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The genisis of my foot fetish

In the early 70s, there was a show I watched called Land of the Giants .. was kinda cool .. but not nearly anything like this.

Some of the most mundane things can shape a persons life FOREVER and that show was one of them. .. It took me several years to understand why I am a bit of a deviant such that I am... harmless .. but changed nonetheless.

For a girl who wants it, I enjoy -- and actually desire -- , to be objectified for her so she can be unhindered. The foot fetish is taboo but very primal and symbolic. I love what it does for her. She can feel something erotic and at the same time, she can feel her power whilst at the same time, dominating over her partner. I can express my appreciation of her.

While I like to sub for a girl, I am versatile, but up to about my 30s, I really never quite understodd why I really thrive on some kinky things. However, taking "the walk" ...I now understand why --

The walk: I had to search my life's past experiences to discover and learn why I am like I am ... .. I learned that from my Sensai believe it or not .. :-)

I had always felt that I became deviant when I was merely a boy, but never realized when.... my mother and father avoided the inevitable telling of life's stories at all costs, birds and bees and that sorta stuff .... leaving me to learn on my own .. anyway ..

If I remember correctly, her name is Roxanne, a s****r to my c***dhood friend and nextdoor neighbour .. and my babysitter. She was a bit of a *Biatch* at first and somewhat dominating in that she like to bark out orders, and she was very comfortable being in control. I believe it was a power game for her, right from tjhe start. But I was a k**, ... I think she clearly knew that, and when I didnt obey her orders, she would punish in unusual ways. I would say the weirdest thing she did was swallow my frog ... that was later on down the road. But anyway, punish .. in the kinds of ways that are totally inapropriate... I think after a while that it put her in a state of arousal -- unbenkownst to myself at the time.

She was a 15 ~ 17 yr old girl and me only 9 or so .. through to age 12 we aged those 3 and a half years together. .. anyway ... she was pretty. Richard, my friend, told be that she was an aspiring model. She was earning pocket money and was already a woman in my eyes of course and twice my size ... a boy's wet dream really, tall stature, with the mandatory height of 6 foot 2, she had a mouth like Sandra bullock .. hehe .. overly full lips, dirty-blonde hair and stunning natural good looks, she had it all. I was more of a nerd than anything else and really regarded her as business at first, with a casual disregard.

.... She babysat for my mom for about 4 years and in the beginning, there was nothing unusual. I liked her, but it took a while. The reason for that was because the first time I misbehaved and didnt listen to her, I discovered how strong she was because she pinned me for an hour, on the couch, beneath her, using her abdomen, her weight and ... her feet. I was so angry UGH!! ...I struggled to fight back and nope .. I couldnt.

One time, she pinned and tied me (!) and whilst I was having a fit she sat atop me and buried my face under her feet until I calmed down. I struggled with everything I was worth trying to get my face out from under her huge feet ... like size 13 .. they had to be .. Anyway I was furious, and totally humiliated. I completey tired myself out all the while her soles remained pressed firmly into my face and she leisurely arched them and adjusted them over my mouth, eyes, nose... I hated her!! .. at least for a while ..

Well at first I hated her, wished death upon her ... speeding truck and that sorta thing ..but then, after, she'd go home when mom came back. I would tell my mom and she would look at me kinda funny and then giggle/joke about it. She just didnt think anything serious of it and told me "well then, behave yourself next time" --Gawd, .. so alone now, I had time to think about it, and perversly, I discovered that I actually liked it. Now I hated myself ... for liking it. Strange huh? A boy who was quickly bedcoming a perv. And after only a couple months it turned into a crush.

As the time passed, I now regarded her as something else but not really understanding what. She was a big beautiful shapley young girl but she took advantage of it, and me, and lived out a couple of fantasies for herself ... of course I could never had understood this but FWIW, I now loved it. After the first year or so and our inital rough start, she began one day by simply saying to me that she thought that I was so cute, so sweet, that she could just eat me. The first time she said this she kinda just joked about spreading butter on me and literally eating me. I instantly tingled at the thought. Later, she took pains to actually describe what she would do with me. I am watching my show I mentioned earlier, she comes in and tells me if I were only a tiny shrunken boy, caught like the one in the scene on the show that she just walked in on -- Not on one occasion, ... but many -- she would torture and eat me.

From stirring me into a strawberry yogurt cup to watching me struggle, mired deep into a thick chocolate pudding, things that wieghted me and mired me in sticky, strength depleting thickness, really drove her nuts, and she would literally demonstrate with anything she had to eat at any given moment, animating her mouth and her tongue. She told me that she should swallow me just like this: gesturing to her swallowing action.

