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Tara's Adventures

Tara's Adventures
Part 1

I had met them on line. Marla 1st then her owner Mistress Olivia. We chatted for well over a year and had met for drinks. They knew of my submissive fem side and we had planned meetings on several occasions but things always developed that upset them.
Then a period of time developed when I went into a period of denial. Denial of my female side. I turned off my screen name for almost two months but my female side finally got the better of me. I turned on my screen name again and began chatting again with Mistress Olivia and Marla. In the past both Mistress Olivia and Marla had always treated me as their friend but now I noticed a marked difference in our on line conversations. Mistress Olivia had become very f***eful. One evening she came especially f***eful and said that this on line relationship had been going on to long and that I was to give her my address so she could come pick me up Friday for a weekend fishing trip. I knew what she meant.
So on the following Friday, Mistress Olivia came to my door at 5pm to pick me up. I said goodbye to my wife and told her see you Sunday evening. When I got in the truck with Mistress Olivia turned to me and said "Don't say a word till spoken to slut". For the rest of the trip to her house not a word was spoken. When we arrived at the house I walk to the back of Mistress Olivia’s car to get my duffel bag of clothes but she looked at me and said come along, you won’t be needing those things for awhile.

We arrived at her house and went in where I saw Marla sitting on the couch watching TV, she looked up at me and hi Pet. Mistress Olivia looked at her and said I'm ready to start. I was frightened to say the least. They led me into a bedroom and had me remove my shirt while she got arm restraints from under the bed. Mistress Olivia secured each of my arms to one of the vertical bedposts so that I was facing the bed. Once I was firmly secured, Mistress Olivia said, “You’ve been wanting to be a sissy for quite some time and now you will get your wish fulfilled and then some!" Grasping my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers Miss Marla firmly squeezed and twisted them causing me to wince in pain as Mistress Olivia said “Tonight you will not speak except to respond to our questions or orders." Miss Marla twisted my nipples again Mistress Olivia asked; “Do you understand?" "Yes Mistress Olivia." I gasped in stunned surprise at their unexpected display of aggressiveness. Miss Marla pulled off my shoes and socks took out a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut off my pants, underwear and tee shirt. Mistress had three rubber bands that she then put on my cock. They were much too small for my cock and caused significant pain. Miss Marla then took all my clothes put them in a trash bag and they both walked out of the room leaving me naked and helpless.
Mistress Olivia and Miss Marla stayed gone for awhile, which gave me time to wonder what they had planned for this evening. When, at last, they returned the first thing Mistress Olivia did was to put a black hood over my head and tighten the laces leaving me blindfolded. Then Miss Marla said, “We want to preserve the element of surprise for you Pet, We’ll take the hood off when we’re ready for you to see what Mistress Olivia has got planned for you." The next thing I felt was Miss Marla soaping up my nipples and underarms with shaving cream. She began shaving the hair from around my nipples and chest and then continued on to shave my underarms. I squirmed a bit as I realized that with summer coming on; I would be unable to go shirtless during the hot weather. I guessed that her plan was to feminize me for the night which was fine with me, but I didn't want to look like a fool in front of my friends. Once she was finished shaving my armpits, she sat on the bed and lifted one of my legs across her knees. She spread foam all over my leg and quickly shaved it clean before setting it down on the floor and grabbing the other leg. As she shaved the other leg, I realized that wearing shorts outside of the house would allow everyone who saw me to notice my shaved legs. Things were getting out of hand, but there was little I could do about it now! I felt a tug at my pubic hair and then both felt and heard the snip of scissors as she cropped short the hair above my cock. She lathered my shaft and balls and proceed to shave all the hair off, when she started to shave my pubic hair, I heard Mistress Olivia tell her to stop there that the experts would finish the pubic hair. I had no idea what this meant. Miss Marla stood back and said; “Now Pet your body is almost hairless, but that will be fixed soon. I guess it's time to turn you into our slave girl." I shuddered with a mixture of fear and eager anticipation.

Miss Marla left the room while Mistress Olivia, released me from my restraints. Miss Marla returned about this time she was finished with a box of clothes. She looked over at Mistress Olivia and she nodded with approval.

