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My cousin and I (and her boyfriend)

My name is Jack, and I've been a virgin since I was 21. The reason is, I'm a very shy man. It seems the cause is the death of my parents when I was young, which made me afraid of others. Since then, I've been living with my aunt and uncle, and their daughter who's two years older than me, Jennifer. I've barely talk to any other women than my cousin and her mom, and never had what you'd call real friends.

One day that I was alone at home (or so I thought) and about to do some homework for highschool, some strange noises starting to come out of my cousin's bedroom, which is just next to mine. Well, I call it strange noises, but I knew exactly what it was: she was having sex with her boyfriend, perfectly aware that I was here. Once again. Usually, I would put my earphones and listen to wome music, but they were nowhere to be found. I tried to work, but her moans quickly became louder and louder as she was adding obsenities. I could not work in these conditions, and my penis getting strangely hard wasn't helping either (I didn't know much about sex at the time). I decided that asking them to make less noise was the better solution, so I left my room and knocked on her room's door. No response. Knocked again. Still no response. I opened the door a little bit to see what was going on inside, and what I saw was mesmerizing. They were both completly naked, the guy lying on his back while my cousin was moving on him, facing in my way. She always had a great body, and I sometime lost myself contemplenting her, but she was even more beautiful like that. Her ass is the kind of ass you can't help but look at, whether you're a man or a woman, whether you're straight, bi or gay. Her breasts, big enough to perfectly fit in a man's hands but small enough to be firm, were bouncing like crazy. And her face, with her long natural red hair, was clearly a face of pleasure.

"I think we got a guest, babe" she said as she stopped moving."I know you're here Jack, so why don't you come in? And don't forget to lock the door behind you."
My heart was beating so fast, I thought it would give me an attck. I did as she said, locking behind me. By the time I was done, she was standing just next to me, still naked. From this close, I could see that she was sweating and hear her panting.
"Come here." She gently took my hand and lead me to the bed where her boyfriend was still on it but sitting, his penis raising up in the air. "I hope you don't mind, babe?", she asked him.
"Do as you want.", he answered.
She the proceed to take my shirt off, then my shoes, then my socks, then my jean, leaving just my pants on. She then made me lie on the bed and put herself on top of me, her face so close to mine that our nose were almost touching.
"You love me don't you?" she asked.
"Well... Of course I love you... You're my cousin aft...
- I don't mean like that. You love me as a woman, don't you?"
I didn't have time to answer. She took my head in her hands and kissed me like I saw her kissing her numerous boyfriends. Her tongue f***ed her way into my mouth, looking for mine, playing with it once she got it. I could'nt breath anymore, but she was still kissing me passionately. After what seemes to be an eternity, she finally freed me from her mouth and I was able to breath again.
" Today, I'm gonna make you a man, Jack. My boyfriend's gonna show you how it's done, then YOU... ARE... GOING... TO... FUCK... ME. But first, I want to chekc something".
She slowly went down on my body, kissing it, sucking on my nipples a little bit, until she arrived to my pants. As she started to take them off, i put my hands on it to keep them, but she take them off. She asked her boyfriend to hold them so I wouldn't get in her way. She slowly take my pants off, an excited look in her eyes, until she finally got what she wanted: my penis, freed from the pants, was standing up, harder than ever.
"My my my! Look at that! I never thought you were this big Jack. I even think it's the biggest I've ever seen! It really is a shame that you're shy, you could've got all the chicks you wanted with a thing that big. What the matter Jack, lost your voice?" I couldn't say anything, I was almost not breathing anymore again. She was looking at my penis without touching it, letting some little moans out from time to time.
"I... I... I'm going... to explode Jen. My penis is going... going to explode. Jen... please... do some thing... please...
- So your big fat cock is going to explode, Jack. Finally honnest with me, are you?
- My... cock?
- Yes your cock. Your dick. Your penis. There are lots of other way to call it you know...
- Jen, please... I need your help...
- Well, I don't know. Are you gonna do as I say? If you do exactly as I say, I promise you you will like it.
- Anything... Please...
- Good boy." As she said that, she placed her head just on top of my penis and let out a little spit. She then slowly, gently let her ehad down, her mouth wide open for my cock. As soon as her lips touhced however, it exploded. A feeling I never felt before. It was like my cock was finally free, letting sperm out like never before during my nights. When she felt it was coming, she quickly took all of it inside her mouth and didn't let go until it was empty. I could feel she was swallowing it, which make things even better. I never felt that good before, wishing this would never end.

But it finally came to an end, and she let go of my penis, looking at me with a huge smile on her face. "It was good, wasn't it? And We're not done yet. Come here babe. And fuck me hard" Her boyfriend let go of my hands and came behind her, still erect and I think very horny after what she did to me. She placed herself on all fours, her face just above mine, and he started moving, making her moan again. He started slowly but quickly went faster, so fast that I could here his thighs slap against Jen's ass. She moaned louder and louder, saying obsenities between each moan. But this time, she was doing it while watching me in the eyes, giving me a kiss when the pleasure was too big. We stayed like that for what I think was half an hour, him fucking her from behind and me kissing her and playing with her breasts. I don't know how many times she came, but I'm sure it's more than she ever did. She finally took his dick in her mouth and swallowed it all like she was hungry. As she finished sucking, she took a look at me and another smile shined on her face. I was so into it that I didn't notice, but I was hard again. "Don't move" she told me. "I'm gonna let you inside me. Without condom, so you can fully taste this pleasure."

