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How I made to orgasms to my horny teacher

It happened a long time ago when I was studying in university. I was a freshman there in the university. I had my first ever row of exams I was really freaked out to take. I had only a few days to prepare for my exams and I hadn’t had anything in my empty head. I didn’t study any of the English and I had to do that exam in order to pass to the next semester.
Professor told me to come and see her on January, 3rd. I had no time to prepare for the exam because there was too much partying and I was still a bit hangover. I had no desire to prepare myself but I still had to go and at least show up.
And so I came to university without knowing what the hell to come up with in order to pass the exams. There were many English language classrooms in the building and I had to run around to find for my professor. By the way, my professor was an old lady, very strict one who was very difficult to get along with. So, while looking for the old dame I bumped into a young teacher. I had seen her before, like a couple of times. She was sitting alone in the classroom and I came in. I asked her if she knew where my professor was at and she told me she didn’t. She added “May be I can help you out?”, and gave me that sexy look. I told her I doubted it.
Finally I found the old lady and there were so many people waiting in line. I knew there was no point for me to wait and then fail. I stood there for a little while and decided to go to that young sexy teacher. I thought maybe she could help me get a grade. I was really looking forward for my last chance.
She was like:
“So, you’re back, huh?”
“Yap.” – And I sat down at the desk right in front of her. I tried to explain her entire situation and that I had no idea how to pass to the next semester and she interrupted me. She asked me for my name. I told her and she confidently introduced herself.
“So, you’re saying there is too much you have to do at the exam, because you’ve skipped it beforehand?”
“Oh, yeah, there are lots of papers I need to submit and I don’t have any!”
“I agree to help you out and to make sure you pass to the next semester if you earn it.” –she said and her eyes were piercing me.
“How can I do that, mam?”
“You will go to bed with me,” she said, as if it was something absolutely natural. “You know, I haven’t had a man in my bed for a while, and you’re a handsome guy… So, fuck me and if I like it I will make sure you pass your exam.”
After a little shock I was like why not. It was one-time opportunity in life to get to fuck this gorgeous woman and benefit from it.
“Sure, mam… what am I supposed to do?”
“Let’s go. We’re going over to my place.”
We got up. She put on her coat and we drove to her house. On the way there she asked me about my classes, what I wanted to do in future and other stupid shit like that. All I could think about was her round ass, how I would fuck her softly and tenderly.
As soon as we came in I could tell she lived on her own. Right when she closed the door I started taking off her clothes. I took off all of her clothes and was amazed by the most beautiful body I‘ve ever seen in my life.
The closest room was the kitchen and this is where we went. There was this huge table and I picked her up and placed her sitting on it. I started caressing her body, kissing her all over. My dick was hard and ready to work on my ‘exam’. I took it out and she was like ‘god, yours is big… I haven’t had a big one like this.”
I didn’t say anything. I just shoved it inside her. She was like “ouch…” and I fucked real hard. She was moaning and shaking and in a few minutes she was having an orgasm. I stopped. She lied there for a minute and asked me:
“Do you really need to pass the exam?” – She smiled…
“Hell, yeah!”, and I turned her around so that she was standing on the ground but her trunk was lying on the table. Her beautiful ass was there for me. I drove in my dick right up to her butt-hole. She screamed as I shoved it inside her and said she has never been shagged in there before. “Fine, I’ll be the first one,” I told her and went on harder. She was screaming! In a few minutes she had another flow of orgasm.
Her body was shivering and stimulating my explosion. I inserted my dick as deep as it got and ejaculated a huge dose of sperm inside her guts. When I was done I came out and that bitch was like “Not bad… Not at all.”
“Oh, really? But that’s not it.” I told her that I want to work it all out and thank her for being so nice to help me out. My dick got hard right away. I took a chair and sat down on it. I took my partner’s hand and took her closer to my dick. I put her vagina sitting on my dick. She started jumping on my dick and I held her hips, I tried to push her down on me as much as it was possible. Very soon she reached her third orgasm after which she collapsed on me.
I picked her up and took my dick out. I asked her to get me cumin. She sat down on the floor and began sucking it with so much passion I was in blast.
I was in blast I couldn’t keep myself from cuuming for too long and I shoot my second dose in her mouth. She swallowed it all with greed and even licked off the dickhead, kinda like cleaned it off. Then, as soon as she was finished cleaning me out she got up and said:
“Give me your school ID number, I will make sure you pass the exam and will continue studying in our university.”
I wrote down my college ID number and got dressed. She looked at it and said:“If you ever have any problems with the English, let me know. I know how to help you out. “
And she gave me that killer smile again. She was this sexy Punjabi lady I will never forget, and she was the one who got me speaking English this good.

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