Miss Marla laid out the clothes on the bed and said. "Since you are no where near ready to pass in public, we will have to settle for this tonight." A pair of jeans and a polo shirt disappointed me somehow. But, a pair of hose, a new garter belt, and a thong was also there. "You'll wear these under the jeans tonight. Those smooth legs of yours are crying for stockings, just think how nice and pretty they’ll look and sexy they’ll feel. And don’t worry Pet said Miss Marla, no one will notice. Mistress Olivia and Miss Marla just stood there and watched me get dressed. The thong went on easily, its pouch cupping my cock and balls snuggly, the back strap cutting between my cheeks and pressing on my anus. Putting the garter around my waist, I hooked it tight. The garter straps tickled at my legs as I moved. The hose were simple stockings of a sheer black color. No seams or anything. Attaching the garters was easy and I looked in the mirror again. Looked cute if I say so myself. My shaved legs felt great in the smooth stockings. I put on the jeans and polo shirt. I hadn't realized it when she handed them to me but these jeans were womens low rise and with a tight fit to my ankles. I stood there and looked around for shoes but saw none and said Mistress Olivia, Miss Marla I need shoes. Miss Marla laughed and said oh yes I almost forgot, she reached into a box and pulled out a pair of pink Keds tennis shoes and frilly socks and handed them to me with a big grin on her face. I was going to resist but decided it was in my best interest to and put them on.
Mistress Olivia nodded to Miss Marla and Miss Marla grabbed my hand and led me to her vanity. "Sit down Pet. We are going to put some little touches on you for the evening. We will just put enough makeup on you so that we will know you have it on but passers by won't know, unless they really look closely." She applied a very light lipstick to my lips and brushed on a bit of powder to my face. Looking at my eyes for a moment, she applied a hint of eye shadow and plucked a few wild eyebrow hairs. "We'll have to do something about your eyebrows eventually, they are much too bushy." Then Mistress Olivia said that’s enough for tonight since this is your first time out as Tara you are to go shopping!" Shopping! Going out like this in public scared me to death. Mistress Olivia could see the look on my face and only had to look me in the eyes for me to obey her wish. Mistress Olivia, Miss Marla and I got in her car and started down the road. I hadn't eaten yet and was getting hungry. I asked Mistress Olivia if we could get something so she pulled over at a convenience store. Handing me some cash, "go get some soda and pastries, I'll wait here." I was scared. But you know what, between nobody caring and my minimal makeup, it was easy. Even the clerk didn't look up while ringing up the sale.

