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A long day in the pool....

I remember it was a very hot July afternoon when I pulled up to the house on my lunch break from work. My wife's car was in the driveway and my s****r-in-law's was parked on the street in front of the house, so I pulled around and parked across the street. I will admit I was a bit peeved at that, as I trudged up the front porch and into the house. No one was in the living room, so I headed through the kitchen to the back deck to see if the ladies were out there enjoying the sun.

I came out onto the back porch and saw my wife and s****r-in-law in the pool, lounging in the sun on their floats. There were beers on the patio table and my wife had a cup of rum in her cup holder. My wife is in her thirties with a nice plump ass and fairly large tits, your basic voluptuos woman, while her s****r has at least ten years on her, but has a nice pair of tits and a close to hourglass figure. I will admit it, I do think she is good looking and if I wasn't married I would fuck her if I took her home from the bar.

The women were chatting away as I sat down at the table and lit a cigarette. My wife called over to me get her a cigarette, as well as my s****r-in-law. I obliged them and lit both and brought them over to the pool side. My wife who was already apparently d***k pulled me in close and gave me a deep tongue sucking kiss, and asked me to make her another drink. Her s****r then chimed in for another beer. Even more slightly peeved, I did as they asked and went in to get their beverages.

Suffice to say, they continued to badger about getting them this and that for the next half hour as we all chatted while they sunned and swam. As I packed up to head back to finish my workday, my wife asked me for yet another favor. She wanted me to pick up some more rum on my way home and some more beer for her s****r. I apparently looked a little ticked, so she followed the request up with a promist to be nice and d***k so she could "fuck me like a pornstar" that night. Her s****r did not miss a beat and spilled out a comment about I might get lucky and have a two on one with her and my wife if she was d***k enough.

Mind you my wife is a pretty jealous woman who has lost it on a few women who got to flirty with me at the bar, so I was shocked when she just laughed it off, which I did myself as well. I played it off, assuming it was a bad joke and smiled back nervously. I made a quick exit, and the ladies told me they loved as I popped back into the house for the last time while heading back to work.

The rest of my shift at work left me mulling over and over what my s****r-in-law said, leaving arroused slightly, but a bit uncertain. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be a reality, but somewhere deep down inside it was sort of flattering and a bit of a turn on.

I got home that night with more rum and more beer to find the ladies sitting out on the back porch smoking cigarettes and milking their last drinks. I got drinks all around, and it was obvious they were pretty d***k by now. I got into the pool and my wife quickly followed. At this point she didn't hold back, she was rubbing on my body and kissing me with the f***efulness that she has when she is ready to fuck, and I wasn't holding back either.

My s****r-in-law sat on the porch and continued to talk with us for about twenty minutes before deciding she was heading out. We offered her that I give her a ride home because of the drinking, but she refused and said her goodbyes. She made a comment about not doing anything she wouldn't do in the pool and headed into the house.

My wife was on me instantly kissing and rubbing and pulling her suit down to expose her tits for me to play with. After about five minutes of some heavy petting, we were interrupted by the opening of the back door as my s****r-in-law stumbled out. She had been in the house and realized as she was getting ready to go that she was way to d***k, and couldn't get a hold of her boyfriend to give her a ride.

I did the right thing at the moment and offered to give her that ride home she needed, and left my wife hot and horny in the pool. She didn't seem upset, almost more turned on that I was being the gentleman, who had to wait out a hard on before exiting the pool to go. I was pretty confident as I toweled off and headed out to the car with my s****r-in-law, that I was going to get a good fucking when I got home.

It is only a ten minute drive from my house to my s****r-in-laws, and she was d***k chatty the whole way. The topic was random and boring, which added to my surprise at what happened next.

In her d***keness she reached over and put her hand right on my crotch. She didn't even stop talking about whatever thing it was and she began rubbing my cock through my trunks. I wasn't even sure if she knew she was doing it, and I was even a little shocked that I didn't try to stop her. It had to be a combination of the couple of beers I had before we left, my wifes sexual prodding in the pool that had me completely hard, and the arrousal of the sexual fantasy she put in my head earlier that day.

As she rubbed on my cock, I felt the precum of my previous hard on from ten minutes earlier spreading over the head. For a split second I thought how hot it was that my wife had me hard and drew cum that her s****r was now rubbing into my now throbbing cock.

Since we were now in her neighborhood I pulled over to the curb a few blocks from her apartment and looked right at her while she chatted and rubbed me through my trunks. She just stopped talking and gave me a big grin, and I immediately turned off the car and lights.

