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A train seductionn

Mal was going home from college at Easter. He boarded the train at Waverely station, Edinburgh, bound for Liverpool. The train was almost fully booked and the only seats available were aisle seats in the middle of the carriage on a table. Mal chose one facing forward and sat down. The carriage filled up and soon the two window seats were taken with two older ladies. Mal put his bags away and started reading his book, Henry Miller’s Tropic of Capricorn. Ten minutes before departure a student his age got on the carriage and walked past him. Being a horny man he gave a quick peak at this girl in a summery blouse and loose skirt as she sauntered past. She turned round at the end of the carriage and returned, smiled at him, Mal smiled back with his crooked grin. She put her bags up in the hold, as she stretched he noticed a fine figure inside the garments. She settled in opposite him and pulled out a magazine. The train started and they were underway. Mal’s book was quite sexually graphic and with the movement of the train he was feeling a tingling in the groin. He could control it though, just ,and was entranced by the language of the book.
After half an hour or so he felt something against his shin. She was moving her feet and slowly rubbing inside his ankle and calf. He looked up and she seemed oblivious. He however could not now control his cock and it grew. It grew until it was hard as rock and very obvious in his skin tight jeans. He squirmed a bit in his seat, and moved his leg away. His squirming got her attention and he saw she saw his bulge. Her mouth opened and without thinking she licked her lips. They looked at each other very quickly then blushing both looked away quickly. He tried to concentrate on his book but he could see she was glancing at his bulge every now and then. One hand moved to her shoulder and was slowly running over her neck. It went inside her blouse and he could see her lift the strap of her bra. Out of the corner of his eye he could see imperceptibly her breast raise. Then the nipple became obvious through the material. He was horny as hell and was considering a wank, he had no idea how to take this further. He moved his leg back to hers and the other leg so that he was touching inside both calfs and ever so slowly moving. Both nipples were now eveident, and she was squirming herself.
When a very strange occurrence occurred, he still thinks of it as his sex cupid moment. Her bag fell from the shelf above and gave her a glancing blow. He bent to pick it up and asked ‘you allright.’ ‘I think so’ she replied, but added ‘are you,’ glancing at his groin. ‘Hmmm yes,’ he said, looking away. Then the second piece from sex cupid, bleeding appeared on her forehead where the bag had hit her. He explained he was a trainee medic and we had better get that bathed. She acquiesced and when he gestured her to leave the seat she moved to the end of the carriage. He pointed at the toilet, and she gave him quite a look. She entered and he followed. He sat her down on the loo and took some towel roll wet it and applied it to the wound. He suggested she unbutton her blouse slightly to help cool down. To apply the towel he stood in front of her legs slightly astride her and bulge right in front of her face. She was smirking and staring right at it. She undid her blouse but didn’t stop at one button and soon it was open and her ample tits were cupped by a frilly bra on open show to him. He grunted slightly and said ‘you will have a bump there soon’.
‘You mean like this one’ she said and promptly ribbed his bulge from crotch to tip. He involuntarily jumped and she laughed. The twinkle of lust in her eye was evident, and she said ‘i think it is me needs to help you.’ With that she rubbed it harder and then slowly undid the zip. She smiled at him as she put her hand inside and closed her fingers round his fat cock. She pulled it out and said ‘nice’, and then started licking it. She undid his belt and popped the button and removed his jeans and boxers to his knees. Now she went to town on his cock really sucking for all her might. Bobbing up and down and after a few minutes it was hardly surprising he shot his load and she greedily took it all. She smiled at him as he came back into reality, she quietly tugged on his cock as she looked at him. She was impressed when it didn’t wilt. He said ‘thankyou, I’m Malcolm by the way,’ and grinned, she laughed and said ‘I am Celine, pleased to meet you,’ ‘pleased to fuck you’ he said. ‘Yes please’ she said.
He stood her up and sat on the loo. His cock pointing at the ceiling, he took off the rest of his clothes and then started on her. He moved her blouse over her arms and then unclasped her bra. Her tits swung free and he played with them. He tweaked each nipple and sucked each one in turn. As they didn’t have long while he did this he hooked his fingers in her elasticated skirt and pulled it down taking her knickers as he went. She had a full bush, it was the eighties, and while he sucked on her tits his hand rubbed her cunt. He spread her lips and flicked at her clitoris, all the while sucking heartily on her tits. He rubbed hard and could feel the tension in her body build. He wanted to finish her off with his tongue. So he leaned her back and bent to her quim. He sucked her clitoris into his mouth and inserted two fingers into her. She was at his mercy and slowly he sucked and finger fucked her to an orgasm. He felt her cunt tighten on his fingers as she moaned loudly.
‘Ok now let’s finish us both off together’ he said. He guided her to sit on his cock. She moved just above it as he held her there and ever so slowly she slid on. He now was able to kiss her for the first time and they kissed urgently, as she felt him all the way inside her. Slowly the train movement started to get to her and she started to rise up and down. He was now in his element and could stay for hours as she slowly humped him. In and out in rhythm with the train she rose and dropped onto his groin each time her clit sent sensation through her body. As she built up speed he started to flick her clit and soon she twitched on him and nearly snapped his cock off she became so tight in her spasms. She fucked him again until she came again. Now he lifted her off and bent her over. He spread her legs and easily mounted her. She groaned as he started fucking her. In and out and oh so deep. Harder and harder he fucked her. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster. After an eternity she felt every nerve unleash and her orgasm brought him off also and she felt him pulse inside her. Gush after gush, and he collapsed on top of her. Eventually he pulled out of her and she licked some of his/her juice from his cock and her pussy. They put their clothes on, checked no one was waiting and returned to their seats with satisfied smiles. The train journey was nearly over, and the two ladies were grinning at each other also. As they left the train they chatted down the platform, he was going to ask for her number but she interceded that her boyfriend was meeting her. He said ‘oh, well thanks, i hope we meet again’. They didn’t, sex cupid obviously only stalked that train.

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