We arrived at the Cindies boutique and the three of us went in. Entering the store, one of the clerks approached Mistress Olivia and Miss Marla and they walked off together leaving me to wander around. I browsed around and felt my crotch stiffening. I didn't see any other customers at the moment. Maybe it was too early in the evening for fetishists to come out. After a couple minutes, I heard my name being called, and it wasn't Robert. "Tara, come here.” Mistress Olivia called; I walked over to them and the sales clerk. I must have been beet red. "Don't be shy, Tara. Vicki here knows all about our arrangement. She tells me that it’s not that uncommon. Be a good girl and do as Vicki tells you to do." Is that understood" said Mistress Olivia, I said yes Mistress Olivia. Vicki turned to me and said "well good Tara Your Mistress and Miss Marla want you to have many sexy outfits, so we will be getting you all set up. Come with me." I saw Mistress Olivia and Miss Marla leaving the store as I was walking back to the racks of clothes. Where could they be going? I was getting panicky
Vicki quickly picked out a few items of clothing as I waited nearby, wondering about their whereabouts. I shouldn't have worried, they had promised that they wouldn't hurt me, didn't they?
"Come over here Tara, you will need to try these things on." I wasn't sure I would be able to dress up in front of a stranger, but I meekly followed her to the changing room and did as I was told. After all, Vicki must have seen it all before. "She had selected a maid’s uniform. A leather waist clincher with six garters, a matching leather bra and thong, evil looking boots and several pairs of heels were all placed in the dressing room. The boots had 5"spike heels, almost knee length, zippered up the side, and a wide strap that locked the zipper in place. I could see that my owners were getting kinky. "If you need any help, I’m here, Vicki offered. I waited for Vicki to leave the changing room but she just stood there and said "chop chop hurry up girly boy". I got undressed but left the stockings on. Vikki looked at my feminized naked body and smiled. I pulled the thong up my legs and adjusted my package as best I could. The bra was next and I managed to get it hooked behind me. "You will need these for the bra", Vicki said as she handed me a pair of breast forms, still in the package.Vicki then left the room. I learned then that I was to sport a pair of D cups on my 38" chest. I then wrapped the clincher around me and laced it up as tight as I could. Attaching the garters was still a challenge but I finally got it done. Again, I had to use the chair to slide into the boots, but she had the right size and I zippered them up, buckling the strap around each ankle. I guess the locks were purchased later. Then I pulled on the skirt. It was tight fitting with a small apron attached. The red uniform was the same as my black and it fit beautifully.
Now, I didn't have a wig and I was obviously a guy, so stepping out of the dressing room wasn't something I wanted to do. "Pet, come out, lets see how you look", Miss Marla called to me. They must have come back sometime during my change. I peeked out the curtain and then stepped out a couple feet. "No Pet, over here." I had to go half way across the store to them and Vicki.
"You look great in red, doesn't she?" Vicki asked in that salesperson way. "I'm not sure about those panties they show though too much" Vicki said." She had another pair in her hand and handed it to me to put on. I turned to go to the dressing room, but Mistress Olivia stopped me. "Just step into them here, Tara. We don't mind if you show off your bottom a bit." I flushed a bit but I did as I was told. Of course, as luck would have it, a couple walked in just as I was exposing my gartered stockings and bare cheeks. They didn't say anything, but I could feel their stares. Embarrassing to say the least. The uniform was complete and I wondered if I was to go change, but Miss Marla and Mistress Olivia just walked off with Vicki again, leaving me standing there alone. A couple of times they would look over at me and smile as they went through racks of clothing. Vicki finally nodded her head and scurried off to pick out more things for me to wear. As I watched her, she picked out a short pleated plaid skirt, sheer silky blouse, a sweater, and a very short mico-mini, lacy panties, a half cup bra, and a pair of roman strappy 4" heels.. Heading to the checkout, Vicki and Mistress Olivia stopped by the hosiery section and picked out some packages of stockings and some short pretty socks. I always loved the little socks with the pumps look. Now I was getting them for my own.
Mistress Olivia called me over and told me to get changed back into my street clothes while she waited at the checkout. I hurried along and was back at the checkout in ten minutes.
We headed home. At least I thought we were. We ended up going to a Kmart of all places. Couldn't think of why we would go there after spending so much time and money in a great place like Cindies. We headed in and went straight to woman's clothing. Miss Marla walked efficiently up each aisle, as only women can do, scanning for what she wanted. They stopped at house dresses and Mistress Olivia picked one off the rack. Holding it up to me, Miss Marla thought the size was right and picked out two more. Compared to the sexy maid’s uniforms, these were drab and colorless. Mistress Olivia said “I told you that you will need some real work clothes. These will be your cleaning dresses. The other outfits are for serving dinners and special occasions." (Special occasions?) You will need some regular undies too as well as some regular foundations. To the lingerie department we went, Miss Marla stopping to pick out some more basic bras and panties. When she got to the girdles she picked out a couple full length designs, in black and white respectively, and placed them in my arms along with the rest of the clothes. The girdles were long enough to go to mid thigh and had garters attached, the bottom of the girdle was open like a skirt, but obviously would be much tighter. I must have had a strange look on my face. "The open bottom is so that you can work without having your balls crushed all day. And besides, I picked up a little toy that will have to fit there too." HUH, I thought. " See , Tara, I don't want to hurt you , too much", that smile again. We also picked out some basic low heeled work shoes. I found out later that it is very hard to vacuum in heels. Some very basic stockings were the last of the clothes.
As we headed to the checkout, Miss Marla picked up a cosmetics package off the shelf. "Its not very good cosmetics, but until you get better at applying it, let’s use the cheaper stuff."
Out the door we went with our bags. We loaded our packages in the car and headed to a restaurant for some late dinner. As we sat waiting on our food, Mistress Olivia and Miss Marla talked about the things we had bought. They were very excited about the boots with the padlocks, and how they would be the only one to unlock them, when they wanted to. They hinted about the "toy" they had purchased, but my attempts to get them to tell me about it went unanswered.
Finally we headed back to Mistress Olivia's home. By now it was very late and after getting all the bags from the car, they decided it was time for me to model one of my new outfits. From the bags Mistress Olivia pulled out the all the clothes from Cindies and grabed the bag from the shopping she and Miss Marla had done. They had bought a locking penis cage and small pad locks. The penis cage was like a handcuff with a tube attached that allows bathroom functions but no erections or self satisfaction.
"Time to get dressed, Pet. Use your new waist clincher and breasts. You will need to glue them in place so use the adhesive that I left on your dresser for that. The cock cage will need to be lubed first, so use some Vaseline on the tube before putting your cock in there. Get all dressed up and try to use some of the lipstick and powder for you first solo attempt. Call me when you are ready."
Gathering all my new clothes, I went to the bedroom and set about getting dressed. First I got completely naked and found the adhesive for the breasts. I was wondering how long the glue would last as I applied some to the each form and pressed them to my chest, hoping I had the right amount of cleavage. Once I let go of them, the weight was quite noticeable. I never realized how heavy a pair of tits might be.The cock cage looked very uncomfortable. It was a stainless steel tube connected to a steel belt that went around my waist. From the bottom of the tube was a steel band that went down between my legs and up my butt crack to lock into the belt. This steel band had a short rubber dildo attached to it that I had to push into my ass to make the whole contraption fit. I got some lube from the bathroom and applied some to the cage tube. I pushed my semi erect cock into the tube and clicked the cuff shut, pushed the dildo into my ass and snapped the back into the belt.. It felt strange and I tied to take it off so I could adjust the fit but found that the rear snap took some kind of tool to unsnap. I was hoping that it wouldn't have to stay on too long. The silk stockings came next and I rolled them up my legs. Man, did they feel sexy. Nice and tight and a stretchy give to them as I moved. I once again wrapped the clincher around my waist and pulled on the laces. I think I was getting better at pulling the laces from behind, the edges got closer together, but not quite closed. I had looked at the label of the clincher, size 28, my guess it’s in inches. Attaching the garters was getting easier and I quickly connected all six. After this i proceed to put on my new strappy heels with the locks. The ankle strap was cinched tight and I placed on the combo locks on the hasp and clicked it closed. Locked on! The other shoe was the same except for the increased challenge of balancing in the now locked on heels. I t took a moment to get my balance, but I finally grabbed the mini dress and pulled it down over my head, stretched it over my tits and adjusted it for fit. The breasts fit nicely in the halter and you couldn't see the line where skin met latex. I was right, barely mid thigh and the tops of the stockings were visible. My locked package was just barely hidden under the pleats. Positioning the wig on my head, I walked slowly to the vanity and sat down with my new makeup. Using the lipstick and blush, I applied makeup to my face for the first time. I did ok , I guess. Miss Marla didn't laugh at me later.

