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" Seeing What I Could See"

This is a story part fact part fantasy/fiction of the experiences of a 6 yr. period of my life and admiration of the feminine form. I was 9 yrs old growing up in a farm f****y in Central CA in the late 50’s. Dad was a farmer, Mom a housewife and great mother, cook and seamstress. She was about 5’7” slim with wide hips and slender legs, somewhat plain. She had two s****rs one a twin that was about 5’3’ and one 3 yrs older and 5’9”+ and was a voluptuous 180#. She is the subject of this essay. This aunt, “A” I will call her always doted over me as I was by far the youngest of her 4 nephews and she and my uncle had no c***dren. We always got nice gifts from them at holiday time as they both worked and her s****rs’ income depended on the whims of agriculture so we were quite conservative.
One day “A” called to see if I would accompany her to bring lunch to my uncle who was coordinating shipment of fruit to various Bay Area canneries. Sure thing, as I had an interest in anything mechanical like trucks. “A” stepped out of the car and was dressed in a halter top and full skirt, the former something never seen at our house. Mom had just baked a pie so sent some along, her eyes rolled as she saw how her older s****r was dressed. I got in their new car, a 4 door hardtop, as she placed the pie in the basket in the back seat, I could not help but look as she bent over and saw the large “Boobs” as I was calling them then amongst friends. I had never seen so much unfettered flesh and noted a small beauty mark on the left breast on ¾ of way to the end. Wow! We drove off making small talk as she always had more news than I heard at home. Driving along we met a truck that caused a flow of air to come through the floor vent and cause her skirt to billow and roll up exposing two great white thighs that I could not take my eyes off of…never saw that at home. “A” smiled at me and said, don’t tell your mother.” Sure thing I said. Thus began my lifelong fascination with soft, large legs!
Time went by and thought of that day whenever I saw “A” which was at least every few weeks. A little over a year later I began to wonder what Mom’s thighs looked like as her calves were “skinny” as she said. Our old but neat farm house was laid out so all rooms were connected so one could walk around it in a circle. It had one big closet off of my room where all of our hang up clothes were kept, so Mom would sit on my desk chair when donning her hose. One day I got real brave and walked in, bear in mind I had also watched from around the corner a few times so was aware of the drill, she had just finished attaching the front garters when I asked her to show me “how those snaps worked?” She undid one and demonstrated how she doubled up the top of the hose and secured it. “Can I try?” I asked. “I guess, “she replied. She stood up and hiked up her slip to reveal a soft meaty thigh and I pulled the strap down to meet the top of the hose and attach it. That’s really tight,” I said, “It has to be, my legs are skinny and I don’t want the nylons to droop,” she replied. I still remember the soft flesh touching the back of my fingers. I got away with this a couple more times in the ensuing months and was finally told, “I think you know how they work now.” One more time when I was almost 13 and really getting curious I walked in when Mom was removing her nylons , just as she hiked up her dress for access, “I said let me unfasten those.” “Well, OK”, she said. I undid the right side and moved around to her left as she raised the dress and I could not resist copping and open palm feel of her upper thigh…WOW! That felt good I noted to myself, the dress dropped, she moved my hand away and said,” good boys don’t do that! If you want I’ll give you an old pair to play with!” End of show…nothing more was said.
About this time Aunt “A” and Uncle “P” move to a house about a mile or so from ours, a lot closer than where they had been. I remarked to “P” that the yard was quite large and he agreed. A couple weeks of mowing with a push mower, he purchased a new power mower and edger and asked me to do the job on Fridays after school. Now I could earn a little money and have some responsibility. This went on all through my High School years. Usually no one was home in the afternoon, but they let me go in the house and watch TV and have all the soda I wanted. Cool.
