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Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 02

Susan wore the dress. It was a bright, sunny day and the thin material was like gauze against her body. Her firm, pert tits pushed the material out and her dark, inch-long nipples jutted through the cloth practically begging to be sucked. The dress was slightly gathered at the waist, causing an accentuation of her hips as it flowed over them and down to brush against her mound which was clearly visible through the thin cotton.

Certainly she would have caused a riot in public, but in the partially secluded back yard, I figured she was safe. Nobody but our guests would be close enough to appreciate the visual feast she offered. And appreciation was evident the moment her new friends arrived.

William led a troop of six, tall Black men down the sidewalk and up the drive. They were all clad in loose-fitting Nike shorts, white T-shirts, and had a variety of hair styles ranging from almost shaved to full dreds. Susan was inside preparing same last-minute stuff in the kitchen as William stopped at the bottom of the verandah steps and said "Hello, mon. I be William and him beside me be my good friend James."

As the other four crowded behind him, William introduced Jonah, Ryan, Robert, and Eugene. It was a blur of names and faces, but in the coming months I would get to know those faces very well -- and their sexual desires, positions, stamina, and length of cock.

I said I was Lawrence and was pleased to finally meet them.

He made a joke that they named the town after me, and I laughed even though I'd heard that same line many times before.

"Susan has told me all about you," I said to William, and pointing at his feet said:"Are those the new shoes?"

He smiled and laughed. "Ya mon. Susan she help me with my wardrobe and I tell her she looks mighty fine in the white dress. Mighty fine!"

He looked beyond me to the kitchen window, checking I knew, to catch a glimse of my sexy wife.

"Ah, there she is mon," William beamed. "And she be wearin' the dress like she said she would."

The others behind him stood on tiptoe and craned their necks as they looked beyond me into the kitchen. I turned just as Susan leaned over to picked up the salt and pepper shakers from the table. It was a cock-hardening sight as her firm tits hung like ripe friut just barely inside the confines of the skimpy material.

She looked up and catching sight of the six Black studs, smiled broadly and made for the door. In a few seconds she was down the verandah steps and they were crowded around her and very politely greeted her, thanked her, and generally drooled at what they saw and what she was obviously offering for their later use.

She later told me she became instantly horny and wet and the tingling in her pussy was an immediate sensation that only intensified as the late afternoon wore into early evening. Several times she and I ended up alone in the kitchen fetching food or drinks, and twice her fingers buried themselves in her drenched pussy for me to lick and suck off. And the smell of her sex was everywhere. Even outside I knew we could all smell her, like dogs picking up the scent of a bitch in heat.

Besides looking, nothing really happened for the first several hours. Then at the round, umbrella-covered tabled, she squeazed in between William and Jonah to eat her salad. She had a second vodka cooler and the guys were on their third beer.

The disappearance of William's left hand co-incided exactly with a small moan from Susan. A minute later her breathling was slightly more rapid and there was a flush on her face -- even through her tan. A few minutes after that William's right hand surupticiously clutched a napkin and eventually disappeared beneath the table. Then both hands appeared and in a while Susan was back to normal.

None of what happened was lost on the other five Black men. Soon Jonah's right hand was out of sight, and suddenly Susan shifted position, rising slightly on her feet and then settling back down. She later told me Jonah had been spreading her legs and pulling the dress out from under her -- and he did it all while taking a bite out of a hamburger and then a sip of beer.

Susan was rapidly losing interest in her salad and took several large drinks of her cooler, all the while looking more glassy-eyed and flushed. Conversation was continuing all around her and she even tried to make a comment about brands of beer but she stuttered on her words and never finished her sentence.

Listen Hon," I said. "You want me to get you another drink? That one's just about gone."

She nodded, and then as an after-thought, asked if I'd make a few more burgers and check to make sure the rest of the beer was put in the fridge.

"You shouldn't be gone for more than 10 minutes," she said, looking at me meaningfully.

I knew exactly what she meant. This was the point where I leave to give them time to make their play and actually get the gangbang going. Susan and I had discussed this point that morning and had even made preparation in the old carriage house that jutted out from the back of the house, right beside the stone patio where we were barbecuing.

I had set up an old antique bed with high oak headboard, cleaned and swept the building, and replaced a half dozen old 40-watt light bulbs for new 100-watt ones. The bed was made with white sheets and a cream-coloured douvet and rustic wood crates made for tables. There was an old stuffed armchair, a lumpy sofa, and a small bar fridge. On an old table were ashtrays, a small bag of grass, and some rolling papers. The bed was pointed right at the swing-out double doors and about four feet inside the entrance.

It was a cozy, warm atmosphere and the insulated walls made it relatively sound-proof. That would turn out to be a good thing.

