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Mandy the Maid

Every since I remember, we had Mandy live with us. She's the maid: in her early forties, blonde, slim and with massive boobs so she was the subject of many a teenage fantasy of mine. On my 16th birthday, Mandy came into my room opened the curtains and got onto the bed with me, pulling me into a tight hug and wished me a very happy birthday. I loved the feel of her big tits against my face and was a bit disappointed when she released me but then she said it was present time and that my mom and dad had asked he to give me my first present. I couldn't see she'd brought anything with her but before I could ask she'd pulled the bed covers back and had slipped her hand into my boxers to stroke my cock. She kneeled next to me so her arse was next to my head and slipped my cock into her mouth. It felt AMAZING, but, predictably, I didn't last long and spunked into her mouth and on her cheek. She licked me clean quickly and jumped off the bed, telling me to get showered and come downstairs for breakfast. My mind was a complete haze but I think I showered and changed in record time, just before my parents were about to leave for work. When I reached the hall my dad told me “The f****y fuck doll's in the kitchen- you're old enough to enjoy her now too”. My mom kissed me on the cheek and told me to enjoy and they were both gone. I breathed in deeply and then made my way to the kitchen.

I stood in the door way and watched as Mandy filled the dishwasher. She was wearing a tiny maids dress that didn't cover her arse and her tits spilling over the top of, with stockings and very high heels. She was clearly wearing no underwear and as she turned around she said “good morning sir, what would you like this morning?” I went over to her and told her she looked amazing, “thankyou sir” she replied and she carried on preparing my breakfast. I asked if I could touch and she said “of course sir, i'm here for your pleasure” so I got on my knees and pulled her ass cheeks apart to check out her arse and cunt- she was totally shaved down there! “Yes sir, Master insists I'm totally shaved clean sir. Would you like to inspect me properly sir?” I said yes at which she stopped what she was doing and went over to the table, placed her feet far apart bent over and pushed her arse and cunt out for me. I went over and ran my hands all over her, lingering over her big tits and then playing with her cunt lips until I slipped a finger in. I was about to pull it out and apologise but she moaned so I carried on and soon added another. As I fingered her with one hand, I pulled my cock out with the other- I was raging hard so I pulled my fingers out and drove my cock in making her moan allowed. I fucked her as hard as I could so of course, I didn't last long again and filled her cunt with cum. She told me not to worry- we have the whole day ahead- at which she got on her knees, cleaned me up with her mouth and got on with breakfast. This was going to be a fantastic day!

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