"Mistress Olivia, I'm ready", I called out. They soon came to the bedroom and smiled at me. I knew then that they were happy with my look. They had me show off my outfit for them, moving about like a model on the catwalk (like I really could). You do need some ear rings and basic jewelry to complete the look but you have made great progress today. Now come before us and tell us how much you are enjoying yourself."
"Mistress, Miss Marla, thank you for letting me get all these nice clothes today. I'll take care of them and make you happy to see me in them. I really like the outfits, like the locking heels and the penis lock." My cock was trying to swell in its tube but it couldn't really go anywhere, the more it swelled the more painful it was.
We think your reward for being so good tonight will be a bit of bondage. Get the wrist and ankle cuffs from the closet and bring them here." I did as I was told, the heels getting a bit painful on the toes. Much harder to handle than the other pumps I owned. Mistress wrapped the cuffs around my wrists and ankles and took me to the open closet door. Positioning me just under the hanger rail, she used a leather bondage belt to pull my elbows together behind me, then locked the hand cuffs together. My chest stuck out prominently. The ankle cuffs were connected next. Using one more leather strap, she put one end around my elbow strap, the other over the hanger bar, and then shortened the strap to pull my arms up a few inches. This was some strict bondage.
"We'll be back in a few…" The closet light went out and the door closed. My toes were already hurting from the height of the heels and we were just beginning. I didn't have to wait too long. The door opened again but no light came on..