I got up from the table, grabbed a few empty plates, tilted the top of the umbrella slightly away from the house, and headed around the carriage house to the verandah. I looked at my watch as I went and noted the time was 6:04 p.m. I'd give her 10 minutes but I'd go upstairs and be able to look down through our son's old bedroom window.

I did put the beer in the fridge, but I was up the satirs in a shot and soon standing back from the window looking down. Tipping the umbrella had given me just enough of a view to see Susan as she still sat at the table. William was leaned over her, hands cupping her breasts and his mouth on her neck (that always drives her crazy). Jonah was half off his seat under the table and I could see Susan's dress was bunched up around her waist and her legs were wide apart. I couldn't see Jonah's right hand, but Susan's hips were moving and his shoulder was in perfect rhythm.

I couldn't hear her, and I couldn't see her face as they played with her. After 45 seconds of this, William scooped her off the chair, swung it around, and sat down on it facing the house. Susan came to rest with her legs on each side of him and though her back was to me, I could tell she was pulling at his shorts. I couldn't see the result, but in a few seconds he was lifting her up and she was slowly lowering herself down.

She went slowly, and her hands clenched William's shoulders and his big hands held her waist as she inched her wet, eager pussy around what I could only imagine was a large, hard Black cock. She rose slightly and sank down even further. She repeated the motion several times and finally threw her head back and I could see the unbridled lust in her face as she began a slow up and down motion.

The dress, of course, hid everything -- cock, cunt, slick juices that I knew were forming on William's shaft.

His hands found the hem of the dress and he slid the material up to expose her tits to him and then his head moved forward and he buried himself in her breasts.

The motion caused her dress to rise slightly in the back, but not enough to see the junction of his glistening jet black body and her small, white form.

I looked at my watch and it said 6:15 p.m. But I could hardly tear myself away. I watched as Jonah slid in behind William and lowering his shorts produced a massive, hard Black shaft that was just at the height of Susan's face. Though I couldn't see her mouth, I knew it was being filled, like her cunt, for the first time ever, with Black cock.

The other four had left their places and stood side by side forming a barrier against prying eyes from the only unprotected direction. Their hands were rubbing ominously large bulges and they couldn't take their eyes off Susan.

William at one point threw his head back and I could tell he was moaning, or groaning. He pulled the straps of the dress off her shoulder and let the garmet fall to her pumping hips. I could just see the edge of one flopping tit but Williams face quickly move forward and Susan raised her arms to place her hands on his head, pushing him against her.

Meantime Jonah's cock was pumping a slow rhythm in and out of her mouth, and his hand held her neck to keep her mouth in position. All the time she was sliding up and down and the others had moved a few steps forward. James said something and pointed to Susan's hips and William drew back, nodded and Jonah pulled his big Black cock out of her mouth. William then took the dress and Susan raised her hands in the air as he pulled it up and over her head.

What I saw from my vantage point wasn't much, but it was amazing just the same. Just the contrast of Black and white was enough to make me harder than I'd ever been. I checked my watch again. It was 6:21 p.m. and I decided it was time to take a closer look.

I slipped down the stairs, into the kitchen, and through a side door into the carriage house. I switched on the lights, strode across to the big double doors and lifting several gate hooks swung them open -- just in time to get a clear view of Susan lifting up on William's long and massive cock. Her juices gleamed on the hard shaft and formed a white ring at the base where I could just see the beginning of a large sac and two large testicles.

Heads swung in my direction -- everyone's but Susan's and William's who were in the throes of extasy and issuing moans and gutteral sounds that told me my wife was on the verge of climax and William wasn't far behind.

All eyes spotted me and several of the men (hands on bulges) cast their heads down or looked aside like dogs caught doing something wrong. When they looked back, it was the bed they saw and smiles cracked their faces and the sun glinted off rows of white teeth.

Susan slammed down on William's huge Black pole, forcing it for the hundredth time almost a dozen inches inside her white body. William was beyond the point of return and grabbing her shoulders f***ed her tightly onto his groin as I knew molten gobs of his plentiful cum was splashing deep inside her. He held himself ridged for what seemed like ever and his screwed up face revealed the pleasure he was experiencing inside my wife. Finally he began to relax and then slumped back in the chair with Susan flopping her contrastingly white body against him, her face passing just inches from Jonah's forgotten ebony rod.

Nobody moved until James finally took two steps, slid an arm around Susan's waist, and gently but firmly pulled her away from the panting William and lifted her slowly up and off William's sagging cock. As it left her well-fucked cunt their was a "plop' we could all hear, and several thick strings of William's jism dangled from her now-gaping twat -- one still connected to the slit in William's massive cockhead. We watched, alomst in slow motion, as the sticky strand of jism stretch, became thinner and finally snapped and disappeared inside my wife.

