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My wife's friend, Steve

After a few false starts in hot-wifing, My wife and I decided that we both enjoyed it best when she pursued a younger guy. she was 29 and I was 31.
We were having a pig-roast and we knew that there would be many guests, especially younger ones since our neighbor across the street had her younger s****r living with her, and she asked if she could invite a few guy friends. We said sure we'd love it.Denise arrived about 11:00am and was helping out to get things prepared. I had been up since 3 am to get the pig on and as it got closer to 1:00 pm, i told my wife that I was going in to take a nap. When she got me up at 1:00 pm, I looked out in the yard at the pool and realized this was going to be a bash. There were lots of young guys 18-22 and quite a few girls that age also. The girls looked like a bunch of tight assed preppy bitches with their panties in a bunch. the guys were drinking, playing volleyball and really enjoying a perfect day. Our pool had all the chairs full and the guys in the pool were playing water volley ball. Our tapper was keeping the beer cool and I had another on ice in the garage. I walked out and Denise introduced me to her friends and my wife then said come into the house and give me a hand. I followed her in and she said to watch the guy on the lawn swing. he has been flirting his ass off with her. I asked do you like it? She said hell yes. he was kissing her in the f****y room when Denice walked in and asked if Doug was still sl**ping. She figured it was her way of saying I'm telling. I laughed and then she said Steve told her had the biggest dick of all the guys there, and if someone wanted to bet him he had 100$ to the winner. I gasped and she said she told him, You'll have to prove that to me later cause I've seen a lot of these cocks her and wasn't so sure about that...I laughed knowing she was k**ding, since she only had 2 other guys and they turned out to be lame. I asked if she thought he would be getting lucky. She said she wasn't sure if he was but she was going to get lucky with him. She ginned and we went back out and started the food. The party went on and as the food got eaten and the first keg was gone. I looked for peg and she was gone. I figured she was in the basement and crept down the stairs and heard some moaning in the laundry room, (where I had set up a small bed for her to enjoy herself at). I looked through the door and it was too dark, so I went back up stairs once I recognized her voice. I was slightly jealous but way turned on and excited. I wanted to go in and spy, but was resigned to stay away. I eventually saw her come out of the side door and Steve was just following her. she turned and kissed him so I could see. he was real thrilled and enjoyed it for a while. then she broke it off and they walked into the yard. she came to me and said Oh My Gawd he is hung, and uncut, and so thick. I asked how big. she said almost too big. she then looked and saw Steve looking at us. she kissed me and said Dom you like his come. I almost blew it. I was so horny. We kept enjoying ourselves and eventually there were only 5 people left. Steve, peg, Myself, and 2 of Steve's friends. Gary and Mike were talking together and Steve and Peg were talking. I was picking up and had all the food away and most of the mess picked up. I walked in to the kitchen and peg followed me. She said Steve wants to fuck me with Gary and mike. I said do you want to? she said yes. she then said Steve said Gary was almost as big as he is. She also said Mike is average but loves to eat pussy when its full of cum. I said can I be part of it. She said she didn't think so cause she didn't know if these guys would talk and if it got back to Denice, our neighbors would find out. I said OK. I then told her to go out and tell the guys I went to sl**p cause I was up too early from the pig preparation. She said OK. then she kissed me and said I'll come in a check in often and If I don't you come check quietly. I agreed and we kissed again and she squeezed my cock. I went to bed and actually fell asl**p right away. I woke up at 6 am having to piss. I heard the guys on the patio and looked outside to see Peggy naked and straddling Steve's lap while Gary was behind her shoving his cock into her pussy for a double penetration. Mike was on his knees getting in close to see the action while jacking his cock. he leaned in and licked her nipples. all of the guys were naked and the sun was starting to rise. I figured I better do something. I figured I would dial the house phone. When it rang, Peggy said oh shit look at the time. she reached for the phone and I asked what she planned on doing cause the sun was coming up. she said OK. She told the guys her b*****r was coming over to borrow our tent and he would be her in a minute. she also said Doug might be getting up cause of the phone and maybe you guys should leave. she kissed them all especially Steve whom she lifted her leg while kissing him and he felt her pussy again and sucked her tongue in real hard and she slapped his ass and cupped his balls. he said Um that was good cl=all me and we will do this again. she said OK and then kissed his cock. Mike said hey what about us. she sucked his cock a few seconds and then went to Gary and turned him so I could see the full length of his cock. She sucked him til he was hard and then said Steve, you might as well get the attention too. She sucked him for a good five minutes and he never got hard. he said we better go before your b*****r gets here. They all dressed and left pretty quickly and then she came in and said be gentle my pussy is sore. I licked her pussy and it was very swollen and her hole was open. I couldn't believe it but I was so horny. I said I suppose it is too sore for sex. she said oh, no!