Now they got me ready for what they said would be my 1st learning session. They had me strip naked, but had me wear a pair of high heels. Miss Marla put a collar around my neck and Mistress Olivia led me to the f****y room where they had installed a hook in the ceiling to hang me from. They put me into a bondage sleeve with my arms behind my back. Mistress Olivia attached my arms to the hook with a rope and hoisted my harms up in the air. I had to bend over at the waist. This left my butt exposed. Miss Marla then put a spreader bar between my ankles. This kept my legs spread far apart and my butt opened. I felt completely exposed and weak. Mistress Olivia and Marla then sat on the couch in front of me. Mistress Olivia did all the talking. "From now on you are owned by us. You are always to refer to me as Mistress Olivia and to Marla as Miss Marla, what we instruct you to do you will do. When we refer to you as Robert then we are treating you as our friend but when we refer to you as Tara you are to obey our every command. Is this understood? " I shook my head yes, with that Miss Marla got up and smacked my butt and said "speak". I said yes Mistress Olivia. Then Miss Marla rubbed baby oil all over my ass and pushed a butt plug in. I thought to myself that it wasn't that bad but then, she started pumping something and the plug inflated. It was very painful and I arched my back in reaction. Good said Mistress Olivia, that will help you learn good posture and prepare your ass for me. You are to keep it in until I allow you to remove it. Mistress Olivia and Miss Marla then began to fondle each other and with in a few moments were engaged in wild sex. I was stuck only to watch my cocking aching inside the cock tube.They made love for what seemed like hours and when they were though they led me to a bed room had me remove my wig, skirt and blouse and said I was to go to bed but keep on what I had on.


I woke up to the sound of my Miss Marla’s voice voice. "Time to get up Pet. We have a lot to do today. Get showered and use this body lotion" I crawled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. Looking at myself in the mirror, still in my panties, all the excitement from yesterday came flooding back. I was thrilled and scared all at the same time.
I got into the shower and washed thoroughly. Looking at my hairless body as I dried myself was a bit of a shock. But kind of sexy too. Miss Marla walked in to see how I was doing. "You'll have to buy yourself some hair removal lotion. Shaving is leaving stubble and you can't have stubble if you want to look right. Finish up and come into the bedroom."

