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Lust for Bareback

I was introduced to a lot of new things when I was in my late teens, many of them through my girlfriend at the time. I had led a largely sheltered life until I met Amber. She was a spunky little blonde that appeared innocent, but was really a naughty girl. She was about 154 cm with shoulder length blonde hair, a thin waist, and 34B tits.

We were very much opposites in a lot of ways, she also hung out with a different crowd than I did. Till that point I had abstained from most all the vices that normal teens partake in. But eventually I too was corrupted and I started drinking, tried pot, and lost my virginity.

She was hesitant to make our relationship sexual at first, but from the moment we first had sex she suddenly became insatiable. We would screw everyday after school got out. It was a very new and exciting thing for me. She would insist on using condoms every time because she didn’t want to go on the pill. That was fine with me but eventually what was new and exciting became trivial and routine. We had been going steady for awhile now so eventually the pillow talk led to trying bareback sex.

I was intrigued because she was no stranger to it and told me how it felt so much better than protected sex. It’s much more vivid, and it feels much more natural, the way it was intended.

Of course I was excited about the prospect of it. So she got the plan B pill and one night while my parents were away we finally went through with it. Right away I could tell the difference, the texture, the heat, the tightness, it all felt so right. I relished the smooth creamy grip of her pussy as we rut our bodies together in a rhythm as old as time. The increased sensitivity was incredible, but it also made holding off my orgasm more difficult.

But all good things must come to an end and a familiar tingle started to surge through my groin.

My breath became ragged as I felt my balls tightening, eager to release their load. I tried to tell her I was going to cum but I could only gasp and grunt as my climax drew closer. I was mere strokes away from the threshold but this it was much stronger than normal. I catapulted myself across it and knew there was no turning back now as I made the few final thrusts before my groaning, shivering body became rigid and I locked myself deep inside her. I clutched myself to her and emitted a strangled groan as my cock begin to spasm and rocket my thick load into the depths of her velvet kitty. I pumped my balls into her, spouting spurt after spurt of hot cum until my spasms subsided and we were basking in the afterglow. This experience was supposed to be a one time thing, but as we both lay entwined together gasping for breath, I knew there was no going back.

Over the next couple weeks I begrudgingly used protection, but every time we would make love it just seemed so lacking. I would thrust into her and remember how much more exquisite she felt with my bare cock in her cunt. I longed to savor the caress of her raw moist pussy and give her a belly full of cum. So I conveniently ran out of them one day, as we were engaging in our traditional foreplay. We were spooning on my bed, one hand around her belly, another stroking her hair.

She wasn’t aware that I had run out of condoms yet but I knew once I got her going she couldn’t say no so I began to kiss her neck and ears while my other hand fondled her breasts through her shirt. She moaned approvingly and started to grind her ass against me. I leaned over and our lips locked in a passionate kiss as my hands worked together to remove our clothes.

When her breasts were freed I turned my attention to them. I slowly kissed my way from the outside edge in a circular motion, making my way to the center. She groaned and sighed in approval as I tenderly nibbled and licked her nipple. I did this to the other breast as well and soon we were both naked with me lying on my back as her straddled my waist.

She asked me where the condom was and I told her that I didn’t have any. “But baby we can’t have unprotected sex, I’m not on the pill,” she groaned. I knew the risks involved but I stood firm in my resolve to relive the wonderful feeling of bare sex. “I know baby but I want you so badly…,” I crooned sucking on her nipple. Her resistance seemed to be fading; “You’re playing with fire you know…” she grinned and trailed off as I knew she would offer no more resistance. I gently laid her on her back and positioned myself for entry. I rubbed my head along the lips watching her flinch groan as the anticipation was getting to the both of us. I eased the tip in and attempted to exert some restraint but after I sank a couple inches in I buried myself inside her in a single thrust. She gasped at the feeling of me suddenly bottoming out inside her.

There was no stopping me now as I began to merrily rut and thrust into her. It was everything I remembered it to be until I remembered that one little detail. Last time she used the plan B pill, which she didn't have this time. And as much as my balls wanted to make a deposit, I wasn't too keen on being a dad while trying to graduate from high school. I reasoned that if I wanted more stamina that if she sucked me off first I could hold back much easier.

