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Godmothers lus

Hi all.
This is the story of my sexlife with my Godmother/cousin. I say godmother/cousin because she is actually both as choosing a relative to be a God parent is common place in the Caribbean. Yes I am from the Caribbean and my name is Kenny, 32 yrs old, I’m 6’2” tall, a well built 250 lbs, educated and better looking than I am not. My god mother’s name is jenny (not real name) and she is 20 yrs older than me and was always a hot natural Caribbean woman about 5’5” light skinned ample 36c boobs, very pretty face nice round ass and toned legs. She always treated me as her son as she has no c***dren and I enjoyed all the extra attention from her, there was nothing I would ask for that she wouldn’t give me.
As long as I could remember I was always attracted to jenny as I have very vague memories of her allowing me to fondle her boobs and ass in the shower as she would invite me in with her in what I guess was her SPECIAL way of ensuring that I came out straight. She would let me touch and even suck her boobs as much as I wanted till the shower was done and sometimes if I followed her to the bedroom it would continue a bit there while she got dressed. I would’ve been about 8yrs at the time I think. We all lived together my nuclear f****y which consisted of 7 persons and a number of relatives, this too was very normal in the Caribbean. I remember what I think was the last instance of this small scale i****t was a time I was in her room getting my very regular fondle when I bravely asked her to JAM my penis on her boobs. She responded be bursting out in laughter and turning me around and e****ted me out of the room. I had been rejected but knew that I would have what I wanted one day.
As I grew older I developed into what I would call a REAL breast freak as I admire that the most on a female body and I also happily blamed jenny for that. After she had gotten married in 1991 she migrated to Canada with her husband and my fun time never got the chance to develop with her. Her visits back home were sometimes years apart and by that time I would have gotten “too old” to have such “innocent” times with me sexy godmother. Except when she returned for my wedding in 2011. My sexual exploits have moved from porn movies to sex with girls to hookers but never jenny and I wanted her that would be my greatest conquest as I was sure she didn’t harbor such thoughts for me still. But I had to make a way. I made sure and planned the whole thing perfectly all I needed was to be alone with her for one night and I would make my bold move. I suggested to my fiancé that she go spend the weekend at her parents to get away from all the hectic wedding plans and she gleefully accepted. By the Thursday evening she was out and jenny was flying in the next day I convinced her to stay at our home as she came with the sole purpose of helping out with her (son’s) big day.
Her flight was in on time and I waited for her in the airport and we greeted with the usual big smiles and tight hugs, only this time it meant a bit more for me as I allowed my hand to quickly pass over her ass during the hug, this brought no response from jenny and I felt real proud of my little move. We then made our way to the car and headed to the mall to start her part of the wedding shopping. Our day was full and we spent a lot of our time chatting about all kind of relevant stuff and I even went so far once to complement her on her well kept body. She just smiled all the way. After a long hectic day we finally got home, the sun had just about set as we settled in for the night. Now was where things got interesting as jenny set down on the couch and kicked off her slippers as she attempted to relax. I immediately sat down next to her and swung her feet onto my lap to give them a good rub. She used to ask me to do this for her a lot when I was younger and I knew she would appreciate it still. She was wearing long jeans so I folded them up to get her entire foot and ankle, and began my motions.
“ooohhhhhhh yesssssss” she sighed as I applied ample pressure on the soles and heel of her feet I basically worked on the two at the same time. She was complementing my developed skill all the way as I had done a course in massage therapy. She was enjoying it to the max and I knew she would appreciate more. I then suggested that she get out of the tight jeans so more of her leg could get attention, and without any response she reached to the button and undid it while still sitting down. When she got it free she let the zipper down and began to pull the jeans off. My heart began to pound as I saw her lace panties start to appear, they were my favorite color to blue and I knew I wouldn’t to keep my bl**d pressure down for too long. I tried not to ogle too much but was enjoying the view of her semi naked lower body as she worked the tight jeans past her ass cheeks and now under her still sitting body when she looked at me and I’m sure she observed my interest in what I was seeing when she said
“Well what”
“Well will u help me get these damn things off please?”
