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I Wanna Come Over

I Wanna Come Over

We’ve seen each other around the neighborhood since I moved in. I’m staying at my cousin’s place to house-sit as a much needed break while I fight through a bitter divorce. The house is set diagonally across from yours which affords me the chance to see you often. You’re curvy and sexy and easily make me feel younger than my 53-years each time I see you.

Casually smiling at each other at the deli, the supermarket, the video store, the gas station; you catch me checking you out every so often and smile at the fact that this attractive, older man finds you attractive. I never catch you checking me out but I have an inkling that you are. Every so often I feel eyes on me but when I turn around you are either reaching for a video, a carton of milk or a looking intently at the gas pump. I know you sense my attraction to you; but I do not know if you are attracted to me. I’m hoping, but I feel it’s a long shot.

One day as I am raking leaves in my favorite FDNY sweatshirt I feel the heat of a stare. Despite my age and the “mileage” my body has on it some women still find it eye-catching; obviously you do. I see you standing on your front porch drinking coffee and feel you looking at me with hungry eyes. I turn back to my chore and grin like I haven’t in some time. You keep watching me, and as you sip your coffee you think what it would be like to just have one night with me.

The fateful day comes when a letter addressed to me is mixed in with your mail by accident; our house numbers are the inverse of each other. You come over to return it; knocking on the door you hear no answer so you try the handle – the door opens and you enter. You call out “Hello” but there is still no answer. From the kitchen in the back you hear my voice: “She’s a goddamn fucking vampire and I’m not giving her a red cent more!” “You’re supposed to be my lawyer so do what you need to because I want to start my life over.” You see me punch the wall, and then I knock over a bunch of empty beer cans that are on the counter. I breathe heavily and pace like an angry bull about to charge.

Part of you wants rush in and hold me and then take me upstairs and let me ravage you; another part of you is worried that I will see this as an act of pity and be even angrier. But you want me so, so badly that it aches.

Placing the envelope on the dining room table you turn to leave when you hear: “Can I help you?”

“I, I…I…I’m sorry, the door was open, and that letter came to me by accident” you respond.

“Thanks,” I reply looking at the address I shake my head saying “I really wish it was lost.”

Your smile at me and it disarms me. I chuckle and say “That is a wonderful smile; I haven’t gotten a smile form a pretty lady in a long time.”

“Well, tell you what, if you ever need one, just look my way and you’ll get one” you reply. “By the way, my name is Susan”

I chuckle and say “Thank you and I’m Kaz”.

“As in Kazimir Pulsaki?” you ask.

“Good guess, how’d you know I’m Polish?”

Laughing you reply “My Mom’s side is Polish…Jacze Masz?”

“Barzo Dobze”

We both start to leave. I try not to notice how gorgeous you are; your body, a real woman’s body, curves everywhere, is so arousing and so perfect for me. If I could I would loose myself in you every night. Hesitatingly, I almost lean in and kiss those sensual lips but my fear stops me. I’m not some hard bodied man with a six pack of abs or the look of a cover model from any men’s fitness magazine. Thinking you could never ever be attracted like me I take off on my Harley. I need to get tanked to erase every bad memory of all my regrets, indecisions and missed opportunities rush through my mind. I wanted to grab you and kiss you, to tell how beautiful you are and how much I would love to have you right there but I was too afraid.

Its night and I’m back home, I’ve been drinking all day and totally wasted; I keep seeing you in my mind. Every luxurious inch of your body, your pouting lips, your brunette tresses with the blonde highlights that make you so damn hot and your piercing green eyes that could easily heal my aching heart.

Looking out my window I see you in your living room; you are dressed in a oversized t-shirt and turning out the lights. The radio starts playing Melissa Etheridge’s “I Want to Come Over” and I decide I will not let this be one of my regrets. Nearly tearing my door of its hinges I leave the house and make a bee line for yours.

As I knock on your door it pushes open; I guess you forgot to lock it. I step inside; you are on the stairs heading for bed. Turning to see what the sound is you see me and smile. I’m breathing heavy in a mixture of desire and determination looking I like I mean to do some damage.

