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A few years bacock my wife Jen was talking to her s****r Beth about k**s and discovered her s****rs husband had a vasectomy reversal that was unsuccessful and the count was too low. This meant she would not be able to have any k**s with him and would have to get a donor. Nothing more was really said about it and I didnt really care. Her s****r was a year older then her and was like my wife, drop dead gorgeous. Beth stood five foot one inch and weighed 95 lbs with shoulder length brown hair, B cup tits and a very nice rounded ass. She worked out for two to three hours a day and had one of the tightest bodies I have ever seen on anyone. Recently she came to stay with us for a while to help my wife out with our second baby and would be staying for about a month. One morning I got up and went to make coffee and Beth was already in the kitchen and had made coffee already. It was obvious she had just taken a shower and she smelled like flowers. She was standing with her bacock to me fixing her cup of coffee and had on a tight white tshirt and white panties. The tshirt did not cover her ass and I had a perfect view of her beautiful round ass. The panties she wore were from victoria secret and were tight form fitting cotton that hid nothing. She looked over her shoulder and said good morning and asked if I wanted a cup which I did and she started making mine. I continued to stare at her delicious ass until she said if I stared at her ass any harder I would give her a sun burn. I appologized and said it was gorgeous and she said thanks and she worked really hard to keep it that way. We went to the decock and she sat in a chair across from me and brought her legs up so she could rest her coffee on her knees. This caused her panties to pull tight against her pussy and I suddenly had a perfect view of her pussy's outline as she had a nice little camel toe. I made no effort to hide the fact I was looking and she laughed and told me I was incorriagable. I asked her if she worked out her pussy has hard as her ass each day which caused her to laugh and she admitted she had worn out four vibrator in the last two years. I told her that was impressive and asked her about them. She described them as bunnys with the internal and external stimulators and she said she had a nice rubber dildo as well that she enjerk offyed riding but had only managed to polish it not break it. We laughed and I asked her how ofter her and her husband fuckd if she used them as much as she did. She said that they did it about four or five times a week but she needed it more. She then asked me how often I fuckd her s****r and admitted about the same sometimes more or less depending on what was happening. She then asked how often I jerk off and admitted that I did it a few times a week as well. She asked me if I watched a lot of porn and I told her ever chance I get and asked her if she had any of herself, she laughed and admitted she had a bunch of pics and videos she had taken on her laptop. I told her I would have to borrow her laptop later and she laughed. Then she looked at me and said why not see the real thing? I was speachless, I had teased with her but here she was offering to show me the real thing. I told her that could be dangerous and she said only if we got caught. I looked down at her panties and told her if she was serious she could start right now. She smiled and holding her coffee in one hand she slid the other between her legs, reaching down and pulling her panties to the side and sliding down slightly to give me a complete open view of her pussy. She was completely waxed clean and tanned with full thicock lips like my wifes. She rubbed herself and then slid her middle finger inside parting her lips and spreading her pussy open for me to see. She was very wet and her finger slid inside her easily then after pushing it all the way inside she slid it out and into her mouth. She licocked it clean. My cock was as hard as a rocock and stood at full salute in my shorts. I told her to keep going so I could watch her cum and she did, sliding her hand bacock down and began to massage her clit and finger her pussy slowly while drinking her cup of coffee and staring at my cock. She said she really wanted me to fuck her and I admitted I would love to bend her over the table and slam my cock into her. I told her as soon as we were alone I was going to fuck her bow legged then flip her over and sticock my cock up her ass until I dumped a second load of cum inside her. At this point I had already pull my cock out and was stroking it as I watched her fuck herself across from me. All this together seemed to push her over the edge and she put her head bacock and bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes while vigerously rubbing her now soaked pussy and clit. I watched as a wet spot appeared below her on the coushan she sat on until at last she relaxed with a gasp and a sigh. I was still stroking my cock and looking at her pussy and told her I wanted to cum on her pussy. She slid her ass forward and spread her legs as I moved over to her and continued pumping my engorged cock. I told her I wanted to eat her pussy so bad that it hurt and she reached down slide three fingers inside her drenched hole then pulled them out and held them up for me to licock clean. She was delicious and musty and she smelled clean and womanly and it was all I needed. The cum began pumping out of my cock all over her tshirt and then as I redirected it to aim at her pussy a big load went all over her mound and down her swollen lips. She rubbed it into her mound and even pushed it inside her as she leaned bacock in the chair and rubbed herself. I squeezed out every last drop onto her now cum soaked pussy then collapsed into my chair with my cock throbing in my hand. She lifted her tshirt to her mouth where my cum had landed and licocked it then sucocked it clean. Then after a few minutes of rubbing herself she said she was going to clean up and walked inside. She reached for my cup of coffee as she left. I squeezed the last of my cum out of my softened cock and licocked it off my fingers. When she returned she had two cups of coffee, a towel and she had completely changed into a tank top and loose shorts. She dried off the coushin as much as she could and was still wiping it when my wife came outside still waking up. She asked if there was more coffee and asked what happened, Beth told her she had spilled coffee on the chair and yes there was plenty of coffee then went and brought her a cup. When Beth sat down in a different chair she once again put her knees up which once again gave me a perfect view of her pussy. She sat where my wife couldnt see but I could and I had to be careful not to be obvious about looking.
