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Greyhound Glory Hole.

I had my drivers license for a little over a week now. I was just 16 years old, but felt as though I could conquer the world. I had been onto my parents to let me take the f****y car out on my own for a while. After all I was 16 and a licensed driver now. I had been moved up a grade in school, making me a very young senior but a 'big man on campus' none the less, so hell, I felt like my time had finally come and I couldn't wait to get out there and do some exploring. I was always a very advanced k**. A k** way ahead of his time, and I had long since known that I had some wicked exploring to do. On every side of the street, each side of the fence, and with every flavor of ice cream to be licked, I definitely knew that I did indeed have some real wicked hot exploring to do. Tuesday morning popped up with a heat wave like none other. Triple digits showing in the shade. Yuck!! But what a Tuesday it turned out to be. Mom said I could use the car if I wanted to drive into town for a little while on the promise to be careful and back home by 6:00pm. Easiest and quickest promise I ever made in my life. Took a quick shower, jumped into a tight fitted T-shirt, my surfer shorts and flip flops and I was gone like a jack rabbit in heat. Which is pretty much what I was feeling like then. Drove into town feeling all proud and pumped up not having mom or dad with me sitting in the passenger seat. Summertime in small town middle america. Not a lot going on that day as the scorching heat was keeping folks inside. As I cruised down main street past the barber shop and the greyhound bus depot, I noticed a guy leaving his car from the bus depot parking lot and walking rather quickly in through the main doors. I also noticed that he held his stare at me through the passenger side window a lot longer than someone in such a hurry would normally do. Or at least, I thought so at the time. Flipped an i*****l U-turn (sorry mom) pulled into the depot parking lot and parked about two cars over from where he had parked. Upon entering the bus station, first thing I noticed was a rush of ice cold air which I freaking fiercely welcomed from the miserable heat outside. The second thing I noticed was the dude who had stared me down as I drove past him. He was standing at the top of the stairs in front of the water fountain and talking on his phone. He spotted me straight away, got off his phone, gave me yet another very long eye to eye locking stare as he made his way into the mens room. I was up that seemingly endless flight of stairs in about five seconds making me way into the mens room as well. No idiot, I looked down immediately to see which stall he had gone into. No feet under a single stall were showing which only meant one other thing, he was around the white tiled corner wall at one of the many urinals. As I walked hurriedly, but quietly to the urinals I could smell that distinctive public restroom smell. Not super nasty and super pungent as it could have been, but never the less that familiar odor was there just lingering, heavy like in the air. Air that was not nearly as ice cold as that of the air downstairs. Nothing like the wretched air outside though, thank god. Comfortable enough, I'd say. Though perhaps not for someone who might be doing something in there that might cause him to work up a sweat. I turned that corner and there he was standing right in front of the middle urinal. He was a tall drink of water, at least 6'3" I'd say. Myself being only 5'9" on a good day, I was liking what I was seeing so far, if only from the backside and fully clothed, I was still liking what I was seeing. He heard my footsteps as I approached the urinals, turned his head just enough to make sure it was me. I planted myself two urinals away from him. Made a quick glance over at him and saw that he was not only a tall drink of water, but a damn hot sexy looking stud. Chiseled jaw line, jet black hair, rich full lips, fair skin, and gorgeous, deep, dark, mysterious eyes focusing straight down at his big, thick, uncut, man cock which was about half hard and with a huge, clear, glob of precum just about ready to drip off the big, swollen, purple, plum like head of it. My own eyes were now fixated on that same huge, glorious, glob of man goo. I was enthralled by it and by his long, thick, vein popping cock of course and then, right then that big droplet of slick, slippery, pre-lube broke free from his now throbbing purplish plum head making it's way to the wet piss stained floor below, my wide open eyes following it as it seemed to be moving in slow motion and then it hit that floor making a big loud splat like sound that sent a shiver right down my spine straight on through my boy crack and up underneath me through my aching bloated blue balls and making it's way right on up through the very center of that rock hard "coke bottle hard" kind of rock hard, precum dripping cock of my own. It seemed as though he could actually sense my whole body quaking from that big shiver that shot through me cause he looked over at me real quick like and for the very first time, and his eyes caught mine, they locked together in that intensely sexual stare down, but only for