When school was out, I did the job on Friday mornings to avoid the heat and goof off in the afternoons or work on the farms with Dad. “A” was in between her two seasonal jobs in late spring and early summer so was home when I arrived. I always announced myself as she would not hear the bicycle. I always started in the front yard and when I was nearly done with it she drove off to town for a “beauty shop” appt. and to grocery shop, always telling me to have a soda and watch TV when finished…they had color by this time and we didn’t so even a game show was fun to watch. I usually stayed until she got back to help with the groceries and catch up on f****y gossip. I also snooped around a little in her bedroom too. I discovered she read romance magazines. Also one day mowing the back yard curiosity got to me and with washing on the line I checked her bra size…38-D…that made Mom’s 34-A look pretty paltry!
One Friday I arrived, announced myself through the kitchen door from the garage and noted the equipment was already out, I guess “P” had serviced them the evening before and left them out. I then grabbed a shovel and removed the dog poop from the back lawn. I looked through the kitchen window, across the table, through the hall and into the front bedroom. There “A” was encasing those big, meaty calves into her stockings! I hoped I hadn’t been noticed, as she stood up to fasten the back garters…I was dumbfounded by what I saw…gorgeous, big white thighs, long too as she was long legged like Mom. I noticed she really had to pull to attach the fasteners…no droop on these. Note to self…start in the back yard from now on, making note of the time. This was happening 50 feet away from me, but no less interesting! She was now just over 50 yrs. old but still was very pretty with her “paint on” like she said. Also she had put on about 30 lbs. since the skirt blow up deal a few years past. Mom and her twin had mentioned this weight gain too.
Now for the interesting part…
The next Friday was to be real hot so it was suggested at home that I do the yard deal early and get home to help on the farm. So I headed to Aunt “A’s” about an hour earlier than normal. I parked my bike and entered the back yard to announce my presence. I noticed the light on in the bathroom that was accessable from the garage and the shower was running. I thought she would not hear me, but I might grab a good show through the slightly open window. I’d better not…might get caught. So, I wheeled the mower and edger out of the garage and started clean up after the dog. When the shower stopped, I called out to her, “Here already?” she asked, “Gonna be hot today, early start,” I replied. “OK” was the reply. I was about the start the edger when I figured I’d better check the gas…both low. I walked back into the garage to get the can. As I turned to go out with the can “A” emerged from the bathroom, I was 10 feet from nirvana. She had her towel wrapped around her head and a tattered old house dress d****d over her shoulders, unbuttoned no less, carrying a bottle of shampoo and a brush in either hand so she could do nothing about the large gap in front. I was treated to the great mildly sagging breasts, even the elusive beauty mark, a nice womanly round belly, my first view of a pubic bush, and those fantastic soft, white thighs! “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said. “No need to be, I’ve always wondered what you were hiding under clothes!” I said. “You horny k**s!” she said. “No wonder with a body like that,” I boldly stated. She disappeared into the kitchen and I to the back yard, wondering if I had really screwed up. I was just about to start the engine when I heard my name from the kitchen window…”Honey, come in the house please,” she asked. I complied and there she was as I had just seen, but she was holding the house dress closed as she said, “I’ve seen how you have more than a small interest in me so I think it is time for you to see a real woman, follow me.” “OK,” I said. I followed her into her bedroom, watching those grand calves jiggling below the hemline of the old house dress. The bedroom was unlit except for sunlight passing around closed blinds, still not dark, though. “Here sit on the end of the bed,” she invited as she raised her arms to unwrap the towel around her head. As she vigorously dried her hair, the housedress fell to the floor! Here she was an arm’s length away from me fully naked! I watched with eyes wide as the large breasts swung and gyrated, seeing my first nipples…they were like half of a ladyfinger g**** each in the center of surprisingly small areolas no more than the size of a half-dollar. Wow! It was as time stopped. I saw her midriff now almost covered in breasts, her navel with a small ridge developing just above the waistline, the recently appearing soft belly looking as though it was standing guard over that wonderous growth of light brown pubic hair (the older boys told us it would always be black)…and those grand legs I was such a fan of, those big soft thighs had a little rippling due to what we would later call cellulite and a small smattering of faint spider veins, both of which make the view so much more unique. Auntie tossed the towel on the bed and asked me to pass her brassiere, using the full name, that was beside me. I held it by the shoulder straps so she could pass her strong arms through and she expertly leaned over and filled the awaiting cups with their bounty as she had done thousands of times before. She turned her back to me and said, ”fasten the hooks please.” I complied with trembling fingers as I pulled hard to make the ends meet thinking gosh, 5 hooks, Mom’s had only 2! Next she picked up the plain white garter belt and flung it around her waist and hooking it in front and then moving the hooks to the back.
