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The Evolution

The Evolution

My name is Tara and this is an account of how I became a full blown slut Wife. I am now 45 and live in a world that revolves around dirty, nasty sex. I've evolved from naive high school party girl, to abusive first marriage, to divorcee town slut/whore, to faithful Wife, to my current identity of slut Wife.

I was 27, a couple of years removed from an abusive marriage, and living it up. I had a good job, nice car, cool apartment and a large circle of Cocks I played with. I had regular gang bangs with a core group of Cocks I met at the local bars and nightclubs. I even sucked guys off in my car for drinks even though I had the money to pay for them. I just liked the idea of putting my talents to use for a monetary reward and getting a mouth full of hot, creamy Cumm. In fact, I had a friend named Cindy that would compete with me and we'd keep score with the winner getting twenty bucks! To prove your conquest you had to Cumm back in the bar with some Cumm still in your mouth, show it and then swallow. My biggest score on an evening's competition was 16 and Cindy's was 13. Man, we were Cock whores!

I met Richard through work and he swept me off my feet, not in a sexual way but emotionally. I was well satisfied sexually but was missing out on what we all are looking for, love and happiness. He was 6'2", solidly built, with rugged good looks and a full head of wavy blond hair. I didn't want to have him think I was a tramp so didn't have sex with him until our third date. He introduced me to snow skiing, backpacking, fishing and hunting, took me on romantic trips to Santa Barbara, Big Sur, San Diego and Cabo San Lucas, was kind, and a great lover! He was driven to succeed, climbing up the corporate ladder to a six figure salary by the time he was thirty. I could and would refrain from my slutty ways to stay with him. I soon moved up the coast to his beautiful hillside home in a gated community. It was a new beginning and was glad I was in a new town where my reputation was intact.

We soon married and had a terrific first year or two, backpacking, skiing and traveling. I had him hunt and fish on his own because I don't like to kill anything. We started a f****y and by the time I was thirty I was the mother of a little boy and girl. Richard kept moving up the corporate ladder and we were filthy rich. Life was good, to say the least, and was soooooo happy. I was now a stay at home mom and trophy wife to be shown off at corporate events. I never considered myself a "trophy" but I over heard many of Richards female colleagues refer to me as such. Soon after my second baby I joined a gym and religiously worked my body into terrific shape. I had become an expert skier and had no problem hiking twenty miles with a forty pound pack. I was 5'8", 35D- 23- 35, long red hair, 140lbs with gorgeous muscle tone and long sexy legs. I waxed completely hairless and had a full, deep tan from the tanning booth. Since joining the gym I had actually gained 15 lbs yet looked thinner. I've been told I have a beautiful face and smile, with green eyes, and high cheekbones probably due to my Cherokee heritage. So if I was referred to as a "trophy" that was fine with me because enjoyed my look and what it did to men. I was used to having my tits talked to during conversations and mens eyes burning holes through my pants as they stared at my tight ass when my back was turned. This added to my fantasy world when Richard made love to me.

As the years went on we grew apart more and more, he focusing on his career and me on the k**s and my body. The romantic getaways were few and far between and our sex life was dead. I always had a great meal waiting and did myself up real sexy when he got home from the office but he was always too tired and stressed to make love. I began to think he was cheating on me and getting his sexual satisfaction elsewhere, but he just seemed uninterested in sex. Even when a scantily clothed woman appeared on the TV he wouldn't take notice but if a financial commercial appeared he was all ears and eyes. He was still kind and generous, a great father and provider but I was getting a real itch between my legs and needed a Cock to relieve it. I had a few vibrators and dildos to relieve some of my sexual desires and was using them on a regular basis. They were my new lovers, and I was getting depressed in my loneliness. I was 35, with a hot body, and couldn't get my freak on. I had to stay a respectable woman for my k**s and my husband, and to maintain my lifestyle as it was. I know a lot of woman go through this and it's not a good place to be. It made me uptight, bitter and angry.

One day, after I got the k**s off to school, I was pleasuring myself when another of my toys broke. They were all worn out and I needed to get some new ones. I couldn't be seen going into a shop that sold such things in town, there were only two that I knew of and they had people protesting in front of them quite often. I opened the yellow pages and looked for business's that sold adult novelties. I found a adult book store in a town thirty miles away that had what I needed so I called them and asked for directions. A deep, manly voice answered, gave me directions and promised to take care of my needs. I was a little nervous but was wet between my legs in anticipation of my first visit to a porn shop. I dressed in a short black skirt, tight little white blouse that showed off my 35D breasts and my favorite red heels.