Even though she wasn’t very fond of giving head, the prospect of being a mother didn’t seem any better so she begrudgingly agreed. So I laid back and watched and she hesitantly put my cock in her mouth. I don’t think she had ever tasted herself before as she seemed to recoil a bit and take her time. I noticed a lack of effort and looked up to question her as she was stroking my cock and seemingly contemplating something. After a moment she seemed to reach a decision and gave my cock a quick kiss, then swung her hips over my legs and straddled me.

I could tell she was up to something but couldn’t figure out what so I asked her “What are you doing?” She grasped my cock and began stuffing it into her snatch and purred “It can tell that I’m about to have my period, so you can cum inside me.” “How can you be so sure?” I inquired. She giggled and said “Because I know how my own body works silly,” as she impaled herself onto my rigid dick. I didn’t feel I was in a position to argue so I laid back and let her ride me. As I savored the feeling of her tight pussy riding my shaft my head was spinning with questions. How does she know it’s safe? What if she’s wrong? What if she gets knocked up? What would my parents think? What would I do!? But all that melted away as I felt the pleasure spread through my body.

After letting her ride me for awhile I wanted to take control so I laid her on her back and resumed my thrusting. I cum much more easily in this position, so it wasn’t long before I felt my balls beginning to tighten. A voice of reason cried out in a final vain attempt to get me to stop so I asked her one more time “Are you sure I can cum in you?” “Yes baby,” she whimpered. “Do you want me to come inside you?” I gasped. “Yes!” She groaned. After that I had no reserves and began to prepare myself for lift off.

I began thrusting rapidly within her trying to bring myself to sweet release. We grunted and groaned as we rut and threw ourselves against each other, both knowing that I could not hold out much longer. My thrusting became more erratic as my breathing became more and more uneven. I could feel my release coming closer as the bubbling in my balls became increasingly hard to ignore.

My body went into launch mode and I began to thrust at a furious rate with short deep strokes. I was shivering and trembling with the need to release, as I felt my balls getting tighter and tighter. I could tell I was seconds away and I focused all my essence into this glorious release. I roared past the threshold and I let loose a triumphant cry as I felt my nuts fully contract and the spasms surge through my body. I buried myself as deeply as I could into her and froze as glob after glob of hot semen began to invade her satin depths. A thunder coursed through my loins and roared in my ears.

My body tensed and shook as my rigid cock spat and throbbed deep within her tight kitty. Rope after rope exploded from my quivering shaft, bathing her vaginal walls in my baby batter. I shivered, gasped and trembled in sweet, sweet release until the spasms slowly subsided and we lay basking in the afterglow. One of my hands lazily descended to caress her smooth ass while the other clutched her to my chest. “Oh my god… that was so good!” she panted.

I could only nod in approval as I tried in vain to catch my breath. It was even better than the first time and I think part of it was even though she said she was safe there was still a risk associated with it. Even if it was slim the chance of her getting pregnant was a big turn on to me. So we laid there and talked for a little while. We both felt really good and eventually I was rock hard again. I looked at her and said “Shit I’m so hard again, I have a right mind to take you ag…” I trailed off. She didn’t need to say anything, the look in her eyes told me she would offer no resistance.

I quickly got on top of her and we both gasped as I filled her with my manhood. This time it was less fierce and more loving and slow. With my newfound stamina I relished the touch of her love canal as I took slow deep thrusts within her. After we had made love for a time I picked up the pace and fucked her nice and hard. I thrust with renewed vigor as she writhed and shuddered beneath me. This is what it was meant to be like I said to myself.

Here I am, balls deep in my girl, no barriers between us, just skin on skin like nature intended it to be. It was much longer this time before I felt myself approaching my climax. This time there were no reserves, no hesitating, and no questioning. There were no words exchanged, there was only certainty. The certainty that I was about to release my load and she was to submit herself to me and receive it.

This time it began very subtly. It started very deep in my loins and slowly advanced through my limbs until it finally consumed me once again. We both came to a glorious release as I buried myself deep within her once more and pumped another hot load deep within her belly. After that we were a sweaty mess so we got in the shower together. One thing led to another and soon her thirsty snatch was devouring yet another fresh load of cum from my balls…

The next few hours were filled uncertainty as my paranoia got the better of me. But I was able to breathe a sigh of relief later that night when she told me that she was on her period. And though I had dodged the bullet now, my lust for bareback sex would only grow stronger with time…

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