She didn't bother to kiss me, nor did I really want her to, she just climbed over me and helped me pull my trunks down to my ankles. I reclined the seat, and she didn't hesitate to now stroke my raging hard on with her hand. I laid there staring at the roof of the car as she fondled my scrotum and jerked my cock nice and steady. It was just an amazing feeling, and it brought me back to before I was married, when my wife was more adventurous sexually with me.

She stroked my cock for what seemed like forever, but the clock said a few minutes, the whole time I was fully hard and still in a bit of a shock. Even though I knew it was wrong I didn't seem to be bothered with guilt at the moment. She lowered her head down and her lips were on my cock. Her hot wet mouth took in my entire cock, and she began to slide up and down at a beautiful pace.

Her hand was squeezing and rubbing my scrotum while she took turns jerking my cock off with her mouth and pausing to tickle the head of my dick with her tongue. Her intent was obvious, as she never let up. She wanted me to cum for her, and she was going to make sure that happened.

I held on for as long as I could, but the blow job was just too good, and I was too arroused by the whole thing. I blew my load like crazy in her mouth and she began to gag as my load overtook her ability to swallow it all down. The hot spit and remaining cum drizzled down my dick as she pulled away to give a good cough. I realized at that moment she was pleasuring herself through her swimsuit with her free hand.

She was still over me, her head resting on my now throbbing cock that was dripping out the last of its cum, while she fingered her pussy. I leaned over towards her as I laid there and squeezed one her ass cheeks with my hand while she worked herself to orgasm. As she moaned with her head still in my crotch, more spit and cum sprayed out of her mouth.

We laid ther for another few minutes before she raised up and sat back in her seat. I sat back up and worked my trunks back on, and looked over to see her reaction. She was already passed out, but still slightly shivering. It was almost humorous as I started the car and pulled back into the road. My dick tingled in my trunks as I drove her the rest of the way home and pulled out in front of her apartment. I roused with a bit of prodding and she woke up and gathered her stuff.

As she got out of the car she looked back in at me, spit and cum still on her chin and she told me she loved me and then began to stumble to her apartment. I watched her from the car until she got in and the door closed. The ride home brought on the nerves as I realized it had been almost an hour since I left, and wasn't sure what my wife was going to say when I got home.

I pulled up to my house ten minutes later and headed in. There was no way I was going to be able to cover up the mess in my trunks if my wife caught me before a shower. I thought I was going to feel guilty about this on the way home, but it never really happened. The only thing about it was I didn't want to get caught for the obvious reasons.

I got a bright idea to run to the back deck and jump into the pool real fast to make quick work of the cum puddle in my pants and wash away the evidence. As I crept out onto the back porch and towards the pool I heard a whimper in the dark. I approached one of the lounging chairs where my wife was laying half passed out on her stomach, her swimsuit pulled half off and her tits flopped out onto the lounger.

She seemed half aware I was there and murmered to me come over. I tried not to hesitate, thinking I should just run and jump into the pool, but I ended up walking over. She half sat up as I got close and she immediately put her hand up to my trunks and pulled them down. My dick was still moist with spit and cum as she put her hands right on it. My wife didn't even miss a beat, she just kept stroking my dick, never showing notice to the cum. I was hard in a flash, amazed at the turn of events.

She suddenly just stopped stoking and rolled over onto her knees on the lounger and pulled the rest of her swimsuit off. Her nice plump ass was in the air and my cock was raging hard. I didn't even hesitate as I slid my dick into her very wet pussy and started fucking her hard and fast. My dick was not as sensitive as normal since I had cum just a half hour earlier, so I was not worried about blowing my load to soon as I pounded her.

She moaned loudly in the dark as I gave her all that I had for quite some time. She cooed and squeaked as I continued to pound her pussy into orgasm, her cum lubricating my dick even more. The whole time I was continually more aroused everytime I thought about my encounter with her s****r, and then her willingness to fuck me so quick after. I had never thought that something like this would happen to me, it seemed like a movie line, but it was now my reality.

As my wife finished her orgasm, I stepped it up and pulled my rock hard cock out of her pussy and pushed right into her ass. She was so d***k, I was so aroused, and I felt like I might as well go for it all, so I didn't miss a beat as I started pounding her asshole just as hard as her pussy. She welped and moaned even louder, showing the slight pain it caused her to have her ass hit so hard, but she loved anal sex, and always worked through the pain.

The tightness of her asshole and the whole situation had me cumming inside of her in just a few minutes. I stayed in her until I was completely drained of cum, and let my cock slide out as it softened up. My wife fell forward onto the lounger, breathing heavy and willing to pass out at any moment. I stepped out of my trunks and walked over to the edge of the pool and climbed in.

I floated for awhile in the water the whole time thinking about how I was shocked that I wasn't remotely guilty for what I had done and knew it was going to be a night to remember. I slept well that night in my bed, while my wife lay passed out on the back deck....

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