In a soft, smoky voice, you say only thing: “What took you so long?”

Charging down the stairs as I race towards you, we ‘collide’ like two out of control trains; my mouth finds yours and yours mine. It’s not an innocent kiss, its t one laced with lust and wanting and pent up desires that has built for weeks.

“I’ve wanted you so badly” you cry out.

“Me too sweetie; you are so beautiful, so desirable.” I reply.

Holding me tightly you run your fingers through my hair tugging it; you love the fact that my hands are traveling up and down your back and then resting on your hips. I love the way you feel against me, especially when I run my hands up and down your sides and grab your plump delicious ass. Feeling your hardening nipples against me makes me even more ravenous for you.

Without thinking I rip your shirt off; realizing what I have done I say “Sorry.”

“I’m not” you come back with a wicked grin on your face.

And then you tear the shirt of me. Whatever resistance we had is now as tattered as our shirts - there is not one shred left. There’s no turning back at this point; we’ve stepped into something we both have been aching for, for so long. Lifting you in my arms I carry you up the stairs to your bedroom where the big four poster bed is turned down and waiting. I almost throw you on the bed; you like it and give me that “come get me” look.

This is far from gentle; we’ve surrendered to a****l lust. You want me inside you and I want to be in you. No sweet words, no seduction, no romance; just primal desire. You offer some token resistance but I push your legs apart, rubbing the inside of your thighs.

You moan, “Oh god Kaz yes, yes, YESSS!!.” I kiss you, probing your mouth with my tongue; the smell and taste of liquor on my breath arouses you even more. Your tongue joins mine and they wrestle as we both continue to take what remnants of clothing remain off each other.

I move my mouth off yours, and down to your shoulders and neck. Finding that sweet spot I push back your flowing brown hair and kiss your in a place that causes you to slowly melt as you moan and sigh throwing your head back and letting a long “MMMMM“ escape those glorious lips.

With teasing bites I get behind you and slip my arms around you. They come up under your arms gliding up your rib cage I caress your full beautiful breasts. Taking my thumb and forefinger I pinch and pull your big engorged nipples as they harden to my touch. You respond by taking your right arm and reaching up and back letting your fingers run through my hair before grabbing a handful of it signaling how much you love what I’m doing.

Turning back around you reach up and kiss me, long and passionately. Again our tongues move in and out of each other’s mouths. My hands grab that sexy booty of your and you rake your lovely red nails across my back.

Leaning back down I bite and suckle your hard nipples once more as you beg “Oh god don’t stop please Kaz pleeeeaz don’t stop.” I keep working your succulent tits. Your hand reaches down and grabs my hard cock you let out a soft deep moan between gasping breaths. You start stroking my cock feeling every vein and bump and ridge in it. Thinking how good it will feel inside your wet warm pussy, and how it will stretch out your pretty little mouth.

My mouth begins to move lower and heads towards your navel; with its piercing tip it circles your belly button and then with a determined pushes probes it. You sense that this is a prelude to what will soon be happening to your sweet mound and your run your fingers through my hair rougher as I start heading for your wet and waiting pussy.

Laying down you open your legs wide giving me the full room I need to do what I have been dreaming of. Slowly I lick my way up your sexy right leg while my left hand with its fingers splayed moves up your left leg as it caresses every inch of you all the way up to your left inner thigh. Soon my tongue reaches your right inner thigh and I taste some of your juices that have trickled out of you; they intoxicate me and I want more.

Looking at your wet pink cleft, I can no longer wait and my tongue first traces the outline of your slit, finishing with a deep probe into you that causes a crying moan to leave your lips as grab the corners of the large pillow that you are resting on and make you arch up to meet me.

Slowly I lick your pussy, then a bit faster, and then slow again. “FUCK ME KAZ FUCK ME HARD” you scream “MAKE ME YOUR LITTLE SLUT…I WANNA BE YOUR FREAKY LITTLE SLUT”

Soon I move towards your clit, sucking it and then flicking it with the pointed tip of my tongue again in alternating fast and slow licks and trills. You are lost in the moment; your body’s reaction tells me that you so want this. But you’re not ready to come; you want me in you when your orgasm finally rolls through your body.

