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Nadine and Jo's Blowjob Swap- Part 3

Thursday went much like Wednesday had for Jo and Nadine, Day #2 of Nadine pretending to be a prostitute and Jo pretending to be a weather girl.

Despite being up until almost six, Jo got out of bed a few minutes past eleven so she could take her usual drive into the country to visit with her horse, Bucky. As usual, he was as delighted to see her as she was to see him.

Later, she arrived at the station, and it took her no time at all to get into her new routine. She arrived about one-thirty, a good half hour before I’d expected her. She quickly changed from the jeans she’d worn to see Bucky to a nice chocolate brown pair of dress pants, to go with a pink sweater and pink heels. Then, by the time I’d even heard that she was around, she already was on her knees in the copy room.

“Hi Jo!” I called to her from the door, peeking through the men in line waiting for her.

“Hmm hmm,” she said brightly.

Nadine showed up early too, at about one fifty. Today she was dressed a little more formally than yesterday, when she wore jeans so tight she couldn’t be anything but a whore. Today, she wore nice, front-pleated black dress pants, a tight red sweater and red heels. She looked hot, for sure, but not quite the street girl she’d looked like yesterday. She told us she was washing those jeans so she could wear it tomorrow night when she and Jo hit the streets for some true prostitution.

But the big question on everybody’s mind was:

“What color panties is Nadine wearing?”

Living with her, I already knew that she was wearing a silver satin bikini panty. Yesterday, ninety-seven guys called in claiming to know the color of her panties (which were baby blue), and eighty-nine of them did so that they would receive a free ‘Blown by Nadine’ t-shirt with her lovely cock-sucking face on the front. This was a little contest that Jo had thought up for Nadine, to make things extra busy and extra fun for her. Nadine loved having her John’s try to guess the color of her panties while she blew them. It really WAS a fun little game for her.

Nadine’s best friend Jackie also was doing her best to keep Nadine busy, announcing the contest rules and Nadine’s cell phone number every ten minutes or less while she was reporting on the weather. Sure enough, there were eleven messages on the cell phone Jo handed Nadine, all from prospective clients wanting to schedule her. Nadine and I gathered up our friendly neighborhood cameraman and soundman and we were off for another busy day.

The culmination of Nadine’s day, she knew, would be working the senior’s apartment high-rise that Jo had started with nine month’s earlier.

“Frank and Burt can’t wait to meet you,” Sabrina told Nadine. “And all the other guys too.”

Nadine wondered what ‘surprise’ Sabrina had cooked up for her tonight. Last night she’d had thirty ex-football players and four hockey teams waiting by the pool in Rufus’ apartment complex. Nadine fully expected that there would be a similar huge number of senior cocks to blow tonight. And sure enough, Sabrina already had recruited the assistance of her and Jo’s friend Bonnie, an older Nurse who brought medication and other health care services to the tenants of the senior’s building. Bonnie, in turn, was knocking on the door of every widower in the complex, drumming up lots of extra business for Nadine.

And so it was that Day #2 was every bit as busy for Jo and Nadine as Day #1 had been. But the girls headed to bed much earlier so they would be ready for their big weekend working the streets.

The next day, Jo and Nadine showed up at noon, this time both dressed to kill. Nadine wore her same tight, tight, tight jeans and tank top combination with black pumps. Jo came in wearing an equally tight pair of white shorts with a wide red belt, red 2 ½ inch heels and a tight, red, short-sleeved sweater. And the red in her clothes matched her flaming red lipstick. If there had ever been two gorgeous blondes more obviously dressed for prostitution, it can’t have been more than once. Man these girls’ bums looked FANTASTC in those tight, tight jeans and shorts.

“What did Bucky think?” I asked Jo.

“He was PRETTY excited,” she told me. She then explained how she had to keep one hand on one of Bucky’s hind legs to keep him from moving too much.

Nadine was still scheduled to take cell phone calls so I went off with her. Because Jo would miss the evening news tonight, we’d slated her for two to seven. She quickly went to the copy room to blow the first ten lucky guys who showed up. Then she headed to the studio.

“You’re really dressed to kill today, Jo,” the weathermen repeatedly commented on the air. “Isn’t it tonight that you and Nadine are prostituting on the streets?”