Miss Marla helped me dress in the clothes she brought in, a pair of pink bikini panties, a pair of tan Capri pants and a navy blue top with a scoped neck. I wore 4" strappy sandals and a pair of small hoop earrings.Then she pulled out a wig and placed it on my head. I looked like a sissy and I knew it.My masculine features were not hidden at all. I did not want to leave the house and said so. Mistress Olivia pulled me down over the coffee table and paddled my ass until it was cherry red and said if I ever wanted to have an orgasm again I would do as I was told with no complaint the entire weekend. Mistress Olivia looked at me and laughed and said You will just love the surprises we have for you this weekend." I was terrified. They led me out the front door and into the car, I had no idea where we were going.
Well the first stop was a nails and hair salon and lucky for me it was early and not open yet. This was a small salon that with about four employees that were all women. Mistress and Miss Marla had a long talk with the owner, Laura, and told her about what Mistress Olivia wanted. She loved the idea and said she and all the employees would make sure that I was well feminized. They had planned a total make over that included a manicure and pedicure,waxing and make up.
I was taken back by the girls and stripped to my panties. One of the girls noted the hair poking out of my panties and said that it was to bad that I couldn’t have a smooth panty line. Mistress Olivia stepped in said I could and that they were to wax my my hair off but to leave a small patch in a design of their choosing. They made me step out of my panties. The women were laughing and I was more humiliated than ever. Then I was laid up on a table for my waxing. As one girl worked on my pubic waxing the other worked at plucking and waxing my eyebrows. I looked down after she was done and saw that I was left with a very small heart shape patch of pubic hair that looked quite feminine. After the waxing was done they had me stand and wrapped a very short smock around my still naked body and had me slip into some pink slippers. Then they led me from the back room to the 1st chair closest the front windows and sat me down. Miss Marla walked over and pulled open the smock to expose my chest so that only a small flap of the smock covered my penis.
From there two girls started on my toe nails and a manicure. I was able to look down a time or two and saw that my nails were being polished a bright red and 1/2" extensions had been glued on my fingernails. All this seemed like hours and couldn't help but notice the people walking by out side looking at me. Once the nails were done they put a wig on my head and 5” heels on my feet and the owner started to work on my make up. At about this time the shop opened for business a few customers came in, I felt so helpless and exposed. By the time my make up was finished the shop was packed with customers and I had to stand up and walk to the back. I was walking as fast as I could to the back when Miss Marla called me and said “wait Pet we have a few more things to take care of, come back here” With that the owner grabbed my hand and led me back to the front. I was made to stand there trying to hold my smock shut while Mistress Olivia, Miss Marla and the owner looked at cosmetics in the counter displays. Mistress Olivia was filming the whole thing for them to keep as a keepsake and to use. With all that done they led me back to the back to get dressed. I reached for the clothes that I warn to the shop but Mistress Olivia stopped me. Miss Marla spoke up and said, “my pet, you a complete woman now so your going to dress like one” She opened up a bag and took out some purchases from the night before.

She pulled out a pink angora sweater with the low cut front, the black leather mini skirt,bra, panties, breast forms, an anklet and some 5" heels to match. And Mistress Olivia said “we're going out as a reward for you being such a good girl. Now hurry up." I didn't want to go out in public, especially dressed in that top and mini. The skirt was very short, and I could barely sit down without showing my panties off but I knew I had no choice. Walking out the front door I knew that I really stood out with Mistress Olivia and Miss Marla in that they were casually dressed in blue jeans.

With that we went out to the car. I got in very lady like, like I was told to do. They didn't talk to me on the way, and I had no idea where we were going. Ahh, the mall. We pulled in to the parking lot and parked at the far end of the lot. After we got out of the car, Mistress Olivia told me that the wanted me to act very feminine today, and that I better wiggle my ass for the guys. I started wiggling as we walked to the entrance, Miss Marla was 2 steps behind me, and I could hear a little giggle from her. When we got to the entrance, I held the door for Miss Marla, and a couple of guys watched us enter. Miss Marla told me not to hold the door for her again, that's a man's job.
They walked and I followed. I could feel the stares of the guys that were there just to girl watch. My skirt was so short, they were waiting for a chance to see my panties, how gross of them. Finally after walking from one end of the Mall to the other we headed into a Penney's store, and once again I was in the shoe section. This time, I was being fitted for 1 ½ heels in patent black and patent red. This was my reward, lower heels. I sat to be fitted, I knew that the sale woman could see right up my skirt, hell, I wasn't even sitting on my skirt, there was only my panties between me and the seat. After we got the shoes, Mistress Olivia announced that we were going to lunch at a restaurant. We waited for the hostess to seat us, and again I felt like I was on display. I was still wearing my 5 inch heels, and still wiggling my ass. The hostess gave me a look and winked. Mistress Olivia ordered three salads and three ice teas, not what I call lunch, but it was far more than my breakfast. After our lunch, we were back in the car, and headed back to the house. At the house Mistress Olivia told me to remove my top and skirt so as not to wrinkle them and to take a nap on the couch for she said we were going to have a late night.