“A” then sat on a chair at the end of her dresser and began to encase her legs in hose. She deftly gathered the material on her thumbs and pulled the hose over her ample legs, its volume used up barely half way to her hips. I noticed that grand patch of hair had now been concealed by two mounds of thigh flesh and that belly, as she sat. Next she doubled the tops and said to me, “I hear you know how to fasten these too, go ahead.” Mom must have spilled the story of a few years ago. Then she stood up so I could fasten the back ones, barely able pull the strap enough to make the connection. I then copped an open palm feel that was not rebuked. Man that feels good, I thought. I then noticed her behind for the first time, a pronounced “butt shelf” protruded under the waist line below which two beautiful round orbs appeared, divided by a deep “butt dart.” Next she shimmied into a half slip and pointed to a dress hanging outside her closet, “remember that?” she asked. “Sure, Mom made that for you last winter. I remember you coming over for a fitting,” I replied. A sharp shade of light green with white stripes and a pleated skirt attached. “Well I’ve got to put my face on and you have work to do.” she stated. “OK, but aren’t you forgetting something?”I asked. “What?” she asked. “Your panties are still on the bed.” I offered. She giggled at little and smiled as she put her right hand behind my neck and drew me close and whispered in my ear, “No panties today, I want my Fuzzy Place to be nice and fluffy for what we are going to do when I get back.” Outside I went with chills up and down my spine!
I had never done chores faster than that day, even moving to the front yard before “A” left for town. She backed the car out, got out and walked toward the rural mailbox to post a letter making that new dress swirl…with heels no less. “Turn on the cooler when you get done, OK.” “Sure.” The only thing to keep her from looking like Saturday night goin’ out was the kerchief around her soon to be styled hair! I finished the chores and went in to cool off and process the morning’s amazing events. Entering her bathroom, I cleaned up and thought I’ll just dry off with her still damp towel thinking of all the curves it had seen and felt. I grabbed a soda and sat down to rest, my heart still beating quickly. Also I must have dozed off too as the sound of her car in driveway startled me. I arose and ran to the garage to open the door for her and help with the groceries. We carried in the bags she put away the perishables as I put the rest on the counter. “I’ll put that away later follow, me.” She said. I couldn’t help but notice she had touched up her makeup, really accenting her high cheekbones. Those hips really swayed as we made our way again into the bedroom. “I’ll bet you turned some heads in town this morning.” “Well, I got several compliments and a whistle!”
She led me to the foot of the bed and put her arms around my neck as I put my hands on her waist. We were almost eye to eye thanks to her heels as I heard her say, “Now you can take off what you helped put on.” My again trembling fingers loosened her belt and began unbuttoning the dress relieving some of the strain caused by that full bust. I lifted it off trying not to muss the fresh ‘do and returned it to its hanger. As I turned around “A” had removed her slip and turned so I could release the bra. That done, turned to me and asked me to remove it, “Be careful there are under wires too. She gently lifted each orb as she offered them to me. My open hand ran down the left one and I felt my first nipple and gently pinched it, “put it in your mouth if you want.” I complied and also kissed that beauty mark on the way. The nipple felt awesome on my nose and lips as I got brave and kissed it and also ran my tongue over it too. It felt hard as a marble as I heard her moan lightly and inhale. That made me wonder if it had been awhile since she had this experience. “You better give other one some attention too, you know,” “Gladly,” I replied.