“Hmm hmmm,” Jo nodded.

‘Are you looking forward to it?” she was asked.

“Hmm hmmm,” she nodded emphatically.

“You look GREAT, JoAnne! You and Nadine have lots of fun out there.”

“Hmm hmmmmmm,” she said appreciatively before plunging again into his crotch.

Jo admittedly had mixed feelings about leaving with Nadine, me and the camera crew at seven. On the one hand, she was having so much fun on the air. On the other hand, she had been looking forward to tonight ever since the idea had come up.

“Do I REALLY look like a prostitute?” she asked all us guys hopefully.

“You’re going to attract Johns for miles,” we told her. In fact, both Nadine and Jo couldn’t possibly be anything else, the way they were dressed. Both girls had done their homework, and now they were on their way to do bone work. I told the girls this and they both laughed.

Nadine and Jo had spent almost a half hour fixing up their make-up in the ladies room at the station, but they still checked themselves repeatedly in the car mirrors. They wanted to look perfect.

We had decided to start at the main drag for prostitutes downtown, and then maybe head over to the Biker’s Bar that had been suggested to Nadine closer to eleven, when the place would be busier. When we got within about five blocks of the main pick-up corner downtown we all noticed a marked increase in traffic.

“There’s probably a play or something going on at the Aeolian Hall,” I suggested.

But the girls were hopeful. Sure enough, as we came within view of the corner itself, traffic REALLY slowed and it was clear that almost every driver was craning his neck to look for girls.

“It looks busy, Girls,” Mike said.

Nadine turned her head around to look at Jo, who was sitting in the back seat behind me. The girls exchanged excited glances.

‘Jackie’s announcements must have worked,’ I thought to myself.

I pulled up to the curb and let the girls and our two-man camera crew out, and then headed off to find a permanent parking space for myself. Stopped at a red light at the same corner, I turned my head to look back at Jo and Nadine. To my amazement, a car ALREADY had stopped for JoAnne and she was getting in.

‘Those SHORTS really worked,’ I thought. And then I tried to imagine what Jo was thinking, climbing into this strange car to go off to a deserted parking lot somewhere to give yet another complete stranger a blowjob.

By the time I’d parked the car and walked the two blocks back to where I’d let the girls out, Nadine was gone too, apparently taken by the third car to drive by, which contained three big guys with tattoos. Jeff showed me a digital picture of Nadine, one leg in the car door looking back at the camera and waving, a HUGE smile on her face.

I joined the other guys and four other girls who were waiting on the corner, just to wait for Jo and Nadine to return.

“How long do tricks usually take?” I asked a tall brunette named Vivian who was sweet talking Mike.

“”Five to ten minutes, usually,” she said. “Most Johns are pretty quick. They just want a blowjob.”

“Jo and Nadine are good at those,” I told her.

All the girls on the corner were very impressed by how pretty and eager both Jo and Nadine were.

“They’ll be busy all night,” they assured me.

I smiled.

I got to talking with all four girls. Cars slowed but only one stopped.

“I think they’re waiting for your girls to come back,” Vivian said.

“I’m sorry,” I told her sincerely. “We didn’t think about stealing business.”

“That’s okay,” she said. “We’ll just charge you rent for using our corner.” Then she smiled.

“That sounds fair,” I said. And I knew Jo and Nadine would be happy with that too.

o DID return first. When she came to join us on the side-walk, her hair was mussed and her lipstick a bit smudged, but she was smiling ear to ear.

“Was it fun?” I asked her.

“He kind of grabbed my hair and face fucked me…” she said. “But it was great!”

Of course, Jo was used to being face-fucked, especially by one of her hockey teams, which seemed to make a game out of gagging her as much as possible.

Jo pulled a small mirror out of her purse and bent over to fix her lipstick just as another car pulled up and stopped. Jo turned her head and saw a big fat finger pointing her way.

“Off I go,” she said gaily as she turned to talk to him at his window.

As she leaned into the car, again I marveled at how AMAZING her little bum looked with her wearing those tight white shorts and those 2 ½ inch heels. She WAS going to be kept busy.