Well .. the strangest thing she did ... was kinda mean. She had teased me for a bit -- said that she would swallow my frog(s) if I didnt behave .. she wanted me to watch her. I thought she was k**ding so ... I didnt believe her ... But nope .. I dared her because I thought I could finally challenge her and win .. nope -- Whole and alive ... I was hypnotized when she was doing it.. I thought for sure she was only going to go so far and then laugh and stop, so I could not resist .. I guess I kinda wanted her to do it. Moreover, as I watched her large mouth, I WANTED to be the frog .. I was so jealous as I watched her .. and she did it..(!)

Those were the strangest 3 minutes of my life. She held it in her mouth for quite some time, and with her mouth full, she was describing the bitterness, until it actually scrambled or panicked and jumped right down her throat quite unexpectedly -- she ate it, I can still vividly see the surprise gulp. I was so shocked I couldnt move. .. but eventually, I just said " Oh my God" and kinda laughed .. I thought I would be angry, I guess I kinda was a bit but not much. I felt a whole new range of emotions. The first of which was awe and then it made me mad,.. and then back again. I thrilled though .. she exclaimed that she could feel it inside her, jumping around and then she reaches for my hand and places it on her stomach touch her belly and feel it....

That was a galvinizing moment.

She was an artist at words and after seeing that, I could not help myself but to watch her eat anything, slowly and deliberate, I loved to watch and hear her consume anything, quietly wondering. Fantasizing about being squeezed tight, and sliding down into her...

She graduated her taunting. I could listen to her vivid tales of me, struggling helplessly inside her mouth while she tossed me about with her tongue, washing and drowning me in her sweet sticky wet mouth .. and eventually feeling me slip down her throat as she swallowed.

She used words and language like a surgeon ... This at 11 years old, and I was hypnotized. It did not take long for me to lust after her .. I dreamt of her. I think I may have had wet dreams from then on just thinking about how, over and over, I could find myself inside her mouth. She was so hot and I wanted it ..., to be consumed by her, to contribute my whole being to her beautiful self.

But it did not stop there. She enjoyed her dominance over me. As I said ealier, She had unusually large (like size 13) feet, but in hindsight, And she always came over barefoot because she only lived in the half/house next door. It was almost routine for her to position herself onto the couch (on top of me) knowing full and well that I was there, asl**p, or not, in such a way that her feet were astride my head while she layed atop of me and watched TV .. I remember waking once in a while and I opened my eyes to see that the bare sole of her foot was right in front of my face.

I thought she wanted something but not sure what. I did however want to just snuggle right up into it .. hehe, well .. I did not have to wait ... she gently nuzzled it right into my face with her other foot gently urging on the backside of my head. She loved it, she wanted to massage my face under her foot. She even tested the limit with her toes gently playing on my lips, wanting to see if I would do it... what .. eat them .. hehe

-- This is c***d abuse these days -- no?

Yucky... ... if I did let her toes in she would slowly urge and leave her foot in my mouth so I didnt do it .. but if I did not, she would squeeze my head between her feet, totally enveloping my face/mouth/nose with them..

In any event I was feeling strange emotions that I now identify with being turned on .. but I did not understand my feelings .. myself .. let alone .. sexuality... gEesh .. I was a k** but at the same time, I enjoyed being her plaything. I'm sure she understood exactly what she was doing but did it anyway.

While I was not really understanding this I cetainly enjoyed it However, not understanding did not preclude me from actually desiring to be under her. Under her spell, under her in any way.

If she was getting herself off. I would have never known. It would have been her secret,... and I realize now that that was a turning point in my life. As I grew a little older and moved away, I realized that I actually might have grown to love her, or so I believed, because I missed her sorely .. I longed to see her but I dont, and never will, know if it was the same for her.... I just remember wanting to be her anything .

So she became my most bizzare memory .. I remembered, willfully wanting to be a chocolate ...When she came over I tingled knowing that I was going to get smothered by her huge beautiful feet .. ;-) She would literally spend a couple hours just enjoying me, watching a movie or reading a book .. I would pretend to protest and she would smother. I wanted to taste the salt off her, her skin became intoxicating ..Is that normal ?? I dont know .. you tell me ...

I had to age a few years to understand where my perversion first arose because in the absence of guidance from both my father and mother .. who were (thankfully) oblivious, I did not really understand that I was not "normal" I had to learn why I am like I am .. I have had both fetishes ever since .. but no one ever taught me how to integrate them .. how to manage them into a relationship because these are not relationship components .. are they? I enjoy them though, if anything, she helped me in a strangely positive way because I really do enjoy them, and hey, I have learned that some girls actually search/yearn for this kinda stuff.

Long story huh ?

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