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An Object Lesson

The small packet clattered through the letterbox and Nick went to collect it. Picking it up, noting that it had no markings other than the word ‘URGENT’ in large letters.

‘Wonder where she’s got to?’ he thought, realising that his wife Amanda was now over an hour late in getting home.

Tearing open the packet, he found a DVD, unmarked, with nothing to indicate its content. Peering out of the window, he saw no signs of his wife or the person who had dropped off the packet.

‘Might as well see what’s on it. Probably another stupid sales promotion gimmick.’

Inserting the disk into the DVD player, the picture on the TV screen sprang into life with the head and shoulders of a masked man facing the camera.

‘We’ve got some unfinished business to deal with, big boy’ he growled in a voice that Nick didn’t recognise.

‘We’ve been asked by Mr D. to contact you about the money you owe him for that last little favour he did for you. Remember it? You’re kinda overdue and his boss don’t like that...’

Oh God!Not that.Nick was aware that he was due to pay that last big instalment, and he was sure that he still had a few days left. It was all supposed to be arranged. Oh shit...

‘..So we thought we’d just give you a little reminder to hurry things on a bit. Oh, and before I forget, we’ve got your lovely Amanda here. We thought she might help you to focus on the business in hand.’

The camera panned sideways and showed Amanda with two other masked men standing either side of her. She had been stripped naked and securely lashed to a vertical steel column in what appeared to be a derelict warehouse, her nude body startlingly white in the bright electric floodlighting. Her wrists had been tied wide apart high above her head to a crossbeam and her ankles were tied tightly together with rough hemp cord.

She stood almost on tiptoe, the strain showing on her face, reddened with fear and shame. Her mouth was gagged with what Nick recognised as her favourite red frilly-edged panties and secured with her tights. Tears and beads of sweat already glistened on her face and body, and saliva trickled down her chin as she fought to find a comfortable position, but there was no respite for her bound arm and leg muscles. The bastards had also tied cord around her breasts just for the hell of it, looping it between them in a figure-of-eight and tying it off behind the column.

‘We’ll be givin’ you some instructions soon about how to get the money to us. Meantime, we’re gonna have a little bit of fun with Little Red Riding Knicks here...heh heh heh! I promise you we won’t hurt her, just have some fun, if you know what I mean...? It’s what you might call an object lesson. Don’t contact the Police. We’ll release her unharmed as soon as you pay up’

Nick reeled in horror at the scene. He’d heard about these types of guys and how they didn’t like to be messed around with, but there wasn’t a lot he could do, and panic started to hit him. She’s my fucking wife, for Christ sakes but she's trapped, I’m trapped, and getting the Police would only create delays.

The ringleader turned away from the camera and nodded to the two men who bent down and slashed the cords at Amanda’s feet. She struggled and mewled helplessly into her gag, totally unable to squirm out of their way. Taking a leg each, they lifted and pulled them over her head, binding them securely to her already tethered wrists. Every inch of her body was now cruelly exposed to their gaze, her full bodyweight now suspended by her wrists, ankles and the ropes running around and under her breasts. Her bare backside was uptilted obscenely towards the camera, her buttocks stretched to the widest possible angle.

‘We’ll be in touch again soon, big boy!’ he grunted, and as he spoke, he turned to Amanda and slowly started to run his hand over her vagina and pubis, then down towards her anus.... she screamed louder into her panty-gag...

Dazed by shock of it all, Nick could only watch with growing fury and disbelief as the ringleader slowly inserted his middle finger into Amandas tight anus and pushed it in as far as it would go. She screamed another muffled scream, knowing full well that no one could hear her and no one could rescue her. The other men took a breast each and squeezed and twisted them for about a minute. Hands roamed at will over her belly, pubis, breasts and buttocks, probing, feeling, twisting, pinching...She prayed for it to stop. She had done nothing wrong and now she was the one being punished instead of that fucking stupid husband of hers!

Fingers entered her vagina, tugging the outer lips apart, exposing her clit to all in view. She felt utterly embarrassed and outraged, yet here she was, stripped stark naked and completely powerless to do anything about it.

A man’s mouth ground against her clit and nibbled it. The fingers dug deeper, and the ringleader now worked two fingers deep inside her rectum, stretching the anal muscle to its limit. A tuft of her pubic hair was gripped between a thumb and forefinger and slowly pulled out by its roots. She screamed again.

Agony lanced through Amanda’s body as she struggled and writhed once more to free herself, but to no avail. ‘OK boys’ said the ringleader’ Let’s get down to the real business.’

And at that point, the DVD ended abruptly, taking Andy by surprise.