I stood up again an placed my hands on her wide hips and drew my right hand over that soft belly in several circular motions, then I got brave and moved lower touching the upper boundary of that lush, inviting growth of fur. I also detected a small mound of flesh also. “Now you are heading the right direction,” she encouraged. The sensation of the soft, semi-curly down was great especially as I looked and saw my long fingers almost disappear! My longest finger also felt the opening of her unseen love slit. “Do like how that feels dear one?” she asked. “Wow, I think I could become addicted to pussy hair,” I said. “You guys and that word, can’t you come up with a better one?” “I don’t know, that one has worked pretty well for a long time,” I stated. “I want you to put your face down there too.” “Ok.” She then reclined on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. I got down on one knee and approached…my nose was first, then turned my cheek to the softness and kissed the inside of her right thigh as a caught a slight whiff of her delicate perfume. I was surprised she had put a little dab there earlier. Her legs spread further, now releasing a new scent…the musky scent of a woman. The two intoxicating aromas mixed together made my body shudder slightly. “We better get going before you make a mess in your pants,” she offered. I then stood up and pulled my T-shirt off as she deftly unbuttoned the top of my cut-off jeans and unzipped them. Then her fingers entered the elastic of my briefs and down they came too settling on my size 12 sneakers. My now proud member was aimed at the ceiling as she touched it and felt its hardness. “Sure is bigger than when it changed your diapers!” “Boy I hope so.” Again she reclined on the edge of the bed and with its height and the addition of her “butt shelf” she said things would line up correctly. Those giant legs arose and spread as she guided me forward to a yet unseen goal. I felt my tool reach her opening as she said, “easy now, it’s a little dry…push some more, that’s it, a little more. OOOOhhh there you go!” I felt a warm moistness engulf my untested tool and began to pump a little harder and faster as a watched those glorious breasts heave to and fro and saw little waves of flesh course over her body as I held onto those soft thighs. I looked down to see our comingled pubic hair and began to pump faster yet. “Slow down, enjoy it.” “I can’t, almost screaming. She uttered a few moans and groans. Another school yard rumor was debunked right then…older women are not loose! I didn’t make 15 or 20 plunges as I began to feel an earthquake developing in my groin and electric ecstasy began coursing through my body, I felt my love nozzle began to send spurt after spurt of love goo into its newfound home. I said to myself, “this better than 10 jack-off sessions.” My knees started to give way as I started to fall…”lay on me. I’ll hold you,” she offered. I collapsed onto her chest into her strong arms and felt her feet on my buttocks, keeping me in place. I lay there for who knows, 20 seconds, 2 minutes, I don’t remember. I opened my eyes as I felt my no longer a rookie love rod slowly limbering, still feebly trying to send more goo out its conduit. As I looked to my right I observed a now flattened breast resting on her upper arm, its nipple almost disappearing into the surrounding softness.
“Best get up, these old legs are getting tired,” she said. I stood up slowly, as I was handed a tissue to wipe a couple drops of sex snot from its source. “A” had a hand full of tissues as she stated, “’you young guys sure can make a mess!” “Saving up, I guess.” Right then as she cleaned up I saw the pink place I had just been. She stood up then too, as I pulled up my briefs and cut-offs as her old house dress began to cover up her no longer mysterious, but no less interesting body. As I put my T-shirt on, I felt her finger on my still hairless chest near my left nipple,” look you have a beauty mark in the same place as me. We got those from your grandmother!” Gosh, a common thread between two diverse bodies. I faced her not knowing what to say at the time, but I stammered out an apology for my clumsiness and haste. She then looked up at me, placed my face in her hands, kissed my cheek and said, “don’t worry…there will be more Fridays.”
With that to look forward to, we walked to the kitchen. Auntie “A” opened her purse and paid me for the chores with a good tip too. She thanked me for the day as did I did her and walked out the patio door. “One more thing,” she said. “I know, don’t tell Mom,” as I beat her to the punch. I sped home on my bike trying to make sense of it all.

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