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My Hot Twink and his boyfriend and me

I had my first gay experience with this 23 yr old blonde hair and blue eyed twink around three weeks earlier. I was a 49 yr old apartment painter when he first introduced himself to me. We had our first sexual encounter the same day. It was the ultimate kink for me since I am pretty straight and just fantasized about being with guys. We met again about 2 weeks later. It was then that my hot new fantasy boy toy showed me what anal pleasure was about and how to enjoy prostate milking and rimming ! WOW Loved it . Had never had it done to me before but wanted it done again . lol My twinks name is Kenny and he was 5'6" tall about 135 to 140 lbs. short blonde hair , blue eyes with a rippled stomach . He had a perfectly round ass with no body hair at all. I'm 5'10 around 170 lbs brown hair and brown eyes and very hairy body. I'm a real ladies man and just love women . But Kenny is my ultimate kinky sex toy, so to speak. The second time we met was so hot it really blew me away. I couldn't quit thinking about and jerking off thinking about it two or three times. I was very busy with work so it was about three weeks before I could see him again. I finally called him about three weeks later and told him I would come see him the following night which was going to be Friday night and he said ok but he may have company. I arrived around 7:00 and he was alone. I always wear silky loose fitting basketball shorts when I come see him .I don't wear underware either with a loose fitting tank top too. The reason is because it comes off very quickly. He also wears the same. When I came in I grabbed his sweet little ass and rubbed his flat stomach too. He liked that and then grabbed my hard cock. Yummy. We sat down on the couch and he started stroking my cock and someone came to the door. I said shit ! He said let me get the door. When he did , it was his boyfriend. This guy was a real nice looking fella. He looked alot like Kenny but dark hair and olive skin. He was around 5'5" and maybe 135 lbs . He said hello to me and kissed Kenny. He didn't seem like the jealous type either. Well I sat on the chair in front of the couch and Kenny and his boyfriend sat next to each other on the couch. His boyfriend then put some powdered substance on the coffee table. He said do you do dope and I said no but you guys can. I just sat there for a few minutes watching them. I don't know what it was but they both did a large line. I haven't done any dope in maybe 15 yrs and wasn't going to start. After they did some they both started kissing and caressing each other very aggressivelly. I tell you , that got me so horny I couldn't believe it. I then bent over and snorted one of the lines they had on the table. I said omg that burns. Almost immediatly my body got chills and then my nipples got erect along with goosebumps on my entire body. Now I know why they were like that. I stood up and dropped my shorts to the floor and sat down and started jerking off watching them. Kennys guy looked at me and laughed then asked me if I wanted to join them. I said hell yeah and went over to Dave and pulled his belt off and then his shorts. I then went down on him. He had a small cock which was a little disappointing because Kenny's dick was almost 10 inches. It was cut and about 5" but it was pretty so I started sucking him. After a few minutes he got up and went to the bathroom and Kenny and I started sucking each other. We were in the 69 position when he got back. He told us to keep doing what we were doing. I was on the top part of the 69 with my ass up and I guess it was the target for Dave's dick. Talk about kinky, I loved it. Dave put some lotion on his dick and some on my ass and slid it in slowly. It hurt a bit but I was game. We all three were stroking sucking and fucking. It felt great. We stayed in the same position the whole time. We were all getting satisfied bigtime. Dave was kind of slamming his cock into me some times too hard but I think he was a little jealous. Dave finally said he was about to cum and then pulled out of my ass and shot his load on my balls and onto Kenny's face which felt so hot I could feel myself get closer to cumming myself. I told Kenny I was cumming and he said wait a minute so I slowed down to let him catch up. I could feel him oozing in my mouth and then I then I pulled out of his mouth to blow my load and he came all over my face and mouth at almost the same times. It was so hot we all got off. Well Kenny and I knew each other and licked each other off . We then all cleaned up and I ended up leaving because Dave was there. Ho sweat, I'll be back again, and again probably. LOL

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