Ten minutes later, Jo returned and Nadine was still nowhere to be seen. A big black stretch limousine already was waiting for Jo when she stepped out of the one car. She’d have to fix her lipstick in the limo, she was told. She waved and got in. As the limo slowly pulled forward, the back window opened to reveal that Jo was surrounded by several black men.

“I’ll be about an hour,” Jo called out happily.

And then I heard a burly voice say… “C’mon here bitch. You’ve got lotsa cocks to suck in here.”

Jo laughed, waved again and then disappeared as the window rolled up again.

“He’s a big d**g dealer,” Vivian told me. “Lotsa money. He and his buddies’ll keep Jo on her knees awhile. They like to pump their girls all at once.”

I admit I was getting both horny and jealous watching Jo drive off to suck all these other men’s cocks. But I truly was happy that she obviously was having fun.

I found out that the ‘office’ girls generally went to in order to give their blowjobs was a parking lot next to a large fitness centre about three blocks down. There was plenty of room for girls to each find a corner, so that it was possible that Jo and Nadine both were there now.

“Not likely the younger one, Honey,” Vivian told me, speaking of Jo. “Big Jake usually takes his girls to a different place where he and his boys can really fuck their faces in peace.”

“She’ll be alright, though,” I asked with some concern,

“Oh Yes, Honey.” Jake is a gentleman… he’s just a little rough on a girl’s throat.”

‘Jo’s used to that,’ I thought again.

Nadine WAS the next to return. The guys in the car called out to her as she returned to where we were standing.

‘You come back tomorrow night… here?” they said.

“Okay,” Nadine said, laughing.

“Promise?” they pressed her.

“Promise,” she said.

“How was it?” I asked her after I’d kissed her on the cheek. She nestled in my arm and told me that she’d had fun. “The street guys ARE a little rougher,” she said. “But not too rough.”

I could see that her hair was really mussed up in the back.

“Have you had enough?” I asked her.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she said. “Where’s Jo?”

I told her that Jo was on her third call and had just been whisked away in a big limousine to suck who knows how many men. Nadine nodded happily. “I saw a few limousines pass by the parking lot where they took me and I was hoping one would come around for me.” She smiled cutely and her eyes lit up.

“Don’t worry, Babe,” Vivian told her. “You’ll get your wish… guaranteed. Jake’ll be back for you before you know it.”

“Who’s Jake?” she whispered to me.

“A big d**g dealer who’s got lots of money. Apparently he’s got Jo in some kind of oral gang bang right now.”

“Sounds fun!” she said.

Well… sure enough, after another call in a beat up old Chevy, Nadine returned to find a stretch limousine waiting for her.

“Get in here, Bitch!” a voice in the back called out.

“Is Jo in there?” Nadine asked as she rushed to the open window. Then the door opened and Nadine got in. She shook her head to let us know that Jo wasn’t there. And then we saw a big black hand reach up, grab her head and f***e her head down, presumably into somebody’s lap.

I expected the car window to roll up and the limousine to drive away again, but it didn’t. A smiling black face with big white teeth appeared and called me over.

I went over to talk to him. Peeking into the car, I could see that Nadine already was on her knees on the floor between the two second row seats, and that her head WAS in fact bobbing up and down in somebody’s lap. There were six black guys in the car with her: the driver, the front passenger, two in the second row and three in the back. I glanced back at Nadine, who was diligently at work with her little bum aimed straight up at me and a big black hand fondling it. Gawd! Those jeans looked good on her!

“You with T.V.?” the guy at my window asked.

“Yes,” I answered.

“You got cameras and sound?” he asked.

I nodded and pointed towards Mike and Jeff.

“We be having a party wit your two little girls and Jake thought it’d be sweet to make a little movie for the net… but his equipment all got confis**ted. You guys into coming along? Take some pix? Shoot a little action?”

I looked at the other guys and they were nodding.

“Sure,” I said.

“We goin’ to make your two girlies first rate porn stars.”

Again I glanced back at Nadine, who must have heard what the guy had said, but whose head continued to calmly and rhythmically slide up and down in this second guy’s lap. HE Had a huge grin on his face.

“You okay with that, Nadine?” I called out laughingly. I KNEW she wouldn’t mind. And, of course she didn’t.

