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The Bully Part 2

The idea of Soul Mates started with Greek Philosopher Plato. He proposed that long ago Humans were giants with two heads, four arms and four legs. But Zeus King of the Gods feared their power and split everyone apart. It is that drive to complete ourselves that fuels the search for the Soul Mate.

I was never one to believe in such nonsense, then I met Erin. There was just something about her that resonated with me. Where most people could see her tough angry shell I saw the scared and vulnerable girl within.

And so it was that a Month later I announced my epic plan.

"I'm gonna make Erin Hardy fall in love with me!"

"What?" Mouse asked.

"You heard me, Erin Hardy will be mine this I swear!"

Mouse ran over and placed his hand on my forehead.

"You don't seem to have a Fever..did you fall and hit your head? Quick how many fingers am I holding up?"

"I mean it man, she may be all tough and angsty but somewhere deep down is a girl who just wants to be loved."

"What are you talking about Scott, the Girl hates you! Do you remember when she sent that College wrestling guy after you?" Mouse asked.

Like I could ever forget! A few weeks earlier Mouse and I were hanging out at a local Diner when the familiar Pick-up pulled into the lot and from the back came a giant of a Man. The dude had no neck, just shoulders. He slipped inside the door and to our table.

"The Lady said you need to go!" he said in a voice that would send Andre the Giant running for the hills.

"Then why doesn't she come in and tell me, why send a Delivery Boy?"

Needless to say the Giant didn't like being called a Delivery Boy because the next thing I knew I was on the Blacktop with a split lip.

I tried to get to my feet but found I was unable. As the Giant came at me I slipped between his massive Haunches and came up behind him. With such a thick neck he had trouble turning his head and I used that to my advantage. I knew that a big guy like him probably has knee problems so a swift kick to the sensitive back of the knee was all I needed to send him to the ground, then a Roundhouse to the back of the Head and it was lights out.

"I remember winning that fight Mouse."

"Barely...but that's besides the point. How do you intend to even get close to Erin without he stabbing you in the liver?"

"Mr. Mendez's class." I said.

Mr. Mendez is the Biology teacher. As Teachers go he's actually very cool. His teaching style is fun and imaginative. Erin also happens to be in his class, and Mr. Mendez asked me to help Erin who was failing.

"I'm gonna seduce her while I help her pass Bio!" I said with a sheepish grinn.

"Yeah Good Luck with that!"

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