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My turn ons.......intoduction!

Hi there....keep spreading the love people people!Please feel free to ask me any QUESTIONS you'd like.


I really [♥] girls. I find a cute & pretty girl such a turn-on. so called "HOT" girls, make the bl**d rush out my penis! Esp. when they voice there dumb, selfish opinions.....look at me.....look at me! If girls are kind....on the inside, i believe it shines out, in gorgeous-prettiness!!!!!

I am real naughty, however, i could never heart anyone....lick flashing my dick....or groping....

I still manage to get up to all sorts of dirty adventures...If i get caught peeping-a girl would be hurt by knowing I've INVADED HER PERSONAL SPACE!!!!

I just love chubby girls, w/ at least a bit of jiggle. plump girls are so soft-n-sexy....and beautiful! I love jiggling boobies......and likewise; chubby bellies!

Fav. Sex Position =

(*)--her, on top, humping my dick, or face-sitting her pussy, on my mouth & humping it.

Turn Ons=

(*)--stealing panties


(*)--eating cream-pie

(*)--hairy armpits

(*)--mature ladies


(*)--licking girls naughty bum-hole's

I get a real thrill, flopping my cock out my public. As long as I don't get sprung. Watching ladies walk near the car........totally oblivious of me, touching my wet bits...just under her view.

I also [♥] to dress in sexy woman's clothes! [O:] N PRETEND I'M A GIRL! It make me feel sooooooooo sexy. I tuck my dick n balls away... n make my very own vagina, tween my legs. Then SHAVE IT, N PUT CUTE PANTIES ON....N RUB MYSELF![:))]

When my flat-mates out i sneak into her room, n in her panty draw. Drop my towel, and slip on the sexiest pair! Then grab a dress, n head to the bathroom, 4 make-up and perfume.

[;)] My ex let my dress in her clothes. She'd lick my fanny....even my bum i patted her pussy. Telling her she had a really cute bum-hole really got her horny.....on the train, I'd whisper in her ear.....I wanna take u into the nearest toilet, bend u over, pull down your sexy stockings n panties.......n just lick your bum.....till u cum!

[:*] I told her, i peep on girls as they use the ladies! She was so open....she let me watch her peeing......n ever time she went to the toilet, I'd come in w/ clubs, n libraries. 4 me....[:*]

[♥]'d licking her fanny, as pee gushed out, was the best!

My first orgasm happened, as i climbed a football goalpost. As i reached the top, my legs started tingling.[♥] Then my whole body, n my legs started "frog-stroke" [:p]After that, I'd climb poles every lunch break......

Once swimming in the surf...... I dropped my i was naked below the white-wash.....My bits, felt so naughty! Girls were just a meters from me.....& got a massive erection!

Another the beach....i was sitting on a walk path.... n i arranged my my stiff was nearly popping out! Three girls started down the path, towards me......all three girls were wearing nothing but a bikini! My cock stiffened, and when they past me....i pulled it out.....There bums were so hot.......i came....right there!

I showed My girlfriend a little gay porn....n told her about the 3 times. She was wet 4 it, & wanted to see me suck a cock. She got wet over guys sucking....

So at a party, this guy was hanging around us, toward the nights end. I was so horny....i didn't know if he was bi, or straight, or what! But he seemed to be cuddling up to my girlfriend and I>put my hand down his pants,as i kissed my girl! He had a little in, n it was floppy. It felt so nice. I undid his zip n pulled it out his boxer. I wanted to see it & suck it......n my girl saw, as i knelt, down to slip my mouth, on his foreskin. My girl hovered close, till i told her to suck it with me!

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