I awoke from my sl**p to the sound of Mistress Olivia’s voice. “Wake up Tara
" Her hand reached out under my panties and fondled my bare ass. Miss Marla sat down on the couch with a wine glass and said, " Mistress Olivia, she wants to be a woman, let her be used like one! I want to watch pet squirm." Mistress Olivia looked at me and said "on your knees Tara” I hadn't expected anything like this yet, but true to my slave role I knelt in front of her. she dropped her towel to the floor exposing a strap on dildo that looked at least 12" long. She thrust her cock to my lips saying, " Suck me hard bitch, then I'm going to fuck your sissy cunt." I looked pleadingly at Miss Marla, but she sternly said, " Don’t look at me pet, obey your mistress”. Having no choice I opened my lips and took her cock into my mouth. Mistress Olivia remarked, " This bitch is getting to be a good cocksucker." While Mistress Olivia pounded my lips, Miss Marla unsnapped my bra and pulled my panties off leaveing me in my thigh highs and heels. Mistress picked up the pace of her thrusts as she shoved the rubber cock harder into my mouth. When she started hitting the back of my throat, she decided it was time to fuck. she pushed me down on my hands and knees and motioned for Miss Marla to sit in front of my face. She grabed my head and pulled me to her pussy and ordered me to lick her as her hand grabbed onto my nipples. Mistress Olivia raised my ass and slowly entered my virgin hole. My moans of pain were muffled by Miss Marla's pussy, the pain was unbearable as Mistress took no pains to ease it in, but shoved it in using her full body weight. With my tongue working on Miss Marla, every thrust Mistress Olivia made was instantly transmitted to her pleasure zone. Soon she was squirming to the rhythm of Mistress's thrusts, and jerking on the nipple to torment me in the same tempo. Miss Marla had finally achieved orgasm and it was just in time for my face had been so firmly pushed into her pussy breathing was difficult.. I lay trapped with throbbing nipples, weary tongue and a sore ass while they kissed and caressed each other. Miss Marla was in no time pleasuring Mistress until Mistress came yelling and screaming as she did.
We stayed in this bizarre pose until they had both recovered from their sexual bliss. They stood up and Miss Marla even helped me to my feet. She told Mistress Olivia, " That was great my lover. I really enjoyed myself, and I hope you did too." she answered, " I loved it too honey. I'm not sure my slave did though, but that doesn't concern me much." Miss Marla laughed and said, " The bitch has been bugging me for a long time now to get into kinky sex games. I loved it and I so want to again soon, Mistress if we can." Mistress Olivia kissed her deeply.
Miss Marla stood me up and left me standing there naked and hairless in heels. She asked Mistress Olivia, " The only one who hasn't come is pet. Shall we let her have one?" she replied, " Sure, why not? It might be fun to watch." she looked me in the eye and ordered, " Go ahead slave, play with yourself." By now, I was totally humiliated and having lost my will to resist reached down and began to stroke myself. They seemed to enjoy watching my pitiful efforts to arouse myself. My cock wasn't responding like it should have been. Mistress Olivia said, " I guess the bitch is only good for being used as a sex toy. I can't imagine you ever being able to please a lady like with that thing." Mistress Olivia put her lips to my nipple and indicated to Miss Marla to suck on the other one. Despite the throbbing ache in those nipples, I started to get aroused. They kept sucking until Miss Marla sensed my imminent orgasm, then she held an empty wine glass at the tip of my cock catching my spurts as they gushed out until not a drop remained. Mistress Olivia said "Marla it's time for her next lesson "She lifted the glass to my lips saying, " Drink it down little pet." I looked at her in shocked disbelief, but, when she began squeezing my hairless balls, I drank every drop as it ran from the glass. Mistress Olivia grinned at Miss Marla and said, " Now that this slut is a cocksucker, she might as well get used to swallowing cum. I'll have her service you whenever you drop over and if you like, you can bring other women over to use her too" She kissed Mistress Olivia warmly. I passed out asl**p.

