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Getting pregnant the naughty way

Nudity had been encouraged and was commonplace around home as my bother and I were growing up. Even during my years passing though puberty I was always comfortable going about the house naked or partially clothed.

My parents believed it promoted a healthy attitude towards the human body and prevented hang-ups later on in life.

Rick and I had been married a few months and my new husband could not get over how bold I was parading around out apartment naked most of the time.

If we happened to have company of course I would dress or if they were unexpected I would slip on a robe before inviting them in.

There were a few times I shocked my husband by answering the door to the pizza guy completely nude. Needless to say our pizza orders were always hastily delivered.

I am no movie star and have average looks with mousy brown hair. My figure is nice, perky 36B breasts with small chocolate nipples. My pussy is closely cropped into a tiny "vee" just above my labia. My ass is round and tight and my legs long and shapely.

Norm Buist at school use to say, "It's not the face you fuck, it's the fuck you face!"

Over the years I had had my share of cocks and none had complained. I had a reputation of being a bit of a nympho and my date book was always full.

I fell in the habit of hanging out with two or three guys at the same time and usually having them all fuck me. I was getting out of control until I met Rick and he tried to reform me.

Rick knew I was a slut but he still insisted on marrying me. I guess he figured if I were his wife he would at least always be one of the guys fucking me.

Our wedding had been a joyous affair with friends and f****y all enjoying a day of sunshine and sharing memories.

One of out guests had been Uncle Charlie. Uncle Charlie was my father's b*****r and had always been my favorite uncle. Many a time Uncle Charlie had held me on his knee and told me stories of his travels to the Far East.

Uncle Charlie had been in the merchant marine and traveled several times to the Orient bringing home exotic gifts for his favorite niece.

Uncle Charlie now operated a successful import business and offered his grown up niece a job with him any time I wanted.

After our wedding I found myself sitting around home a lot while Rick was away at work. One day I called Uncle Charlie to see if his job offer was still good.

Canton Imports was located in a warehouse on the docks. The rent was cheap and there was ample space for Uncle Charlie to store his mountains of cardboard boxes with the strange Chinese writing on them.

Uncle Charlie showed me around the operation telling me he had about fifty thousand dollars in inventory. He said as the goods left the warehouse they doubled in value.

Charlie offered me a considerable salary just to answer the phone and decorate the place; I was mainly eye candy for his customers.

Charlie knew of my liking of nudity, I think that was his main reason for hiring me. Although he had only seen me naked once when we were skinny dipping in his pool I knew he had hopes of seeing more of me.

I dressed really hot for work. Micro-minis so short I couldn't bend over without showing my undies and open blouses that displayed my décolleté. I knew this was what Uncle Charlie wanted.

I wanted to be a real help to Uncle Charlie with his business but I felt he was reticent about asking me to offer any extras.

We were having a casual conversation in his office about the business when I sprung it on him.

"Uncle Charlie, would it help if I fucked some of the customers?" I boldly asked.

Charlie looked at me surprised, "But you're married now Michelle."

"I would just fuck them, not fall in love with them." I told him.

"But what about Rick?" Uncle Charlie asked.

"He ain't gonna miss any." I assured my uncle.

"Well I am sure some of the guys would be quicker signing on the dotted line with you sweetening the deal." Uncle Charlie agreed.

"Would you like to see what they would be getting?" I suggested.

Uncle Charlie was mesmerized as I peeled off my clothes before his desk. First my blouse and then I removed my white lacey pushup bra revealing my firm young titties.

Uncle Charlie's mouth just hung open as I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Seductively I tugged my panties down over my hips and stepped out of them. I stood naked in front of my uncle wearing only a smile and pair of black patent heels.

"Shall we fuck?" I teased.

It was a fuck that had been brewing for years. Finally Uncle Charlie was going to get his cock in his favorite little niece.

"Do I need a condom?" my uncle asked.

"Nope, I'm married remember?" I reminded him.

I dropped to my knees to service Uncle Charlie. Pulling down his zipper I fished inside his trousers and found his erection waiting for me. I pulled it out inches from my lips.

His cock was impressive, at least nine inches long and as thick as my wrist. He moaned softly as I took him inside of my mouth.

Uncle Charlie filled his hands with my short brown hair as he begins to fuck my face. Gripping my head he guided my lips along his shaft as my tongue circled the huge smooth helmet deep in my mouth.

My hand circles the root of his cock just above his balls controlling the depth of his penetration. I must be careful not to make him cum before he fucks me.

I could tell Uncle Charlie's cock was about to deliver tat load of cream my pussy had craved all these years. His cock twitched and throbbed in my mouth as it prepared to spit its venom. Quickly I stood and bent over his desk offering my bare ass to him.