As I drove my BMW into the town it got seedier and seedier as I followed the directions. I finally arrived at the warehouse looking building in a dirty, seedy industrial area. I had second thoughts, but my pussy was wet, and said to myself I'll be in and out with some new toys in thirty minutes. I was more worried about my car than myself. I thought I'd finger myself to orgasm in the car before I went in much like not going in the grocery store hungry. So I slid my panties aside and pushed my fingers in and out of my wet hole while rubbing my clit with my thumb. I soon had a deep orgasm, the excitement of being in public and visiting a sex shop having put me over the top.

As I walked up to the door a couple of middle aged perv looking guys were exiting and held the door open for me while looking me over real good commenting on what a hot piece of ass I was and asked if I needed any company. I laughed and told them I was married with c***dren and was just getting some gifts for a bachlorette party. I luved the way they leered at me, it made me feel sexy and young again. When I first entered I was greeted by thousands of videos showing every type of sex act imaginable, a counter where the adult novelties were, with a big Black man smiling asking if I needed any help. There were probably ten or more seedy looking guys of all ethnic backgrounds mulling around as I felt my face flush. My pussy was dripping wet as I stammered my reply saying I needed some toys as novelty gifts for a bachlorette party. I felt eyes all over me as the big Black man introduced himself as Kevin and told me to relax, he would take care of me, grinning from ear to ear. He began showing me a variety of clit stimultors and I quickly chose one. Then the selection of vibrating dongs of all shapes, sizes and colors came out. I was getting real turned on looking at the selection and my decision took much longer this time. I finally chose a 8" vibrating realistic looking white Cock with balls and Kevin smiled and commented he wished I had chosen a Black one, and that once you go Black you'll never go back with a chuckle. I didn't want to hurt his feelings as he was really making me feel at ease, and while trying to be politically correct, I told him to give me the same one in Black also. Thats all I really needed but continued to look at all the toys Kevin showed me with amazement. He had a selection of butt plugs and anal stimulators on the counter and smiled, winked and asked if I had an interest in them. I was flustered, while licking my lips looked them over closely, and thought about the gang bang days in my past where I'd take it in the ass all night long. I missed a big Cock in my ass, it had been years as Richard never Fucked me in the ass. I chose a anal stimulator, a vibrating butt plug and a slender Cock like anal vibrator as Kevin smiled. God, I needed to get off and asked if he had batteries for all my selections. He replied he did, and said he throw them in no charge and even insert them for me. My bill was over a hundred dollars so I slipped him a c note and another twenty saying keep the change.

As he loaded the batteries in my new lovers I started looking at the selection of videos with nasty thoughts racing through my head. I caught many of the other customers checking me out and would smile back at them. I began bending over in provocative poses acting like I was looking at the bottom shelves giving everyone a better view of my ass and ample breasts. I was so turned on and didn't want to leave. Kevin had all my toys ready for action and asked if any of the videos caught my eye. He went on to say I could preview any of them in the booths in the back before purchasing them. He continued on saying normally it's $20 an hour, $15 a half hour, to use the booths but any customer that buys $100 or more gets an hour for free. I'd rarely seen any Porn videos and was curious as to their content. I replied that if I had a free hour I might as well use it and asked for some recommendations. He was grinning like a schoolboy and asked what genre I might like. I blushed again and licked my lips saying, group sex, gang bang and oral. He set me up with a video in each category, handed me my toys with some complimentary lube, and told me to go to booth 5. He opened the dark curtain behind him to reveal a dimly lit corridor that led to a closed door. When I opened the door I entered a room which was lined with about a dozen booths with low florescent, red lighting. I heard movies being played in about half the booths especially in booths 4 and 6. Women screaming in orgasmic delight, men grunting and groaning and filthy talk filled the room. I entered my booth and saw a nice big screen with a DVD player attached to the wall.A dirty old recliner sat in the corner with a plastic seat cover on it that must have been changed after each guest had viewed their videos.The noises coming from the adjoining booths was getting me hot and horny so I decided to test out my new toys as I put in one of my videos. I wondered if anyone was watching me but that just added to the excitement I was feeling.