I awoke to the clock radio buzzing. It was Sunday, but it was still a work day for me. I had many chores to do, and I was expected to be dressed properly before I made breakfast for Miss Marla and Mistress Olivia. After I finished dressing, and putting on my 3 inch working heels, I headed for the stairs. As I walked by the bedroom, Miss Marla called to me to enter, which I did. "Good morning Mistress Miss Marla, Good morning Mistress Olivia" I said as I curtsied to them. They were both sitting up in bed, and Miss Marla motioned for me to come closer. "See this bell Pet, when either of us ring it, you are to come immediately to see what our needs are. You better not be too slow to answer, unless you enjoy being punished.", Miss Marla said as she held up a small bell and rang it for me. The bell was not that loud, and I worried that I might not be able to hear it in every room of the house. "Mistress Olivia thought you would like the bell, so she bought it for you" Miss Marla finished.
I curtsied to Mistress Olivia, "Thank You Mistress Olivia, it was very thoughtful of you"
Mistress Olivia smiled and said, "It's the least I can do for you Tara, this will aid in your maid training. I also convinced Miss Marla that you should have breakfast before us." she then threw back the sheets exposing their nakedness, and pointed to her crotch. I hesitated to even put my face near her crotch, and the next thing I know is her hand slaps my face so hard, my head turns. "Get busy Tara, I want you to please me now as she placed a clothes pin on my nose, and make the yummy slurpee sounds to show us how much you like being a slut" Mistress Olivia yelled. I took the head of her cock in my mouth and tried to deep throat her, I just couldn't get her all the way in. I slurped and made moaning sounds like she wanted. she came within 10 minutes and I swallowed her cum, only spilling a little bit which I licked off my arm. "You can't get it all the way in. You're going to have to practice a lot. You can suck me more often, or we can get more guys for you to suck. What do you want to do Tara?
"I want to suck you Mistress Olivia, please let me practice sucking you more, please!" I begged.
"OK, but you better learn how to deep throat me, now go fix us breakfast, we'll be down in half an hour. And fix your make-up, you look like a slut." As soon as Mistress Olivia finished, I curtsied and backed out of the room, thanking her once again for her kindness. As I was descending the staircase, I knew that I couldn't take much more of this. Miss Marla was one thing that I could deal with, but Mistress Olivia seemed vicious towards me. I didn't know what else she would do, and I didn't want to experience it.
I started the coffee and the bacon then went outside to get the paper, as that was one of my duties. I was embarrassed to be out in my maid outfit. It's one thing to be out in public in a dress, but a maid's outfit? I tried to walk fast, but even the 3 inch heels slowed me down, damn, I'll never get used to heels. I entered the house and laid the paper on the dining table, and went back into the kitchen. I turned the bacon over, and got out the eggs that I would need for their omelets. I wanted to wit for them to come down stairs before I started the omelets. 40 minutes went by till they came down to the dining table. I served them coffee and started the omelets I served them their omelets, bacon, and toast, re-filled their coffee cups, and came back out and stood like a good maid at waiting. When they finished, I cleared the plates and refilled the coffee again without being told to. Mistress Olivia then looked at me and said, "very good Tara, you're learning. You have pleased me so far today, so as a reward, you can make 1 piece of toast, 1 piece of bacon, 1 egg, and 1 cup of coffee for breakfast, you have ½ an hour so enjoy your free time." I curtsied and thanked her for her kindness, to which she responded with an evil grin. Just as my half hour was up, I heard the bell ringing, and I rushed to the living room. Mistress Olivia and Miss Marla were sitting on the couch. Mistress Olivia spoke, "Tara you have done this weekend. Your going home soon to your drab life, but remember you belong to me and this is only the 1st of many more services to me you'll be performing. Miss Marla reached out and grabbed my cock and began to pump it as Mistress Olivia continued to speak, "Never forget that you are owned by me and will always obey me. In the future if your good I will allow you more sexual pleasure with me and Marla." Miss Marla was now pumping my cock hard and I felt myself almost ready to explode. Miss Marla must have sensed it and stopped and squizzed my cock hard. I wanted to exploded so bad. Mistress Olivia continued, "your ass belongs to me, your sissy cock no pussy but Marla's. you will not have sexual pleasure that I do not command. My little slut do you agree to this?" I said "yes Mistress, yes Mistress I do." With that Miss Marla released my cock from her grip and pumped it two times at which my cock exploded. The release was the strongest I'd had ever felt in my life, my legs were like wet noddles. Some of my cum had dripped on to Miss Marla's hand and she brought her hand to my lips for me to clean off.Mistress Olivia spoke again, "now go to the trunk of my car and get those silly boy clothes for you to wear home."

End part one

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