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My best friends mom

My best friend, Robby, and I were over at his house one day, wasting away another summer day trading baseball cards and stuff. We were both the same age, and had been best friends all our lives. Living just two houses away, we saw each other frequently.

It was about noon when we were in his room, and Robby's dad came into the room. "Hey, sorry guys, I gotta run up to the store real quick and get some wax for the car. Either you all can stay here with your mom, or go with me."

We both decided to go with him, but as we were leaving, their phone rang. Robby's dad picked it up and it was my mom, saying I needed to come home for lunch. After saying our byes, Robby and his dad took off. I decided to take the shorter way home, and cut through their backyard. I was walking around the side, and soon as I turned the corner, I thought I had reached heaven.

Standing there, apparently watering the plants, looked to be a goddess; Robby's mom. Although I was only about 13 or 14 years old, she had been the subject of my "stroking sessions" for many nights. Ok, almost every night. She was about 5'9, gorgeous golden blonde hair, and tanned to perfection. Although I didn't always go for girls with a big chest, this woman was stacked. She at least was a D-cup.

She was there on the back porch, half bent over giving her plants a quick soaking, since there hadnt been rain in forever. All I could see was her back, and I didnt see any bikini straps or nothing. She was topless! With my jaw probably dropped down to the ground, I lowered my gave to those two, perfect bubbles for an ass. She was perfect. Apparently she had been sunbathing, and boy, just looking at her from a distance I can tell you that the sun has done her good.

She turned around and caught me in my trance. Damn, i felt like I was gunna die. I must of turned 30 shades of red, and then I started blurting stuff out like "SORRY!", but I knew it was of no use. She quickly grabbed her arms around her chest and turned around, but rotated her head so she could still see me. She grabbed her bikini top and put it on. She walked over to me, put her hand on my head, and said it was ok. Although still embarrassed, that eased me nerves a little bit. She asked if I wanted to help her, and forgetting about lunch I agreed to.

Every once in a while I would catch her glancing over at mewith a sort of smile on her face, and after about 15 minutes of this, she finally layed back down on her foldout chair and asked if I could put some suntan lotion on her. My dreams were coming true! After I smeared some on her back, she turned to her front, pulled out some of that oil that gives those muscle builders that shine, and she put it all over her body. It looked amazing.

Figuring my job was done, I started wondering on home. Robby's mom ( her name is Mary) grabbed my arms, turned me around and said " You think that I dont know about your dreams of me. I see you all the time look me up, and in fact, it turns me on." Laughingly she said " I didnt think i could appeal to younger audiences."

I was in awe. But before I could process what she said, she pulled me on to her and my head slammed against her stomach. Aww man, her stomach felt so warm, and smooth i wanted to just fall asl**p there. I pulled myself up to where I was stradling her by her legs. She whispered to me eroticly, " Go ahead, I'm yours".

This all happened so fast, I though I was dreaming. I mean, this woman, wh for thirteen,f******n years had been so kind and nice, was yearning for the same thing I had been for years. I couldnt believe it. I was quick to take off all of my clothes and before long, I saw myself rubbing her cunt over her shiny pink bikini. Now I must say, I have always loved the feel and look of latex, the way it rubs and is so sleek, and seeing this woman in a tight little pink, latex bikini made me wild.

I was hard in seconds, all 6 and a half inches of me. I decided to lay down on her, still stradling her. i started thrusting and rubbing and grinding my cock allup and down that shiny latex bikini, while burying my head between her chest. All of the body oil and lotions that she had put on earlier made everything twice as nice, as my body was gliding all over her. Rubbing my teenage body all over her midsection felt so good, and as the oil began to lubricate between the bikini bottom and my thick meat, I knew I couldnt hold out for long. The pleaseure was unmatchable, I felt my eyes roll back as I let my body take over. She was so warm and inviting I just couldnt stop. Her golden skin was so shiny from all the oil, and I was sliding all over her. Finally, after what felt like eternity, the situation just took over me. I tried to think of it all at once, the lubrication of the oil over her pink bottomand the warmth of her cunt took over, and I shot my load all over her stomach. Rope after rope of my hot love cream was all up and down her stomach. It was pure ecstacy. She reached down and took a three fingers full of my cum, and swallowed it whole.

After I regained the feeling in my legs, I got up and went down to her feet. By now she had taken off her top and I was in charge of taking off the bottom part. I untied it and it must of weighed twice its normal weight for it was covered in juices of all sorts.

I lunged between her legs and took her cunt into one mouthful. I tounge fucked her for what seemed like hours. I picked up the pace and before long a powerful orgasm ripped through her body and I could feel her muscles tighten up as she moaned with pleasure. Man, what a sight, looking up from her vagina you could see her golden brown stomach, still covered in my cum, then on up two those beautifuly huge breasts, glistening with all the lotion, and the up to her face, which was covered in sweat from her saved up orgasm.

By now I was recovered and my member was begging for more. I got up to her, straddled her again, and took my cock and placed it on her vagina. She sounded like a dog, begging for me to get in her. I eased it in quite slowly, but started to pump once her cunt had swallowed my whole manhood. I rested down upon her and started to pumpin and out. I started to get a little more f***eful as time went on, and I could feel her tighten up again.

I gazed up at her and with every pump I had, I was swaying her body and making that gorgeous hair rock back and forth. I just couldnt get enough of her, she was so hot.

Her cunt tightened up around me and her second orgasm shivered through her body. With her love whole closing in around me, I knew I couldnt hold out much longer, and I sprayed my juice inside her burning cunt. After I was limp again, I pulled out and began putting my clothes back on her. Apparently she was recovering from her orgasm for she was breathing heavy and still clenching to her chair.

As I was going home, still in ecstacy, I glanced back at her body, still glistening with our jucies. She was so hot, but seeing her covered with my cum made her even hotter.

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