“Hmm hmm,” she mumbled pleasantly, and I knew she’d given an emphatic ‘Yes’.

“Just meet us at the corner up three blocks and then follow us,” the guy at the window said. “My name’s Alphonse.” And the black guy with the big smile gave me his hand.

“Okay!” I said, shaking it.

As I walked back to the others, I was smiling. This was a HUGE break for everyone. We could get coverage of these two prostitutes in action… and Jo and Nadine would have loads of fun making a movie like this.

Mike, Jeff and I walked the two blocks to my car, discussing the endless possibilities that existed here. We then drove back the one remaining block to meet the limousine as arranged. Then we followed the big black car for about a mile to a big warehouse. In back was a big, well lit parking lot filled with people. At least thirty guys and maybe five or six young women. Everyone was black except for us. From the way they were dressed and the excess make-up on their faces, I was pretty sure the women all were prostitutes like Nadene and Jo. But, unlike Jo and Nadine, the black girls didn’t seem to be working, instead just standing around laughing with the boys. Almost everyone had a beer and there seemed to be a barbecue lit… someone was cooking sausages.

I parked my car and the three of us guys got out. Then I walked over to Nadine’s limo and the back window rolled down.

“This be the place,” Alphonso, said. “You just find your other little girl. We’z gonna take this one… Nadeeeeen” (he had fun saying her name) “around the side with us.” He peered down to where Nadine’s head was bobbing up and down in his own lap, his hand resting gently on the back of her head while someone else’s hand was on her ass.

“She’s not getting out here?” I asked.

“Not right now,” he said. “We’re not finished with her yet. Are we Nadeeeeen?” And with that he pushed her head gently but firmly down onto his shaft and held her there as he looked back at me and gave the biggest smile ever as poor Nadene gagged and gagged.

“Well… have fun Nadene,” I said sincerely as I backed away from the limo and it drove off.

Mike, Jeff and I then set off to find Jo. We didn’t have to look hard. There was a gathering of guys standing around drinking beer all chatting amongst themselves and with three black women in hot pants and boots. As I said, these girls did not seem to be working. But Jo sure was. Instinctively I glanced down and saw her kneeling right in the middle of this huddle of guys and girls. Her mouth was working big black cock and she had each hand on another.

“Hi Jo!” I called to her.

“Hmm hmm,” she answered sweetly, still bobbing her head but turning her eyes towards us.

“Hmm?” she exclaimed. I immediately could tell that she was very pleased to see us.

“How are you doing, Jo?” I asked her.

“Hmm hmmmmmmm,” she said excitedly.

A big and tall black girl with Afro-looking hair and way too much make-up turned to me and said: “Black guys all sure like to have cute little blondes like her choking on their sticks.”

I nodded. Of course. Lucky for this group, I knew Jo couldn’t be happier than being the center of attention like this. And they all knew it.

“Look at her!” one of them exclaimed. “She’s suckin’ like a fuckin’ vacuum.”

Another one said: “I can’t wait to choke that little blonde bitch with my 12 inch sausage.”

And a third interjected: “And his don’t come with barbecue sauce, Little Girl.”

Everyone laughed.

I heard JoAnne purr when she heard all this. “Hmmmmmmmmmm,” she purred. She couldn’t wait to have this guy’s twelve inch sausage in her mouth and down her throat.

I looked around. All the guys here looked to be in their late twenties, thirties and maybe even forties. The black prostitutes were all late twenties and thirties. Mike, Jeff and I were thirties and forties. Even Nadine was twenty-nine. So here was twenty-three year old Jo, looking no more than nineteen, and she was the center of everything. Sure, guys were drinking their beer or chatting with the older ladies… but all of them kept casting glances at the gorgeous little blonde and anxiously awaiting their turn in her mouth.

Jo’s talented little mouth had become THE PARTY. That and her spectacularly cute little bum and her sweet, sweet face and long, blonde hair. Almost an hour ago she had willingly stepped into a limo filled with horny strangers and now… here she was about to become an internet porn star. I mean: such a sweet looking little blonde blowing thirty or more black men… how could this video NOT make its way onto hundreds of porn sites. Hell… I knew a guy who could make sure the video made its way to the top ten of every search engine. The station would HAPILY foot the bill. For all Jo had done to help the station’s ratings, Jo certainly deserved all this and more!