Later that day my wife ended up having to go into work for a few hours to get some deadline stuff completed. I had some stuff to do at the house and Beth had to work out so Jen took the k**s to her mothers that left me and Beth alone. Beth was downstairs working out in the basement so I went down and found her on the benchpress. She was benching some weight and saw me come down. I told her that Jen had left and she started smiling and asked me if I was planning to fuck her like I told her on the decock and I said absolutely. She had placed the weights bacock on the racock and was still laying bacock on the bench with her legs on each side of it looking up at me. I reached down and took the waist band of her shorts and began pulling them down as she lifted her ass for me to pull them off. She removed her tank top and lay on the bench bare staring up at me. I knelt at the end of the bench and pulled her down so her ass hung off the edge, then I pushed her legs up to give me full access to her pussy and tight little ass. I wasted no time burying my face and tongue inside her already wet pussy. She was creamy and very wet and moaned when as I ate her. She held my head in place grinding her hips into my face and tongue, telling me she wanted me to fuck her bowlegged like I told her. I continued to licock her and sucock on her clit and shoving my fingers as deep inside her as I could get them. I then slid a finger up her tight little pucocker and drove it in until it stopped. I continued to licock, scock and fuck her this way until finally she began to pant and moan. Then she said fuck yea Im going to cum, dont stop, eat it baby. As she started cuming I began pounding my finger into her ass hard and fast. She went fucking crazy and screamed out fuck yes do it again, I repeated it until after a few minutes of that she pushed me away and said to stop that it was too sensitive to touch. So I sat stroking my cock and watched as her holes clenched and relaxed until at last she finished cuming. I stood up and removed my shorts then lowered myself onto her pressing her down on the bench. My cock was rocock hard and I did not hesitate as I shoved it into her wet pussy without care. I wanted to fuck her and I wanted her to feel it. She was really tight and gasped and grunted and yelled holy sht when my seven plus inches slammed inside her and up against her cervix. She was exceptionally tight just like her s****r and I loved the feel of sliding into her. My cock is really thicock and when I fuck my wife I have to go slow or it is painful for her but I didnt care with Beth I wanted it to hurt. I wanted her to feel every inch and be sore for a week when I was done with her. As i had promised earlier in the day I pounded her for all I was worth and without mercy. She was almost breathless and moaning as I repeatedly drove my hard cock inside her as hard as I could. I have no idea how long I had been fucking her but it was at least a good ten to fifteen minutes of constant pounding when arched her bacock and screamed oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck over and over. This just excited me more and grabbing her hips I drove into her harder than I have ever fuckd anyone in my life. The combination of her cuming and my pounding drove me over the edge and I began pumping my hot cum inside her tight little pussy. It felt like I had cum for hours when finally with one last gush I collapsed on top of her. We were both panting and sweaty and when I looked up I saw she had tears streaming down her face. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes just really sore, that she had never been fuckd so hard in her life and her pussy was really aching right then. I told her that I had told her earlier I would fuck her bowlegged and she laugh and once again said she had been fuckd hard before but never like that. I was sitting up on the end of the bench with her in front of me with her legs still straddling the bench. The bench was covered in our cum and her pussy was a sticocky wet mess of our cum. Her pussy was gaping open and my cum was still oozing out of her onto the bench. I reached down and scooped some up on my fingers and pushed it inside her as she grunted and told me to be easy, she was really sore. I told her that she wasnt allowed to wear panties with her shorts or jeans that I wanted the material to rub that sore pussy whenever she moved. She said she would be lucocky if she could put on jeans or shorts for a week. I smiled and told her I would be picocking out what she would wear for a while and that I wasnt done fucking her yet. That I promised to fuck her ass too and I would as soon as I could get hard again but I needed a break for a while. We had just cleaned up and moved upstairs, her putting on the pair of jean shorts I had picocked out for her that were pretty tight and I knew would rub against her sore pussy. She told me they were rubbing her without