James, the only one who didn't witness the scene, slid his other arm around Susan's ass and carried her like a toy doll to the bed and lay her down gently with her legs spread facing the door. She was still recovering from her last climax and her hand slid down to her abused pussy, rubbed her swollen-beyond-recognition clit and down inside her cock hole.

I turned as I heard William approaching and he shakily walked into the room, pulling the doors closed behind him. I turned back in time to see Susan's cum-laden fingers disappear into her mouth.

Jonah, it seemed, had been on the verge of exploding in my wife's mouth several times, and was anxious to shoot his load in the very near future. But as he crawled onto the bed, his big Black cock bobbing in full erection, it wasn't her mouth he went for. He was between her legs and rammed into her before she knew what was happening -- she didn't mind. Her face was contorted in pleasure and just before she closed her eyes I saw that vacant, glazed look that Susan always displayed when she had devolved into her pure a****l-lust state.

William had ditched his shorts and the others were now doing the same. Cocks ranging from nine to maybe 12 inches sprang into view and the guys all began slow stroking motions as they watched Jonah's cock appear and disappear inside my wife in a steady pistoning motion that already had her close to orgasm to. William's cum began to appear on Jonah's shaft, and with each thrust more of the spent jism coated the stretch lips of Susan's cunt and dribbled down to her ass and the sheets.

The rapid in and out of his cock was accompanied by a slurping, sucking sound and the slap-slap of his huge balls against her cum-slick ass. Her moans and yelps were constant and in rhythm with her thrusting and bucking hips. Her knees were bent and her spread legs were drawn up against her tits offering the deepest possible penetration, which with Jonah was a good four inches deeper than my cock had ever been.

Jonah was reaching toward climax and within seconds I knew he would spurt his hot load deep inside her milking, eager cunt to join William's considerable cum. I could see his face working and the sweat dripped from his nose and chin to land in little splats on my wife's tits as he began to tremble in his "push-up" position on top of her. He tensed, drove in deep one last time, and let go a growl as his hips jerked several times to grind against Susan's groin. I knew his Blackman's sperm was jetting through his long dark shaft spurting against her bruised cervix and back up around his pulsating cock-head.

The sensation and grinding brought my wife to another body-wrenching orgasm and she threw back her head, clenched her fist around a pillow and heled it to her face to stifle an intense a****l scream.

Jonah must have spurted into her a dozen times before his arms gave out and Black body collapsed on top of her just as she began to go limp and lower her open legs to the bed.

Around me the others were slowly stroking, and James moved the few steps to the side of the bed as Jonah summoned his remaining strength to ease himself up and out of my wife's swollen, sticky cunt. I knew what he was feeling when he was to the point where his large purpleish-black head was just inside her pussy. It was the hardest part, pulling out that last inch or so, and Jonah hesitated for a good 30 seconds, allowing us all the amazing sight of her cum soaked inner thighs, the globs of William's jism that now matted her trimmed pubic mound, and the rush of cum that accompanied Jonah's final extrication.

He rolled from between her legs and off the bed, just as James moved forward. He simply slid his cock into her and pumped 20 or 30 times and came in a loud groan. Susan didn't even have time to recover from Jonah before James was finished.

I can't remember who went next, but halfway through he flipped my wife over and did her doggy-style for two or three minutes. I can still see the cum from the previous three Black men dripping down her white thighs, and even little globs of it splatting on the sheets all around them as it flew from her body. Then there was another groan, another cock spurting into her, and Susan's face turning red and contorted just as she buried it in the pillow to stifle the howls she couldn't hold back

Then she collapsed like a rag doll onto the bed, the spent ebony cock sliding out to hang at halfmast above her ass, a single drip of cum hanging by a thin strand. We all watched it in suspense as it lengthened and finally snapped to fall squarely on the wet and pucked orfice of her ass.

The Black body moved back and off the bed and we just stood there and watched her laying there on her stomach, face still buried in the pillow and her still-pulsating cunt a small river of four Black men's cum dripping from her clit to the large wet circle of fuck juice on the bed.

It was a good two or three minutes before she moved, and that was simply a small thrust of her ass several inches into the air. Somebody had spotted the grass and was rolling a joint. I opened the doors and went inside for beer, forgetting there was a stocked fridge in the carriage house. William had donned his shorts and followed me inside where I handed him a beer, opened one for myself, and lit a cigarette.

We were both slightly stunned by what we had seen. In the first place, it didn't seem possible that a woman five feet tall could take a foot-long cock -- to the hilt. And take three more of almost egual proportions within the next 45 minutes. It was exactly 7:04 when I opened my beer.

William was grinning again and praising Susan and her body, and her cunt, and was asking me permission to continue fucking her while he was in Canada. I nodded and smiled, took a drink and told him they were all free to do as they pleased, when they pleased, as often as they pleased.

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