Looking into my eyes you pull away and crook your finger asking me to come up to you. “Come here you” you command.

I do as you ask; you kiss me passionately licking some of your juices off my face. The act makes me harder and you feel my rock hard cock against your belly.

You lick me down my body as you zero in on my now fully engorged dick. With an evil glint in your eye your push your hair back and begin to tease the head of my swollen cock with your tongue. You are a freaky slut.

Swirling your tongue around the head your hand you move up and down the shaft in a twisting motion making me moan. Inch by inch my cock disappears into your beautiful mouth. You work me so good that it almost makes me loose all concentration and I need to keep myself form exploding because I want to do that inside you. With your free hand you gently play with my balls and every so often you lick them to add some “heat” to what you are doing.

Sensing that I could climax at any moment the pace slows down but all that has been done to me keeps me hard. Changing position you straddle me and place my fully erect fat cock at the opening to your hungry pussy. Torturously slow you lower yourself onto my shaft; first teasing the glistening head as you rub it against your slit and every so often push it against your little pebble-like clit which is now as hard as I am.

As my cock enters you I feel your warm juices flowing all over it; pushing downwards you take me in all the way to the base. With those sultry eyes you look down at me and say “perfect fit baby, just right for me.”

I stiffen grabbing the headboard as you begin to ride me moaning with pleasure. You too grab the headboard and as you do gravity takes over as your amazing breasts seem to have become bigger. My face is in your cleavage; soon I am taking each hard nipple in my mouth, sucking, flicking them with my tongue and taking them between my teeth and stretching them. The effect makes you grind harder as you begin panting and I sense that soon you will be unable to hold back. Opening your eyes you see me and I tell you to hang on; wrapping my arms around you I roll us over so I am now on top.

Your ankles rest on my shoulders; I lift that perfect butt off the bed and you slide a pillow underneath so I can go deeper penetration. Slow, long thrusts are alternated with short quick ones as you rise up to meet my plunges. I hold at one point letting you thrust your hips into me and impale yourself on my rigid cock. To gain extra depth as I pound you hard I brace myself on headboard and straighten out my legs in an inverted V.

“FUCK KAZ” you shriek “THAT’S IT BABY…DO ME DO MEEEE!!!.” Looking at you I see your hair tussled and matted, you skin glistening with sweat, your back arched; the sight is so wanton and slutty that my thrusts become harder and deeper as you breath grows shallower.

You can’t hold back any more and the full f***e of your orgasm rips through you like a tsunami of rage and lust. Your body bucks and spasms as you push up hard onto my thick turgid manhood taking it all in you. As you do so the f***e of your movement hits your hard clit against the base of my cock and you explode as the second wave of orgasm causes you thrash around. I can’t hold it in any more; with a primal growl I bear down into you and with one long hard driving thrust I bury my cock deep in your wetness. I release my sticky wet seed into you its warmth fills you as your pussy milks my pulsating cock of every last drop of cum I have. Aftershocks roil through you as your body; still bucking continues to impale itself on my hot hard dick.

Slowly we recover and I slip out of you spent and drained. I collapse on top of you; you pull me towards you and leaning in you kiss me. We stare into each others eyes. You try to say something, but I put my finger to your mouth and shake my head.

“No need to Susan, your body said it all” I say. “Thank you beautiful lady for giving me this wonderful night.”

Dr****g my arms around you, you fold into me facing away. I feel you kissing my arm and as you tightly hold it never wanting to let me go. Before you fade into sl**p I lean over and give you one more long passionate kiss. As you drift off you let out a sigh that sounds like the purr of a satisfied little cat that drank a big old saucer of cream.

The next day as I am collecting my mail I find a small envelope with just my name on it. Opening it I see a note written in delicate feminine script; it says: “Kaz, Leave your door unlocked tonight, I want to come over.” Looking across the street you are on your porch and you smile at me, I nod back and smile. We both know what the night will bring.

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