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Extract from Wife's Diary

I took this from my wife's diary as she told the story much better than I could: She was 55 at the time and I was 58.

David my husband, had been away on a training course for a week and he asked me to meet him in the city on the Friday night so we could see a show and have a nice weekend together to make up for being apart for the week. Friday night we just went out for supper a couple of drinks and then went to bed and had a nice reunion. Saturday we did some shopping and went to the show which was very good. After the show we had a nice meal and were sitting in the bar chatting away and my husband said "I think you need a massage , your looking tense." I knew where he was going with this as he had asked me before to have an erotic massage and I had said no. Somehow this night, probably due to the three wines I had d***k, I said "Why not!" He got out his iPhone and looked up some names on the web and asked me to choose. I picked a 30 year old black guy and my husband called him and arranged to meet in our room at the hotel.
When the knock came I almost jumped. David got up and went to open the door and returned with this good looking guy about 6' tall, slim yet muscular who he introduced as Peter. I was very nervous and David poured us all a glass of wine which helped calm me down a little. After a few minutes Peter said we should get ready for the massage. I stupid asked what did he want me to do and he smiled and said "Take your clothes off." I got up and david unzipped my dress which slid to the floor, I undid my garter belt and slid off my stockings and was left with my black bra and panties. I didn't feel ready to strip completely so I lay down on the bed as I was. When I looked over at Peter he was removing his shorts and I said "I didn't think you would be naked". But he just smiled and said "I don't want to get any oil on my clothes." his cock seemed to be quite large, larger than David's by quite a bit. He asked me to roll over onto my stomach which I did and he came overhand started massaging my feet. His hands were soft and I found as he moved up my legs I started to relax under his gentle massage. He spread my legs a little so he could move up the inside of my legs and when he got to the top although he didn't deliberately touch my vagina there was very slight touch as he massaged close to the top of my legs. His hands slipped under my panties but just enough so he could massage my buttocks and hips. David was sitting watching this from the settee. Peter moved up my back and asked if it was alright to loosen my bra so he could massage all my back and I said ok. He undid the bra and slipped the straps off my shoulder so my back was completed open. He moved up my back and it as so relaxing yet every now and then he would exert more pressure which made me groan. HE apologized but said I was really tight in that area and I realized he was right and after a few minutes I could feel my shoulders relaxing and when he massaged my neck I felt so loose. He said he was finished with my back and would I roll over so I did making sure my bra still covered my breasts. He again started at my feet and slowly moved up my legs. When he was working on my calves David came over and lay beside me on the bed and leaning down kissed my deeply on the mouth. he continued to his me and then he start to caress my breast slipping his hand under the bra which as it was not hooked in slid off exposing my breasts to Peter. Peter jus carried on massaging my legs getting closer to the top. At this point David pulled out his cock and moving up to the top of the bed slipped it into my mouth. I wasn't sure what to do but instinct took over and I reached up and caressed his shaft and got to work with my tongue as he continued to work my breast rolling my nipples with his fingers. at first I didn't know what was happening as I was concentrating on Davids cock but I realized that Peter had reached the top of my legs and was gently rubbing has hand against my vagina. At first I thought I had to stop this before it went to far but I realized it was very pleasant so just let things carry on. Peter started to suck my vagina through my panties and I was moving my hips around as it was very pleasurable. Peter asked if he could remove them and I said OK. My mins was going mad as I was sucking Davids cock in front of a strange man, this strange man was sucking my vagina and now he was fingering it too. David took his cock out of my mouth and started kissing my breasts and then Peter moved up the bed Davis slid down and started tonguing my vagina and fingering my vagina and anus. Peter kissed my breasts and then offered his cock to me. I reached out and touched it feeling how hard it was and also how long it was. I tentatively licked the tip and then took about an inch into my mouth tonguing the head. I slowly took more until I was sliding my mouth up and down his shaft just as I had for David. His cock was hard and big but I tried to take as much in as I could. I can't remember everything in detail but I remember sucking Peter being fingered and licked by David and feeling hands caressing my whole body until it felt like every part of me was tingling. David came up to the top of the bed and I remember sucking his cock and then Peter's turn about while one or both fingered me at the same time. I suddenly felt a cock slide slowly into my vagina and it was clear it wasn't David,s, just by how it spread the lips of my vagina and how deep it entered me. He was very gentle and started off slowly but eventually he was driving his cock deep inside me and I felt my first orgasm coming. I felt my whole body shuddered as it was filled with pure pleasure. Peter continued to fuck me and I came again and again, I had never felt so full and so satisfied. David suddenly gave a groan and came in my mouth filling it up so I could barely swallow. Everything was a blur as Peter rolled my onto my stomach and pulled me up onto my knees then thrust his cock deep into me again and as he held onto my hips he drove his cock deep inside of me again and again. He had tremendous stamina and over the next hour he fucked me from behind, on our side , with my legs over his shoulder and with my legs wrapped around his waist. I came again and again, eventually lying on my back as Peter came, shooting his cum all over my breasts. David after he had come had just lain beside us watching and enjoying seeing Peter fuck my from every angle. I just lay there completely shattered and completely satisfied. Peter had a shower and I watched as he got dressed. He came over to the bed and kissed me and told me he had really enjoyed the night and had not expected to have so much pleasure. I kissed him back and thanked him for giving me a night that I will never forget.
After he left David and I lay there for some time and I said I had not expected all that to happen and David asked if I had enjoyed it which I had to say I did. It would have been hard to deny as I had moaned and groaned with pleasure during most of the time. I didn't say at the time but I intended to have more massages in the future.

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