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Eva Diary: Masturbating to home video

Eva Diary 10: Masturbating to home video

I continue to court my hot mom, Cathy. She and her husband and son came over this past weekend and our k**s get along great. We all did. Her husband is very handsome, GQ looks, (though I get a feel that he has a small penis) and it took all my strength to behave! But I am being the good girl… for now. This morning, Cathy and I walked to the coffee shop a few blocks from the school and chatted about k**s, husbands, typical mom stuff. I flirted a little and even had the opportunity to briefly hold her hand as I pulled her away from a big crack in the sidewalk.

By the time I got home, I was so horny that I had to masturbate! So, I pulled out one of our home videos. LOL It was so funny! Last year, there was an insurance salesman that wouldn’t leave us alone. He called, sent letters, etc. until finally I decided to let him come over and give us his pitch. I had seen his picture on his card; he was attractive, but older, and I knew he was married from the phone. Todd was surprised that I agreed to a sales call, until I told him what I had in mind.

We have nanny-cams in a couple places in the house (I’m a bit overprotective I’m told, but you can never be too safe). Anyway, I told Todd we’d meet in the living room, to get it all on camera, and I’d flirt as much as I needed until he either fucked me or he got pissed and left. Joe, typical sales name, had mentioned once that I had a sweet accent (before coming to California to attend college, I grew up on the beach in North Carolina and still have a slight accent) and I figured there was at least a small chance he’d succumb to my charms.

As I started the video, I took off my clothes and rested on the bed in my bra and panties. I watched as I led Joe to the sofa and Todd and I sat across from him. I was wearing a skirt and sheer blouse and I let my hand rest on Todd’s thigh, squeezing it, as Joe began his pitch. Joe was really paying attention to my hand as he talked, even getting a bit off track as he watched me slide my hand all the way up Todd’s thigh, stopping just inside the top of his thigh and lightly rubbing back and forth. I kept my eye contact with Joe the entire time. Damn, I was good! LOL I asked questions like what would I do if something happened to my husband, I’d be so lonely, and Joe tried to keep the topic on the monetary benefits of the insurance plan, but I got up and sat down right next to Joe, now placing one hand on his thigh and the other on his arm.

I got excited and started to pinch my nipples as I watched Joe squirm and fidget on the video as he cheeks reddened while I asked if he would be there to console me should anything happen to Todd. I slid my hand over my stomach and over my pussy as I watched my hand go straight to Joe’s growing bulge in his pants. I rubbed his cock and Joe didn’t know what to do, I acted the lonely housewife, that I’d need to feel a man against me at night, that I need a man to please and to take care of me.

I laughed as I watched how silly it all was, but it got really hot fast! Joe let out a huge moan and sigh as I saw myself unzipping his pants and getting on my knees in front of him, telling him I needed his cock right then!

My panties were wet as I pushed them to the side and slid my finger over my wet clit, rubbing it harder as I watched Joe get the cock sucking of his life. I finally got up and told him to “Fuck me, please, I want to feel your cock inside of me.” Todd was still just sitting on the couch watching Joe confused, but his cock so hard that Joe couldn’t stop himself from bending me over and the couch and fucking me!

My fingers moved harder and faster on my clit as I began to quiver and feel my pussy tighten, until I felt my juices roll over my fingers and I moaned as I watched Joe shake and shoot his cum inside me. He didn’t know what to do after that, and he hurriedly pulled his pants up and put away his papers. We never did hear from him again. ;-)

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