a split second, too intense I suppose. I couldn't help myself though and started to gaze back over at his mesmerizing manhood as he too began to gaze back over at my own. Both of us now slowly stroking on our twitching fuck sticks, both of them at full mast standing straight up to the heavens above. That's when I heard him speak for the first time. He said to me in a quiet whisper with a deep sexy, manly voice, "Go to the last toilet stall, I'll be right behind, okay?" I said in a quiet whisper with a rather shaky, quivering like voice, "Okay, but then what?" "Just go to the very last one, no questions now, just go to it and go inside of it and lock the door!" With that I shoved my hard jumping cock back into my surfer boy shorts and walked straight to the last stall, entered it and locked the door, just as the hotter than hot shit studly dude had instructed me to do. Soon as I turned back around from locking the door, my cock obsessed 16 year old eyes riveted to a large hole that had obviously been cut on, hacked on, and hammered on until it was finally pried apart leaving a rather shabby looking hole between the wall that separated the stall I was in and the stall right next to it. Just about then I heard the door from that stall open up, being shut back and locked. I could see it was him by peaking through the hole and noticing his levis and those same big masculine hands that were ripping those levis back open so his huge, hard, horny, cum filled cock could be released back out into the wild, exactly where he and I both wanted it to be. By this time, I had completely removed my surfer shorts and was beating on my still precum oozing big boy dick. He bent down to look through the hole, saw I had nothing on but my T-shirt and flip flops and yanked his levis all the way down to his ankles. Exactly where he and I both wanted them to be. I had heard and read about these toilet holes and seen them on the internet before. They were called glory holes and I knew exactly what they were there for and I had always been extremely curious about them, how it must be to suck on a dudes cock through one and vice versa. And now, right in front of my very own 'glory hole curious' eyes was a huge one and there, by the grace of god, stood a hot, fucking, fuck stud just on the other side of it who was just about ready to shove his big, luscious looking, juicy wet, pulsating prick right on through it so I could get down on my knees onto that dirty, nasty, bus depot mens room floor and start slurping and sucking on that sexy studs mean, angry, fuck tool until I sucked and milked the big, massive, thick, sweet load of stud sperm right on up and out of that boy's mean & angry, spitting fuck tool. And sure enough, just then his big cock came sliding through that nasty & naughty 'suck a big cock off through here' glory hole. Oh fuck yeah, there is was right in my face now, finally that big throat fucking man cock was right in front of my face, right there in front of my cock & cum hungry, 16 year old cocksucking mouth & throat. I opened up my quivering lips and took the sopping wet head of his cock into my mouth. Thought I'd pass out right then and there as it tasted so fucking good, that sweet as nectar from the god's precum oozing into my mouth was pure heaven and the feeling and sensation of his swollen pulsating cock head in my mouth was almost more than I could take, but take it I did. But, I didn't realize that he had not slid all of it through the glory hole yet, but when he felt my juicy wet lips and my warm juicier and even wetter mouth, he suddenly rammed his whole fucking cock in my mouth, slamming it deep down into my throat...I gagged some and thought I'd nearly choke to death on that monster cock but he yanked all of it but the head back out of my mouth and throat as quickly as he had slammed it down there in the first place. I composed myself and I'm guessing that he felt and or sensed that and then he started to slowly pump his big bad boy bat sized dick in and out of my mouth, not quite sinking it into my throat hole, the natural born cocksucker that I was, I instinctively began making mad hot oral love to that dudes mouth pumping prick, and I was fucking loving every single second of it. And by the moans and groans and the "Oh fuck yeah baby, suck that big cock, fucking service and worship that big fucker, show me how much you fucking love my big hard prick, baby!" "Show just exactly how much you fucking love it by sucking my thick load of cum out of it, baby" Fuck, my head was about to spin out into orbit when he started with that kind of dirty talking to me from over that stall wall. My own cock was so fucking coke bottle hard I couldn't even touch it or I would've popped off right then and there. And I didn't want to pop off just yet, I wanted to blow my nut when he blew his. I could his rock hard six pack stomach, with the sexiest dark treasure trail I've ever seen, leaving from the bottom of his belly button down into his deep dark trimmed up pubic hair. Again, my head nearly spins off my shoulders and I almost fucking nut without even touching my jumping and jerking cock. I notice he is picking up his mouth pumping pace now. Starting to pump that horned up cock of his into my mouth faster