind coming upstairs with me?” Jo asked quietly, trying not to wake Nadene. I’d like to show you what I’m planning to wear.”

“Sure, Jo,” I said, after checking to make sure that Nadene was asl**p.

We let Nadene sl**p and I followed Jo into her building and up the elevator to the seventh floor. Sabrina was sl**ping in their bedroom so Jo had me wait in the living room.

When Jo came out, my eyes popped out.

“Is that a bikini or panties?” I asked her.

She was wearing an orange sleeveless half sweater that basically reached to just below her breasts. Other than that, all she had on was a white pair of what seemed to be white satin bikini panties and black spike heels.

“Well… I think they can be either,” she explained. “I found them in a fancy clothing store with all the panties but they were a bit more expensive and, here, if you feel them the material’s a bit thicker than most panties… I think there are two layers to them.”

“Do you mind?” I said as I reached out to feel her bum.

“Of course not, Silly!” she said cutely.

I gently fondled her bum for several seconds and then felt the material between my thumb and fingers. They felt WONDERFUL, and I agreed with her that they were a bit thicker than most panties and that there probably be two layers of satin material.

“Did you ask the sales clerk?” I asked.

“Panties,” Jo said resignedly. “She said they definitely were panties. But she thought they could work with a bikini top.” Then she slowly turned 360 degrees to give me a REALLY good look. “Do you think I can go out like this?”

Again I just gawked at her a moment. The half sweater… there’d be NO WAY in the world she could stretch that sweater anywhere near enough to cover or even get close to the panties. The panties would be in full view at all times. And the panties themselves were amazing!!!... perfectly stretched across her cute little bum and puckered with elastic at the legs to give them all those cute little creases that make some panties look so great. And then the 2 ½ inch spike heels again!

“Wow!” I said, shaking my head in disbelief. “You have to wear that outfit now.”

Jo smiled proudly. She was SO PLEASED by my reaction and it showed in her eyes and in her lovely smile.

But then I reluctantly cautioned her that it was still May and they were predicting that tonight might be a little colder.

“I also bought a REALLY tight pair of navy jeans, just like Nadene’s with five pockets and narrow fit, but reaching a little further down the ankle. I could leave them and a longer sweater in the car in case I need them.”

“It won’t be dark yet when we first get there,” I cautioned again. “You’ll be standing on a still busy street in your panties.”

But Jo just shrugged. “More guys will get to see my panties,” she said with a smile. “And if a policeman comes by to complain… I’ll just blow him. That ALWAYS works. He’ll let me keep working.”

That he would. Jo had thought of EVERYTHING. I smiled thinking of just how AMAZINGLY long Jo’s line-up of cars would be tonight. She might need a policeman or two just to direct traffic. Just that much more fun for her!

Then for some reason I remembered her horse.

“Are you going to dress like that when I take you to see Bucky before work?” I asked.

“Of course,” she said confidently. “Do you think he’ll like it?”

I laughed. “Man! You’re going to give Bucky a REAL hard-on. You’ll need ME to hold him steady when you’re under him.”

Jo smiled proudly. Bucky WOULD love those panties and get a little frisky.

“Just rescue me if I start choking,” she said sweetly.

I nodded, still blissfully stunned. Jo saw my expression, then glanced down to see the hard-on in MY pants, and smiled slyly.

“C’mere, You,” she said, slowly stepping up to me. “I think I forgot to tip my driver.”

In amazement at her continued energy after a night of all work and no sl**p, I watched as she slowly slid down to her knees to give me another blowjob.

Unlike the hundred or more quickies she’d been f***ed to give over night, this blowjob was anything but rushed. She mustered up all the love she had to give me truly the MOST amazing blowjob of my life… even sweeter than that first AMAZING blowjob she’d given me the day Sabrina first brought her to see me.

She blew me for over an hour. I came five times. She just swallowed and kept on sucking. It was less like she was sucking me and more like she was feeding.

“I am Jo’s breakfast,” I said quietly to myself after I’d cum for a third time and she had just kept sucking.

“Hmm?” she asked. But then she resumed her feeding as if I hadn’t said anything.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she purred, savoring the taste of cock and cum in her mouth.

Finally, I saw that it was nine o’clock and reluctantly told Jo that we both should get some sl**p.

“And I should get Nadene home,” I said.

“Spoil sport,” JoAnne said jokingly. She let me cum in her mouth one more time. Then she did her patented and incredibly ‘soft blowjob’ where, after I’ve shot my load she still keeps sliding up and down my shaft with her mouth closed so gently that I can barely feel it… this sends shocks up and down my spine and makes my cock tingle like pins and needles… it drives me wild and she knows it. And then when I was fully soft again, she licked me clean and I helped her up.

I zippered up and then waited while watching her check her cell phone for messages. Near the end she gave a great big smile.

“The brunette named Connie called as soon as she got to work. She and Heather want to come out tonight and asked me to call them to tell them what to wear and when to meet.” Jo was SO happy for them.

“Maybe… for their first time they should dress a little more conservatively than you are now,” I suggested, tongue-in-cheek.

“How about jeans for one and black pants for the other?” she answered coyly. “And sweaters and heels.”

“Sounds good,” I nodded, approvingly.

“Now YOU get some sl**p!” I told her at the door after a nice, long French kiss. Her mouth tasted like cum.

“Don’t worry,” she said calmly. “And do you know what I’m going to dream about?”

“Doing lots and lots of tricks?” I suggested, stating what I thought were obvious answers. “Blowing every man in town? Seeing Bucky this afternoon?”

She shook her head slowly and smiled sensuously.

“No,” she said earnestly. “About sucking you.”

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