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In love with love

what makes us different from a****ls is we form relationships.or at least some of us do.some of us just behave like a****ls.straight in straight out wham bam thank you mam and move on to the next pussy.

well i am not like that.dont get me wrong i love pussy.i love making love to a woman.i like to think of a woman like a christmas present.not all the biggest presents are the best.not always the most expensive ones either.

they need to be unwrapped with care and attention.and then the surprise you were waitng for can be found.just like in a woman.

i love to take my time with rushing no quickie just good lovemaking techniques.i love the flirting even before youve been know the eye contact at a party or in a bar or even walking down the street.

i love when you first meet and talk and watch het face for tell tale signs .the body language.i love the spark you feel when you hold hands and the chemistry when you take her in your arms and kiss those lips.

to me the kissing and holding is the key to everything.the start of passion.the intensity of the mood.the insight those first few kisses give you.the sensation of your cock rising and the fact she knows you want her.

i love to spend time on my women.that way they appreciate you rushing for me.i love to slowly undress them.smelling and playing with their hair stroking every inch of their body.i always find if you give your woman the pleasue first then she will be more than willing to do everything in return for you.

i love to stay in bed with a woman for days at a time only breaking off for food and drink but usually thats part of the water fruit, is a favourite of mine.

so the bed needs changing a couple of times but so i said i dont like to rush.plenty of great sex.but without the kissing you cant establish a relationship.

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