and harder and a bit deeper. I can feel that big slick, juicy, cock head banging on the back of my cum milking wanna be throat. Suddenly he says, "Relax baby, relax that fucking throat hole of yours, don't be afraid of my fuck weapon baby, it's not going to hurt you, trust me baby!" No sooner had I followed his 'advice' and BAM he slams his "fuck weapon" back down deep into my gagging throat hole. He pulls it back out and returns to his originally pace. "Baby, I told you it wasn't going to hurt you, now just remember to totally relax your throat and keep it totally relaxed and you'll find how much easier it will be and how much more you're gonna fucking love me fucking your throat baby!!" So, again I follow his command and it's clear now that he can feel and or sense when I've relaxed and opened up my throat and that's his que to shove that, throat loving cock of his back down my cock loving throat. This time, it does go much better. I do focus on keeping my throat relaxed and opened up and to my surprise and relief I'm not gagging nor choking at all. "Oh fuck yessss baby, fuck yesssss, now your my little cocksucker aren't you baby?? Now your my deep throatin little cock bitch, huh baby, is that right? Aren't you my special little glory hole cocksucking, deep throat cocksucking that is, little bitch of cock whore, baby? well baby, tell me you are, tell me you're my little cocksucking bitch, HEY, SAY IT, I DON'T JUST WANNA HEAR YOU MOAN IT, I WANNA HEAR YOU SAY IT, SO SAY IT, SAY IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW BITCH!!!" I yank my delirious head off of his mean monster man meat and I say with a mouth full of dripping saliva and precum, "Oh yessssss stud, I'm your little cocksucking, deep throat cocksucking, cock loving, cum loving, cock whore bitch, baby!" "MMMMMMMMMMM, oh fuck yeah, FUCK YEAH BABY, fuck I love to hear that, I fucking love that so much I'm gonna fill your little cocksucking bitch mouth full of my hot sperm baby, do you like that idea baby, huh, do you like to have your mouth full of hot boy sperm baby?? Pull your fucking head back off of my cock and tell me how much you fucking love hot sperm in your cocksucking bitch of a mouth or how much you're gonna love that very first massive load of boy sperm in your cocksucking bitch of mouth and do right fucking now, bitch!!" Again, I yank off and manage to say, "Oh yessss, I love sperm and I love it in my cocksucking bitch of a mouth and I can't wait for you to fill my mouth up with your hot boy sperm, baby!!" "FUCK YES!! That's it baby, that did it, you did it right and you did it really fucking good cause I'm gonna fucking cum right now and fill up your fucking cocksucking bitch's mouth, I'm gonna fill up that cum dump baby, you better get your fucking self ready for one big massive load of cum, CAUSE HERE IT CUMS NOWWW, FUUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, OH GOD DAMN IT, YESSSSSSSSSS, FUCK, OH FUCK YEAH, OH FUCK, OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, UUUUUMMMMMMMMM FUCK, FUCK FUCK YEAH, FUCK YEAH MAN, OH YES, EAT IT, FUCKING EAT IT, EAT MY CUM, FUCKING DRINK MAN, FUCKING SWALLOW IT, EVERY FUCKING DROP OF IT BABY, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSS, YESSSSSSSS THAT'S IT OH YEAH, JUST LIKE THAT BABY, OH YEAH, LET ME HEAR YOUR GULPING ALL OF THAT LOAD DOWN YOUR THROAT, UUMMM HUMMM, SWALLOW AND GULP IT ALL DOWN YOUR THROAT HOLE AND KEEP GULPING IT ALL UNTIL EVERY BIT OF IT IS WAY DOWN AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF YOUR LITTLE WARM, WAITING, WELCOMING, JIZZ-JUNKIE OF A TUMMY BABY...RIGHT EXACTLY WHERE MY BIG LOAD OF SPERM SHOULD BE BABY. RIGHT WHERE IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE BABY!!!! Of course I did exactly as he said for me to do, but little did he know, I couldn't wait until he shot his big load of hot boy sperm into my mouth and I couldn't wait until it ended up at the very bottom of my jizz-junkie little tummy and fuck yes that's exactly where his big load of boy sperm should be, should always fucking be is right!!! I pulled myself up off of that nasty floor, yanked up my cum filled shorts as I naturally shot my own big load of boy sperm off into them when he was blasting his big load into my mouth, I wiped up my chin and was about to unlock the stall door when I heard that deep low manly voice of his once again saying, "Hey, wanna meet me here next tuesday, same time, same stall, same exact scene baby??" It's probably pretty obvious what my answer was back to him, huh, well what do you think? Tell me what you think my answer fucking was baby, come on now, fucking TELL ME WHAT MY FUCKING ANSWER WAS, DAMN IT! YANK YOUR FUCKING HEAD UP AND OFF OF THAT BIG FUCK STICK AND FUCKING TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT ME FUCKING ANSWER BACK TO THAT THROAT FUCKER WAS, YOU LITTLE............................" HAHAHAHA... :) Just k**ding you all, baby!! But I'll have you know, I met up with that stud every tuesday at that same suck hole for the next two years. When I turned 18 years old, he invited me over to his place where we continued on with our nasty and naughty but oh so nice little hook ups...:) But that's another story!!

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