come her so you can enjoy a tiny bit of what I enjoyed all night. She said Steve fucked her alone for half an hour and then Gary did for half an hour and them mike ate her pussy and fucked her for 10 minutes. then Steve had mike suck suck his cock so he could get hard again and then Gary fucked her until Steve was hard. they were switching up so fast after that. She said she thinks Gary fucked her more then mike and Steve, but Steve was far more satisfying. Mike was good at eating her pussy and she actually came about 2 dozen times during the evening. We had sex 2 times that night. I was satisfied and she was sore. We skipped sex the next 3 nights, until Steve called and wanted to know if she could get rid of me so he could come over and fuck. she said let me call you back. We talked for a while and I said what about the k**s? I then said go put a room on the charge card and take him to a hotel and fuck his brains out. She said OK. she kissed me and They met at the Tiki motel and she fucked his brains out or vice versa for 4 hours. He had to go to work and she called me when he left and said see if mom will watch the k**s so you can join me in the room. I did and we fucked for 4 more hours while she told me all the horny little details. She also took her sewing tape measure and measured his cock. it was just under 11 1/2 inches. That is the biggest she ever had.
He calls all the time and she talks dirty to him. he asks what she is wearing and she always tells him what he wants to hear. then he asks who has the biggest cock you ever saw...she says OMG Steve you know it is you. Your the thickest, the longest, the youngest too. She found out he just turned 18 the day before the pig roast.
She fucks him often to this day and he knows I know now, but he acts like He doesn't know I know. She invited him over once when she told him I was too d***k and she needed to fuck he came over and he was in bed with her and he said why don't you tell Doug to come in and see how big my dick is. I'll act like I am asl**p. she came and got me and whispered what was really going down. I walked in the room and she said don't make any noise and don't turn on the light. I walked up to his side of the bed and he was laying there totally naked and his big soft cock was lying along his leg looking huge as fuck but soft, she said look at it. I got a small flashlight and held it to his cock and was staring at it. Then she said rub it a bit till he gets hard. I played along and then surprised them both by lowering my mouth and sucking on it. That got Peggy real excited she told me later and Steve was getting harder. Then I said peg, Get on top of him like it is you sucking his cock and put your pussy over his face. she did and as I got him real hard and was stroking his cock she was moaning. I knew he was sucking her pussy. I sucked his cock in as far as i could and then relaxed my throat and felt it go in deeper than anything I ever sucked. He began to cum and he reached up and pushed my head down. Ha, like I didn't know he was awake now, I swallowed several shots and then he pulled her around and shoved her down on his cock and I was able to see him fucking her right in front of me. he finished off inside her and she came once before he collapsed. then she got off him and said OK you better go now before he wakes up. I went back to the other room and he dressed and left after kissing her. He you think he knew I was awake. she said no he probably thought you just reacted to a dream....He smiled and left after felling her naked body wrap her leg around him and he fingered her for a few before kissing her again and leaving. Then we had some good extreme sex.

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