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In my senior year of high school, we had a new student that transferred in. His name was Craig, he was a big k** standing 6'4 and weighed a good 240lbs. Dude was all muscle and no fat. He was put on the Football team immediately.
Our school was known for winning State championships. We played hard and often hung out together. Craig was a Running Back and I was a Tight end. Being 5'10 and 190 lbs I was nicknamed "the Bulldog" little but fierce.
Craig and i became fast friends. We lived in the same sub-division, and often chilled at each other's house. We were hoping to get picked by the same recruiters for college. Craig was an only c***d and his single mom gave him whatever he wanted.
Team members always wound up in their finished basement with the weight room and the projector screen tv where we played video games . Craig's mom gave him anything as long as he got good grades and stayed close to home. In other words he was used to getting what he wanted.
One night we were chilling in Craig's basement playing video games, and we got on the subject of sex. Craig asked me " Do you like having your dick sucked"? Without even thinking about it I answered "Hell yeah! Especially if the girl know what she doing. I rubbed my dick as I thought about it. Why, You Dont " I laughed.
"Yeah man I do" he says and pulls down his shorts and pulls his dick out. "Yo man what you doing" I say. "It's my house I can pull my dick out whenever I want. You got a problem with that" he says. "Nah, man you can do whatever you like but you at least should wait for me to leave " I say. Standing up and preparing to leave.
"Chill man, What you scared of me or something " he asks? He stands up with his dick in his hands and stands in front of me. I have never considered myself as nothing but straight so I was confused by Craig's actions. "Yo, Craig, I'm not Gay man" I say. "So, you don't have to be, I'm Bi, and I want you Mike" he says.
I step back and look at my homeboy, not believing my ears. He just told me he wanted me. Girls threw themselves at us. We had pussy on lock, and fucked girls all the time. This couldn't be. Dude was a Running back. Dude was tough. Nothing about him was feminine, yet he was looking at me with them funny sex eyes. I couldn't believe it.
"Since I was 14, Mike I've been with guys. My best friend back home and I experimented and I like it. I like you too" he says and walks up to me and kisses me in the mouth. I can feel his hard dick against my stomach as he pulls me closer to him.
For some reason I dont push him away. I allow his tongue to enter my mouth and seek out my tongue, as he kisses me passionately. My dick is throbbing and my mind is whirling. Craig kneels down and pulls down my shorts and boxers and pulls my fully erect 11' fat uncut black dick out.
"so many days in the locker room watching you, and wanting you. He puts my dick in his mouth. Deep throats my dick spits it out and deep throats it again. I grab his head and hold it and start to thrust my dick down his throat. He is swallowing my dick whole. My whole dick is wet. My balls are wet and I can feel the slick wetness all over.
He sticks his finger in my ass, while he is sucking me, I tighten my ass and he slurps on my dick and I relax my ass. He leads me to the recliner and positions me on my knees and starts licking and sucking my ass. That shit is driving me crazy. The sounds he is making is turning me on. My dick is so hard.
He stands up, and walks to a drawer and pulls out a tube of lubricant and a box of magnums. He puts lube on my dick and puts a condom on my monster as it moves to and fro looking for a hole to plunge in. Craig pushes me back on the recliner and and puts lube on his ass and squats over my dick.
"I want you to fuck me Mike. I want to ride your dick " he says as he prepares to straddle me. As I had never fucked even a girl in the ass this was new to me. My dick knew what to do, as soon as he straddled me I held him by his sides and guided him down on my dick. He took my big dick with ease and started to bounce on my dick.
"Damn Craig" I say, as he was riding my dick hard, going all the way down on the dick. I position myself so I could get a little control and I slid down lower on the chair and started to thrust up in his ass. He was so tite and the lube had him feeling so good on my dick.
I tell him get up and lie on his back. As he lays underneath me I slowly put my dick in his tight hole. "Yes baby, that's what I wanted" he says. As Im fucking him with his legs up in the air I start to jerk his dick while I give him deep dick strokes. I was banging his ass good. Going deep hitting his walls making him whimper and moan like a bitch.
"This is my ass now" I say, working my dick in his tight ass. Each stroke I took, bought me closer and closer to busting every where . "Damn , you all up in me , I can feel your every move" he says. "I love this big dick, You gon make me cum baby' he cries.
I grab his dick and start jerking him again. Beating him off to the same rhythm that I'm putting on his ass. "Cum , let me see that big dick spit " I say. I can feel his dick pulsating as he is about to cum. "Oh shit, I'm cumming " he cries. He came so hard , it erupted everywhere, all over his stomach , chest and legs.
Seeing his big dick shoot cum everywhere made me want to buss. I rip off my condom and cum all over his stomach . " Damn Craig, this shit was good" I say as I stand before him with my dick still hard . "Come on, lets take a shower so we can start all over again" he says.
I smile and follow him into the bathroom. I could tell tonight was gonna be a long night.... Lol

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