He staggered from the room in a state of shock, trying to work things out. His mind was racing and his heart pounding as he sifted through all the options, but it looked hopeless. He hadn’t a clue where Amanda was being held captive or where to even begin looking for her. They said they’d be in touch again, but when? Fuck them... fuck Mr D and his perverted thugs. What the hell were they doing to Amanda right now?

The hours slipped by but the adrenaline was still rushing in his bl**dstream and Andy was in no fit state to think about sl**ping.
Suddenly, around 1.00am, the letterbox clattered again. He rushed like hell to the door, but the messenger was already roaring away in a fast sports car, tyres screeching round the next bend.

It was another small packet.

Tearing it open, he fumbled with it in his haste to load the DVD player.

‘C’mon, hurry up, play, damn you!..’

The scene was familiar – the masked hood in front of the camera and something going on in the background that he couldn’t quite make out.

‘Well, big boy. Had time to think about our situation..? I hope so, otherwise it’s gonna make things difficult for your little lady here. Mind you, we’ll be sorry to see her go. She’s been pleasing us every which way you can imagine. Quite a girl, your little Mandy. Knows a few tricks, heh heh...’

Nick struggled to make out what was happening in the blurred background, but the masked man was blocking the view.

‘Take a look.’ He grunted.

The camera zoomed in. Amanda was no longer tied to the metal column and her gag had been removed. They now had her suspended about a foot above the floor, facing upwards. Her legs and arms were spreadeagled to the widest extent, her wrists and ankles dragged hard apart and lashed securely by four lengths of cord from two lower crossbeams She looked very uncomfortable and sobbed continually. An old mattress had been placed underneath her and one of the men was already lying on it, his stiff penis poised to penetrate her backside while the other man stood between her oustretched legs, ready to enter her bruised vagina. The camera panned slowly over her sweat-streaked body as both men started to **** her.

‘Please, Nick, give them what they want..’ she pleaded ‘..or they’ll torture me’.

Nick could see from the bruises on her body that they’d already groped and abused her before taking it in turns to **** her in every orifice. Semen was oozing from her glistening vagina from a previous session and the labia were still puffy from the pounding she’d received. As a final indignity, she had earlier been f***ed to swallow the cum of the two men, each one ramming his cock to the hilt down the back of her throat making her vomit. Now it was the ringleader’s turn.

‘Open, bitch’ he shouted. ‘And no biting or I’ll whip the skin off your arse with my belt’

‘No..Please..’ she begged him ‘I’ve never done this before..please don’t do th...’

Her words were cut off as he pushed his cock into her mouth. Amanda gagged uncontrollably as he f***ed the head down her virgin throat.

‘Easy, baby. We’ve got a long way to go....’

She kept gagging and retching as his penis pounded her mouth. Suddenly, his rhythm changed. He speeded up his thrusts, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head roughly towards him. Try as she might, she could do nothing as his sperm finally pumped out and slithered automatically down her throat. At the same time, the other men grunted and spent their loads inside her.

‘So, listen up, pal. Here are the instructions.’

For the next 5 minutes, Nick was trying like hell to concentrate on what the ringleader had said, but he had to re-run the DVD to make sure he’d got it right. He had been f***ed to watch his stunning wife degraded once again as she struggled in the most helpless situation imaginable to free herself without success.
Eighteen hours later, Nick was at the rendezvous. He had managed to obtain the money and it was now just a case of waiting for the exchange.

A car slowly appeared and stopped about 50 metres away, the occupants taking care to check that Nick was there and was quite alone. Satisfied that no one else was around, the car drew up alongside him and a door opened. A man got out, opened the rear door and pulled Amanda out roughly. She staggered, her ankles still hobbled by cord and her wrists tied behind her back. She was still stark naked and gagged. The bastards couldn’t even give her a blanket to cover herself.

The exchange took place and Amanda slumped exhausted but safe at last into Nick’s arms.

‘Let that be a lesson to you’ growled the masked ringleader. ‘And by the way, when I said we wouldn’t hurt her, you know what? I fucking-well lied..Take a look at her crotch sometime..heh heh heh heh..’

Nick got Amanda home in the dead of night and started the long, difficult process of helping her back to some sense of normality. She seemed more distraught emotionally than physically, but within a few days, she had recovered a lot of her previous confidence and composure. Only then did she reveal to Nick what the ringleader had meant when he said ‘I fucking-well lied’.

The words ‘SEXY CUNT’ were tattooed indelibly on Amanda’s perineum, the sensitive little strip of skin that runs between a woman’s vagina and her anus...

This was more than just an object lesson.The bastards had decided to leave the couple a painful permanent reminder.

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