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I won a bet

I told you of a bet my wife and I made a while back and she won that one. Well I got her on another bet that I won. She was a gracious looser and said what do you have in mind? I said well I am feeling kinky tonight and I'll think of something, but while I am you go get showered and shave your pussy and ass hole bald. ( she keeps them shaved anyway ). She was off to the shower. I went in our room and started digging for something for her to wear. Since it was a warm evening I picked out her gray Elizabeth and James Mara tank dress , it comes about seven inches above her knee. no bra and her black Elizabeth and James wedge sandals. That's all. I went back down stairs to wait on her to finish her shower. I heard the bathroom door open and without coming out she called out I'm done, now what? I said your cloths are laying on the bed get dressed and put on makeup like you are going to get fucked. She said OK...then she said louder AM I ? I said maybe. She came down looking very pretty, just border line like she wanted to fuck. No panties huh she said. Nope that would spoil the idea. OK what idea are you talking about she said. This one I replied whith that I pulled a hot dog from behind my back and not one of those fat Ball Park franks either, this was the el-cheep-o long skinny hot dog. What in the Hell are you going to do with that she asked. I'm not going to do anything with it, you are. We are going to the mall , then you are going to stick it up your pussy leaving at least two inches hanging out.You will then walk around while I do some shopping. But it'll fall out she said. Well how loose are you tonight I asked. You bastard ,she spouted back at me. What? Why am I a bastard ?I smerked at her. You know good and well Mark was over here most of the day while you where at work. Oh really ? Ummm sounds like you are going to have to keep your mind on what you are doing then I told her. If that hot dog falls out while you are walking everyone will know where it came from. We drove to the Mall on the North side of Atlanta , nicer mall , parking lot full of expensive cars and SUV's. As luck would have it I found a spot just a few feet from one of the mall entrances. Hey look we are up front, you don't have to walk so far I told my wife. Yeah but I have to put that damn weiner in while people walk around us. Just do it fast I said, then I opened my door and walked around to open her's, I wanted to see her pussy as she got out of the car. I opened the door and she had already inserted the lucky weiner. She stood up and steped a few steps out and turned her back to me. Can you see it hanging down she asked? No , I told her it isn't showing. Then I took her arm and we started toward the door. Squeeze tight I said softly...shut up she said. If I make you laugh you think it'll fall out I asked her. I know it will I can't even feel it . just inside the door are the escalators that go to the third floor. I lead her toward them. Here you go on first I pushed her arm and made her step on. I waited till about six steps pasted before getting on. That way I could see up her dress. No one else was on near us. I said loud enough for her to hear move you legs apart some. She shook her head no but did it anyway. I could see about half an inch of the dog just inside the hem of her dress. When we got to the top I once again took her arm and as we walked I told her that I could see the hot dog sticking from her pussy. She freeked and almost reached down to push it up. I said no leave it alone. Hey you want to try on some shoes I asked. She gave me a go to Hell look, she loves trying on shoes and I know that, but she can't set down with that all beef cock in her with out it squirting out. I made her walk that mall three times, she is a trooper. I kept saying if you don't follow my orders we will never bet again. After we had been there a couple hours she said she needed to pee. We walked to the rest room area, usely it's very crowded because it's next to the food court. She started to go in the ladies room but I pulled her arm and made her stop. What? she said, let go I need to pee. I stepped in front of her and reached under her dress and pulled the weiner out. I took a bite of it and said hurry back. The rest of the night was a lot of allowing young boys to upskirt her while she acted as if she didn't know. We went by the upskirt capital of Atlanta , Lennox Mall on Peachtree. The food cout is on the lowest level and the escalator to the second level runs over the tables. There are always boys hanging out waiting for a peek. They got one. she rode all the way up with her feet a good two foot apart. We had a good time showing off her ass and pussy, she didn't get fucked though, she blaims that on me being with her....

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