The video I had hastily put in was the gang bang one and it went right to business, A big titted blond was getting it in all holes by all different colored Cocks as a line of Cocks waited their turn. It reminded me of my sordid past history as I watched in amazement, u*********sly rubbing my clit, baring my breasts, sucking each nipple, pulling my panties off, and grabbing the new Black dildo to Fuck my aching , hungry pussy. I turned it on and slowly slid the 8" of joy in my wet hole shuddering in orgasm immediately. As I continued Fucking myself I looked around the booth and noticed two, big round holes about waist high on each side of the booth that allowed the neighboring booths access to mine. I recalled how my friend Cindy said while she visited a gay friend in San Francisco she went with him to a Porn store and watched and helped him give four blow jobs through glory holes. Now I knew what she was talking about! This was so cool, anonymous sex partners, no baggage, just hard Cock, or so I hoped! I continued Fucking myself with my new lover as I knelt down to look through one of the holes. Instead of a hard Cock I saw another set of eyes and then a long pink tongue. The biggest and longest tongue I'd ever seen, like that guy from the band Kiss. I moved back and wondered what to do with that fluttering tongue. So I bent over and pushed my asshole and pussy on the fluttering tongue protruding from the hole. The tongue worked my pussy and asshole over as I continued shoving my new toy in and out of my wet hole. I came and came and came some more all over that tongue, as I noticed my face was directly in front of the other hole. The tongue was working it's magic as I called out through the hole into the other room, asking if anyone wanted to play. Before I uttered another sound a big, hard Cock popped through and pressed against my lips. It was big and Black and had precumm dripping out the tip that I eagerly licked clean. I fit the head in my eager mouth and swirled my tongue around it to moans of pleasure. I slowly swallowed more and more of it until I had it balls deep down my throat. I missed this soooo much and really went to town on it, sucking, licking and stroking it as my asshole was being licked and probed by the tongue and my pussy Fucked by the new toy.

I could tell the big, Black Cock was getting ready to explode and used my mouth and tongue at warp speed eagerly awaiting a mouth full of hot, creamy man juice. My tongue had been replaced with a big, white Cock that was all oiled up looking ready to Fuck my ass as I continued sucking the juicy Cock in my mouth while Fucking my pussy with my rubber lover. I pushed my ass on it and it quickly slid in to my screams of orgasmic delite. I got a good rhythm going, Cock deep in my ass as I came up for air on the Cock in my mouth, Cock balls deep down my throat as I licked the balls with the Cock in my ass sliding out and right back in again. The Cock in my mouth tensed and spasmed so wildly it escaped my mouth's grip and sprayed my face with a thick rope of hot Cumm. I quickly got my mouth back on and got the next stream which filled my hungry mouth. I sucked wildly on the top half as it shot stream after stream of man juice down my throat. There was so much Cumm spurting out of the unknown Cock my mouth that I couldn't swallow it all and it was pouring out the sides of my mouth all over my blouse and heaving breasts. The Cock in my ass exploded as well as I held it deep to drain all the Cumm from it. God, what a way to relieve tension! I was a new woman, the happiness and joy of life was reborn, as I used my fingers to scoop up cumm from my face and tits, licking them clean and swallowing as much Cumm as I could find. Then Cumm started leaking out my asshole and I again used my fingers to scoop as much as I could in my eager mouth.

My anonymous Cocks disappeared as I moaned in pleasure and returned to watching my gang bang movie. The timer in the room said I still had 45 minutes left. I know that I was busy at least 30 minutes with my first glory hole Cocks, I think I was being encouraged to stay! As I put my new vibrating anal butt plug in my ass a new set of big, hard Cocks popped through the holes. One was brown and one was black and I alternated kissing and licking each one. I wasn't acting like a corporate, trophy wife any more and felt a sense of freedom I hadn't felt for years. I sucked and sucked and licked and licked with my new toy working my freshly Fucked ass until with a touch to my clit I had an explosive orgasm. My black anonymous Cock began spurting a load in my mouth as I pulled it out jerking it so it squirted all over me. With my butt plug still working my ass I slid that big, brown Cock in my dripping pussy and Fucked it so hard I thought I was going to knock the booth's wall down! I was Cumming in bucketfuls as it exploded deep in my newly crowned slut Wife pussy. I quickly pulled off of it as it continued squirting and swallowed it down my waiting mouth, draining all the delicious man juice and swallowing it down.

