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My freinds lil s****r and her freind

it all started 6months ago.
i was round my mates place he just moved in with his parents after a nasty split up with his g/f we was drinking and chattng about girls like normal when in walked his s****r, i havent seen her in years she but wow now 17 and looking real hot no fat on her at all slim tall with now red hair down to her shoulders peirceing blue eyes small tits and a small ass but dam smokeing hot, she was wearing wet look leggings that made me get a semi as i could see her pussy and her ass was eating em, and a shiny tank top, she carried on walking in and out the room for an hour, makeing me harder i had to leave the house i couldn't stop looking at her.

as i was walking down the garden path to my car i heard hey u mind giveing me a lift and i turned around to see her standing there "sure where ya wanna go" "any where but here" she replied, we both jumped in my car and started to drive around we chated about the normaly things then outa the blue "my freind thinks ur hot and wants to fuck you" i alughed and said what?!! she repeted what she had said and giggled and place a hand on my leg u wanna come bk to mine to chill out i asked and i got a cheeky smile and a yeh why not, the drive bk to mine seemed to take ages she was still rubbing my leg but where i was getting hard my tip was just started to be touch.

we got out the car and went inside she sat right on the sofa spred her legs showing me her pink pussy it must have made her wet teaseing me as her pussy glistened in the light, she pulled me closer and undid my jeans my cock fell out right in her face, she placed her mouth around it sucking just the tip then takeing all my shaft in her mouth,it felt like heaven, a few more strokes of her mouth on my cock was all i could take i lfited her legs up and pushed my throbbing hard cock in her pussy it was so tight i didnt think it would fit in i ramed it in hard and she moaned so loud i thought i had hurt her but she looked up at me and smiled, her cum dripping down my shaft i could hear as my balls slaped her ass fuck i was enjoying every min of it pulled out of her and her pussy jusies driped from my cock she looked down at it "mmmmm i wanna taste that" she sexualy whispered she droped to her knees and licked my shaft up and down till it was dry even my precum got licked up, i sat on the sofa letting her straddle me again my cock had to be f***ed in to her, but now i could watch her face as she gets off and my cock and see them little tits bounce.

shes bounceing away on my cock and her phone rings in her bag next to us she slows down to reach it and starts chating away as her pussy strokes me cock the only words i can hear are "its great" and get her quick" she hangs up the phone leans in to whisper in my ear "ur going to fuck me and my freind now" she slides of my cock and with and evil smile screams fuck me hard now!!! with her bent over my sofa i can see her wet pussy and a wet asshole where all her cum as dribbled down with out thinking i ease it in her ass and she pushes back oooo kinky bitch i think to myself..... i am in mid flow of fucking this little ass as the doorbell rings i know who it is and shout just come in, in walks her freind not as tall but dam just as sexy nothing but knickers and a bra on under a jacket she stands in the hallway watching me fuck her best freinds ass she walks over to get a better look drops the jacket to the ground and sits to the side watching my cock slide in and out of her best freinds ass, my attention now on her watching her slide a finger in her pussy i pull my cock out of myfreinds s****rs ass sit on the sofa and pull both girls heads closer to me kissing both of then pushing my tounge in their mouths, i suddenly feel 2 hands on my cock i watch as slowly both mouths wrap their tounges around it licking and sucking me getting me harder,

i wanna cum but cant decide if i wanna cum in a pussy ass mouth or all over their faces but i know i anit cumming till i fucked this new girls face pussy and ass so i lift the new girl to her knees and bend her over hmmm which hole i wishper to my mates s****r she licks a finger and pushes in her best freinds ass and starts to finger it mmmm the little girl lets out a moan i push my cock in he asshole with mymates s****rs finger still in there and start to fuck that ass my mates s****r lays under her licking her pussy while i fuck this girls ass fuck me i can feel her squrim as shes getting off on us both useing her i feel a hand on my cock and its pulled out the ass into a mouth thats now sucking me hard wanting my to spill my load but i want in on the new pussy.

i ease my way in to this super tight teen and my mates s****r whispers in my ear yeh u take that virgin pussy this sends me wild and i push all the way in raming her hard as she screams in pain, after a few thrusts she starts to moan i can feel her pussy grip my cock as she cums hard on my cock this is gettin me now ad i fuck her harder and faster, then a thought of the two girls faces with my cum all over them comes in to mind thats it i know where i am going to cum..... i pull out and push the two girls faces together and the look up and stick their tounges out as i shoot my cum all over them both... fuck it fills like my balls just emptyed everything out on them the two girls then start to suck the rest of my cum of my cock and blow boubbles with it befor swolling the load i have given them both.
i sit back on the sofa and both girls lay back in my arms with big grins on their faces both whisper in my ear we will fuck u again and ur fuck our freinds to. i grin knowing i just became a teen fuck toy

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