Uncle Charlie quickly slammed into me filling my pussy with his about to explode cock. My knuckles were white as I gripped the far edge of the desk waiting to receive the sperm my cunt yearned for so much.

A raspy grunt announced the coming of a series of spurts of uncle Charlie's thick creamy sperm.

"Oh yes, give me a baby!" I cried.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I become pregnant. Whoever's seed it was did not matter but it would be nice if it were Uncle Charlie's to sort of "keep it in the f****y". Uncle Charlie had a handsome son about my age and a very pretty daughter with his features. Uncle Charlie would be a welcome father for my baby.

"How was work today?" Rick asked when he arrived home that night.

"O.K." I answered.

That night Rick's cock stirred Uncle Charlie's sperm in my baby-making factory.

The relationship between Uncle Charlie and me became more intimate from that point on. We fucked almost daily; each time he deposited more of his seed into my waiting womb.

After a week or so he still had not introduced me to any of the customers. Did he want to keep me for himself or was he just waiting to make sure I was pregnant before allowing anyone else to cum in me?

"Uncle Charlie, when am going to get to fuck some of the customers?" I finally asked him.

"God you're a horny little bitch. Sam Gillante is dropping by this afternoon and he is always looking for some poontang." Uncle Charlie promised.

Sam Gillante was an older man, perhaps late fifties, who had a junky shop in Little Italy. He usually moved a couple of grand in Uncle Charlie's merchandise a year. Uncle Charlie had been trying to get Gillante to up his orders.

"Hi Sam. I want you to meet my niece Michelle." Uncle Charlie introduced us. "Michelle has offered to look after customer satisfaction."

I was dressed provocatively as usual. A very short jumper with an open vee neck that showed more than it covered.

Gillante scrutinized me approvingly. "I'm in the mood to deal!" he grunted.

Uncle Charlie discreetly excused himself to check for some items in the warehouse leaving me alone in the office with Gillante.

Uncle Charlie was hardly out of the office before I had my jumper off and was removing my bra. Stepping out of my panties I asked Gillante what was his pleasure.

Silently he unfastened his trousers and let them drop to the floor. His hand went in his boxers and produced his hard on.

Gillante was past his stallion days but he still had a useable size cock. Sensing his wishes I took my kneeling position and swallowed his boner.

His moans confirmed the wonderful job I was doing on his meat. My lips were sealed tightly around his shaft as my tongue swirled around and up and over his twitching cock. Gently I cradled his balls in my hand as my other hand milked his shaft into my mouth.

He came fast and he came big time! Weeks of built up sperm gushed into my mouth in a thick tsunami of hot cream Greedily I devoured his cum.

"That was a nice appetizer!" I grinned as I stood and turned offering him my ass.

Gillante took a few minutes to urge his cock back to life but soon I felt him prodding my bare backside. I quickly realized it was my tight anus he was seeking to enter, not my pussy.

It felt as if Gillante was ripping me a new asshole. Firmly gripping my hips he pulled me onto his cock as dispassionately as an old boot.

"Oooow! Take it easy." I complained.

I protested too late, his balls slapped against my labia with the head of his cock buried somewhere deep inside my poop chute. I was about to get corn holed.

He fucked my ass like a farmer fucking his favorite sheep. In and out like a rasp file his dick enlarged my hole. I bit my tongue and let him ride me.

Of course Uncle Charlie wanted to know how it went with Gillante after he left. I told him how I had gobbled his cock and he had bum fucked me.

"That cheap bastard, he just placed his regular order!" Uncle Charlie exclaimed.

Thus started the routine of dropping my panties for Uncle Charlie's customer. Uncle Charlie always left the office when I was servicing an account; I guess he didn't like to see another man enjoying me.

It was less than a month of working for Uncle Charlie when I gave him the joyous news I was pregnant. I told him I was certain the c***d was his. In actual fact anyone of a half dozen guys could have been the one that bred me but in Uncle Charlie's mind it was his baby.

I was almost seven months pregnant and very obviously pregnant when Sam Gillardi called me at the office. Sam was one of the customers that I had fucked not long after learning that I was pregnant.

Gillardi had a proposal for me. He was responsible for finding a whore for a stag party for one of his amigos.

He said there would be about fifty guys and the gig paid a thousand bucks. He said he liked the way I fucked and I could have first crack at the job. He though fucking a pregnant broad would really turn the guys on.

My doctor had told me it was O.K. to fuck while I was pregnant; he said it was good for the baby.

It took me about thirty seconds to decide. Gillardi gave me the details of when and where I would be required.

Of course I kept the arrangement secret from Uncle Charlie. I didn't thing he would approve of me gang banging fifty guys while I was carrying his baby.