As I looked back at her, on her knees in her red short-sleeved sweater, tight white hot pants and red heels, deftly moving her mouth from one cock to the next as she worked three cocks all at once… I was so AMAZINGLY proud of her! Fifty bucks a week would keep her video in the top two or three of EVERY major search engine on the net, and I knew that the station would GLADLY pay this fee for a year or more.

‘Yes, Jo,’ I thought to myself. ‘You ARE going to be a porn star.’

I think that Mike and Jeff must have been thinking the same thing, because when I looked at them, there was a clear look of determination in each pair of eyes.

“Let’s make this movie!” I exclaimed.

I’m not sure if I ever did meet Jake. But I do know that several of the guys there were very helpful, moving out of the way to let us three set up several video cameras. We even recruited some guys to help aim the cameras, so that we could get all sorts of angles of Jo. Finally, Alphonso showed up again and asked us if we had a story line for her.

“Story line?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, looking over at Jo still on her knees bobbing her head. “Make some cute story for your little girl here.”

“Well…” I said. “We could start with her standing on a corner and being picked up in the limo again.”

He nodded. “After she finishes,” he said, looking back down at her, bobbing away.

Jo hadn’t realized to this point about the grand movie plan, but she was delighted when I told her. The guys standing around booed and hissed when I helped her up from her knees, but she told them sweetly… “I’ll be back.”

“You better be back, you little blonde bitch, because I’m gonna fuck your throat,” the one guy said. But then he started laughing and we knew he was just playing with her. Of course she was going to let him and all the guys ‘fuck her throat’. They just had to wait a little bit.

Jo spent several minutes fixing her make-up while I held a little hand mirror she kept in her purse.

“How do I look?” she asked again, puckering her lips.

“Like a future porn star,” Mike answered quickly.

Jo beamed with pride.

We didn’t need to take a car. We just grabbed a couple of the black girls and walked over to the sidewalk in front of the building. Mike and I each carried portable camcorders to capture everything. We started filming with Jo and the others just standing around chatting. Then the limo drove up and Jo went over and spoke with Alphonse a bit, while we got nice footage of her little ass. After a moment, she climbed in. We filmed the limo drive around the corner and then we ran over to catch it driving back into the lot from another entrance. Jo got out with Alphonse and was led to the same gathering of guy’s she’d just left.

“Hey, Baby!” one called to her. “You here to suck dick?”

“I want to suck your dick,” she said sweetly and with a big smile.

“You gonna suck my dick to?” another asked.

“I’m going to suck ALL your dicks,” she said proudly.

“Well then. You get down on your knees, Little Girl,” the first guy said. “I got a little present for you.”

Jo reached out her hand and, taking the cue, he took it and helped her down to her knees. Immediately a circle of guys closed in around her, strategically leaving some gaps for the cameras. Then, smiling ear to ear, Jo reached up and started undoing belts and zippers. She instinctively knew where all the cameras were and smiled from one to the next. Soon she was smiling up from her knees at three tall black men with their pants down around their ankles and HUGE dicks hanging there, ready to be sucked.

Tilting her head towards the camera I held, she leaned forward with her tongue out, picked one hanging cock up with her tongue, and then opened wide and slid her mouth onto it, her eyes wide open and watching the camera all the time.

Those first three cocks all were huge and very black and Jo looked so amazing, this beautiful blonde so lovingly taking each one in her mouth. Slowly and rhythmically she slid her mouth up and down each shaft, her big, brown eyes moving from camera to camera. She was in no hurry! You could tell how much fun she was having from the twinkle in her eye and the big, beautiful smile that formed as she moved from one cock to the next.

The guys k**ded with her and she smiled and laughed. She was a girl at play.

“You ready to take me down your throat?” one guy asked her.

“I want you down my throat,” she said playfully. And then she leaned forward with her mouth as wide as possible as he stuffed all eight or nine of his inches into her mouth. Soon her little nose was buried in big, black belly and her whole body was gagging and heaving… but her eyes calmly watched the camera and she rested her hands quietly on his thighs.