I was still lying on my back, so she placed herself to fuck me in that position. She slowly took my cock inside her, letting me taste every inch of her pussy, until I finally was completly inside her. She stayed like that for a little time then started moving really slowly, getting used to the size of my dick. She kept a slow pace for quite some time, tightening after every move until my penis felt like it was being crushed by her pussy. She suddenly kissed me, a more passionate kiss than before, as she was I think having an orgasm. Quickly after that, her movements became faster and she started to really jump on me, moaning even harder than when her boyfriend was fucking her. She was enjoying it like it was some kind of candy for her pussy, and the many orgasms she had didn't stop her. Quickly though, I felt the need to come again, and she knew it. She completly stopped her body and lied down on me, whispering in my ear "You can come inside, but you have to move." Those few words were more than I could take. I put my hands on her ass, and I pounded her like a madman, not giving a fuck that I was going too hard for her until I finally got what I wanted. As I was coming inside her, I could feel her pussy getting tighter than ever while she was screaming in pleasure. When my dick left her vagina, I felt some of my own hot cum leaving her insides and dripping on me. She must have felt it too, because she went down on me again and proceeded to completly clean my member.
"Don't think we're done yet Jenny. Seing you like that got me hard again, and I know that you can take more."
Her boyfriend, whom I completly forgot was here, was standing just next to her on the bed, hard and ready to go again. He took her by the air and made her lie on her belly, a smile on his face. "Come here dude, I wanna show you something. You see, here, that's her pussy. That's where you dick was. You can still see some of your come trying to leave. And that little hole above, that's her asshole. That's where MY dick is going. And trust me, she loves it more than anything."
As he said that to me, I became hypnotized by her asshole. He showed me how his cock went inside it, very slowly so she wouldn't be hurt he explained, using his spit as lub. He the started to move very slowly so she could get used to it, then went faster as she was loosing herself in the pleasure. I was unable to take my eyes off of her asshole until she took my hand and asked me to coem in front of her. Her face was incredible, her make up completly gone because of the sweat, her hair in a total mess adn her eyes rolling back with every orgasms she was having. The faster he proceeded to go, the more she came, until she looked like she was having a non-stop orgasm.
"Mmm..." She was trying to say something, but the pleasure was too big and she couldn't do anything but moaning. "Mmm..." As she tried to say it again, I approached my ears of her mouth. "More... Give me more..." My looked of surprise gave a clue to her boyfriend I guess, because he asked me what she said. "She says she wants more." I answered.
"She wants more?... Oh, I see. Get ready dude." He took both of her arms so she would stand, then took her body in his arms while still in her ass and lied down on his back, in the same position they were when I came in the room. Except that this time, he was fucking her ass. Since he stopped moving, her voice became clearer and we coulp perfectly hear her asking, begging for more. "You see her pussy" he told me, "then go back inside, but be careful, she might be very tight. If she wants more, then we're gonna fuck her in both holes. Taht should be enough for you, right Jenny?
- More... Give me more cocks...
- She's completly lost in the pleasure. What are you waiting for dude, come here and fuck her with me."
She was indeed tight, but I managed to put it all inside her pussy. A smile appeared on her face as I was going inside, but it quickly went back to a face of never ending pleasure. We proceeded in fucking her alternately, once her pussy then once her ass. She wasn't moaning anymore but she was still awake, enjoying a pleasure she never had before, just letting some "yes" out from time to time. After a moment, as her boyfriend was getting tired of supporting all the weight, we change position and I find my self lying on my back, still inside my cousin's pussy. While fucking her, I could feel his dick moving on her other hole, going deep when I was leaving, leaving when I was going deep. Our rythm quickly went faster as we were close to ejaculating, but made sure we were not going too fast for her, so she would complelty feel us coming inside both of her holes. It finally happened after what seemed to be an eternity, but taht didn't stop us. As we were filling her, our cocks stayed hard and allowed us to fuck her more. We kept the same pace, forgetting about how she was feeling as she seemed to be in another world, filled with orgasms. We finally came one last time inside her and she came with us, making it even more pleasurable.

She then lied down on me, unable to move an inch of her body and not responding to anything we would say or do to her. "I think she past out." I said.
"She still breathing?
- Yes. And I can feel her heart beating very fast.
- Good, that means she's still alive. Let's just let her on the bed, she deserves some rest. here, i'll help you."
We made sure everything was ok and left her room to take a shower. He then left, letting her in my care and thanking me for the great time we had. He also said that I was more than welcome to come fuck her again anytime, as long as he was here of course. After that, I just went back to my room and take a nap. My homeworks will have to wait.

The same day, in the evening

"Here Jack, your earphones.
- Thanks Jen. Where were they?
- I wonder...
- ... Don't tell me... You meanie! Why did you take it?!
- I'm sure you don't mean what you said right? After all, we had a great time today, didn't we?"
As she was saying that, she slowly put her mouth close to my ear, ending her sentence in a whisper.
"Yes... Yes we did. But still, you didn't have to..." Before I could finish, she kissed me while taking my penis in her hand. When she stopped her kiss, she let go of it and left my room with a smile.
"Oh, before I forget. My boyfriend can't come tomorrow beacause of a competition of martial art. So, it will only be us two. Alone. All. Day. Long. So you'd better be ready, 'cause I'm gonna teach you a lot of new things, big boy". After she finsihed her sentence, she slowly licked her lips while looking me in the eyes, and then left completly happy. I was hard again, but I promised myself I would not touch it. Tomorrow is gonna be a great day...

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