“Oh” I replied as I took the jeans in hand and started to pull them off. She raised her hips off the couch to make things easier. The jeans came off easily and I was sure to peek for her glory spot as she wiggled them off. I didn’t see much but when I was done and tossed the jeans on the floor and proceeded to get her feet back in position to continue when she said “ did u get to see enough of what u were looking for just now?” I looked up to see her staring at me with a very serious no joking stare. This made my heart stop and I answered honestly “ nope” there was a still silence as I slowly moved my eyes from hers as to get back to her feet when she shuffled her hips so that her body slid into a more lying position but still sitting and spread her legs wide apart. Her lace covered pussy was now exposed to my hungry eyes.
“That any better”
“Oh yes” I replied
“Good” she said and then closed back her legs and signaled for me to continue the rub. The image of her neatly shaven pussy mound pressing against her lace undies was making my 8inch cock stiffen under her feet as I massaged away. I was man enough to know that I was not to let that very rude/seductive gesture go quietly by. And I decided to match her and take off me jeans as well so started to unbutton and let down my pants. As I did this I felt her eye on my now very strained boxer shorts as it did nothing to hide my growing erection. As I got free and sat back down I looked at her and asked
“Did u see what u were looking for”
She then replied “not at all” I took this as my green light and said “too bad” my next move was going to by my trump card as I looked her in the eye and reached into my boxers and pulled out my very stiff penis and started to stroke it in front of her. I kept my eyes fixed on hers as she glared at my very rude action. “Hmm” she said softly,
“That looks a bit different than I remember it u are really your own man now aren’t u!”
“Oh yes I am” I replied. Her statement took me back because I was of the opinion that she had long forgotten those days in the shower, but I was happy that she didn’t. I continued my stroking for a while as she continued to watch my motions. Not too long after that she moved her hand down to her pussy and started rubbing it through her blue lace panties. This made me feel even more aroused and it dawned on me that she may not have had sex for a good while as she was separated from her hubby for a couple years now. I loved how this was going and got even bolder and placed my hand offer hers that was caressing her pussy and she just moved it aside inviting me to take over.
I poked at her pussy lips through the thin panties and pinched at it till I saw her start to motion her hips grinding her pussy into my hand. My cock now was ready for some proper action and I shifted my body into position and asked her if it was ok for me to go ahead. she just watched me in the eye and nodded I took one leg in my hand and tossed it over the back of the couch so they were spread eagle and with one hand I placed my cock at her pussy she moved her panty aside and I then felt her warn fleshy pussy against my pole. I wasted no time and eased my cock head into her damp hole. My cock entered her very mature pussy with easy and I shoved it all the way in on the first thrust and held it there a while. Jenny let out a long soft moan as I felt her pussy walls clamp around my shaft. This shocked me because at 50 I wasn’t expecting it to be able to squeeze so tightly.
I kept her in that position steadily pounding away at my godmother’s cunt. My cock was hitting her cervix on almost every forward thrust jenny moaned with pleasure all the time and kept telling me to hit it and lots of ooos and aahhhs came out when the sweet spot was hit. I fucked her like this till I felt my orgasm starting to build and I slowed down. This angered her as she said to me
“What the fuck are u doing slowing down on me boy? Keep on fucking that pussy hard. I started back knowing it would come soon and sure enough it did. I felt my wood start to pump and she obviously felt it to and wrapped her legs around my waist to ensure I couldn’t get away. My sperm shot deep into her cunt foe about a minute before it stopped. When it was over I looked her in the eyes and said
“Thanks I needed that for a long time now”
She watched my perplexed as I explained my lusting for her since I was small. She then let out a laugh and shaked her head and said
“Kenny I have been wanting your cock for years now but wasn’t sure if u would’ve agreed to do me the favor.
I was glad to hear this and we agreed to make the most of the weekend that we had together. Pt 2 will be up soon

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