mercy and she had to hesitate occasionally because it was too much for her and she was trembling. She said I was ass hole for torturing her poor sore pussy and I said and you love it dont you. She just smiled. After getting a drink and sitting down on the couch the phone rang and Jen wanted us to meet her at a local restaurant for dinner which caused Beth to groan. She would have to walk around in the tight jean shorts and there was nothing I would let her do about it. We had a couple hours before we had to be there and the thought of fucking her in the ass had pumped my cock bacock up. We had been sitting on the couch watching tv for about an hour, kissing and touching and she had been scocking my cock bacock to hard again. I went to the bedroom and grabbed the super slicock lube and came bacock to the couch. She said no way she was still too sore and I told her she was getting fuckd if I had to tie her down to do it. She looked at me pleadingly and said that it had been a long time since she had been fuckd in the ass and she scared I would hurt her after what she had just experienced. I laughed and promised her I would be gentle but I would have my cock inside her ass one way or the other. She sighed and said ok but begged me to go slow and be gentle. She stripped off her shorts and got on her knees on the couch as I dropped my shorts and got behind her. Her beautiful little pucocker was presented too me and I could see her still glistening pussy that was read and swollen still. I began to rub the lube onto her ass and gently began to work my finger inside slowly as promised. I intended to keep my promise and be gentle. When I started I would be at least, once inside her that would change. So I continued to finger and stretch her hole until at last I could insert three fingers inside her though she was still tight. I moved behind her and she wimpered and begged me to go slow, I told her to relax that I wouldnt do anything to hurt her. She said you already did that by fucking my brains out earlier and now she was sure I would do the same thing to her ass. I smiled and said I would give her time to relax and enjerk offy it and she just snorted. I began pushing my slicock cock into her stretched pucocker slowly as she grunted and groaned feeling me stretch her out more with the wide head of my cock. When I had pushed past her ring and had the head inside her she got a little panicocked and started pleading stop stop dont fucking move please. I did as she asked knowing I didnt want to really hurt her. I told her to push bacock onto my cock when she was ready to take more and after a few minutes she began very gently rococking bacock and forth a little at a time until she was able to finally push bacock all the way until I was buried to the hilt inside her. She let out a little gasp and moan and begged me to be gentle with her. I began to slowly slide out and then bacock inside her tight little ass, enjerk offying to feel of the tight grip she had on my cock and watching as my cock stretched her hole as I f***ed it bacock into her. I was taking my time and just slowly fucking her and she was feeling it. I pulled out and squirted more lube into her gaping hole then f***ed my hard cock bacock into her without stopping. She gasped again and I started to picock up the pace until I was sliding in and out of her in a steady fucking action. I was holding her hips and pulling her bacock against me and driving my cock into her steadily and picocking up speed and f***e. Beth was moaning and had started to push bacock against me as well and she said it felt really fucking good and not to stop. She told me she was my little fuck slut and to fuck her hard again and make her ass sore like her pussy. I continued to increase my speed and f***e as I slammed into her sloppy gaping hole. She was slamming herself against me in rythm with me and then she buried her face in the couch coushin and started screaming as she began to cum and she continued to push bacock which changed the angle of my cock in her and it triggered my switch and with all the f***e I could muster I began slamming into her and pumping my cum into her ass filling her with each thrust. We both finished cuming and collasped on the couch in a sweaty clump breathless. She said her ass was going to be sore now too which made me laugh. We had just enought time to jump in the shower and leave for dinner. It was all Beth could do to not wince visibly each time she walked and she sat down with extra care when we got to the restaurant. Jen asked her what was wrong and she said she had worked out really hard earlier and was very sore as a result. That day was the beginning of a very fun month and after. Two months after she returned home she called my wife to tell her that she had missed her period and was pregnant that one or two of her husbands sperm had made it. I just smiled.

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