“How’s this, Little Girl?” she was asked.

“Hmm hmmm,” she answered contentedly.

Over the next several hours, Jo never rested once. As soon as one guy shot his load into her mouth, another would step up into his place and, after swallowing, Jo would open her mouth to accept the newcomer. (Or should I say… the newcummer?)

And all the while it was so obvious to everyone how much Jo was enjoying all this.

“You having fun?” she was asked.

“Hmmm hmmmmm,” she nodded happily.

Later someone asked: “You still having fun, Jo?”

And again she answered with an emphatic “Hmmm hmmmmm.”

Her mouth always seemed to be working three cocks at once, and sometimes even four. She’d slide her mouth up and down one shaft for a minute or two, tilting her head this way and that to catch every sensitive spot with her tongue… and then she’d slide her mouth off and immediately dive forward with her mouth open to swallow another one. She never was more than about two seconds without one cock or another inside her mouth.

A few times, she’d have two big cocks stuffed into her mouth at once so that her mouth was completely stretched. To my amazement, she could still slide her mouth up and down them.

Guys she’d already blown wanted in on the movie so Jo blew them all again most willingly. With three stationary cameras and two camcorders going, we captured Jo from every angle and distance. We showed her, this little blonde kneeling in the middle of this large parking lot bustling with people, her mouth popping back and forth from one cock to another and her head bobbing rhythmically all the while. We got close-ups of her looking straight into the camera, or with her deep throating. I played director, telling Jo just what to do… and she did EVERYTHING I asked.

“Show us that cute little bum of yours, Jo,” I told her.

She dutifully tilted her bum our way (Man! those shorts were tight!!!) while peering at us over her shoulder to show us her cock-filled mouth too.

Everything about her was perfect tonight. Her eyes were bright and happy. Her hair so silky and long, swaying sensuously, like a grass skirt, with every bob of her head. Even her feet looked sexy in those 2 ½ inch red spike heels. Man!

“Are you still having fun?” I asked her while having her throat fucked by her twenty-first cock on film.

All she could say in reply was: “Hggghhh… hggghhh… hggghhh… hggghhh… hggghhh… hggghhh… hggghhh…” as her throat got reamed, but I could tell from her eyed that the answer still was a definite ‘Yes’.

At one point, one of the guy’s cell phone went off and he answered it.

“Hey, Jo!” he said. “It’s for you.” As he handed it down to her he added: “It’s your Mom.”

“Hmm hmmm?” Jo answered, holding the phone up to her ear.

“Hmm?” she asked.

And then she realized she’d been had, rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Hmm hmm hmmm (You bad boy)!” she scolded him a she handed the phone back up to its owner.

Everyone laughed. Even Jo was laughing with her mouthful of cock.

A few minutes later, another guy called a twenty-four hour pizza place and handed the phone down to Jo.

“Hey, Jo! Order us a pizza.”

“Hmm?” she asked, accepting the phone from him.

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Well… she did her best to order a pizza.

“Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm,” she said several times.

But she just couldn’t get her message across.

Finally, the guy accepted his phone back and said into it: “We’ve got this pretty little blonde named Jo who wants a pizza, but you’ve got to forgive her because she’s giving a blowjob right now.”

We all were in fits of laughter.

“Yes… send us an extra large with pepperoni and mushrooms, and throw in just a cheese slice for Jo.” Then he smiled slyly. “And put some cum on it.”

Jo was shaking her head and rolling her eyes mockingly.

“Hmm hmmmmm (You Guys!)” she said playfully.

They guys continued to play little tricks on her and she loved them. One guy stepped out with his cock already out of his pants. Jo looked at it strangely, wondering about its odd appearance. And then she realized it was a SAUSAGE from the barbecue. She laughed.

“I want your OTHER sausage,” she said firmly.

But for the film Jo did take the barbecued sausage in her mouth and pose with it and suck it a bit before finally baring her teeth for a couple of pix and then taking a bite.

Then she got the sausage she wanted and was MUCH happier.