Two new big, white Cocks popped through the holes as I looked at the timer and it said I had a full hour left. I thought great, I could stay here all day! I looked at my watch though and remembered I had to get the k**s at 3pm and it was 1:30. I needed a hour to get home and some time to clean up and change. But I was like a Cock hungry a****l and wanted more Cock and Cumm, and quickly stroked and sucked my new anonymous Cocks until they laced me with thick streams of their Cock juice. I was covered from head to toe with Cock juice as two new Cocks appeared. I told them I had to go get my k**s from school and was sorry to groans of disappointment. I got myself together, wiped and licked as much cumm from my clothes and body as I could see, grabbed the three videos, my new lovers, and headed back to the store front. As I turned the videos over to Kevin he asked how I liked the viewing booth, with a sly grin. I told him it was a wonderful experience and would be back to do some more "viewing". I had a big, shit eating grin on my face as Kevin told me I had Cumm dripping off my hair and splattered on my back. He dabbed his fingers in it and had me suck them clean while being watched by a dozen or so male customers. After he cleaned me he asked if I wanted to buy the movies and I said, of course, asking about the timer and how I could of ended up with as much time as I started with. He replied that when a customer does a good deed they get an extra 15 minutes as a bonus and that I still had 25 minutes he would carry over to my next viewing. I was definitely Cumming back for more anonymous Cock, pussy, or whatever. I was going to put those new lovers to good use thinking about my time in the glory hole booth.

I was in la la land as I drove home and changed, cleaned up and went back to being suburban mom/ corporate, trophy wife. My demeanor had drastically changed and for the next week I was on cloud nine but itching to go back to my dirty book store. All I could think of was Cocks and tongues protruding through the holes in the booth and what I'd do to them. Richard was in his own little world but so was I now! Each week I'd go back to my porn store and do some viewing. I was addicted to anonymous Cock and was taking care of a dozen or so on each visit. I took it in all holes on each visit and even when it was that time of the month I'd go suck a dozen Cocks off drinking their delicious juice. I started getting another mom to pick our k**s up,saying I had a class I was taking at the junior college that lasted until 4pm, so I could suck and fuck away the day. I started going twice a week, then three times until it was a Monday through Friday thing. I had built up so much time in the booth I never paid anything, in fact I was given nasty lingerie to wear in the booth, free videos and toys and many business cards and phone numbers. It got to the point that on Friday night all I could think about was next Monday's trip to the booth. Richard was oblivious to what was going on except that the meals started becoming fast food and the housework was suffering. I secretly hired a maid service from the tips I was receiving through the glory holes. I was getting on average $100 in tips for making my anonymous Cocks Cumm. I even ate some anonymous pussy from time to time.

Business at the porn shop had skyrocketed and Kevin adored me. He would take me in the back store room and Fuck the shit out of me with his Big, Black Cock before I'd go do my "viewing". I started getting a handle on my slutty behavior to better balance my other identity as suburban mom/ corporate, trophy wife. I cut back to visiting the shop three times a week and getting my k**s on time from school. I got back to cooking great dinners and trying to entice Richard into sex. When I'd go with Richard to one of his corporate functions I often wondered if any of the men there that were leering at me ever put their Cock through the hole for me to service. Maybe even one of the corporate bitches had their pussy on the hole where my tongue slurped it to orgasm. I began meeting selected Cocks from the holes at a seedy motel near the porn shop that rented rooms by the hour. Only the biggest, hardest and sweetest tasting were invited. Even though I would see the whole package, all I ever focused on was his Cock. I talked to the Cock and answered for it. I didn't allow the Cocks mouth to talk. At times I enjoyed multiple Cocks for some good old fashioned double penetration while Sucking a Cock or two. Once again I only talked to the man meat I loved in my holes and answered for them. My Cocks were trained to shut up and stay hard as I serviced them or they wouldn't be invited to my seedy rent by the hour room again. Having two lives isn't an easy thing to do especially trying to hide being a slut Wife, Cock whore from the "respectable" folks and I knew down deep it would catch up with me someday.

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