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Fucking her mom!

I sit now and remember the day I got to fuck my neighbor while studying hard for final exams! Hell that was incredible! Well, I got her mother as well. While I and Deborah continued to study together we got really close by time. And it should have happened one day! She would often time tell me about her parents and how her father was never home out on business trips and that he was always busy on his job. He worked as a top manager in some large company. Well, Deborah always suspected him of cheating on her mom. Once in a week, I think it was after I came back from high school, I saw Mrs. Stevenson’s’ husband Brad leave, I could tell it was business again: he had just packed his last suitcase in the car. Mrs. Stevenson sat there staring out the window watching her husband drive down the street. Then she noticed me staring at her, she smiled and waved.

I did the same, and then she waved me over. When I walked in, she was sitting in an arm chair juts near the window and I could get a better look at what type of cloths she was having on. She looked just like her daughter, about 5”8, a bit thick, with big round thighs, sun tanned, she was wearing a very short skirt with no panty line, and so I guessed that this mature lady was wearing some kind of strings or so. No pantyhose, just nice legs, and a blouse that was undone on the top showing her big white bra, hugging her large tits!

“Hi, Albert, how have your studying been going? Deborah said you passed the final exam and now you are going to apply for a college.”

“Yes, mam, it’s been a long hard year, but did it really good” I said smiling.

“Well I need a favor, if you don’t mind?”

“Yes any thing, Mrs. Stevenson”

“Please, call me Pamella, OK?”

“OK” I replied. Then she started off by saying:

“Albert don’t be offended by what I’m about to tell you, OK?” I nodded.

“Deborah has told me about your studying dates, and we often talk about sex, and she has told me that having sex with you was one of the greatest experiences in her life.”

I looked a bit puzzled and shocked but managed to urge a stupid smile on my face, and just nodded head:

“All right, what does this mean?”

“My husband has been cheating on me for some time now, I can’t prove it but I can feel it, and I want to return a hundredfold to him for it, Albert I want you to fuck me like you do Deborah and put it on camera!”

I looked at her for a second and with I hesitation I said:

“Can we start now?”

She got up, took me by my hand and led me upstairs. Before entering her room I asked where Deborah was, she said that she had gone out to the movies with some girlfriends of hers, and here was nobody in the house now. I said OK and proceeded in her bedroom. It was very nice and clean. A King size bed with a leather cushioned headboard, and lots of pillows. It was very spacious, just that of in porn movies, my first time in a milf’s bedroom I was anxious. She went into the closet and pulled out the camera! It was just a small camcorder. She set it up right behind the bed so that it could take every angle of the whole room, including the bed in the middle of the scene.

Before we started, she thanked me for doing this and told me to make it good, she said when her husband sees this tape, he would go mad to see his wife cheating on him with a guy much younger than her hubby. Then she smiled and walked over to the camera and turned it on. She walked back over to me and kissed me softly, and began taking my shirt. There was some skin oil on the night stand, she grabbed it and poured some over my body and moaned as if she was getting pleasure from this. She said:

“What a nice body you have, Albert! Nothing like my husband’s.”

I just nodded and let her continue. After I felt it was enough oil on my body, I ripped her shirt off. I stared at her for a moment and then kissed her neck sucking hard! She moaned. Then opened her large bra, she turned out to have nice perky tits, it looked just of the perfect size, not too huge or small, easy to cup! They stayed popping out, she had pink nipples just like her daughter, with the exception that her nipples were more erect. I cupped her left breast, squeezed it sucked it, and nibbled. Then I took the other one and did the same.

Her breast was so nice and firm. There was a bulge in my pants and she noticed it, she said that it looked like I was having a monster in those pants. I smiled and simply replied yeah. She started rubbing my cock through my pants. I grabbed the oil and poured some on her breast, and rubbed them a bit more, until they were fully erect. Then I pulled her short skirt down, that revealed her white thongs! I turned her around and dropped my pants to reveal my boxers and half erect penis. I slid my cock out of the hole in my boxers and shoved it between the string of her panties and slowly slid it in and out. She moaned feeling the touch of my 8”5 cock. After letting her get a feel of it, I removed her underwear and turned her back around. Then I went down to her perfectly shaved pussy. I dropped to my knees and teased her clit with her point of my tongue. I sucked her clit, licking it with my tongue continuously, after a minute she was grinding my face in her pussy with both hands begging me not to stop. And I didn’t! I turned over and let her ride my face to her climax. She came yelling and jerking on my face. I could feel her warm juices flowing in my mouth! The taste was different from that of Deborah’s! Then it was my turned, she laid flat on her back, with her head hanging over the side of the bed, with mouth open waiting for me to come inside her. I gently placed my balls in her mouth and she tickled them with her tongue.

Then I put the head of my now fully erect cock in her mouth it opened her mouth wide as much as possible! However I didn’t stop there, I shoved my cock down her throat until she gagged and chocked on it, with tears bursting out in her eyes! But that was only giving my cock more lubrication. She sucked all of my 8 inches to the balls deep every time, until I finally spewed my juices in her mouth and on her face. She gargled some and let it drip out of her mouth on to her breast! Then she licked it all up. When she was done with sucking cock, she was looking like a mess, her eyes were red and make-up was running off her face. I grabbed the skin oil, and told her to turn over. Then I poured a large amount of it on her big round ass. I rubbed it in real good, and fingered her ass hole just a bit!

“Do you like it in your ass?”

“Yeah! I really like it! Please fuck my tight ass!”

First I licked it just to get a taste, and the feeling of her tight asshole on my tongue was just incredible! Then I took my cock and f***ed it in her virgin ass hole. She screamed and moaned, with pain! I felt her ass contract around my cock.

I took long hard strokes shoving my organ all the way out and thrusting in with all f***e! Using all muscle, with thrusts and jerks! I showed this milf slut no mercy! She was a done slut and she needed a good fuck! When she finally couldn’t take it any longer, she stopped and told me to lie down. She climbed on top of me and went to work. She made sure she impaled all of my 8 inches inside her gaping wet dripping cunt! I could tell she was in love with it, it was like nothing she ever had! This mature slut was wild on top riding me like a horse, screaming, moaning, and begging me to fuck her harder! That’s when the craziest thing happened: Deborah came in! She had nothing but a robe on. Apparently, she had come back home early, and went upstairs without making nay noise, and when she heard lecherous moans from out of her mom’s room, she wanted to check it out. So I knew what she wanted, she came right in and sat on my face. I couldn’t believe what was happening! I was having a threesome with both of them, mom and daughter and both these babes were hungry for my cock and really wanted to be fucked!

When Deborah got on my face she rubbed her pussy against my mouth hard from beginning to end. It didn’t take much to make her cum all over my face! After a while she let her cum flow in my mouth. We switched positions, I started fucking Pamella from the back in doggy and fingered Deborah (who was standing on all her fours in front of me) the same way. Pamella finally came and she wanted me to do the same. She said that she really wanted my cum all over her! I fucked and banged her faster and harder and started grunting! Finally I pulled out and shot several huge loads of cum all over her ass!. We all just collapsed.

Then we watched the movie together. After Deborah got over the first impression, she wanted me to fuck her again. But we soon got interrupted by her mother. She wanted more. She ended up preparing the vide tape to her husband. And now she needed my cock not for the video, but for her own needs!

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