Several guys played this trick on her… they’d hold her head, thrust their cocks all the way down her throat and then seemingly get lost in conversation while poor Jo sputtered and gagged on the huge dick in her throat. They’d hold her there for a couple of minutes sometimes. Jo was both relieved and a bit sad when they finally eased out to give her throat a rest… she actually didn’t mind gagging very much and truly found it fun to have a cock in her throat. There was a guy in the group who claimed to have a thirteen inch dick that she worried about.

Probably the crudest and rudest joke played on her started innocently enough when some guy came up behind her, reached around to under her button and zipper and then eased down her pants to reveal her satin red bikini panties. Jo just kept sucking. The camera crew all enjoyed seeing Jo in her panties and again we asked Jo to jut her bum out a bit for the cameras.

This all seemed innocent enough until some other guy came up and kneeled behind Jo, eased her panties down, pushed on her back so that she was leaning more forward, and then slowly pushed his cock up her ass.

Most girls who’d never had this done before would have stopped sucking and just squealed in pain. But Jo’s instincts were to distract herself by lunging forward to impale her throat on the cock in her mouth. Then she reached around with her hands to his butt and pulled her man even tighter into her face, driving his cock even further down her throat. Funnily enough, it was the guy with the thirteen incher, but Jo didn’t even notice.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she squealed as her nose pushed firm into the big guy’s belly.

The guy in back very slowly inserted about five of his inches up her ass, but apparently felt sorry for Jo and didn’t actually fuck her ass, something for which Jo was VERY grateful. Instead, he slowly pulled out again, eased Jo’s panties back up into place, then stood up himself and came around front to be next in line for a blowjob.

After Jo had swallowed “Mr. 13’s” huge cum load, the next guy stepped up and Jo could see, despite his cock being dark brown anyway, that it was tinged with shit. There even was a small, lima bean sized piece of shit hanging on for dear life on the underside of the shaft. The cock itself already was rock hard and thick.

Now… most girls either would have shaken their heads or taken as little of the cock into their mouth as possible. Not Jo. She figured it was better to get the worst over with first. Dutifully, she leaned forward, her mouth as wide open as possible as she took at least four inches into her mouth. Everything was okay so far because her mouth hadn’t yet clamped down on the dick so she hadn’t tasted anything. But then she slowly closed her mouth onto it. As luck would have it, her tongue closed down with that lima bean sized turd right dab centre of it. Jo’s eyes suddenly got huge and started to water. And then she started to gag repeatedly and her entire body started to heave. It looked like she was going to vomit and, sure enough, after a minute of just holding the cock like this, not moving at all and just trying to take deep breaths… finally an eruption of brownish fluid burst out of her nose and we knew she’d puked. But still she didn’t back off.

In fact, later in the car she told me that the puke actually helped cut down the taste of the shit.

“Hmmmm,” I said. “Vomit and shit. What a great taste combination!”

“Vomit and shit on toast,” Jo said… and laughed.

But whatever she said later, for now it seemed as if the puke HAD helped as Jo began to slowly slide her mouth up and down the shaft… still gagging every five seconds or so, but not nearly as often or as violently as before.

“Still having fun, Jo?” she now was asked.

“Hmm hmmm,” she nodded, though not quite as convincingly.

This time her mouth focused on the one cock alone. After about five minutes, her mouth was rewarded with a big helping of semen and sperm (“another GREAT taste combination!” Jo herself said later), which she swallowed thankfully. But before she let her shit guy pull away, she took him back into her mouth, worked up a bunch of saliva and gave him a real good spit rinse. Then she swallowed and another little piece of shit which had been hiding slid down her throat.

“All nice and cleeeean,” she said proudly after she’d backed off.

“So…” I asked her sincerely. “REALLY… was that fun?”

“Uh huh,” she said, smiling. “It REALLY was.” And from the smile on her face and the twinkle that had returned to her eyes, I believed her. But I couldn’t help notice that she pulled her shorts up and buttoned and zipped them again before leaning forward to start her next blowjob.

“This little girl sure LOVES to suck cock!” the big black prostitute with the really curly hair said.

“Hmm hmmmmmm,” Jo happily answered herself.

Jo’s pretty mouth was dutifully working on cocks number 34 through 36 when the pizza arrived. Jo’s slice was passed all around the parking lot so every guy cold cum on it. Mike caught some of this one film. When finally it was handed to Jo, the top was completed coated with cum.