I felt no need to tell my husband that I was going out to get gang banged by fifty guys. Besides, he would likely want some of the money. I just stuck my short black negligee in my bag and was out the door to the waiting taxi.

I told the driver I was going to the Teamsters' Hall and he looked at me. The Teamsters' was a popular place for stags on a Saturday night and I guess he supposed what I was up to.

As I got out of the cab I tipped the driver and invited him to drop in later on his shift and I would give him a treat. He smiled as he pulled away.

The smoke filled room was filled with the din of a multitude of beer drinking guys playing cards. A few glanced up as I entered assessing the evening's talent.

Gillardi rushed over apparently relieved by my arrival.

"Hurry up and get ready. I will put you on as soon as you undress." He urged.

I made my way to the washroom where I stripped and slipped on the flimsy negligee. I brushed my hair and after a final look in the mirror I headed out to the hall.

I felt as if I were naked when I walked in front of the crowd of men in nothing more than a sheer nighty. I was conscious of my very swollen belly and pendulous tits.

The hooting and hollering begin. Voices shouted all sorts of lewd remarks and suggestions. I was beginning to wonder if I had got into something more than I could handle.

Gillardi was waiting for me and hustled me up to the stage at the front of the hall.

"I will introduce you and then you can look after Gino." Gillardi instructed.

Apparently Gino was the guy getting married in a week. I was to give him a blowjob and then fuck him before I become public domain.

Gino was the easy one, A few sucks and two minutes in my pussy and he was done.

I was completely encircled by a bunch of horny guys who wanted to dump their jism into me.

"O.K. boys, just take it easy," I offered myself.

I never knew there were so many damn hard cocks in the world. In ten minutes I had been fucked by five guys and had another five or six pump their cum down my throat.

My cunt was dripping with cum and cum glistened around my mouth and hung in strings from my chin. Still they kept cumming.

Several guys had drained what little milk that had accumulated in my swollen breasts and their continuous sucking by their ravenous mouths was making my tender nipples sore.

I lay there as one after the other the endless line used me. I had ceased having orgasms of my own after the first half hour and now I was merely a lifeless cumbucket taking load after load of sticky white goo into my cunt.

The overweight young lad surprised me. I was getting ready to take his weight on my body when his face went down into he sloppy mess left by so many predecessors. I couldn't believe it; he was starting to eat me out. His tongue licked the puddles of cum from my cunt driving me crazy. To be eaten after so many fucks was an incredible sensation. My hips bucked up pushing my sloppy cunt up to meet his tongue.

The crowd cheered as he slurped their spent cum out of my sodden fuck hole. Stopping only momentarily to lick his lips he continued licking and sucking until my pussy felt renewed.

Amazingly I enjoyed yet another orgasm as tongue man serviced my cunt. His tantalizing of my clitoris triggered what I though was impossible. I was ready to fuck again.

My baby was moving quite a bit with all the visitors it was sharing my pussy with. It must have wondered where all the cocks were coming from.

Tongue man left licking his chops as my next cock replaced his tongue. Looking up at the man on top of me I was shocked.

"Dad! What are you doing here?" I exclaimed.

"I heard my baby was the star of the show so I had to come!" my father explained.

Dad and I had fucked before. There was the time my mother was in the hospital for about a month that took her place in my father's bed. Our f****y motto was "Roll your own". Father, daughter, mother, son, s****r b*****r, we had done it all.

I remember the morning I had been caught masturbating in my bed by my b*****r. Panties down around my ankles with my knees in the air I was rubbing my clit like I did most mornings.

I don't know how long he had been standing there watching.

"Need any help?" Ted grinned.

I must have turned ten shades of red as my big b*****r stood there looking directly at my open pussy.

Ted wasted no time talking. Mom was downstairs getting breakfast ready and she would soon be calling us.

He came over to my bed and removed his pajama bottoms, the only thing he was wearing. He was already as hard as a rock as he mounted me.

My legs remained open as Ted guided the head of his erection into my already wet slit. He slid into me effortlessly, my pliable young pussy adapting to his considerable girth.

"Fuck me b*****r!" I teased him.

That was the first time I took the f****y seed into my garden. It was not long after Dad planted a crop whilst mother was recuperating from a bad spell of pneumonia.

Now my Dad was on my belly with his cock buried deep in my cunt as everyone watched us in the dance of love.

"Fuck me Daddy!" I kissed him.

Uncle Charlie was as proud as a peacock when my son was born. Little Joshua definitely resembled Uncle Charlie more than any of the others who had ejaculated in me before I knew I was pregnant.

Tales of the night the pregnant ho had fucked the entire Waterbuffalo Lodge still circulate around town.

I now work as an e****t and have a large clientele that keeps me in a manner I like to become accustom to.

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