“Here’s your pizza, Jo,” we said, handing it to her.

“You guys are evil,” she said ominously. But then she opened her mouth and took a big bite.

“You like it, Jo?” we asked her.

“Hmm hmmmmmmmm,” she said, savoring the taste.

For the next fifteen minutes or so, she alternated between sucking two cocks and taking bites of her pizza. The thick crust wasn’t really covered in cum, so she didn’t eat it.

“You thirsty, Jo?” someone asked her.

“Hmm hmmm,” she said, now sucking again.

“Here you go.” And without hesitation Jo accepted his cock in her mouth and swallowed a bladder full of his piss. She choked a bit, but her eyes were smiling.

Before everything was said and done, Jo blew 47 guys between eight thirty and one when the party started to break up. We had over four hours of continuous film coverage of Jo that we all knew she’d be very proud of. As I watched Jo blowing her last big black dick, I realized then that we hadn’t seen Nadine in awhile. But then Mike spotted her walking across the parking lot towards us, coming from that same limo she’d been in. We stood around the still kneeling and working JoAnne and Nadine told us what her night had been like so far. It turns out that, after she’d blown all the occupants of the limo, the driver brought her to a downtown corner two blocks east from where she’d started, one that was even busier. And in four hours since she’d left here she’d been picked up 17 times and blown 36 men, all black and latino.

“There was ALWAYS a car waiting for me when I came back from a trick!” she said happily.

“Why didn’t you stay?” I asked her. “Tired?”

“Uh uh,” she shook her head. She’d just heard about the movie Jo was making and had hoped to be a part of it, at least at the end.

“Tomorrow’s YOUR night,” Alfonso said with a smile. “And little Jo here will work the streets.”

Nadine smiled. And then Nadine looked down at Jo and Jo looked up at Nadine and both noticed each other’s smeared lipstick and dripping eyeliner and couldn’t help laughing. Both girls’ lipstick was so smeared it was funny.

“That’s what the combination of spit, sperm and constant rubbing will do to lipstick,” Jeff said dryly.

Nadine continued laughing and Jo just agreed: “Hmm hmmmm,” she said, her lips now again wrapped around her last bone.

“Do you two want to go home?” I asked them after Jo had swallowed and we’d helped her up from her knees. I figured this had been a pretty tiring night for both of them. But Jo shook her head adamantly. She’d been listening to Nadene tell us about the fun she had been having working that corner. And while Nadene might have to wait until tomorrow night to be in a movie, that corner was available to Jo right now and she couldn’t wait.

“No way!” she said emphatically. “It’s only one o’clock and I want to go back to that corner Nadine found.”

Nadine nodded. She wanted to go back to. “It’s REALLY fun,” she told Jo again.

It took awhile for them both to fix up their make-up, but by one thirty we pulled up to the corner Nadine had been working. It really was busier than the other corner had been, with girls on both sides of the street and a seemingly endless parade of cars slowly driving by. Nadine and Jo stepped out of my car and went to take their place on the sidewalk. This time, I didn’t even have time to pull out from the sidewalk before Jo was running over to another car that was temporarily parked perpendicular to mine at the cross street not fifty feet from me.

‘Man! Those shorts!’ I thought again as she bent over to lean into the window. And then she turned her head quickly towards us and waved, laughing as the door was pushed open for her and she climbed into the front.

“We’ve created a monster,” Mike commented as he pointed towards Nadine who was starting to walk sensually up to another car. “These two girls are going to want to do this every weekend now.”

I smiled and nodded. Of course they would.

Jo still was waving and smiling ear to ear as her car drove off, with her and the driver in front and at least two more guys in back. I watched her a moment as the car waited at the stop light. Jo was laughing. She tossed her head back with glee and her hair swished so prettily. Her eyes were so full of fun.

I looked behind me. Nadene was negotiating and there was a line-up of cars parked behind her that stretched for two blocks. Nadene was right. These girls wouldn’t even get five feet onto the sidewalk before they’d be called to another car.

And then Jo’s stop light turned green and I watched her drive away.

‘Have lots of fun, Jo!’ I said quietly to myself. And I knew she would.

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